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First report of Ancylostoma tubaeforme in Persian Leopard (Panthera pardus saxicolor)
MR Youssefi,SH Hoseini,SM Hoseini,BA Zaheri
Iranian Journal of Parasitology , 2010,
Abstract: Ancylostoma tubaeforme was originally described as a separate species parasitizing the cat. The adults of A. tubaeforme are 7 to 12 mm long. A. tubaeforme can be differentiated from the adults of A. braziliense and A. ceylanicum by the presence of three teeth. Here we describe the first re-port of A. tubaeforme in a Persian young female leopard, 2-3 years old, with head and trunk length 120 centimeters, length of tail 98 centimeters and body weight 35 kilograms.
Double-lumen endotracheal tube positioning: Bag compliance Vs. fiberoptic bronchoscopy
MA Noyan Ashraf,MR Hoseini,M Bannazadeh
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Lung separation is the basis of thoracic anesthesia, which is performed by different instruments. Checking probable malpositioning of tracheal tube needs fiberoptic bronchoscopy. The aim of this study was to compare respirator suggested compliance with fiberoptic findings in detecting major tracheal tube malpositioning.Methods: A total of 256 patients undergoing thoracic surgery with double-lumen tracheal tube insertion in Imam Khomeini Hospital, Tehran, Iran, during 2010-11 were divided into three groups (n=86). We used left-sided double-lumen tube (DLT) for left or right-sided surgeries (groups 1 and 2), and right-sided DLT for left-sided surgeries (group 3). The position of the tubes was evaluated and compared using bag compliance versus fiberoptic bronchoscopy.Results: The mean age of the study population was 44.7±13.4 (16-73) years, while 155 (59.9%) were male. The sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values, and the accuracy of bag compliance test for left-sided DLT in supine position were 40% (95% CI: 20-60%), 99% (95% CI: 96-99%), 84% (95% CI: 54-94%) 92% (95% CI: 88-95%) and 92% (95% CI: 87-95%), respectively. The above-mentioned variables for lateral decubitus position respectively were 27%, 98%, 76%, 89%, and 88%. Malpositioning was more prevalent in right-sided DLTs (P=0.02).Conclusion: Based on the results of this study, and the high specificity, positive predictive value, and accuracy of bag compliance test, its use is encouraged as an alternative to fiberoptic bronchoscopy for checking DLT position, specially, in emergent surgeries or when fiberoptic bronchoscopy is unreachable due to lack of expertise or personnel.
Molecular Characterization of Hypervariable Region (Hvr) and Antibiotic Susceptibility Patterns of Staphylococcus Aureus Strains Isolates Collected from Tehran University of Medical Sciences Hospitals
S Bagherzadeh Yazdchi,MR Pourmand,M Hajiabdolbaghi,M Hoseini
Journal of School of Public Health and Institute of Public Health Research , 2008,
Abstract: Background and Aim: Staphylococcus aureus is one of the most important human pathogens. A major clinical concern is the high rate of antibiotic resistance among Staphylococcus aureus strains. Methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) strains are a major cause of community- and hospital-acquired infections. Therefore, genetic investigation of S. aureus strains isolated from patients with staphylococcal infection is crucial not only for tracking of infections but also for nosocomial infection control.Materials and Methods In this study, 103 Staphylococcus aureus isolates were collected from Tehran University of Medical Sciences hospitals. Antibiotic susceptibility patterns of the isolates were determined using a panel of 13 antibiotics by the disk-diffusion method. The isolates were investigated for hvr by the PCR method.Results: According to the antibiotic susceptibility testing, 21 antibiotype profiles were detected. Sixty-four out of the 103 isolates were resistant to methicillin. PCR results showed 10 different patterns of hvr.Conclusion: The results of this study showed high rates of antibiotic resistance and variations of hvr among the Staphylococcus aureus isolates. The high degree of hvr variation can be a good tool to use for molecular typing of this bacterial strain. Further investigation of antibiotic susceptibility patterns and genetic features of this bacterium is highly recommended for controlling community- and hospital- acquired infections.
Domination Number of Square of Cartesian Products of Cycles  [PDF]
Morteza Alishahi, Sakineh Hoseini Shalmaee
Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics (OJDM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojdm.2015.54008
Abstract: A set \"\"is a dominating set of G if every vertex of \"\"is adjacent to at least one vertex of S. The cardinality of the smallest dominating set of G is called the domination number of G. The square G2 of a graph G is obtained from G by adding new edges between every two vertices having distance 2 in G. In this paper we study the domination number of square of graphs, find a bound for domination number of square of Cartesian product of cycles, and find the exact value for some of them.
Using LMS Method in Smoothing Reference Centile Curves for Lipid Profile of Iranian Children and Adolescents: A CASPIAN Study
M Hoseini
Qom University of Medical Sciences Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Background and Objectives: LMS is a general monitoring method for fitting smooth reference centile curves in medical sciences. They provide the distribution of a measurement as it changes according to some covariates like age or time. This method describes the distribution of changes by three parameters; Mean, Coefficient of variation and Cox-Box power (skewness). Applying maximum penalized likelihood and spline function, the three curves are estimated and fitted and optimum smoothness is expressed by three curves. This study was conducted to provide the percentiles of lipid profile of Iranian children and adolescents by LMS. Methods: Smoothed reference centile curves of four groups of lipids (triglycerides, total-LDL- and HDL-cholesterol) were developed from the data of 4824 Iranian school students, aged 6-18 years, living in six cities (Tabriz, Rasht, Gorgan, Mashad, Yazd and Tehran-Firouzkouh) in Iran. Demographic and laboratory data were taken from the national study of the surveillance and prevention of non-communicable diseases from childhood (CASPIAN Study). After data management, data of 4824 students were included in the statistical analysis, which was conducted by the modified LMS method proposed by Cole. The curves were developed with a degree of freedom of four to ten with some tools such as deviance, Q tests, and detrended Q-Q plot were used for monitoring goodness of fit models. Results: All tools confirmed the model, and the LMS method was used as an appropriate method in smoothing reference centile. This method revealed the distributing features of variables serving as an objective tool to determine their relative importance. Conclusion: This study showed that the triglycerides level is higher and HDL-C level is lower in Iranian children and adolescents than their counterparts in Western countries. Future studies with larger sample size and with higher density at the end points and equal distribution of measurements in changing limits of covariates would hopefully reach more precise findings.
Effect of Music Therapy on Chemotherapy Nausea and Vomiting in Children with Malignancy
* AS (MSc.). Sadat Hoseini
Hayat Journal of Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery , 2009,
Abstract: Background & Aim: Nausea and vomiting is one of the major side-effects of chemotherapy. Due to complex nature of its management, both medical and non-medical therapies are recommended. This study aimed to investigate the effect of music therapy on chemotherapy nausea and vomiting in children with malignancy. Methods & Materials: In this quasi-experimental study, 30 children aged 8-12 who were under chemotherapy were recruited. After getting the current treatments, the children listened to a kind of music for 45 minutes at 6, 9, and 12 hours after the beginning of the chemotherapy. Nausea and vomiting was measured using both numerical and descriptive scales every 8 hours for 24 hours after beginning of the chemotherapy. Data were analyzed using Willcoxon and Mcnemar statistical tests in the SPSS, version 11.5. Results: The rate of nausea was declined significantly at the 16th and 24th hours after music therapy. Assessment of nausea by descriptive scale showed a decline only at 24th hours after music therapy. The rate of vomiting did not show any significant difference between two stages. Conclusion: Music therapy could decrease the amount of nausea in children with malignancy under chemotherapy; however, it does not any effect on the rate of vomiting. Key words: music, malignant, children, vomit and nausea, chemotherapy
A comparison of body fat and blood pressure in physical education and non-physical education female students of University of Guilan in Iran
Biology of Exercise , 2011,
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to compare the body fat and blood pressure in physical education and non-physical education female students of University of Guilan in Iran. The target population consisted entirely of female students of University of Guilan. Among them 140 female’s athlete and 160 females non-athlete with mean age of 22.2±1.9 and 23.3±2.1years, height 168.6±7.3 and 163.4±4.2cm, weight 60.3±2.4and 68.3±6.36kg and body mass index 20.54±9.8 and 25.16±7.7kg/m2 respectively. Statistical tests of t-test and Pearson correlation coefficient were used to analyze the data. Non-physical education female students had a higher blood pressure (BP) than physical education ones. A low physical fit-ness level and high BMI were independently associated with a high BP and risk of having hypertension in non-education female. The results show that waist-hip ratio (WHR), BP (SBP and DBP) and relative fat had the significant differences among physical education females and non-physical education female students (p<0.05), with non-physical education female students higher than the physical education female students. In the study, a low physical activity was too important determent for prevalence of obesity, overweight, hypertension in non athlete females. Therefore, promotion in physical activity level, improving nutrition education program could be an effective way to decrease obesity, overweight and hypertension in non-physical education female students.
Evaluation of antifungal activity of essential oil of Carvacrol on standard Fluconazole sensitive and
Hoseini S S
Medical Laboratory Journal , 2012, DOI: http://www.goums.ac.ir/mljgoums/index.php?slc_lang=en&sid=1
Abstract: Background and objectives: Candida albicans is a humanopportunistic fungus causing mucosal and systemic infections inimmunocompromised individuals. There is evidence of increasingresistance to antifungal agents, thus it is necessary to search about newformulations for finding the antifungal agents. Some plants haveantimicrobial properties due to presence of components such aspolyphenols. We aimed at evaluating antifungal effects of Carvacrolessence, which is the main compound of essential oil of Thymusvulgaris, on standard Fluconazole sensitive and resistance strains ofCandida albicans.Material and Methods: This study evaluated the antiCandida activityof essential oil Carvacrol by means of Inhibitory zone diameter andMinimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC), using Microdilution brothand Disc diffusion methods. To do this, Serial dilutions (10-100 μl)of essential oils were made in 96 well microtiter plates. The wells’opacity was assessed by using a microtiter plate reader of solution.The Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of essential oilCarvacrol and Fluconazole were measured by counting the number ofcolony in Dextro agar medium.Results: the minimum inhibitory concentration of Carvacrol essencein standard strains and Fluconazole-resistance Candida albicans are,respectively, 5.3 and 6.18μg/ml, and the Minimal FungicideConcentration (MFC) are 10.61 and 12. 3μg/ml. Inhibitory zonediameters are 45 and 35 millimeter for Fluconazole sensitive andresistance Candida albicans, respectively.Conclusion: the results show that essence of Carvacrol has suitableantifungal effects against standard strains and Fluconazole sensitiveand resistance of Candida albicans. These herbal essences, aftersupplementary studies, possibly can be used for infections caused byCandidas.Key words: Antifungal activity; Carvacrol; Candida albicans;Fluconazole
Impact of Maternal Attachment Style on Mother to Infant Attachment
V Moghaddam Hoseini
Qom University of Medical Sciences Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Background and Objectives: Maternal attachment has the potential to affect both child development and parenting. As such, mother-infant attachment has been considered an important topic in recent years. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between maternal adult attachment style, the maternal obstetric and demographic characteristics and mother-infant attachment. Methods: In this descriptive-correlational study, 102 women who had referred to health centers in Mashhad in 2008 and who had inclusion criteriawere selected using stratified cluster sampling. After interview about obstetric and demographic characteristics, they were asked to complete the "Revised Adult Attachment Scale" and "Mother to Infant Attachment Inventory" for assessment of maternal attachment style and mother-infant attachment 4-5 weeks after delivery. Data were analyzed by Pearson Correlation, Kruskal-wallis and Mann-whitney statistical tests. Results: In this study, themean of mother-infant attachment was found to be 97.48±6.12 and the mean of secure adult attachment was higher than that of other styles (16.89±3.97). Although, there were negative significant relationship between maternal avoidant style and mother-infant attachment (p=0.037,r=-0/20), there were no relationship between maternal age and education, parity, type of delivery and mother-infant attachment. Conclusion: The results of this research show that maternal attachment style is one of the factors of mother -infant attachment.
Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society , 2012,
Abstract: A new method for one pot synthesis of Hantzsch 1,4-dihyropyridines was achieved by the reaction of aromatic aldehydes, ethyl acetoacetate and ammonium acetate at 80 °C in the presence of an isopoly tungstate ,tetrabutylammonium hexatungstate [TBA]2[W6O19], as an effective and environmentally friendly catalyst. An important advantage of this catalyst is the ease of separating it from the reaction mixture, as well as the fact that it could be recycled a number of times.

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