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Annals of the University of Petrosani : Economics , 2011,
Abstract: Mica” Company, through the mining complex it owned in Brad area in the Apuseni mountains, was to be the largest gold producer in Romania between the 20s and the 40s of the twentieth century. The operation of the mining complex in Brad area, including mining sites, processing units, a power plant, a railway system, as well as social and cultural facilities, needed work force. Our study focuses on the way in which the managers of Mica” Company, especially the ones of Mica” Brad, selected and trained this work force in order to cope with the complexity of production activities.
Annals of the University of Petrosani : Economics , 2011,
Abstract: In our study we're trying to present one of the many social projects that "Mica" Mining Company has achieved within the gold mining complex from Brad, located in the Apuseni Mountains of Transylvania. Under the motto “Be not only hardworking but also preservers because everyone can earn money, but few know how to save it” the company the managers of "Mica" Brad set up, in 1931-1932, the House of Savings and Loan for workers, and the House of Savings and Loan officials respectively, institutions that would operate until the closing of "Mica" Company in 1948. These Houses include all employees of the "Mica" Company from Brad and will circulate the funds from voluntary and compulsory deposits of their members, granting loans for the construction of houses and farms, for the establishment of agricultural holdings, for the purchase of land and agricultural equipment, for family needs etc.
A Parametric Approach to the Bi-criteria Minimum Cost Dynamic Flow Problem  [PDF]
Mircea Parpalea
Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics (OJDM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ojdm.2011.13015
Abstract: This paper presents an algorithm for solving Bi-criteria Minimum Cost Dynamic Flow (BiCMCDF) problem with continuous flow variables. The approach is to transform a bi-criteria problem into a parametric one by building a single parametric linear cost out of the two initial cost functions. The algorithm consecutively finds efficient extreme points in the decision space by solving a series of minimum parametric cost flow problems with different objective functions. On each of the iterations, the flow is augmented along a cheapest path from the source node to the sink node in the time-space network avoiding the explicit time expansion of the network.
On the Physical Basis of Self-Organization  [PDF]
Mircea Sanduloviciu
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2013.43051

Experiments performed with the aim to explain pattern formation in plasma devices offer, as I will show in this survey, a new insight into the mechanism by which locally matter transits spontaneously from a disordered state into an ordered one. The essential news revealed by these experiments is the identification of a population of electrons that, driven at a critical distance from thermal equilibrium, is able to act as the organizer of the emergence and the survival of a complexity starting from chaos, i.e., from electric sparks the appearance of which is controlled by deterministic chaos. Supplied at a constant rate with thermal energy extracted by electrons from plasma, the complexity survives in a dynamical state performing operations in agreement with a code directly related to electrons thermal energy distribution function. Acting as a constituent of the matter, the population of electrons intrinsically controls the emergence and the survival of the complexity. Performing operations directly related to electron’s thermal energy distribution function, the complexity evolves stepwise in more advanced self-organized dynamical states, when this function is changed by an additional injection of energy. A set of nonlinear phenomena, not explainable by classical processes is involved in the mechanism by which the complexity emerges, survives and evolves. Thus, phenomena like Bose-Einstein condensation, macroscopic quantum coherence, direct and alternate Josephson effects, electron tunneling, negative differential impedance and others, potentially explain the emergence, functionality and vitality, i.e., the dynamical state of the complexity.

Change-Point Analysis of Survival Data with Application in Clinical Trials  [PDF]
Xuan Chen, Michael Baron
Open Journal of Statistics (OJS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojs.2014.49062
Abstract: Effects of many medical procedures appear after a time lag, when a significant change occurs in subjects’ failure rate. This paper focuses on the detection and estimation of such changes which is important for the evaluation and comparison of treatments and prediction of their effects. Unlike the classical change-point model, measurements may still be identically distributed, and the change point is a parameter of their common survival function. Some of the classical change-point detection techniques can still be used but the results are different. Contrary to the classical model, the maximum likelihood estimator of a change point appears consistent, even in presence of nuisance parameters. However, a more efficient procedure can be derived from Kaplan-Meier estimation of the survival function followed by the least-squares estimation of the change point. Strong consistency of these estimation schemes is proved. The finite-sample properties are examined by a Monte Carlo study. Proposed methods are applied to a recent clinical trial of the treatment program for strong drug dependence.
Partitioning Algorithm for the Parametric Maximum Flow  [PDF]
Mircea Parpalea, Eleonor Ciurea
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/am.2013.410A1002
Abstract: The article presents an approach to the maximum flow problem in parametric networks with linear capacity functions of a single parameter, based on the concept of shortest conditional augmenting directed path. In order to avoid working with piecewise linear functions, our approach uses a series of parametric residual networks defined for successive subintervals of the parameter values where the parametric residual capacities of all arcs remain linear functions. Besides working with linear instead piecewise linear functions, another main advantage of our approach is that every directed path in such a parametric residual network is also a conditional augmenting directed path for the subinterval for which the parametric residual network was defined. The complexity of the partitioning algorithm is O (Kn2m) where K is the number of partitioning points of the parameter values interval, n and m being the number of nodes, respectively the number of arcs in the network.
Description biométrique de la croissance pondérale de poules naines et normales, discrimination précoce sur le poids corporel (De 0 A 9 Semaines)
R Baron
Genetics Selection Evolution , 1972, DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-4-2-159
Description biométrique de la croissance des poules naines et des poules normales et leur discrimination pondérale
R Baron
Genetics Selection Evolution , 1971, DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-3-3-377
心理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 决策与判断研究中(甚至是实验心理学研究中)的许多问题关注某效应是否真实存在, 及其背后的解释是什么。这些问题不关注该效应在某一特殊群体中是否显著。因此, 可以通过分析单个被试来检验效应的显著性。如果有一个被试表现出了该效应, 那么, 这个效应就是存在的。根据这一观点, 有时也可通过跨案例或者轮次(across cases or rounds)分析来验证效应的显著性, 而不需要进行跨被试分析(across subjects )。这一观点也暗示在一些实验中可能存在反方向的效应。本文建议通过进行基于被试个体的统计分析来检验这样的效应, 并介绍了一些不同形式的方法:PP 概率图(probability probability plots); P 值分布检验(tests of the distribution of p-values); 分层取样多重检验的矫正(correction for multiple testing with step-down resampling)。这些方法都可以用于处理在对同样假设进行多重检验时无法避免的问题。另外, 本文也列举了一些例子, 其中有一部分例子存在反方向的效应, 另一部分例子不存在。
History, Politics and Political Culture: Thoughts on the Role of Historiography in Contemporary Russia
Nick Baron
Cromohs (Firenze) , 2000,
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