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Access to the health services in the context of economic restructuring. Case study: Brasov, Campulung and Ramnicu Sarat (Romania)
Cinq Continents , 2012,
Abstract: Accesso ai servizi sanitari nel contesto della ristrutturazione economica nei municipi Ramnicu Sarat, Campulung e Brasov. Questo studio affronta una serie di questioni riguardanti l'accesso ai servizi sanitari delle persone nei municipi Ramnicu Sarat, Campulung, Brasov nel periodo post-comunista. I cambiamenti economici, politici e sociali dopo il 1990 hanno portato alla configurazione nella forma attuale del sistema sanitario, con effetti importanti sulla popolazione. L’ approccio comparativo delle situazioni nei tre municipi con caratteristiche diverse come numero di abitanti, posizione e livello di sviluppo economico, ha permesso l'identificazione di elementi comuni, come per esempio: il regresso del sistema sanitario pubblico a favore di quello privato, bassa qualit{ delle cure e diminuzione del personale medicale. L'accento è stato messo sull’analisi degli indicatori che rivela il grado di sviluppo del sistema sanitario riportato a 10000 persone.
Labour market- effects of economic restructuring in Ramnicu S rat, Brasov and Campulung municipalities
Cinq Continents , 2012,
Abstract: Il mercato del lavoro: effetti di riorganizzazione economica nei municipi Ramnicu Sarat, Brasov si Campulung. I processi di ristrutturazione e privatizzazione hanno giocato un ruolo importante nella definizione di alcune caratteristiche del mercato del lavoro. L'evoluzione del mercato del lavoro dopo il 1990, riflette i cambiamenti nell'economia dopo il processo di ristrutturazione eprivatizzazione, sentiti sul mercato attraverso: la scomparsa dei posti di lavoro, la diminuzione del numero della popolazione occupata, significativa crescita della disoccupazione. L’analisi del mercato del lavoro ci mostra una serie di indicatori nel valutare il grado di coinvolgimento della popolazione o dei vari gruppi, nell'attivita’produttiva o non produttiva. La forza di lavoro, sia dal punto di vista quantitativo che qualitativo dipende dallo sviluppo economico e l'evoluzione della popolazione totale.
Cryptanalysis of the Double-Moduli Cryptosystem  [PDF]
Sonia Mihaela Bogos, Serge Vaudenay
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2012.512088
Abstract: In this article we present a lattice attack done on a NTRU-like scheme introduced by Verkhovsky in [1]. We show how, based on the relation between the public and private key, we can construct an attack which allows any passive adversary to decrypt the encrypted messages. We explain, step by step, how an attacker can construct an equivalent private key and guess what the original plaintext was. Our attack is efficient and provides good experimental results.
Tumor Microenvironment in the Brain
Mihaela Lorger
Cancers , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/cancers4010218
Abstract: In addition to malignant cancer cells, tumors contain a variety of different stromal cells that constitute the tumor microenvironment. Some of these cell types provide crucial support for tumor growth, while others have been suggested to actually inhibit tumor progression. The composition of tumor microenvironment varies depending on the tumor site. The brain in particular consists of numerous specialized cell types such as microglia, astrocytes, and brain endothelial cells. In addition to these brain-resident cells, primary and metastatic brain tumors have also been shown to be infiltrated by different populations of bone marrow-derived cells. The role of different cell types that constitute tumor microenvironment in the progression of brain malignancies is only poorly understood. Tumor microenvironment has been shown to be a promising therapeutic target and diagnostic marker in extracranial malignancies. A better understanding of tumor microenvironment in the brain would therefore be expected to contribute to the development of improved therapies for brain tumors that are urgently required due to a poor availability of treatments for these malignancies. This review summarizes some of the known interactions between brain tumors and different stromal cells, and also discusses potential therapeutic approaches within this context.
The Human Transcriptome: An Unfinished Story
Mihaela Pertea
Genes , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/genes3030344
Abstract: Despite recent technological advances, the study of the human transcriptome is still in its early stages. Here we provide an overview of the complex human transcriptomic landscape, present the bioinformatics challenges posed by the vast quantities of transcriptomic data, and discuss some of the studies that have tried to determine how much of the human genome is transcribed. Recent evidence has suggested that more than 90% of the human genome is transcribed into RNA. However, this view has been strongly contested by groups of scientists who argued that many of the observed transcripts are simply the result of transcriptional noise. In this review, we conclude that the full extent of transcription remains an open question that will not be fully addressed until we decipher the complete range and biological diversity of the transcribed genomic sequences.
Radiation effects on skeletal muscle
Mihaela Jurdana
Radiology and Oncology , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/v10019-007-0034-5
Abstract: Background. Adult skeletal muscle is considered resistant to ionizing radiation unless higher doses of radiation are applied; a fact that is attributed to the low number of radiosensitive proliferating cells in adulthood. However, developing skeletal muscles are highly sensitive to ionizing radiation, thus radiotherapy in childhood may induce muscular atrophy. Radiation affects muscle satellite cells by impairing their activation, proliferation and differentiation, as well as neuromuscular junction, by influencing the ionic membrane permeability affecting the Na+/K+ pump. It also prevents muscle growth during development and after injury. Conclusions. The results of the investigation performed after radiation point to the occurrence of a significant change in muscle satellite cell activity. Inhibitors of some proteins such as cytokines in muscle satellite cells could provide a therapeutic benefit in diseases for which muscle mass is limiting, improve response to cancer therapy, and increase life span in patients with cachexia.
Judicial review and transitional justice: reflective judgment in three contexts
Mihaela Mihai
Papeles del CEIC , 2010,
Abstract: Este artículo busca examinar las vías a través de las cuales las cortes de revisión constitucional han intentado discernir con sentimientos públicos dentro de sociedades emergentes de una situación de opresión y conflicto de alta escala. Un análisis comparativo de decisiones de revisión judicial de la Hungría post–comunista, de la Sudáfrica post–Apartheid y de la Argentina post–dictadura como casos que muestran como los jueces han, con mayor o menor éxito, reconocido y engranado pedagógicamente sentimientos sociales negativos de resentimiento e indignación hacia antiguos víctimarios y beneficiarios de violencia. Así, el artículo espera cimentar el camino para investigaciones de mayor envergadura sobre uno de las dimensiones más descuidadas de sociedades post–confictuales: la influencia pública. / This article seeks to examine the ways in which courts of constitutional review have tried to deal with public sentiments within societies emerging from large–scale oppression and conflict. A comparative analysis of judicial review decisions from post–communist Hungary, post–Apartheid South Africa and post–dictatorial Argentina is meant to show–case how judges have,more or less successfully, recognised and pedagogically engaged social negative feelings of resentment and indignation towards former victimisers and beneficiaries of violence. Thus, the article hopes to pave the way for more in–depth research on one of the most neglecteddimensions of post–conflict societies: public affect.
Role and Importance of Evaluation in Management Enterprise
Risk in Contemporary Economy , 2012,
Abstract: In determining the enterprise value is assessed, are taken into account all areas that help to generate future profits in the ntreprindrii evaluated, respectively. In this respect, a special role is managerial decision.This is the main tool to achieve business objectives, which should be based on past actual situation of the enterprise, the current existing ralitatile on forecasting ability, but also work with other specialisti.Rezultatele assessment is an important source of decision management.
The Romania 2030 Spatial Development Strategic Concept – A Trigger for the Reform in Spatial Planning
Romanian Review of Regional Studies , 2008,
Abstract: The changing of the economic, social and political system in Romania brought the need of a significant shift in spatial planning paradigm. Between 1990 and 2005 it became clear gradually that the spatial plans, as they were conceived, are not anymore able to really support a structured approached of spatial development. The main problems identified are: the lack of strategic dimension of spatial (territorial) development plans; the modest cooperation among sectoral ministries and other national relevant bodies in order to organize and integrate national public investments programs at the national scale; the lack of awareness of sectoral and territorial actors regarding their potential and responsibilities in territorial development; the lack of core technical and legal tools in territorial planning. Few consequences of the above situation are: the lack of the vision for Romania’s territorial development at the national level and as a state member of the EU; there are no in place yet national policies, based on intersectoral cooperation, that could be implemented by sectoral policies, and could provide background for national public investments programs, for strategic documents that substantiate the use of EU funds; very few institutions use the spatial plans as instruments in the process of planning specific issues with territorial impact and relevance.In 2005, the former Ministry Delegate for Spatial Planning, Public Works and Constructions (within the Ministry of Transport, Constructions and Tourism), currently Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing (MDPWH), initiated a process of the reform in spatial planning.The paper presents: a) the reform process and design, its components and main directions for action, and b) the strategic document which takes the role of trigger of the reform process, relevant steps in its development and current stage of elaboration.
Climatic Regionalization between Yesterday and Tomorrow. Study Case: The Banat Plain
Romanian Review of Regional Studies , 2005,
Abstract: Climatic regionalization is an important activity of many Romanian and foreign researchers. This research work has been done for more than 100 years. For the last 30 years Romania has been divided into climatic domains, regions and districts, according to the landscape characteristics of the air mass circulation (wind characteristics) and vegetation (other important genetic climatic factors were taken also into account, such as the impact of human society over the natural environment).Theoretically, the latest global and regional climate changes have not modified the entire climatic regionalization taxonomy. It is divided into the same domains, regions, and districts. This 30 year-old taxonomy is still in use, but, practically, the values of the major climatic elements have changed, mostly at the micro- and topo-climatic level and, especially, in the case of urban topo-climates. Tomorrow’s climatic regionalization will take more into account human impact and economic activities. This will be a factor with an increasing impact on the genesis of the climate, at the micro- and topo-climatic level and at the regional and local level. In the Banat Plain Area, these changes are mostly noticed at a local level, because of the topo-climatic appearances or modifications.The present study analyses temperature and precipitation parameters in the Banat Plain Area, in 2000, 2001, and 2002 in comparison to the multi-annual value from The CMR Banat-Cri ana Archives and listed at the meteorological observation stations from Sannicolau Mare, Jimbolia, Timi oara, Banloc and Lugoj.

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