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Second-Generation Sequencing Supply an Effective Way to Screen RNAi Targets in Large Scale for Potential Application in Pest Insect Control
Yubing Wang,Hao Zhang,Haichao Li,Xuexia Miao
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0018644
Abstract: The key of RNAi approach success for potential insect pest control is mainly dependent on careful target selection and a convenient delivery system. We adopted second-generation sequencing technology to screen RNAi targets. Illumina's RNA-seq and digital gene expression tag profile (DGE-tag) technologies were used to screen optimal RNAi targets from Ostrinia furnalalis. Total 14690 stage specific genes were obtained which can be considered as potential targets, and 47 were confirmed by qRT-PCR. Ten larval stage specific expression genes were selected for RNAi test. When 50 ng/μl dsRNAs of the genes DS10 and DS28 were directly sprayed on the newly hatched larvae which placed on the filter paper, the larval mortalities were around 40~50%, while the dsRNAs of ten genes were sprayed on the larvae along with artificial diet, the mortalities reached 73% to 100% at 5 d after treatment. The qRT-PCR analysis verified the correlation between larval mortality and the down-regulation of the target gene expression. Topically applied fluorescent dsRNA confirmed that dsRNA did penetrate the body wall and circulate in the body cavity. It seems likely that the combination of DGE-tag with RNA-seq is a rapid, high-throughput, cost less and an easy way to select the candidate target genes for RNAi. More importantly, it demonstrated that dsRNAs are able to penetrate the integument and cause larval developmental stunt and/or death in a lepidopteron insect. This finding largely broadens the target selection for RNAi from just gut-specific genes to the targets in whole insects and may lead to new strategies for designing RNAi-based technology against insect damage.
A Brief Analysis of Health Care Reform Modes  [PDF]
Xuexia Wei, Xuexia Wei, Shiqiang Zhang
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.33006

By introducing the cases of health care reforms in Peoples’ Hospital of Gaozhou City in Guangdong province and Shenmu county in Shaanxi province, namely, “Gaozhou mode” and “Shenmu mode”, we investigate the different policies and effectiveness of the two modes and discuss the influences of government subsidies and market factors to health care reform in order to gain experience and inspiration of health system reform.

Regression Mathematical Model of China Electronic Commerce Transaction Scale Based on Information Reused Analysis Method  [PDF]
Shiqiang Zhang, Xuexia Wei
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.43004

A regression mathematical model of China electronic commerce transaction scale was given based on information reused analysis method. This regression mathematical model could evaluate and predict change tendency of the China electronic commerce transaction volume and could provide reference for electronic commerce transaction researchers.

Study on Knowledge -based Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Hydraulic System
Xuexia Liu
TELKOMNIKA : Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.11591/telkomnika.v10i8.1637
Abstract: A general framework of hydraulic fault diagnosis system was studied. It consisted of equipment knowledge bases, real-time databases, fusion reasoning module, knowledge acquisition module and so on. A tree-structure model of fault knowledge was established. Fault nodes knowledge was encapsulated by object-oriented technique. Complete knowledge bases were made including fault bases and diagnosis bases. It could describe the fault positions, the structure of fault, cause-symptom relationships, diagnosis principles and other knowledge. Taking the fault of left and right lifting oil cylinder out of sync for example, the diagnostic results show that the methods were effective.
An integrated genetic linkage map for silkworms with three parental combinations and its application to the mapping of single genes and QTL
Shuai Zhan, Jianhua Huang, Qiuhong Guo, Yunpo Zhao, Weihua Li, Xuexia Miao, Marian R Goldsmith, Muwang Li, Yongping Huang
BMC Genomics , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-10-389
Abstract: Through an analysis of > 50,000 genotypes across new mapping populations, we constructed two new linkage maps covering 27 assigned chromosomes and merged the data with previously reported data sets. The integrated consensus map contains 692 unique SSR sites, improving the density from 6.3 cM in the previous map to 4.8 cM. We also developed 497 confirmed neighboring markers for corresponding low-polymorphism sites, with 244 having polymorphisms. Large-scale statistics on the SSR type were suggestive of highly efficient markers, based upon which we searched 16,462 available genomic scaffolds for SSR loci. With the newly constructed map, we mapped single-gene traits, the QTL of filaments, and a number of ribosomal protein genes.The integrated map produced in this study is a highly efficient genetic tool for the high-throughput mapping of single genes and QTL. Compared to previous maps, the current map offers a greater number of markers and polymorphisms; thus, it may be used as a resource for marker-assisted breeding.Silk fibers are derived from the cocoon of the silkworm Bombyx mori, which was domesticated over the past 5,000 years from the wild progenitor Bombyx mandarina. Cocoon quality is very important because it can influence the yield of sericulture and determines whether a silkworm line can be used in silk production. Through the efforts of silkworm breeders over several thousands of years, many silkworm strains have been collected and conserved. Moreover, the different properties of these conserved silkworm strains, such as filament length, cocoon weight, cocoon shell weight, cocoon shell ratio, and cocoon color, have distinctive applications. Until now, crossbreeding was the only method of enriching loci that control cocoon quality to enhance the yield from a silkworm cocoon. Modern techniques involving gene cloning and marker-assisted breeding are now widely considered to be the most effective way of improving silk properties.Genetic linkage map is an essent
Field attraction effects of different trapping methods on Monochamus alternatus

WANG Sibao,LIU Yunpeng,FAN Meizhen,MIAO Xuexia,ZHAO Xieqiu,LI Zengzhi,SI Shengli,HUANG Yongping,

应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: A comparative study on the field attraction effects of different attractant, trap, lure and controlled-releasing amount on Monochamus alternatus showed that four test attractants had a certain trapping ability to Monochamus alternatus, among which, MA2K05 was the strongest, with a mean capture efficiency of 26.3 individuals each trap and being attractive to other species of Loleoptera and Hemiptera; MA2K13 took the second place, with 21.3 individuals each trap; while MA2K11 was the weakest, with 13.8 individuals each trap. Among the three lures tested, lures C (60 ml plastic cup with 2 of 5 cm round holes on the cover) and B (20 ml specified controlled-releasing plastic bottle) had a comparatively stronger effect, with a capture efficiency of 34.25 and 20.3 individuals each trap, respectively; while lure A (20 ml specified controlled-releasing plastic bottle, the releasing amount being smaller than that of lure B) was the weakest, with 14.7 individuals each trap. Because the attractant volume of lure C was 1.5 times larger than that of lures B and A, and the attractant for lure C was appended every 3-5 d, while that for lures B and A could be used for more than a month with once appended, lure B was the best on the whole. As for the test traps, Xuanzhou trap was superior to imitated Japanese trap, with a trapping efficiency of 36.4 and 9.7 individuals each trap, respectively. The attractiveness of attractants was not significantly enhanced when the dosage was increased from 20 ml to 80 ml, but significantly improved when it was up to 120 ml.
Regression Mathematical Model of Impact Factors for Social Science Journals Based on Information Reused Analysis Method  [PDF]
Xuexia Wei, Xiao Dong, Shiqiang Zhang
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.43002

A regression mathematical model of impact factors for social science journals was given based on information reused analysis method. This regression mathematical model could evaluate and predict change tendency of the impact factor of the social science journals.

Insect-Specific microRNA Involved in the Development of the Silkworm Bombyx mori
Yong Zhang, Xue Zhou, Xie Ge, Jianhao Jiang, Muwang Li, Shihai Jia, Xiaonan Yang, Yunchao Kan, Xuexia Miao, Guoping Zhao, Fei Li, Yongping Huang
PLOS ONE , 2009, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0004677
Abstract: MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous non-coding genes that participate in post-transcription regulation by either degrading mRNA or blocking its translation. It is considered to be very important in regulating insect development and metamorphosis. We conducted a large-scale screening for miRNA genes in the silkworm Bombyx mori using sequence-by-synthesis (SBS) deep sequencing of mixed RNAs from egg, larval, pupal, and adult stages. Of 2,227,930 SBS tags, 1,144,485 ranged from 17 to 25 nt, corresponding to 256,604 unique tags. Among these non-redundant tags, 95,184 were matched to the silkworm genome. We identified 3,750 miRNA candidate genes using a computational pipeline combining RNAfold and TripletSVM algorithms. We confirmed 354 miRNA genes using miRNA microarrays and then performed expression profile analysis on these miRNAs for all developmental stages. While 106 miRNAs were expressed in all stages, 248 miRNAs were egg- and pupa-specific, suggesting that insect miRNAs play a significant role in embryogenesis and metamorphosis. We selected eight miRNAs for quantitative RT-PCR analysis; six of these were consistent with our microarray results. In addition, we searched for orthologous miRNA genes in mammals, a nematode, and other insects and found that most silkworm miRNAs are conserved in insects, whereas only a small number of silkworm miRNAs has orthologs in mammals and the nematode. These results suggest that there are many miRNAs unique to insects.
Application of EM Algorithm in Statistics Natural Language Processing
Xuexia Gao,Yun Wang
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: This study describes the basic framework of EM algorithm and gives how to apply EM algorithm to solve the problem of maximum-likelihood parameters estimation combining with the models of HMM and PCFG. In the process of statistics natural language, one kind of problem is often encountered that is how to solve the parameter's maximum-likelihood estimation when observation data is incomplete. EM algorithm is the classical method to solve this problem. Finally, the advantages and disadvantages of EM algorithm are discussed.
Study on Daily ET Based on SEBAL Model in a Typical Watershed of the Loess Plateau of China  [PDF]
Xuexia Zhang, Yu Fang, Yuepeng Gao, Xinxiao Yu, Dianjun Zhang
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2019.112011
Abstract: Under the double impact of global climate change and human intervention, surface evapotranspiration (ET), as an important part of hydrological cycle, is affecting watershed land-use planning and economic development. The Loess Plateau is mostly arid and semi-arid areas and its ecological environment is fragile. Drought and soil erosion not only reflects the regional climate change, but also human social activities and ecosystems. In particular, these processes are directly related to the thermal and water gradients exchange in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere system. Luoyugou watershed, a typical Loess Plateau watershed, is selected for this study. Estimating ET through SEBAL (Surface Energy Balance Algorithm for Land) model demonstrates that the SEBAL model in the watershed is more applicable. At the same time, ET seasonal variation is got, combined with the corresponding periods of the land-use changes for analysis. The results show that ET in the Northwest of the basin is higher than the East on the spatial distribution, especially in the high vegetation coverage area. Land use changes significantly in the watershed over the past 20 years, mainly transferring from sloping terraces to the terraces and woodland. ET significantly increased area accounts for 47.6% of the total area in the valley, however, conspicuously reduced area accounts for 13.2%. The daily ET of different land use types had significant differences with the ET of water land and wood land was the largest. It is important that this study on the ET distribution can aid policy and decision makers for land use planning and environmental construction in Luoyugou watershed.
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