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Formation of Virtual Lenses with the Help of Puissance Radio Telescopic Satellites around the Planets
Vishnu Vardhan
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology , 2012,
Abstract: The technological development of humans has successfully faced all the brutal difficulties it came across. Today’s world has almost nothing which it cannot achieve, yet the thirst for innovation has not decreased. We have the most puissance telescopes located at different parts of the world which can track pretty much information regarding the changes that occur in the celestial bodies in the outer space with in no time, but the changes that occur in them is much faster than the captivity speed of the telescopes . This is the point where we need to throw some light, to build something which is capable of capturing the fastest changes that happen in outer space. This paper deals with launching of radio telescopic satellites in orbits around the planets of our solar system. By launching radio telescopic satellites around some of the worthy planets in our solar system, the view of the multiverse will be improved beyond our imagination. This kind of placement of radio telescopic satellites around the planets will aid in taking a dynamic look at the changes that occur in the outer space and leaves us enough time to be on safe side before the actual disaster happens, more over this arrangement of telescopic satellites will help us to predict the change of path of celestial object in due course of time and also to track the most distant celestial bodies in the outer space.
空间科学学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 介绍了新GPS广播星历参数,分析了新旧GPS广播星历参数及其用户算法的区别,导出了卫星位置矢量对新GPS广播星历参数的偏导数,并与旧GPS广播星历参数偏导数进行了简要的比较分析.计算结果表明,两种GPS广播星历参数算法都能很好地描述MEO卫星的轨道特性,且广播星历参数拟合算法的精度损失仅为数厘米.
Longitudinal Examination of Learning and Memory in Rats Following Adolescent Exposure to 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine or 5-Methoxy-N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine  [PDF]
David M. Compton, Kerri L. Dietrich, Peniel Esquivel, Corina Garcia
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2017.79028
Abstract: A drug of abuse, Foxy or Methoxy Foxy gained popularity among recreational users as an alternative to MDMA (Ecstasy). Considerable research into the consequences of MDMA use is available, yet much remains unknown about the neurobiological consequences of Foxy use. In addition, research into the long-term neuropsychological repercussions associated with these two compounds remains incomplete. The goal of the present research was to explore the effects of MDMA or Foxy on cognitive processes associated with adolescent exposure considered over much of the lifespan. Here we investigated whether the reported effects following adolescent exposure resolved in early adulthood or continued throughout life. The protocol involved repeated doses of either MDMA or Foxy during the period defined as mid-adolescence (postnatal days 34 - 46) in rats, followed by the use of four series of learning and memory tasks repeated at different points in the rodent lifespan. At four time points in adulthood, the animals were trained and tested on a on a series of spatial and non-spatial memory tasks designed to assess the impact and severity of Foxy and MDMA. Oddly, MDMA-treated rats were impaired on a step down passive avoidance task. The performance of the drug-treated rats was markedly inferior to that of the control animals on more demanding water maze tasks, with some results suggesting a lack of flexibility in adapting to changing task demands. MDMA rats were the most impaired. While some persistent cognitive deficits were found, no significant group differences in serotonin or dopamine levels were found in any of the measured regions of the brain changes, cortical or subcortical. These results provide evidence for compromised neurocognition that continues long after drug exposure in the absence of any discernable changes in neurotransmitter levels. Several possible physiological and neurochemical mechanisms associated with these compounds requiring further study are also outlined.
Rizotomia trigeminal por radiofrequência para tratamento da neuralgia do trigêmeo: resultados e modifica o técnica
Gusm?o Sebasti?o,Magaldi Marcelo,Arantes Aluízio
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2003,
Abstract: O objetivo deste estudo é avaliar a eficácia da rizotomia trigeminal por radiofrequência no tratamento da neuralgia essencial do trigêmeo em 135 pacientes e propor modifica o da técnica para guiar a pun o do forame oval. Cento e um (74,8%) pacientes foram tratados com apenas um procedimento cirúrgico e os 34 (25,2%) restantes necessitaram dois procedimentos. O tempo de avalia o pós-operatória variou de 6 meses a 15 anos. O alívio das crises de dor no pós-operatório imediato ocorreu em 131 (97,0%) pacientes. Após a realiza o do primeiro procedimento, houve recorrência em 33 (24,5%) pacientes. As complica es incluíram diminui o do reflexo corneano (4,4%), paresia do masseter (2,2%), disestesia dolorosa (1,5%) e anestesia dolorosa (0,7%). A rizotomia trigeminal por radiofrequência constitui procedimento minimamente invasivo, de baixo risco e com alta eficácia. O uso da fluoroscopia por tomografia computadorizada torna a pun o do forame oval mais fácil, rápida e precisa.
Schwanoma do ramo mandibular do nervo trigêmeo: relato de caso
Paiva Neto Manoel Ant?nio de,Stamm Aldo C.,Braga Fernando de Menezes
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2001,
Abstract: Relatamos um caso de schwanoma do ramo mandibular do nervo trigêmeo, localizado na fossa infratemporal e ptérigo-palatina, com pequena extens o intracraniana e que foi totalmente extirpado por via transmaxilar. A revis o da literatura mostrou tratar-se de tumor raro nesta localiza o.
南京邮电大学学报(自然科学版) , 2009,
Abstract: 结合移动agent技术提出了一种新的基于双层卫星网络的分布式分层qos路由算法。该算法利用移动agent自主地收集卫星网qos信息,并动态地更新和维护路由表,同时采用分布式的概率路由选择策略解决了卫星网路由动态变化的问题,具有低复杂度和可扩展的特点。在ns2仿真软件下模拟了该qos路由算法的性能。结果表明,该算法能较好地避免链路拥塞,同时具有较低的呼叫阻塞率。
Modification of Serial Pattern Learning by Designer Tryptamine Exposure during Adolescence: Comparison with Damage to the Dorsal Hippocampus or Prefrontal Cortex
International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.5923/j.ijpbs.20120206.10
Abstract: Foxy or Methoxy Foxy (5-MeO-DIPT) is one of a series of new “club drugs” that within the past decade has gained in popularity among recreational users as an alternative to MDMA (Ecstasy). Unlike MDMA, not much is known about the neurobiological consequences of 5-MeO-DIPT use. Little is known about the effects of either compound on learning in a nonspatial appetitive task. In the present study, adolescent rats were given repeated injections of 10 mg/kg of 5-MeO-DIPT, MDMA, or a corresponding volume of isotonic saline. In serial learning tasks, depending on task demands, there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that multiple memory systems play a critical role, with each system playing a more or less dominant role depending on the available stimuli and task demands. Therefore, for comparison purposes, the drug-treated rats were compared with that of hippocampus- or prefrontal cortex-lesioned rats. After adolescent drug exposure or lesions during adolescence, adult animals were trained All animals were trained for 30 days on a three-element, nonmonotonic pattern consisting of 21, 0, and 7 food pellets, respectively. Control rats were capable of distinguishing among the elements of the series, as indexed by running times. As expected, the tracking performance of the lesioned rats was impaired. Performance in both the 5-MeO-DIPT- and the MDMA-treated rats improved with training but after 30 days was not markedly different than the lesioned animals. The results are discussed in terms of measured alterations in serotonin activity in the forebrain and the consequences of compromised serotoninergic systems on the cognitive processes involved in appetitive serial learning tasks.
Neuralgia do trigêmeo bilateral por cisticerco racemoso unilateral no angulo-ponto cerebelar: relato de caso
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2000,
Abstract: Descrevemos o caso de uma paciente de 42 anos portadora de cisticerco racemoso na regi o do angulo ponto-cerebelar (APC) direito com trigeminalgia bilateral mais intensa no lado ipsilateral à localiza o do parasita. O cisticerco foi totalmente removido por meio de craniotomia suboccipital. No primeiro dia pós-operatório houve desaparecimento bilateral da dor. Duas hipóteses fisiopatológicas foram aventadas para explicar a sintomatologia: les es que ultrapassam os limites da cisterna do APC poder o através da cisterna pré-pontina alcan ar a cisterna do APC atingindo o trigêmeo contralateral; les es com grande efeito de massa poder o provocar rota o do tronco cerebral e deslocamento e tra o de estruturas ipsi e contralaterais, provocando compress o arteriovenosa sobre o trigêmeo contralateral na por o superior da cisterna do APC. Salientamos a necessidade de exames de imagem ante qualquer algia craniofacial e observamos que, em les es na regi o do APC, a cisticercose n o pode ser esquecida.
An Application of Intuitionistic Fuzzy in Routing Networks
Ashit Kumar Dutta,Abdul Rahaman Wahab Sait
International Journal of Advanced Computer Sciences and Applications , 2012,
Abstract: Routing is an important functional aspect of networks to transport packets from source to destination. A router sets up optimized paths among the different nodes in the network. In this paper the authors proposed a new type of routing algorithm which includes exchange of routing information for small amount of time and then halts for few hours but this information is used by each router to make its own routing decisions based on intuitionistic fuzzy logic during these hours.
测绘学报 , 2014,
Abstract: 为满足我国卫星导航系统状态切换中地影时间确定以及卫星轨道确定中太阳辐射压建模等需求,本文针对GEO、IGSO、MEO三类导航卫星,采用柱形与锥形地影模型进行了地影因子及本影区持续时间差异分析。在此基础上以地影期持续天数,本影区持续时间为分析对象,对卫星轨道根数与地影状态之间的关系进行了深入研究。
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