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Características físicas do maracujá-amarelo produzido em diferentes épocas
Nascimento, Tania Brito do;Ramos, José Darlan;Menezes, Josivan Barbosa;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X1999001200023
Abstract: the research aimed at evaluating the physical alterations of the yellow passion fruit (passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa degener), produced in different seasons in the south of minas gerais state, brazil. the experimental design used was a completely randomized one, with three treatments (seasons): gs1 (may to july/1995), low temperature and rainfall; gs2 (october to december/1995), moderate temperature and rainfall, and gs3 (january to march/1996), high temperature and rainfall, ten replications and five fruits per plot. the fruits produced in gs2 were significantly better for mass, length, diameter and number of seeds, but gs1 provided the smallest rind thickness and highest juice content
Caracteriza??o físico-química da manga 'Tommy Atkins' submetida a aplica??o de cloreto de cálcio pré-colheita e armazenamento refrigerado
Silva, Ana Veruska Cruz da;Menezes, Josivan Barbosa;
Scientia Agricola , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-90162001000100012
Abstract: the postharvest quality of 'tommy atkins' mango was evaluated after the preharvest application of cacl2 and refrigerated storage. the studied factors were concentrations of cacl2 (1% e 2%) and numbers of applications (2, 3 and 4 times). the spraying began 35 days after antese in intervals of 15 days. of the 280 harvested fruits, 175 were taken for immediate analysis, while 105, were left in a cold chamber (10oc) during 30 days for later analysis. significant difference was observed between the tested concentrations of cacl2 and the witness, for most of the appraised quality characteristics, except for total sugars (fruits analyzed after 30 days), while the number of applications presented influence on the texture, soluble solids (after 30 days) and total soluble sugars (after the harvest).
Caracteriza o físico-química da manga 'Tommy Atkins' submetida a aplica o de cloreto de cálcio pré-colheita e armazenamento refrigerado
Silva Ana Veruska Cruz da,Menezes Josivan Barbosa
Scientia Agricola , 2001,
Abstract: Avaliou-se a qualidade pós-colheita de manga 'Tommy Atkins' submetida a aplica o pré-colheita de CaCl2 e armazenamento refrigerado. Os fatores estudados foram concentra es de CaCl2 (1% e 2%) e números de aplica es (2,3 e 4 vezes). Houve ainda um tratamento adicional, que funcionou como controle. As pulveriza es foliares foram iniciadas cerca de 35 dias após antese, num intervalo de 15 dias. Do total de 280 frutos colhidos, 175 foram levados para análise imediata, enquanto que 105 permaneceram em camara fria (10oC) por 30 dias, sendo posteriormente analisados. As concentra es de CaCl2 testadas n o resultaram em incremento do teor de cálcio no fruto e também n o influenciaram as características de qualidade avaliadas. Houve efeito do número de aplica es de CaCl2 sobre a textura, sólidos solúveis (após 30 dias) e a úcares solúveis totais (após a colheita). A incidência de colapso interno n o foi associada a aplica o de cálcio.
A?úcares neutros, ácidos ur?nicos e condutividade elétrica do exsudato de sementes de algodoeiro (gossypium hirsutum l.), em fun??o do tempo de dura??o do deslintamento químico
Chitarra, Luiz Gonzaga;Chitarra, Adimilson Bosco;Machado, José da Cruz;Menezes, Josivan Barbosa;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89131998000100013
Abstract: the objective of this work was to evaluate the efficiency of delinting time of cottonseeds through the electrical conductivity and the quantity of neutral sugars and uronic acids leaked from the seeds during imbibition in water, in function of the fractioning in water and the artificial ageing. the seeds were delinted with commercial sulphuric acid for 1.5 and 4.5 minutes, separeted according to the sedimentation fractions in water and submitted to artificial ageing for 0, 72 and 96 hours. electrical conductivity, contents of neutral sugars and uronic acids were determinated from the exudate resulting from the seeds imbibition in relation different treatments. the results showed that the delinting time for 1.5 minutes provided higher values of electrical conductivity, higher contents of neutral sugars and lower contents of uronic acids in relation with delinted seeds.
Avalia??o das tecnologias pós-colheita utilizadas e da qualidade de mel?es nobres produzidos para exporta??o
Morais, Patrícia Lígia Dantas;Silva, Geomar Galdino da;Maia, Emanuel Nogueira;Menezes, Josivan Barbosa;
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612009000100033
Abstract: the present study aimed to evaluate postharvest technologies and quality of fruits produced on noble melons exporting farms located in the agricultural pole mossoró-assu, in the state of rio grande do norte, brazil. gália 'solar king', cantalaupe 'torreon', charentais 'aura prince', and orange flesh 'af-1749' melons were analyzed regarding the following quality aspects: loss of weight, internal and external appearance, firmness, titulable acidity, ph, soluble solids, and sugars. the fruits were evaluated on the 0, 7th, 14th, 21th, and 28th day of storage refrigeration. the period of transport was simulated by storing the fruits under the same conditions of temperature and relative humidity of transport. it was concluded that the melons exporting farms use high level postharvest technological to maintain the fruit quality of these melon cultivare which present low postharvest resistance. however, it was noted by the high firmness and low of soluble solid values that the fruits are harvested when still immature. during the evaluation of external and internal appearance, it was observed that on the 28th day the fruits could still be commercialized although reaching the acceptance limit due to some flaws such as spots, depressions, and damage which can be reduced with a more appropriate fruit handling.
Utiliza??o do paclobutrazol, ethephon e nitrato de potássio na indu??o floral da mangueira no semi-árido nordestino
Mendon?a, Vander;Ramos, José Darlan;Menezes, Josivan Barbosa;Innecco, Renato;Pio, Rafael;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542003000600012
Abstract: an experiment was conducted in order to verify the effect of different concentrations of paclobutrazol, ethephon and potassium nitrate in the production of mango cv. tommy atkins at agricultural area of mossoró-assu. the experiment was carried out in 1999, under an experimental design of randomized blocks, with an factorial arrangement of 3x2x3 (dose of paclobutrazol: 0 mg.l-1; 1000 mg.l-1 and 1500 mg.l-1); 2 (potassium nitrate concentrations: 3 and 4%); 3 (dose of ethephon: 0,0 ml.l-1; 0,50 ml.l- and 1,0 ml.l-) with four replicates. the dosage of 1500 mg.l-1 of paclobutrazol caused the largest reduction of plants growth. this product showed good growth inhibition characteristics. the kno3 and ethephon, separately, did not influence none of the evaluated characteristics.
Potencial de vida útil pós-colheita de quatro genótipos de mel?o tipo Galia
Morais, Patrícia Lígia Dantas de;Menezes, Josivan Barbosa;Oliveira, Odaci Fernandes de;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542004000600013
Abstract: the postharvest life span of galia (genotypes primal, solarking, total, and vicar) melons (cucumis melo l.) was evaluated by a four (genotypes) x four (storage periods: 0, 3, 6, and 9 days) factorial experiment, in a completely randomized design with three replications. the fruits were harvested at maturation stage iv (yellow color predominance), and stored under 20 ± 1oc and hr 50 ± 2%. solarking's average firmness was better than that of the other genotypes during the experimental period. at the beginning of the experiment all genotypes had soluble solids contents at the level (eight to ten percent) required for exportation, with these levels varying slightly during storage. the internal aspect limited to six days the postharvest life span of genotype total. solarking, vicar, and primal showed great postharvest conservation potential, particularly the genotype solarking, which showed an adequate internal aspect up to the ninth day of storage.
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2001,
Abstract: Este trabalho objetivou testar diferentes doses de Paclobutrazol (PBZ), ethephon e nitrato de cálcio na indu o do florescimento e na produ o da mangueira (Mangifera indica L.) cv. Tommy Atkins, localizada no pomar didático da ESAM em Mossoró-RN, no ano de 1999/2000. O delineamento experimental utilizado foi em blocos casualizados, no esquema fatorial 2x2x3, assim distribuídos: T1 1000 mg.L-1 de PBZ+ 2% de nitrato de cálcio; T2 1000 mg.L-1 de PBZ + 2% de nitrato de cálcio + 1,0 mL.L-1 de ethephon; T3 1000 mg.L-1 de PBZ + 2% de nitrato de cálcio + 3,0 mL.L-1 de ethephon; T4 1000 mg. L-1 de PBZ + 3% de nitrato de cálcio; T5 1000 mg.L-1 de PBZ + 3% de nitrato de cálcio + 1,0 mL.L-1 de ethephon; T6 1000 mg.L-1 de PBZ + 3% de nitrato de cálcio + 3,0 mL.L-1 de ethephon ; T7 1500 mg.L-1 de PBZ + 2% de nitrato de cálcio; T8 1500 mg.L-1 de PBZ + 2% de nitrato de cálcio + 1,0 mL.L-1 de ethephon; T9 1500 mg.L-1 de PBZ + 2% de nitrato de cálcio + 3,0 mL.L-1 de ethephon; T10 1500 mg.L-1 de PBZ+ 3% de nitrato de cálcio; T11 1500 mg.L-1 de PBZ + 3% de nitrato de cálcio + 1,0 mL.L-1 de ethephon.L; T12 1500 mg.L-1 de PBZ + 3% de nitrato de cálcio + 3,0 mL.L-1 de ethephon, com 4 repeti es. A mangueira teve um maior florescimento (81,75%) com 2% de nitrato de cálcio e 1500 mg. L-1 de PBZ, o número de frutos por planta teve seu maior valor (86 frutos) com 3% de nitrato de cálcio e 1500 mg L-1 de PBZ e o peso do fruto foi maior (425,5g) na dosagem de 3mL.L-1 de ethephon. Os produtos aplicados n o diferenciaram entre si em rela o à produ o.
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2001,
Abstract: Instalou-se um experimento com manga 'Tommy Atkins' objetivando estudar a eficiência do índice de degrada o de amido visando a sua utiliza o em nível de campo como mais uma alternativa para estimar a matura o dos frutos. A eficácia do método foi estabelecida pela sua correla o durante a matura o com o conteúdo de amido e com a colora o da casca, colora o da polpa, firmeza da polpa, pH, acidez total titulável, sólidos solúveis totais e a úcares redutores e n o redutores. O ensaio foi instalado em delineamento inteiramente casualizado, composto por cinco tratamentos, com base na colora o da polpa e da casca. No caso da polpa: I - fruto verde; II - verde com tra os de amarelo; III - mais verde que amarelo; IV - mais amarelo que verde; e V - tra os de verde. Para a colora o da casca, adotou-se a mesma escala com varia o de verde para vermelho. Utilizaram-se seis repeti es por tratamento. Em geral, houve boa correla o entre o índice de degrada o do amido e as outras variáveis estudadas, sendo que o índice de colora o da polpa apresentou melhor coeficiente de correla o. As análises de correla o indicam que o método pode ser utilizado pelo produtor.
Distribui??o do teor de sólidos solúveis totais no mel?o
Silva, Paulo S. Lima e;Menezes, Josivan B.;Oliveira, Odaci F. de;Silva, Paulo I. Barbosa e;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362003000100006
Abstract: the total soluble solids content (tssc) in different portions of the fruit of yellow melon (cucumis melo l.) cultivars. two experiments were carried out with cultivars (af-646, gold mine, gold pride, rochedo and goldex), in two periods. in the first experiment, the tssc was determined in the basal (near the peduncle), median and apical portions. in the second experiment, the tssc was evaluated in the ventral (facing and touching soil), lateral, and dorsal portions. the experimental design was of randomized complete blocks in a splitplot scheme with three replications. the cultivars were assigned to plots and fruit fractions assigned to sub-plots. three fruits of each plot were fractioned in the mentioned portions, peeled, and the pulp was homogenized in a blender, filtered in nylon and three readings in the digital refractometer were made. in the first experiment, there was only the effect of different portions. tssc in basal portion (8.66ob) was lower than in the median (9.53ob) and in the apical (9.48ob) portion, which did not differ from each other. in the second experiment, there was the effect for cultivars (c) and portions (p), without interaction for c x p. the goldex cultivar presented the highest tssc (10.03ob) and the af-646 the lowest (8.11ob). tssc in ventral (8.94ob) and dorsal (9.07ob) portions did not differ from each other and was higher than in lateral fractions (8.69ob).
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