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Inflamación y Nutrición en la Enfermedad Renal Crónica
Diaeta , 2011,
Abstract: patients with chronic kidney disease may suffer from a chronic infammatory state reflected by the elevation of infammatory markers as c-reactive protein. there is a strong association between clinical complications, malnutrition and infammation in dialysis patients. the terms malnutrition, infammation and atherosclerosis and malnutrition-infammation complex syndrome (mics) have been proposed to indicate the combination of these conditions in these patients. in dialysis patients the protein-energy malnutrition and the infammation are associated with the increase of morbidity and mortality, including increased risk of cardiovascular disease. the subjective global assessment and the malnutrition-infammation score are two tools for assessing protein-energy malnutrition in hemodialysis patients. intradialytic parenteral nutrition is a strategy for safe and appropriate nutrition intervention.
An Approximation for the Power Function of a Semi-parametric Test of Fit
MB Makhoukhi
Afrika Statistika , 2008,
Abstract: We consider in this paper goodness of fit tests of the null hypothesis that the underlying d.f. of a sample F(x), belongs to a given family of distribution functions F. We propose a method for deriving approximate values of the power of a weighted Cram′er-von Mises type test of goodness of fit. Our method relies on Karhunen-Lo`eve [K.L] expansions on (0, 1) for the weighted a Brownian bridges.
Attitude towards Epilepsy and Mental Illness in Ekiti State, Nigeria
MB Olubunmi
African Research Review , 2009,
Abstract: This study was designed to find out the attitude of people in Ekiti State Nigeria, towards epilepsy and mental illness in terms of work opportunities and marriage options and to examine whether the level of education, gender and religious affiliation would affect people’s attitude towards person with these disorders. 200 participants were used and it comprised 106 literate and 94 illiterate persons. The independent t-test and the Pearson Product Moment Correlation were used to test the hypotheses. The result showed that literate respondents had more positive attitude towards epilepsy and mental illness with mean scores of 9.78 and 8.11 respectively. Also, male respondents showed a significantly positive attitude towards epilepsy with a mean score of 11.09 as against the mean score of the female respondents (10.57). No significant difference was found between the attitudes of males and females towards mental illness, while religious affiliation had a significant effect on the respondent’s attitudes. 78.3% (for mental illness) and 43.9% (for epilepsy) of the respondents were of the opinion that people with the disorders should not be employed while 55.6% (for mental illness) and 60.3% (for epilepsy) believed that they should not marry. Recommendations were made in the light of the need for more research concerning the effect of gender on the attitude towards epilepsy and mental illness and that educating the general public will reduce the negative attitudes towards those disorders
Biological approach to oil spills remediation in the soil
MB Yakubu
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2007,
Abstract: Perhaps there is no any other raw material that has impacted so much, and found wide application on human civilization than petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC). The paradox is that it is this same black gold that threatens human environment. PHC pollution in the environment, as well as the importance of natural interactions amongst living entities to arrest the problems hitherto caused by oil spills are hereby examined. Biological approaches to pollution remediation, which include phytoremediation, bioremediation, and application of biosurfactant, are discussed. Two angles of approach to bioremediation of PHC spills in the soil are identified; the bioaugmentation and biostimulation. The use of surfactants of microbial origin has been found to be environmentally friendly, naturally selective and stable at elevated temperatures, PH and salt concentration. Similarly, genetic methods have been found to be overwhelmingly promising in detecting as well as assessing PHC soil pollution, and clean up.
Coal and Zea mays cob waste as adsorbents for removal of metallic ions from wastewater
MB Ibrahim
Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The efficiency of coal (CO) and Zea mays (ZM) cob adsorbents for the removal of metallic ions from wastewater is reported. The adsorbents were used in both their granular (GCO and GZM) and powdered (PCO and PZM) forms respectively. Chromium, nickel, iron and cadmium were used as model ions. Efficiency of the method relied on the use of Shimadzu AA650 double beam atomic absorption/flame spectrophotometer. Effects of varying adsorbent dose, adsorbate loading concentration, pH and adsorbent surface area on the percentage removal of the adsorbates were studied. Results revealed that coal relatively have higher affinity for the tested ions compared to zea mays cob. The order of removal on the two adsorbents are nearly similar with little variations for Ni and Cd. Thermodynamic analyses at 303, 313, 323 and 333K and at optimum adsorbent weight and 60mgL-1 initial adsorbate loading concentration indicates a spontaneous and feasible process.
Removal of Toxic Metals from Aqueous Solution by Saw Dust
MB Ibrahim
Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: In this work, feasibility studies of using a natural and low cost adsorbent; saw dust for the removal of Cr(VI), Ni(II), Fe(II) and Cd(II) from aqueous solution was carried out. The efficiency of the adsorbent was judged from the variation of the % adsorption with (i) contact time, (ii) adsorbent dose, (iii) initial metal ion concentration, (iv) effect of pH variation of the adsorbate solution, (v) activation of the adsorbents and (vi) particle size. Changes in the concentrations of the metallic ions after the adsorption process were monitored using Shimadzu AA650 Double-Beam Digital Atomic Absorption/Flame Spectrophotometer. Results suggest that the adsorbent employed in this work have the ability to remove the tested ions from their aqueous solutions with adsorption order onto the adsorbent varying according to Cr > Fe > Ni > Cd. Also for each ion there is an optimum pH for maximum adsorption beyond which the efficiency declined.
Water- and foodborne viruses: current developments: Water and food are still major sources of enteric viruses
MB Taylor
Continuing Medical Education , 2011,
Trans-Atlantic relations in the Southern Cone: A common security agenda
MB Khanyile
Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies , 1998,
The risk of developing malnutrition in people living with HIV/AIDS: Observations from six support groups in Botswana
MB Nnyepi
South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition , 2009,
Abstract: Objectives: The objectives of this study were 1) to determine the proportion of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) at risk of developing malnutrition, 2) to determine the prevalence of malnutrition (BMI < 18.5 kg/m2), and 3) to describe the dietary intake and other nutrition parameters of PLWHA with membership in support groups. Design: Descriptive cross-sectional study. Setting: Six support groups in Gaborone and neighbouring locations. Subjects: Consenting, free-living HIV-positive adults 20 to 50 years of age with membership in support groups for PLWHA. Outcome measures: The subjects’ risk of developing malnutrition was established using a modified subjective global assessment (SGA) screening tool. Subjects with an SGA score ≥ 4 were classified as being at high risk of developing malnutrition. Results: From 145 PLWHA screened, 47.5% (n = 69) were found to be at high risk of developing malnutrition (SGA score ≥ 4) and 28.5% (n = 41) were malnourished (BMI < 18.5 kg/m2). In the sample with SGA scores ≥ 4, 52.2% (n = 35) presented with a BMI < 18.5 kg/ m2. These two groups also reported more unintentional weight loss, gastrointestinal symptoms, and other conditions commonly associated with a high risk of developing malnutrition. PLWHA with membership in support groups also had low educational attainment and high unemployment rates. A total of 47% of subjects with an SGA score ≥ 4 needed food assistance. Conclusions: Almost 50% of PLWHA with membership in support groups for PLWHA are at risk of developing malnutrition, while about 30% have a BMI < 18.5kg/m2. Nutrition screening can also help to identify those PLWHA with a BMI > 18.5 kg/m2 who are still at high risk of developing malnutrition. Timely nutrition interventions can therefore be instituted in order to prevent deterioration in nutritional status.
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic Determination of Shale Minerals in Reservoir Rocks
MB Adamu
Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy together with multivariate statistical regression was used to produce calibrations between spectra of standard mineral mixtures and gas shale reservoir rocks. A Classical Least Square (CLS) model was developed from the attenuated spectra of mixtures of five mineral standards chosen to represent the most frequently encountered minerals in shale-type reservoir rocks namely: quartz, illite/smectite (30:70), kaolinite, calcite and dolomite. The CLS model developed was able to quantify the mineral components of independent mixtures with an absolute error between 1 to 3wt% for all the pure minerals in the mixtures. Samples from a suite of shale reservoir rocks were analysed using standard Quantitative X-Ray Diffraction (QXRD) and with FTIR. Unknown mineral concentrations in the samples were then predicted using spectra and the calibration equations. Good correlations were achieved between the QXRD and ATR-CLS predicted concentrations (r2>0.8), with average absolute error of between 1 to 6wt%. This provides evidence that attenuated FTIR is a promising method for rapid and accurate determination of minerals in reservoir rocks for building higher resolution data without additional time consuming and expensive traditional analyses.

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