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Experimental Investigation for Normal Impact on Single Bumper Shield at First Threshold Velocity Range

ZHANG Wei,PANG Bao-jun,MA Wen-lai,ZHANG Ze-hua,

实验力学 , 2000,
Abstract: An impact experiment for spacecraft structure is reported, where the impact happens between a cylindrical projectile and a single bumper shield, and the impact velocity is within the first threshold velocity range. Results of the experiment are analyzed. Information on damage characteristics and failure mode is obtained.
Analysis of Crater Forming Characteristic by Liquid Drop Striking Structural Liquid Target

CHU Ying-zhi,MA Wen-lai,PANG Bao-jun,GAI Bing-zheng,

实验力学 , 2004,
Abstract: In this paper, experiments of the impact of liquid drops against liquid mutil-layer target were carried out. In these experiments the liquid drops dripped with various height and the liquid layer thickness of liquid target changed. By high-speed video camera the parameters of impact crater were recorded, the films negatives were scanned and date was inputted to computer, the final parameters were obtained from collection by soft Photoshop. A theoretical analysis was made to study the principles of the crater forming process. The crater is formed only in the first layer of the liquid target within certain impacting energy. The interface energy is one of the important parameters of crater forming process if there are dissolution phenomena between the liquid multi-layers. According to energy conversation and the analysis of the impacting energy transformation, the equation of the cavity diameters is obtained.

JIANG Wen-lai,

资源科学 , 2000,
Abstract: Natural resources capitalizationt management is a new idea arising in natubral resources management.Based on the analysis of subjective\|objective background of the idea , this paper analyzes seven important issues on natural resources capitalization management.Results show that transformation from natural resources into natural resources assets must be simultaneously provided with two prerequisites:scarcity of natural resources and property right definite.Taking into consideration of characteristics of natural resources,capitalized management can only be performed for partial natural resources;natural resources assets value theory and quantity theory need to be deepened and innovated;it is feasible to conduct natural resources capitalization management theoretically but many existing barriers restrict its applicability; natural resources assets depreciation which has specialities differs from fixed assets depreciation; and nationalized natural resources assets elapse awaits to be prevented from various aspects.
Index system and assessment of water resources carrying capacity in Minqin Basin

TANG Qu,JIANG Wen-lai,TAO Tao,

自然资源学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Water resource is the most important limiting factor to the social-economic development of Minqin Basin.Research into the water resources carrying capacity is significant to the sustainable development of the Basin.In this paper,we adopt both qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis to discuss the definition,connotation and affecting factors of water resources carrying capacity,and,combined with the status of the environment,society and economy in Minqin Basin,set up the index system which can be used to measure and evaluate water resources carrying capacity.According to the index system and using the acquirable data,we predict the water resources carrying capacity of the Minqin Basin in 2001,2010 and 2020.
Effect of Electron Correlations and Breit Interactions on Ground-State Fine-Structures along the Nitrogen-Like Isoelectronic Sequence

WANG Xiao-Lu,LU Wen-Lai,GAO Xiang,LI Jia-Ming,

中国物理快报 , 2009,
Abstract: The accurate atomic data of nitrogen and nitrogen-like ions have an importance role in fusion plasma studies and astrophysics studies. The recise calculation of fine-structures is required to obtain such atomic data. Along the whole nitrogen isoelectronic sequence, the contributions of theelectron correlations, the Breit interactions and the quantum electrodynamics corrections on the ground-state fine-structures are elucidated. When Z is low, the electron correlations are important, and the Breit interactions, which cannot be neglected cause interesting anomalous fine-structure splittings. When Z is high, the electron correlations are less important, and the Breit interactions are important in addit
Water Resources Management and Its Research Progress


资源科学 , 2005,
Abstract: Water shortage, water pollution and water disaster are three main problems of water resource in China. These problems are partly a matter of water resources management (WRM), which is an unperfected system in China currently. And water resource management plays a very important role in solving these problems. Therefore, building a proper system of WRM is very necessary. Study of water resource management is a collective body of considering all kinds of measurements and rules in order to protect water resource and achieve its sustainable utilization. Based on some basic subjects such as hydrology, study of water resources, management, etc., study of water resource management is an integrated subject researching the system of WRM and its detail contents. Generally speaking, this study is involved with many different aspects related to water resource, such as quantity, quality, law, property, administration, planning, arrangement, economy, investment, risk, technology, project, digitization and safety, and so on. It is well known from reality that building the system of WRM is very useful not only for academic research but for practice in water resource management. According to this work, we can perfect idea and improve method in dealing with water resource crisis. Furthermore, using these idea and method, we also can increase efficiency of water resource utilization, protect water resource, achieve water sustainable utilization and form a stable background for our national economic sustainable development. Water resource is a basic kind of natural resources for people survival and national development. In the recent years, a lot of literatures and data have been accumulated by many experts who were working on water-induced problems, especially from water shortage. Consequently, study of water resource management will be actively developed on a solid basis, which is meaningful to water resource sustainable utilization and management in China.
Thermal Stability Investigation of a Newly Developed Sealing Glass as IT-SOFC Sealant

PENG Lian,ZHU Qing-Shan,XIE Zhao-Hui,HUANG Wen-Lai,

无机材料学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 研究了一种热稳定性好的中温固体氧化物燃料电池密封玻璃.研究表明,此密封玻璃的热膨胀系数(室温-631℃)为9.8×10-6/K,与8YSZ电解质的热膨胀系数10.0×10-6/K(室温-631℃)接近,并且在700℃热处理300h后,该密封玻璃的热膨胀系数几乎没有变化.粘度实验表明,玻璃在700℃下具有足够的刚性,适合于运行温度在700℃左右SOFC的密封.化学相容性的研究显示,在700℃下与8YSZ反应300h后没有发现显著的界面反应.
Present Status and Development Trends of Sealing Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

ZHU Qing-Shan,PENG Lian,HUANG Wen-Lai,XIE Zhao-Hui,

无机材料学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Sealing was identified as one of main technical barriers in the commercialization of advanced planar solid oxide fuel cells(SOFCs). Much attention has therefore been paid to SOFC sealing. In the present paper, current status of SOFC sealing, including the functions of sealing, sealing strategy, types of sealing, sealing materials (metal alloys, braze, mica, glass, glass ceramics, etc.), was reviewed. Future trends about SOFC sealing were discussed.
Influence of Gelation Speed and Calcination on Surface Fractal Dimensions of Silica Xerogels

HUANG Wen-Lai,LIANG Kai-ming,GU Shou-Ren,

无机材料学报 , 1999,
Abstract: 本文研究了酸催化条件下,TEOS(正硅酸乙酯)水解制备二氧化硅干凝胶过程中,不同胶凝速度对所获得的干凝胶表面分形特性的影响,并分析了煅烧处理的影响。实验以盐酸为催化剂,丙酮为溶剂。结果表明,胶凝速度对未经煅烧的二氧化硅干凝胶表面分形维数几乎没有影响,但较慢的胶凝速度下制备的二氧化硅凝胶在600℃煅烧后,其表面分形维烽有较大的降低,改变煅烧温度的实验表明,在600℃以上继续提高煅烧温度,一般二氧化硅

LUO Qi-you TANG Hua-jun JIANG Wen-lai,

资源科学 , 2001,
Abstract: 水土资源对农业的约束不断硬化,并将成为21世纪我国可持续发展诸多矛盾的焦点,2010年缺水量将从现在的400×108m3,1996年-2010年耕地占规模约900×104hm2。摆脱资源困境的基本思路是实施以“四个结合,六大体系”为核心的农业水土高效持续配置战略。“四合结合”:1、专业化与多元化相结合:2、开源与节约相结合;3、资源开发与保护相结合;4、国内资源与国际资源结合。“六大体系”:农业资源高效持续配置的1、生产体系;2、布局体系;3、技术体系;4、管理体系;5、保护体系;6、消费体系
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