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Calculation of Surface Temperature of Photoelectric Detectors Irradiated by Laser

SUN Li-hui,MA Li-qin,

红外 , 2006,
Abstract: After considering the laser-induced heat effects in materials, the thermal diffusion equation is solved and the relation of the laser power with the pulse width and surface temperature under two usual conditions is given. The surface temperature of photoelectric detectors under the induced damage threshold is given according to the detector surface temperature curves. The thermal mechanism of detector damage is discussed.
Countermeasures of sustainable development of agriculture in Poyang Lake area

MA Yi-lin,MEI Li-Hui,

中国生态农业学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The current situation and existing problems of natural resources in Poyang Lake area are stated and the goal and countermeasures of sustainable development of agriculture in Poyang Lake area are put forward.
Evaluating total operational value and associated risks of financial holding companies in Taiwan
Chen Li-Hui
Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research , 2010, DOI: 10.2298/yjor1002275c
Abstract: This study comprises several different parts. The first part applies a normal benchmark valuation model established by Penman to assess the potential whole operational values of FHCs. The second part applies the concept of measuring financial risk as earnings variance to establish a financial risk measurement model. This model can be used to examine the degrees of financial risk before and after FHC’s establishment, and to distinguish different combinations of FHC based on risk diversion efficiency. The final part of this research constructs a new value-risk relation model that can be applied to cross-analysis for measuring total operation value of FHCs with different degrees of financial risk. Through completion of the above steps this study will demonstrate what combination of FHC offers the co-benefits of risk diversion and high whole operational value.
Path Following Control of Tractor-trailers with Off-axle Hitching

ZHOU Huo-Feng,MA Bao-Li,SONG Li-Hui,ZHANG Fang-Fang,

自动化学报 , 2010,
Abstract: In this work, we investigated the path following problem of an arbitrary body of tractor-trailers with off-axle hitching. First, a linearized time-state model was derived and proved to be controllable. A dynamic linear feedback control law was then proposed based on internal mode principal to guarantee that the path tracking error is uniformly ultimately bounded and the bound is cubically proportional to the variation rate of the desired geometric path function. Simulation results showed the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme.
Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Differentiated into Dopaminergenic Neurons in vitro

CHAI Li-Hui,WU Su-Xi,YAN Wen_Hai,MA Yuan_Fang,

生物工程学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Midbrain dopamine (DA) neurons play an essential role in modulating motor control. Defects in central DA neurons affect a wide range of neurological disorders including Parkinson's disease (PD). The greatest motivation in the field has been the potential use of DA neurons for cell transplantation therapy in Parkinsonian patients. Recent studies indicated that BMSCs could differentiate into DA neurons in vitro as neural stem cells (NSC) and embryonic stem cells (ESC) could. However, there are no direct evidences about functional DA neurons derived from BMSCs. According to the protocols which had been applicated in inducing neuronal stem cells and embryonic stem cells differentiate into DA neurons in vitro, the present study provides a protocol by using 50 micromol/L brain derived neurotrophy factor (BDNF), 10 micromol/L forskolin (FSK) and 10 micromol/L dopamine (DA) to induce BMSCs differentiate into DA neurons. After 2 weeks of differentiation, the cells expressed the character of neurons in ultrastructure. RT-PCR discovered mRNA of NSE (neuron specific enolase), Nurr1, Ptx3, Lmx1b and Tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) were positive. Immunocytochemistry staining indicated the ratio of TH-positive neural cells was significantly increased after induced 2 weeks (24.80 +/- 3.36) % compared to that of induction of 3 days (3.77 +/- 1.77) %. And the DA release was also different between differentiated and undifferentiated cells detected by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). That is to say BDNF and FSK and DA can induce BMSCs differentiate into DA neurons in vitro, and the transdifferentiated cells express mature neurons characters. BMSCs might be a suitable and available source for the in vitro derivation of DA neurons and cell transplantation therapy in some central neural system diseases such as PD.
Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Differentiated into Dopaminergenic Neurons in vitro

CHAI Li-Hui,WU Su-Xi,YAN Wen_Hai,MA Yuan_Fang,

微生物学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 通过体外诱导人骨髓间充质干细胞(bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, BMSCs)向多巴胺(dopamine, DA)神经元分化,探讨人BMSCs来源的DA神经元的功能特征及其分化机制,为临床上细胞移植替代治疗诸如帕金森氏病(parkinson's disease, PD)等神经精神性疾病提供一种理想的细胞来源。通过密度梯度离心获取人骨髓中的单个核细胞,贴壁培养纯化BMSCs。50μmol/L脑源性神经营养因子(brain derived neurotrophy factor, BDNF),10μmol/L forskolin(FSK)和10μmol/L DA联合对BMSCs进行诱导。电子显微镜观察诱导2周后细胞是否具有神经元的超微结构特点;免疫细胞化学染色和RT-PCR检测DA神经元分化过程中的标志物酪氨酸羟化酶(tyrosine hydroxylase, TH)的表达以及转录因子Nurr1、Ptx3和Lmx1b的表达;高效液相色谱(high performance liquid chromatogram, HPLC)检测诱导2周后的细胞多巴胺的释放水平。 结果表明,诱导2周后,电镜下细胞胞浆中有大量密集的呈扁平囊状的粗面内质网及其间的一些游离核糖体以及神经微丝的形成。RT-PCR结果显示NSE(neuron specific enolase)、Nurr1、Ptx3、Lmx1b和TH的mRNA均有表达;免疫细胞化学染色结果表明诱导2周后TH阳性细胞(24.80±3.36)%的表达较诱导3d后(3.77±1.77)%明显提高(P<0.01);HPLC检测到诱导2周后的细胞DA释放水平[(1.22±0.36)μg/mL(n=6)]高于未经诱导的细胞[(0.75±0.22)μg/mL(n=6) (t=-2.79,P=0.038)]。 由此得出,BDNF、FSK和DA可以在体外诱导人BMSCs向DA神经元分化,并具有DA神经元的功能特征,是临床用于治疗神经精神性疾病的理想细胞来源。
Spatial pattern of root systems of dense jujube plantation with jujube age in the semiarid loess hilly region of China

MA Li-Hui,WU Pu-Te,WANG You-Ke,

植物生态学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Aims Dense jujube (Ziziphus jujuba ’Lizao’) plantations with a spacing of 2 m between trees and 3 m between rows have been established in the semiarid hilly region of the Chinese Loess Plateau.Our objective was to study characteristics of vertical and horizontal root distribution with different tree ages.Methods Four stands formed a chronosequence 1,4,8 and 11 years old.We used the trench profile method to study root distribution.We excavated four trenches 6 m long × 1 m deep × 0.8 m wide for each stand age and measured root intersects as fine (< 1 mm),medium-sized (1-3 mm) and coarse (> 3 mm) roots.Important findings The number of root intersects increased by tree age (especially fine roots) and decreased with soil depth.1-year-old tree root intersects were concentrated at 0-40 cm depth,and the other three older tree root intersects were mainly at 0-60 cm depth.There was no significant difference with the fine-root intersects along the horizontal distance from the trunk regardless of tree age.Different diameter root intersects showed no significant difference in the same soil layer (0-20,20-40 and 40-60 cm) regardless of tree age and horizontal dis-tance from trunk.The efficiency of root distribution under the densely planted pattern was determined to ensure a sustainably high fruit yield.We suggest that jujube roots formed shallow patterns vertically under the water and nutrient management measures,while it formed net patterns when densely planted.Our findings can provide a theoretical basis for efficient root management in this region.
Protective effects of Chaiqin Chengqi Decoction on isolated pancreatic acinar cells in acute pancreatitis rats and the mechanisms
Li-hui DENG,Qing XIA
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2008,
Abstract: Objective: To investigate the protective effects of Chaiqin Chengqi Decoction (CQCQD), a compound traditional Chinese herbal medicine, on acinar cells and the changes of intracellular calcium concentration ([Ca2+]i) in acute pancreatitis (AP) rats.Methods: CQCQ serum (CQCQS) was prepared by intragastric administration of CQCQD in SD rats, and AP was induced in SD rats by biliary-pancreatic duct ligation method. Pancreatic acinar cells were isolated by collagenase digestion and co-incubated with the drug serum containing CQCQD in vitro, then cell viability was determined by methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium (MTT) method and intracellular fluorescent intensity (FI) was observed and analyzed to investigate the changes of intracellular calcium concentration ([Ca2+]i).Results: Both 5% and 10% CQCQS could improve the viability of pancreatic acinar cells in AP rats (P<0.05), and 10% CQCQS was more effective than 5% CQCQS (P<0.05). [Ca2+]i was elevated in AP rats (P<0.05), while the level of [Ca2+]i elevation was reduced after CQCQS treatment (P<0.05).Conclusion: CQCQD has a protective effect on pancreatic acinar cells of AP rats, which may be associated with its inhibition effect on intracellular calcium overload.
3,3′-(p-Phenylenedimethylene)diimidazol-1-ium bis(3-carboxy-4-hydroxybenzenesulfonate) dihydrate
Yong-Li Peng,Li-Hui Jia
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809002086
Abstract: In the title compound, C14H16N42+·2C7H5O6S ·2H2O, the 3,3′-(p-phenylenedimethylene)diimidazol-1-ium dication lies on a crystallographic inversion center. In the crystal structure, dications, anions and solvent water molecules are linked via O—H...O, N—H...O and C—H...O hydrogen bonds, and C—H...π interactions, forming a three-dimensional network containing R22(4), R24(12), R44(22), R810(32) and R1214(66) ring motifs.
Multi-mode entanglement of N harmonic oscillators coupled to a non-Markovian reservoir
Gao-xiang Li,Li-hui Sun,Zbigniew Ficek
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1088/0953-4075/43/13/135501
Abstract: Multi-mode entanglement is investigated in the system composed of $N$ coupled identical harmonic oscillators interacting with a common environment. We treat the problem very general by working with the Hamiltonian without the rotating-wave approximation and by considering the environment as a non-Markovian reservoir to the oscillators. We invoke an $N$-mode unitary transformation of the position and momentum operators and find that in the transformed basis the system is represented by a set of independent harmonic oscillators with only one of them coupled to the environment. Working in the Wigner representation of the density operator, we find that the covariance matrix has a block diagonal form that it can be expressed in terms of multiples of $3\times 3$ and $4\times 4$ matrices. This simple property allows to treat the problem to some extend analytically. We illustrate the advantage of working in the transformed basis on a simple example of three harmonic oscillators and find that the entanglement can persists for long times due to presence of constants of motion for the covariance matrix elements. We find that, in contrast to what one could expect, a strong damping of the oscillators leads to a better stationary entanglement than in the case of a weak damping.
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