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Seroprevalence and Risk Factors of Mycoplasma gallisepticum Infection in Iranian Broiler Breeder Farms
S. Seifi,M.R. Shirzad
International Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012,
Abstract: This study was aimed to determine the risk factors (age, size of flock, locale, sex and strain) and seroprevalence of Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) in Iranian broiler breeder farms. In addition Correlation between seroprevalence in breeder with chronic respiratory disease in their progeny was analyzed. The study was conducted from May 2002 to October 2008 that was based on rapid Serum Plate Agglutination (SPA) and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) tests. To find a correlation between MG in breeders with airsaculitis in their progeny, data from broiler slaughterhouses were registered. According to the results, the highest (21.4%) and lowest (0%) prevalence of MG infection was found in 2003, 2008 respectively (p<0.05). The prevalence was highest (18.5%) in winter and lowest (6.8%) in summer. Ross, Cobb, Arian, Hubbard and Arbor Acres had 23.2, 8, 11.4, 14 and 6.9, respectively infection. The prevalence was recorded highest at 10-20 weeks of age (28%), but in above 60 weeks it was lowest (3.4%). MG infection was higher (56.21%) in female than in male (43.79%). No significant difference was seen in flocks up to 30,000 population (11.7%), 30,000- 40,000 (19%) and upper 40,000 (23%). The prevalence of mycoplamosis in foothills was relatively higher (9.4%) than coastal area (7.2%), however not significantly different. The correlation between MG in breeder and chronic respiratory disease in broiler wasn’t significant (respectively p = 0.743, p = 0.103) according to this, vertical infection couldn’t be an important cause of condemnation for broiler in slaughterhouse.
Removal of Reactive Black 5 (RB5) Dye from Aquatic Solution by Using of Adsorption onto Synthesized SodiumAlginate Magnetic Beads
R Shokohi,M.R Samarghandi,F Pourfarzi,M Shirzad Siboni
Iranian Journal of Health and Environment , 2011,
Abstract: "nBackground and Objectives: Industrial wastewater included the dyes one of the important sources of environmental pollution, that founded in loom wastewater which are harmful for human health and environment. Therefore, the purpose of this research was investigated removal of RB5 dye from aquatic solution by using of adsorption onto synthesized magnetic sodium alginate beads."nMaterial and Methods: At first, synthesized magnetic sodium alginate beads. Then, acquired beads optimum dosage equal to 18 g/100CC, with constant other parameters. The effect of pH, contact time and initial RB5 dye concentration was studied at the constant of beads (18 g/100CC)."nResults: Results showed that removal efficiency was decreased by increasing of initial RB5 dye concentration. Also the results showed the removal efficiency was increased by increasing of adsorbent dose and contact time. The results showed data were explained acceptably by Langmuir isotherms and pseudo-second-order kinetics models respectively."nConclusion: The results showed that removal of RB5 dye from aqueous solution by using of magnetic sodium alginate beads can be done cheaper and effective.
Removal of Cyanide from Aquatic Solution by Using of Iron and Copper Powder: Equilibrium and Kinetic Study
M Shirzad Siboni,M.R Samarghandi,H Piri Dogahe,M Farrokhi
Iranian Journal of Health and Environment , 2011,
Abstract: Background and Objectives: Industrial wastewater included the cyanide is one of the important sources of environmental pollution which founded in Industrial wastewater which are harmful for human health and environment. Therefore, the purpose of this research that was fundamental designed is investigation of Removal of cyanide from aquatic solution by using of iron and copper powder in experimental scale.Material and Methods: At first, pilot was designed. Then, acquired pH optimum equal to 2,7 for copper and iron by variation pH= (2,4,6,8,12) and constant other parameters. The effect of initial cyanide concentration (40,60,80 mg/l), initial iron and copper dosage (0.08-1 g/100CC) and contact time (15-12 min) studied at the constant of optimum pH.Results: The result showed removal efficiency Increased from 46.6% to 90.56% and 31% to 93.78% for copper and iron by increasing of contact time from 15to 120 minute in constant conditions, respectively. Also result showed Removal efficiency decreased and increased by increasing initial cyanide concentration and initial iron and copper dosage. The results showed equilibrium data were explained acceptably by Langmuir isotherms and kinetic parameters were obtained by application of Langmuir&Hinshelwood equation.Conclusion: The results showed that removal of cyanide can be quick and effective done by iron and copper in experimental scale.
Short Term Effect of Consolidation on Profitability of Nigerian Banks
M.R Sanni
African Research Review , 2010,
Abstract: Has the 2006 consolidation of banks in Nigeria led to a significant change in the profitability [Earning Per Share (EPS)] of the banks? This paper examined the EPS of 13 out of the 25 post consolidation ‘mega’ banks. The banks examined are those that fairly retained their identities before and after the consolidation exercise. The three-year (2003-2005) pre consolidation EPS mean of the banks was compared with the three-year (2006-2008) post consolidation period. Using descriptive statistical method, the combined EPS of the banks changed but not significantly at 5% significant level when a paired sample t-test statistical method was used. Three of the banks however stood out. The change (an increase) in the EPS of two of them is significant while the change (a decrease) in the third one is also significant not only at 5% but at 1%. The findings here confirm the existing controversy on whether or not mergers or acquisitions lead to improved profitability. What is however clear is that barring any effect of the present global economic meltdown; it may take some time for the EPS of most of the banks to change significantly. Key Words: EPS Profitability Consolidation
Information and communication technology products: their gains and pains on Nigerian banking system
M.R Sanni
African Research Review , 2009,
Abstract: Year 2006 witnessed a banking revolution in Nigeria as the minimum paid up share capital of Nigerian banks was increased from N2 billion to N25 billion. With it came consolidation and stiff competition among the emerging “mega” banks resulting into investments in ICT. This paper considers the positive as well as the negative sides of some ICT products like ATM, e-banking, e-payment and e-commerce among others. It compares the investment by banks in ICT in the last three-years with the volume and value of banking transactions occasioned by such investment. It also considers savings from forgeries and frauds and concludes that the gains from ICT banking products far outweigh their shortcomings.
Oscillatory Gas Flow in a Circular Nanotube
M.R. King
The Open Nanoscience Journal , 2007, DOI: 10.2174/1874140100701010001]
Abstract: Gas flow through nanoscale conduits shows distinctly different physics compared to flow at the macroscale. One of the first manifestations of this is the appearance of wall slip. Here we consider the oscillatory flow of an incompressible Newtonian gas through a circular nanotube, with first order wall slip due to rarefaction. It was found that the major effect of wall slip at lower oscillation frequencies is to alter the instantaneous velocity profiles from Poiseuille-like to more plug-like, with an overall enhancement to the fluid velocity magnitude. However, at higher frequencies the enhancement to velocity magnitude due to wall slip is greatly diminished, and rarefaction introduces a region of backflow near the centerline of the nanotube. These flow characteristics may have important implications for the design of various practical applications of unsteady gas flow through nanoscale conduits, from fuel cell membranes to gas-powered nanomachines constructed from carbon nanotubes.
First Principles Studies of the Effect of Nitrogen Impurities on the Energy Gap of Rutile TiO2-xNx by Pseudopotential Approaches
M.R. Benam
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/jeasci.2011.18.20
Abstract: We have studied the electrical properties of rutile TiO2-xNx compound which x is the fraction of Ni impurities and was chosen to be 0.0625, 0.125, 0.25 and 0.5. In the calculations, we have adopted a pseudopotential and supercell approach based on the Density Functional Theory (DFT) with GGA approximation for the Exchange-correlation potential as implemented in SIESTA code. We have calculated the band structure and Density of State (DOS) and therefore, the changes of the energy gap of this compound with nitrogen substitution in oxygen sites. The quality of the used pseudopotential was tested by comparing the calculated band structure and DOS using Full Potential Linear Augmented Plane Wave (FP-LAPW) and pseudopotential methods. The result shows that the energy gap of TiO2-xNx has decreases considerably due to the appearing of the N-2p orbitals in the bottom of the energy gap which is in good agreement with the recent experimental researches about the red shift of the threshold absorbance frequency of this compound which has made it an interesting photocatalysis in the visible spectrum of the solar radiation.
The role of hormone therapy in the treatment of osteoporosis
M.R Davey
Journal of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa , 2010,
Abstract: The concerns raised by the findings of the Women’s Health Initiative study resulted in many practitioners no longer considering the use of menopausal hormone therapy for the treatment of osteoporosis. Subsequent re-analyses of this study, recent publications on the use of lower doses and different modes of delivery of hormone therapy, and data suggesting that certain women will receive longer-term fracture prevention even with short-term use have resulted in a reappraisal of the use of oestrogen and oestrogen plus progestin therapy for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. These issues are discussed, and based on these more recent analyses it is suggested that menopausal hormone therapy could still be considered a first-line option for osteoporosis prevention and treatment in certain patients.
Urethroscopic Management of Iatrogenic Urethral Injuries
M.R Nikoobakht
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2005,
Abstract: Background: This study was conducted to evaluate results of urethroscopic management of iatrogenic urethral injuries due to gynecological operations. Materials and Methods: From November 2001 till November 2003, 12 iatrogenic urethral injuries which were managed with mean time 12 hours (Range= 6-72) after gynecological operations were included in this study. 3 months after urethroscopy and distending, patients were evaluated with IVP. Mean time of clinical follow up was 12 months (range= 4-29). Results: 7 patients with urethral stricture were found and considering fluoroscopy guided urethral dilatation with balloon in 2 of them, urethroscopy and distending was successful in 6 patients (85/7%). In 5 patients with complete dissection of urethra, urethroscopy and distending was successful only in 1 of them (20%). All patients were discharged after 24 hours and in follow up IVP after 3 months. Results were satisfactory in 6 of 7 patients. One of patients needed re-distending due to stricture. Conclusion: Urethroscopic approach as first step in management of iatrogenic urethral injuries seems reasonable and cost benefit, specially in ligating lesions.
M.R. Diaconescu
Jurnalul de Chirurgie , 2005,
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