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Solar Models: Influence of Equation of State and Opacity
M. Yildiz,N. Kiziloglu
Physics , 1997,
Abstract: Solar models through evolutionary phases of gravitational contraction, pre-main sequence and MS phases, up to current age 4.5E9 yr. and 4.57E9 yr., were studied adopting different prescriptions for the equation of state (EOS) and different opacity tables. The results are compared with solar models we computed with different radiative opacities (Cox & Stewart 1970) and different EOS, as with models computed by other authors. Finally we provide the internal run of the thermodynamic quantities of our preferred solar model which possesses the following characteristics: age 4.50E9 yr., initial He abundance by mass 0.285, parameter of the mixing length alpha=1.82, radius and temperature at the bottom of the convective envelope are R(bottom)=0.724 Rsun and T(bottom)=2.14E6 K, respectively.
Finite Element Formulation of Forced Vibration Problem of a Prestretched Plate Resting on a Rigid Foundation
M. Er z,A. Yildiz
Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2007, DOI: 10.1155/2007/56360
Abstract: The three-dimensional linearized theory of elastodynamics mathematical formulation of the forced vibration of a prestretched plate resting on a rigid half-plane is given. The variational formulation of corresponding boundary-value problem is constructed. The first variational of the functional in the variational statement is equated to zero. In the framework of the virtual work principle, it is proved that appropriate equations and boundary conditions are derived. Using these conditions, finite element formulation of the prestretched plate is done. The numerical results obtained coincide with the ones given by Ufly and in 1963 for the static loading case.
Evaluation of cellulosic wastes for the cultivation of Pleurotus eryngii (DC. ex Fr.) Quel
M Akyüz, A Yildiz
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2008,
Abstract: This study investigated the possible use of local cellulosic wastes for the cultivation of Pleurotus eryngii (DC. ex Fr.) Quel. var. ferulae Lanzi and Pleurotus eryngii (DC. ex Fr.) Quel. For the propagation of the main culture, 2.0% malt-extract agar was used whereas barley grains were used for the propagation of spawn. For the formation of basidiocarp, wheat straw (WS), soybean straw (SS) and bran of rice (RB) were used as culture media. Three types of compost were prepared: a mixture of WS-SS (1:1), WS and SS. The three compost types were also supplemented with 5.0 and 10.0% of RB. The shortest mycelium growing period was determined as average 8 days on SS and the longest period was 17 days on WS + 10.0% RB. In addition, the shortest mycelium growing period for P. eryngii var. ferulae was determined as average 12 days on WS + 10.0% RB, while the longest period was 18 days on WS-SS (1:1) + 5.0% RB. The shortest primordium formation period for P. eryngii was determined as 36 days on SS + 10.0% RB, while the longest period was 95 days on WS + 5.0% RB. In addition, for P. eryngii var. ferulae, there was no basidiocarp formation on any trial after mycelium growth on the compost even after 108 days of culture. The first harvest period for P. eryngii was determined as average 48 days on SS + 10.0% RB, and the total harvest period was 108 days on WS + 5.0% and WS + 10.0% RB. The highest biological efficiency (BE) was 93% on WS-SS (1:1) + 5.0% RB and the lowest BE was 7% on WS + 10.0% RB. The lowest average yield per 100 g of material (70% moisture) was 2.0 g on WS + 10.0% RB, while the highest yield was 28.0 g on WS-SS (1:1) + 5.0% RB. In conclusion, various local agricultural wastes can be used for the cultivation of P. eryngii.
New Inequalities for Hermite-Hadamard and Simpson Type and Applications
M. E. Ozdemir,Cetin Yildiz
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper, we obtain new bounds for the inequalities of Simpson and Hermite-Hadamard type for functions whose second derivatives absolute values are P-convex. These bounds can be much better than some obtained bounds. Some applications for special means of real numbers are also given.
A new generalization of the midpoint formula for n-time differentiable mappings which are convex
M. Emin Ozdemir,Cetin Yildiz
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: In this paper, we establish several new inequalities for n- time differentiable mappings that are connected with the celebrated Hermite-Hadamard integral inequality.
Yildiz E?,Karadeniz B?,Yildiz A M,Rencuzogullari E?
无机化学学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 制备了4-(5'-氨基萘-3'-磺酸)偶氮-(2″-n-(4''',6'''-二氯-s-三嗪)苯-5″-(β-羟乙基砜硫酸酯)-2-甲基蒽醌(2a),4-(2'-氨基苯磺酸)偶氮-(2″-n-(4''',6'''-二氯-s-三嗪)-3″-苯磺酸)-2-甲基蒽醌,4-(5'-氨基萘-3'-磺酸)偶氮-(2″-n-(4''',6'''-二氯-s-三嗪)苯-5″-(β-羟乙基砜硫酸酯)-2-甲基蒽醌和4-(p-(β-羟乙基砜硫酸酯)偶氮-(2″-n-(4''',6'''-二氯-s-三嗪)萘-5″-磺酸)-2-甲基蒽醌的feⅲ,coⅱ金属配合物,并在安姆/沙门氏菌/微粒体致突变试验(ames/salmonella/microsometest)和大鼠胚胎中测定其致突变-畸变作用。不管是否使用代谢赋活剂s9mix,2a-fe和2a-co对ta98andta100菌株均无致突变-畸变作用。
Dynamic Arbitrageurs’ Long-Run Impacts on Convertible Bond Issuers’ Stock Prices  [PDF]
Serhat Yildiz
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2018.89099
Abstract: I examine convertible bond arbitrageurs’ long-run impact on convertible bond issuers’ stock prices. I find a negative relation between arbitrage activity around convertible bond issues and convertible bond issuers’ long-run stock returns. Average three-year holding period return of convertible bond issuers with no-arbitrage activity around their convertible bond issues is two times larger than that of convertible bond issuers with arbitrage activity around their convertible bond issues. Overall, I show that convertible bond arbitrageurs’ price impact is not limited to short-term [1], but it also has a long-term component.
Determination of Palladium II in 5% Pd/BaSO4 by ICP-MS with Microwave Digestion, and UV-VIS Spectrophotometer  [PDF]
Y. Yildiz, M. Kotb, A. Hussein, M. Sayedahmed, M. Rachid, M. Cheema
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2019.104011
Abstract: Determination palladiums have been reported 5% (w/w) Pd/BaSO4 known as Rosenmund Catalyst. The determination of palladium II known as Rosenmund Catalyst is always an expensive procedure usually involving procedures such as flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry, emission spectrometry, and many spectrophotometric methods. In this study, palladium II in 5% Pd/BaSO4, was synthesized and employed to develop an extractive UV-Visible Spectrophotometric, and an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry ICP/MS methods for the determination of palladium II. Specification for Pd is 4.85% to 5.10%; the result was 4.97% for the UV-Visible spectrophotometer and 4.90% for the ICP/MS. Both results meet the requirements.
A ring enhancing tumor-like lesion of cerebral infarction
Gezen F,Is M,Yildiz KH,Akyuz F
Journal of Neurological Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: BACKGROUND. The diagnosis of cerebral infarction (CI) often is elusive because of its low incidence, highly variable nonspecific clinical findings. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain may improve the often elusive diagnosis of CI. However, the sensitivity, specificity, and full spectrum of such MRI findings are poorly understood. The authors present the case of a patient with CI whose MRI scans showed abnormally enhancing tumor-like brain lesion. The use of specialized MRI techniques improved the recognition of CI for patients and prevented biopsy. Consideration of CI in the care of patients with enhancing tumor-like masses may lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment, preventing unnecessary invasive diagnostic procedures. CI should be added to the differential diagnosis of supratentorial ring-enhancing masses.
Damage Detection of Composite Plates by Lamb Wave Ultrasonic Tomography with a Sparse Hexagonal Network Using Damage Progression Trends
C. J. Keulen,M. Yildiz,A. Suleman
Shock and Vibration , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/949671
Abstract: Lamb wave based structural health monitoring shows a lot of potential for damage detection of composite structures. However, currently there is no agreement upon optimal network arrangement or detection algorithm. The objective of this research is to develop a sparse network that can be expanded to detect damage over a large area. To achieve this, a novel technique based on damage progression history has been developed. This technique gives an amplification factor to data along actuator-sensor paths that show a steady reduction in transmitted power as induced damage progresses and is implemented with the reconstruction algorithm for probabilistic inspection of damage (RAPID) technique. Two damage metrics are used with the algorithm and a comparison is made to the more commonly used signal difference coefficient (SDC) metric. Best case results show that damage is detected within 12?mm. The algorithm is also run on a more sparse network with no damage detection, therefore indicating that the selected arrangement is the most sparse arrangement with this configuration. 1. Introduction To achieve lighter aerospace structures, damage is allowed to exist during operation as long as it is within safe, predetermined specifications; aircraft structures are designed according to a damage tolerant philosophy. In more recent years composite materials are being used to build aerospace structures because they are lightweight and stiff and have excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance. The downside to composites, however, lies in their damage mechanisms. Composites may fail or become damaged in a number of ways that are very different from traditional metallic materials. Defects may arise during manufacture due to voids/porosity, ply misalignment, or inclusion of foreign objects that show no evidence to the naked eye. Composites suffer from low velocity impacts that can damage the internal structure of a laminate while leaving no visible evidence on the surface. Maintenance and inspection of aircraft is of utmost importance for safe and efficient operation. Aircraft structures operate in harsh conditions sustaining high loads, fatigue cycles, and extreme temperature differentials. Failure of these structures is not acceptable due to the possibility of loss of life and assets. To ensure aircraft structures are in safe operational condition, costly inspection involving aircraft downtime and often disassembly of major components is routinely performed. The cost of inspection is about 30% of the total cost of acquiring and operating composite structures [1]. Currently,
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