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Determination of Circular Polarization of gamma-quanta with Energy > 10 MeV using Compton Polarimeter
A. S. Arychev,A. P. Potylitsyn,M. N. Strikhanov
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: The circularly polarized gamma-quanta with energy > 10 MeV are formed during Compton backscattering of circularly polarized laser photons on an electron beam with energy 1.26 GeV. The contribution of nonlinear processes for planned parameters of a laser flash[T. Okugi, Y. Kurihara and M. Chiba, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 35, p. 3677 (1996).] can be rather significant, that leads to deterioration of polarization of a resulting gamma-beam. The direct method of measurement of gamma-beam circular polarization will allow not only to estimate a correctness of the theoretical calculations, but also to use the obtained information for simulation of polarization parameters of positrons.
Coulomb-hadron phase factor and spin phenomena in a wide region of transfer momenta
S. B. Nurushev,O. V. Selyugin,M. N. Strikhanov
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: The Coulomb-hadron interference effects are examined at small and large $t$. The methods for the definition of spin-dependent parts of hadron scattering amplitude are presented. The additional contributions to analyzing power $A_N$ and the double spin correlation parameter $A_{NN}$ owing to the electromagnetic-hadron interference are determined in the diffraction dip domain of high-energy elastic hadron scattering.
Form of analyzing power and the determination of the basic parameters of hadron scattering amplitude
S. B. Nurushev,O. V. Selyugin,M. N. Strikhanov
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1007/s10582-001-0023-7
Abstract: The determination of magnitudes of basic parameters of the high energy elastic scattering amplitude are examined at small momentum transfers with taking account of the Coulomb-hadron interference effects.
Ptychography imaging of the phase vortices in the x-ray beam formed by nanofocusing lenses
D. Dzhigaev,U. Lorenz,R. Kurta,F. Seiboth,T. Stankevic,S. Mickevicius,A. Singer,A. Shabalin,O. Yefanov,M. N. Strikhanov,G. Falkenberg,C. G. Schroer,R. Feidenhans`l,I. A. Vartanyants
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/499/1/012020
Abstract: We present the ptychography reconstruction of the x-ray beam formed by nanofocusing lenses (NFLs) containing a number of phase singularities (vortices) in the vicinity of the focal plane. As a test object Siemens star pattern was used with the finest features of 50 nm for ptychography measurements. The extended ptychography iterative engine (ePIE) algorithm was applied to retrieve both complex illumination and object functions from the set of diffraction patterns. The reconstruction revealed the focus size of 91.4$\pm$1.1 nm in horizontal and 70$\pm$0.3 nm in vertical direction at full width at half maximum (FWHM). The complex probe function was propagated along the optical axis of the beam revealing the evolution of the phase singularities.
Dynamics of colloidal crystals studied by pump-probe experiments at FLASH
R. Dronyak,J. Gulden,O. M. Yefanov,A. Singer,T. Gorniak,T. Senkbeil,J. -M. Meijer,A. Al-Shemmary,J. Hallmann,D. D. Mai,T. Reusch,D. Dzhigaev,R. P. Kurta,U. Lorenz,A. V. Petukhov,S. Duesterer,R. Treusch,M. N. Strikhanov,E. Weckert,A. P. Mancuso,T. Salditt,A. Rosenhahn,I. A. Vartanyants
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.86.064303
Abstract: We present a time-resolved infrared (IR) pump and extreme-ultraviolet (XUV) probe diffraction experiment to investigate ultrafast structural dynamics in colloidal crystals with picosecond resolution. The experiment was performed at the FLASH facility at DESY with a fundamental wavelength of 8 nm. In our experiment, the temporal changes of Bragg peaks were analyzed and their frequency components were calculated using Fourier analysis. Periodic modulations in the colloidal crystal were localized at a frequency of about 4-5 GHz. Based on the Lamb theory, theoretical calculations of vibrations of the isotropic elastic polystyrene spheres of 400 nm in size reveal a 5.07 GHz eigenfrequency of the ground (breathing) mode.
Double Spin Asymmetries A_NN and A_SS at sqrt{s}=200 GeV in Polarized Proton-Proton Elastic Scattering at RHIC
pp2pp Collaboration,S. Bultmann,I. H. Chiang,R. E. Chrien,A. Drees,R. L. Gill,W. Guryn,J. Landgraf,T. A. Ljubicic,D. Lynn,C. Pearson,P. Pile,A. Rusek,M. Sakitt,S. Tepikian,K. Yip,J. Chwastowski,B. Pawlik,M. Haguenauer,A. A. Bogdanov,S. B. Nurushev,M. F. Runtzo,M. N. Strikhanov,I. G. Alekseev,V. P. Kanavets,L. I. Koroleva,B. V. Morozov,D. N. Svirida,A. Khodinov,M. Rijssenbeek,L. Whitehead,S. Yeung,K. De,N. Guler,J. Li,N. Ozturk,A. Sandacz
Physics , 2006, DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2007.01.067
Abstract: We present the first measurements of the double spin asymmetries A_NN and A_SS at sqrt{s}=200 GeV, obtained by the pp2pp experiment using polarized proton beams at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). The data were collected in the four momentum transfer t range 0.01<|t|<0.03 (GeV/c)^2. The measured asymmetries, which are consistent with zero, allow us to estimate upper limits on the double helicity-flip amplitudes phi_2 and phi_4 at small t as well as on the difference Delta(sigma_T) between the total cross sections for transversely polarized protons with antiparallel or parallel spin orientations.
Perspectives to measure neutrino-nuclear neutral current coherent scattering with two-phase emission detector
RED Collaboration,D. Yu. Akimov,I. S. Alexandrov,V. I. Aleshin,V. A. Belov,A. I. Bolozdynya,A. A. Burenkov,A. S. Chepurnov,M. V. Danilov,A. V. Derbin,V. V. Dmitrenko,A. G. Dolgolenko,D. A. Egorov,Yu. V. Efremenko,A. V. Etenko,M. B. Gromov,M. A. Gulin,S. V. Ivakhin,V. A. Kantserov,V. A. Kaplin,A. K. Karelin,A. V. Khromov,M. A. Kirsanov,S. G. Klimanov,A. S. Kobyakin,A. M. Konovalov,A. G. Kovalenko,V. I. Kopeikin,T. D. Krakhmalova,A. V. Kuchenkov,A. V. Kumpan,E. A. Litvinovich,G. A Lukyanchenko,I. N. Machulin,V. P. Martemyanov,N. N. Nurakhov,D. G. Rudik,I. S. Saldikov,M. D. Skorokhatov,V. V. Sosnovtsev,V. N. Stekhanov,M. N. Strikhanov,S. V. Sukhotin,V. G. Tarasenkov,G. V. Tikhomirov,O. Ya. Zeldovich
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/1748-0221/8/10/P10023
Abstract: We propose to detect and to study neutrino neutral current coherent scattering off atomic nuclei with a two-phase emission detector using liquid xenon as a working medium. Expected signals and backgrounds are calculated for two possible experimental sites: Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant in the Russian Federation and Spallation Neutron Source at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA. Both sites have advantages as well as limitations. However the experiment looks feasible at either location. Preliminary design of the detector and supporting R&D program are discussed.
The Oleic Acid Composition Effect on the Carboxymethyl Cellulose Based Biopolymer Electrolyte  [PDF]
M. N. Chai, M. I. N. Isa
Journal of Crystallization Process and Technology (JCPT) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jcpt.2013.31001

Biopolymer electrolyte based on carboxymethyl cellulose has been prepared by doping with different concentration of oleic acid via solution casting technique. Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy was used to study the complexation between the salt and polymer. New peak was observed at 1710, 2850, 2920 cm-1. X-ray diffraction study reveals the amorphous nature of the biopolymer electrolyte. Impedance study shows the highest ionic conductivity, σ, was found to be 2.11 × 10-5 S·cm-1 at room temperature (303 K) for sample containing 20 wt.% of oleic acid and the biopolymer electrolyte obeys Arrhenius behaviour.

An Empirical Investigation into the Effect of Financial Sector Development on Consumption and Inflation in Nigeria: 1986-2012  [PDF]
M. N. G. Omofa
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2017.51002
Abstract: Private consumption expenditure is one of the largest components of aggregate expenditure in Nigeria. It constitutes about 72% of GDP over the period understudy. It is therefore an important aspect of the macro-economy of any nation. In the same vein inflation has been a persistent evil affecting the economy of Nigeria. So they are both required to have a deep understanding of how macro-economy functions. The determinants of these two aggregates can therefore not be divorced from the activities in the financial sector. Hinging on the Keynesian absolute income consumption hypothesis, the paper used 3 SLS to estimate the two macroeconomic equations. The results showed that money supply, market capitalization and exchange rate had positive impact on personal consumption expenditure. However, it is only market capitalization that is not statistically significant. All the financial variables used—money supply, interest rate and exchange rate had positive relationship with the general price level. However it was only exchange rate that was not statistically significant. The paper concluded that shocks in the financial sector explained the variations in personal consumption and inflation. It was therefore recommended that interest rate and exchange rate should not be absolutely left to the dictate of the market forces. Government should intervene occasionally as the case may demand. Conducive environment that will make activities in the capital market should be encouraged.
An Assessment of the Effect of Financial Sector Development on Growth and Unemployment in Nigeria: 1986-2012  [PDF]
M. N. G. Omofa
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2017.51004
Abstract: Parts of the major macroeconomic objectives of any nation are attaining high growth and employment rates. However these constitute major challenges in Nigeria as economic growth has either remained stunted or stagnant and unemployment rate very high. The financial sector is expected to push up the real sector thereby lowering unemployment rate. It is within this supply leading hypothesis that this work is situated. The 3 Stage Least Square method was used in estimating the Growth and Unemployment macroeconomic equations. The results showed that interest rate and exchange rate have effects on growth but only exchange rate was statistically significant. This seems to suggest that there is a disconnection between the Nigerian money market and the real sector. However interest rate and exchange rate were significant in influencing the rate of unemployment in Nigeria. The goodness of fits for each of the two equations was high. The simulation results showed that the shock in the financial sector has serious implications for the economic growth and unemployment. The work therefore suggests that interest rate and exchange rate should not be left absolutely to the dictate of the market forces. Occasionally government should intervene in these markets as the time requires.
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