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Identificación intraoperatoria del área motora suplementaria en cirugía neurooncológica Intraoperative identification of the supplementary motor area in neurooncological surgery
A. Gabarrós,J. Martino,M. Juncadella,G. Plans
Neurocirugía , 2011,
Abstract: Objetivos. El objetivo principal del estudio es conseguir la identificación intraoperatoria de la función del área motora suplementaria (AMS) implicada en tareas motoras complejas. El objetivo secundario es valorar el pronóstico funcional tras la preservación quirúrgica de este área. Método. Se han seleccionado 15 pacientes con tumores cerebrales localizados en área premotora. Todos los pacientes fueron intervenidos despiertos. El córtex motor primario fue identificado mediante estimulación cerebral directa. Para identificar el AMS, el paciente realizó una tarea motora de oposición de dedos con la mano contralateral a la lesión que se bloqueaba mediante la estimulación eléctrica del córtex cerebral premotor. Resultados. El AMS pudo ser identificada en todos los pacientes mediante este método. La resección fue macroscópicamente completa en 13 pacientes (86.6%) y subtotal en 2 (13.3%). La función encontrada en el AMS se ha podido preservar en 14 pacientes (93,3%). Sólo en una paciente se resecó parcialmente el AMS funcional junto a la lesión por infiltración de la misma (6.6%). En el postoperatorio inmediato 8 pacientes (53.3%) presentaron empeoramiento de los déficits, cinco pacientes (33.3%) no mostraron cambios respecto a su exploración preoperatoria y 2 pacientes mejoraron. A los 6 meses de la intervención 5 pacientes (33.3%) se encuentran asintomáticos y 10 pacientes presentan déficits permanentes. En este último grupo, 5 pacientes (33.3%) muestran un déficit muy leve que no interfiere en su vida normal. En los otros 5 pacientes (33.3%) los déficits permanentes interfieren con la vida del paciente: dos pacientes presentan hemiparesia severa 3/5 (igual estado preoperatorio que no mejora), uno afasia de expresión y otros dos (13.3%) presentan un síndrome del AMS izquierda permanente. En los 2 pacientes con hemiparesia severa postoperatoria se objetivó intraoperatoriamente una infiltración tumoral del córtex motor primario y de la vía motora; el déficit motor severo preoperatorio (KPS<70) se asoció con mal pronóstico funcional postoperatorio. Conclusiones. La estimulación cortical intraoperatoria resulta útil para la identificación del AMS. La preservación del AMS, una vez identificada, disminuye la aparición de síntomas postquirúrgicos y la persistencia del síndrome del AMS. Cuando el AMS se encuentra infiltrada por tumor, su resección quirúrgica puede causar déficits permanentes, especialmente en el hemisferio dominante. El déficit motor severo preoperatorio se asocia con mal pronóstico funcional. Objectives. The main objective of the present work was
Identificación intraoperatoria del área motora suplementaria en cirugía neurooncológica
Gabarrós,A.; Martino,J.; Juncadella,M.; Plans,G.; Pujol,R.; Deus,J.; Godino,O.; Torres,A.; Aparicio,A.; Conesa,G.; Acebes,J.J.;
Neurocirugía , 2011, DOI: 10.4321/S1130-14732011000200003
Abstract: objectives. the main objective of the present work was to identify, by means of intraoperative electrical stimulation, the supplementary motor area (sma) region which is implicated in complex motor function. the functional prognostic relevance of the surgical preservation of this area was also analyzed. method. fifteen patients with tumors infiltrating the premotor cortex were selected. all patients were operated under awake conditions. primary motor cortex was identified with intraoperative electrical stimulation (ies). to identify the sma, patients were asked to do a finger opposition motor task with their hand contralateral to the lesion, that was blocked by electrically stimulating the premotor cerebral cortex. results. sma was identified in all patients with ies. complete surgical resection was achieved in 13 patients (86.6%) and subtotal in 2 patients (13.3%). sma function was preserved in 14 patients (93.3%). in only one patient the sma was partially resected because of tumor infiltration (6.6%). in the immediate postoperative period, 8 patients (53.3%) did not show changes in comparison to their preoperative clinical status, and 2 patients improved. at 6 months follow up, 5 patients (33.3%) were asymptomatic and 10 patients showed permanent deficits. in this last group, five patients (33.3%) showed mild deficits that did not interfere with a normal life. in the other 5 patients (33.3%), permanent deficits interfered with daily life activities: two patients presented severe hemiparesis 3/5 (same similar to their preoperative status with no improvement), one patient had motor aphasia, and two other patients (13.3%) showed permanent left sma syndrome. in two patients with severe postoperative hemiparesis, tumor infiltration of primary motor cortex and piramidal pathway was observed; severe preoperative motor deficit (kps <70) was associated with poor functional outcome. conclusions. intraoperative electrical cortical stimulation is useful to identify the sma. o
Sensorimotor Plasticity after Music-Supported Therapy in Chronic Stroke Patients Revealed by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Julià L. Amengual, Nuria Rojo, Misericordia Veciana de las Heras, Josep Marco-Pallarés, Jennifer Grau-Sánchez, Sabine Schneider, Lucía Vaquero, Montserrat Juncadella, Jordi Montero, Bahram Mohammadi, Francisco Rubio, Nohora Rueda, Esther Duarte, Carles Grau, Eckart Altenmüller, Thomas F. Münte, Antoni Rodríguez-Fornells
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0061883
Abstract: Background Several recently developed therapies targeting motor disabilities in stroke sufferers have shown to be more effective than standard neurorehabilitation approaches. In this context, several basic studies demonstrated that music training produces rapid neuroplastic changes in motor-related brain areas. Music-supported therapy has been recently developed as a new motor rehabilitation intervention. Methods and Results In order to explore the plasticity effects of music-supported therapy, this therapeutic intervention was applied to twenty chronic stroke patients. Before and after the music-supported therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation was applied for the assessment of excitability changes in the motor cortex and a 3D movement analyzer was used for the assessment of motor performance parameters such as velocity, acceleration and smoothness in a set of diadochokinetic movement tasks. Our results suggest that the music-supported therapy produces changes in cortical plasticity leading the improvement of the subjects' motor performance. Conclusion Our findings represent the first evidence of the neurophysiological changes induced by this therapy in chronic stroke patients, and their link with the amelioration of motor performance. Further studies are needed to confirm our observations.
Study of Duct Characteristics Deduced from Low Latitude Ground Observations of Day-Time Whistler at Jammu  [PDF]
M. Altaf, M. M. Ahmad
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2013.33032

Propagation characteristics of low latitude whistler duct characteristics have been investigated based on day-time measurements at Jammu. The morphogical characteristics of low latitude whistlers are discussed and compared with characteristics of middle and high latitude whistlers. The Max. electron density (Nm) at the height of the ionosphere obtained from whistler dispersion comes out to be higher than that of the background which is in accordance with the characteristics of whistler duct. The equivalent width is found to be close to the satellite observations and the characteristics of whistler duct in low latitude ionosphere are similar to those in middle and high latitude ionosphere. The width of ducts estimated from the diffuseness of the whistler track observed during magnetic storm is found to lie in the range of 50 - 200 Km.

Review Article: Immobilized Molecules Using Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology  [PDF]
Magdy M. M. Elnashar
Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology (JBNB) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jbnb.2010.11008
Abstract: Immobilized molecules using biomaterials and nanobiotechnology is a very interesting topic that touching almost all aspects of our life. It uses the sciences of biology, chemistry, physics, materials engineering and computer science to develop instruments and products that are at the cutting edge of some of today’s most promising scientific frontiers. In this review article, the author based on his experience in this arena has tried to focus on some of the supports for im-mobilization; the most important molecules to be immobilized such as DNA, cells, enzymes, metals, polysaccharides, etc and their applications in medicine, food, drug, water treatment, energy and even in aerospace. He specified a special section on what is new in the arena of supports and technologies used in enzyme immobilization and finally a recommendation by the author for future work with a special attention to up-to-date references.
Using of the generalized special relativity (GSR) in estimating the neutrino masses to explain the conversion of electron neutrinos  [PDF]
M. H. M. Hilo
Natural Science (NS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2011.34044
Abstract: In this work the Generalized Special Relativity (GSR) is utilized to estimate masses of some elementary particles such as, neutrinos. These results are found to be in conformity with experimental and theoretical data. The results obtained may explain some physical phenomena, such as, conversion of neutrinos from type to type when solar neutrino reaches the Earth.
Postischemic Lower Extremity Wounds Treated with and without Negative Pressure Dressing  [PDF]
Surgical Science (SS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2012.37075
Abstract: Background: Vacuum-assisted dressing is a noninvasive closure system of the wound, which makes localized and controlled negative pressure. Its mechanical tension reduces edema, stimulates granulation tissue formation and angiogenesis, and prepares the wound bed for closure. In this study, a patient has been presented, who suffered from serious lower extremity wounds due to arterial emboli, one of her wounds has been treated with vacuum-assisted dressing and the other with conventional dressing to evaluate the efficacy of vacuum-assisted dressing in acute ischemic wounds. Methods: A 65-year-old female patient was admitted to the emergency clinic, due to complaint of severe pain in her right lower extremity which suggested an acute arterial occlusion. She immediately underwent an embolectomy operation; however, a few days later, severe ischemia on the leg and foot became appearant. All of the necrosis was sharply debrided under sterile conditions in the operating room, and then lower leg wound was covered with vacuum-assisted dressing, also calcaneal wound was dressed with silver sulphadiazine. Results: Eighteen days after the first dressing with negative pressure, distal leg wound became ready for closure, whereas, enough granulation tissue over the calcaneal area developed merely thirty-four days later. Calcaneal wound closed spontaneously within fifty-three days. Conclusions: When dealing with this experience, using the negative pressure dressing in patient with severe lower limb wounds following arterial emboli, accelerates wound healing by means of developing the granulation tissue, and rapidly prepares the wound for closure, so it may reduce the risk of amputation.
Laplace Transform Method for Unsteady Thin Film Flow of a Second Grade Fluid through a Porous Medium  [PDF]
M. Ali, M. Awais
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2014.53017

In this article, we have effectively used the Numerical Inversion of Laplace transform to study the time-dependent thin film flow of a second grade fluid flowing down an inclined plane through a porous medium. The solution to the governing equation is obtained by using the standard Laplace transform. However, to transform the obtained solutions from Laplace space back to the original space, we have used the Numerical Inversion of Laplace transform. Graphical results have been presented to show the effects of different parameters involved and to show how the fluid flow evolves with time.

An Integral Collocation Approach Based on Legendre Polynomials for Solving Riccati, Logistic and Delay Differential Equations  [PDF]
M. M. Khader, A. M. S. Mahdy, M. M. Shehata
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/am.2014.515228

In this paper, we propose and analyze some schemes of the integral collocation formulation based on Legendre polynomials. We implement these formulae to solve numerically Riccati, Logistic and delay differential equations with variable coefficients. The properties of the Legendre polynomials are used to reduce the proposed problems to the solution of non-linear system of algebraic equations using Newton iteration method. We give numerical results to satisfy the accuracy and the applicability of the proposed schemes.

ДОСЛ ДЖЕННЯ АНАЛ ТИЧНОГО МЕТОДУ ОЦ НЮВАННЯ ЙМОВ РНОСТ ПОТЕНЦ ЙНО КОНФЛ КТНИХ СИТУАЦ Й В ПОВ ТРЯНОМУ РУС The study of the analytical method of evaluating the probability of potential conflict situations in air traffic Исследование аналитического метода оценки вероятности потенциально конфликтных ситуаций в воздушном движении
В.M. Василь?в
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2007,
Abstract: Розглянуто застосування запропонованого ран ше методу оц нювання ймов рност потенц йних конфл кт в для системи керування пов тряним рухом. Досл джено властивост методу, наведено проанал зовано результати комп’ютерного моделювання. Application of the method of potential conflicts probability evaluation offered before for air traffic control system is considered. The properties of the method are investigated, results of computer modeling are represented and analyzed. Рассмотрено применение предложенного ранее метода оценки вероятности потенциальных конфликтов для системы управления воздушным движением. Исследованы свойства метода, приведены и проанализированы результаты компьютерного моделирования.
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