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NICS-TNG infrared spectroscopy of trans-neptunian objects 2000 EB173 and 2000 WR106
J. Licandro,E. Oliva,M. Di MArtino
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20010758
Abstract: We report complete near-infrared (0.9-2.4 $\mu$m) spectral observations of trans-neptunian objects (TNOs) 2000 EB173 and 2000 WR106 collected using the new Near Infrared Camera Spectrometer (NICS) attached to the 3.56m Telescopio Nazionale Galileo (TNG). Both spectra are very red and with a quite strong and broad drop extending throughout the K band. However, while 2000 EB173 does not show any evidence of narrow absorption features, the spectrum of 2000 WR106 has quite deep water ice absorption at 1.5 and 2.0 $\mu$m. Moreover, the latter object is significantly less red than the former indicating, therefore, that the surface of 2000 WR106 is ``cleaner'' (i.e. less processed by particle irradiation) than that of 2000 EB173.
Visual Spectroscopy of Asteroids at San Pedro Martir
A. Manara,S. Covino,M. Di Martino
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: We present low resolution reflectance spectra over the wavelength range 5000-10000\AA for 4 asteroids (3 belonging to the Nysa family and one near-Earth asteroid) obtained at the San Pedro Martir Observatory (Mexico) using the 2.1 m telescope. Though the limited wavelength range covered often makes a classification difficult, the analysis of the available data reveals that two asteroids of the Nysa family, (2007) McCuskey and (3130) Hillary, are probably of F-type and (3384) Daliya of S-type. Near-Earth asteroid (3908) Nyx (Amor asteroid) shows a spectrum, within the limits of our signal-to-noise ratio (S/N), consistent with a V-type taxonomic classification and may be a fragment excavated from Vesta by an impact.
Evaluation model of the effect of Rofecoxib on the co-prescription of gastroprotective agents observed during the treatment of ostheoarthritis
P. Russo,A. Capone,G. Baio,M. Di Martino
Reumatismo , 2011, DOI: 10.4081/reumatismo.2002.331
Abstract: Objective: This study was conducted to define an evaluation model to estimate changes in the co-prescription of gastroprotective agents (GPAs) induced by rofecoxib in the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA). Methods: On the basis of a cross-linking information, which were stored in different administrative and clinical databases, a multivariate regression analysis was used to develop the model. Data were collected by 30 general practitioners of the Local Health Unit of Ravenna (middle-north of Italy). Results: The study population consisted of 2,944 patients treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and 487 treated with rofecoxib. Patients treated with rofecoxib generally presented a higher number of gastrointestinal damage risk factors and also a lower level of GPAs co-prescription compared to those treated with NSAIDs. Including in the model variables such as type of anti-inflammatory treatment (NSAIDs or rofecoxib), gender, age by class, previous hospital admissions due to gastrointestinal complications, number of different NSAIDs used, and prescription of corticosteroids, the regression equation and its coefficients were identified. A non-linear relationship between the percentage of patients treated with rofecoxib and the relative reduction of GPAs co-prescription was found. It has been estimated the basis of the registered percentage of patients treated with rofecoxib (17,6%) adjusting for gastrointestinal demage risk factors, and on a 63% (IC95%: 55%-70%) relative reduction of GPA use with rofecoxib with respect to NSAIDs was estimated. Conclusions: Based on data collected in the clinical practice after the introduction of rofecoxib, a model evaluating the relationship between the frequency of its use in the OA population and the expected reduction of GPAs, has been developed.
Actividad “in vitro” de 10 antimicrobianos frente a bacterias anaerobias: Estudio multicéntrico, 1999-2002 “In vitro” activity of ten antimicrobial agents against anaerobic bacteria. A collaborative study, 1999-2002
M. Litterio,H. Bianchini,G. Carloni,A. DI Martino
Revista argentina de microbiolog?-a , 2004,
Abstract: Se evaluó la actividad de ampicilina, ampicilina-sulbactama, cefoxitina, ceftriaxona, imipenem, piperacilina, piperacilina-tazobactama, clindamicina, metronidazol y azitromicina frente a 166 cepas de bacterias anaerobias aisladas en 8 hospitales de Buenos Aires. Se estudiaron: Bacteroides grupo fragilis (65), Fusobacterium spp. (26), Prevotella spp. (21), Porphyromonas spp. (10), Clostridium difficile (10), otros clostridios (12) y cocos gram-positivos (22). Las CIMs se determinaron usando el método patrón de dilución en agar recomendado por el NCCLS, documento M11-A5. Los antibióticos más activos fueron metronidazol y piperacilina-tazobactama que exhibieron valores de CIM90£ 2 μg/ml y £ 4 μg/ml frente a los microorganismos gram-negativos y £ 2 μg/ml y £ 8 μg/ml frente a los microorganismos gram-positivos, respectivamente. Entre los b-lactámicos el orden de actividad frente a bacilos gram-negativos fue: imipenem > piperacilina > cefoxitina > ceftriaxona > ampicilina. En gram-positivos la actividad decreciente fue: piperacilina> imipenem > cefoxitina > ceftriaxona > ampicilina. La mayoría de las especies estudiadas mostraron distintos niveles de resistencia con clindamicina y azitromicina. Sin embargo, el 90% de las cepas de Fusobacterium nucleatum y Por-phyromonas spp. fue inhibido por una concentración de 0,125 μg/ml de clindamicina y azitromicina, respectivamente. The antimicrobial activity of ampicillin, ampicillin-sulbactam, cefoxitin, ceftriaxone, imipenem, piperacillin, piperacillin-tazobactam, clindamycin, metronidazole, and azitromycin was assesed against 166 strains of anaerobic bacteria recovered from eight hospitals in Buenos Aires. The strains studied were Bacteroidesfragilis group (65), Fusobacterium spp. (26), Prevotella spp. (21), Porphyromonas spp. (10), Clostridium difficile (10), other clostridia (12), and gram-positive cocci (22). The MICs were determined by the agar dilution method according to NCCLS document M11-A5. Metronidazole and piperacillin-tazobactam were the most active antimicrobial agents tested and exhibited MIC90values of £ 2 μg/ml and £ 4 μg/ml against gram-negative organisms, and £ 2 μg/ml, and £ 8 μg/ml against gram-positive organisms, respectively. Among b-lactams the activity against gram-negative rods was in the following order: imipenem> piperacillin > cefoxitin > ceftriaxone > ampicillin. Among the gram-positive bacteria the decreased activity was: piperacillin> imipenem> cefoxitin > ceftriaxone > ampicillin. The majority of the species studied showed different degrees of resistance to clindamycin and azitromycin
On the Use of Genetic Algorithm to Optimize the On-board Energy Management of a Hybrid Solar Vehicle De l’usage de l’algorithme génétique pour l’optimisation de la gestion de l’énergie embarquée d’un véhicule hybride solaire
Sorrentino M.,Arsie I.,Di Martino R.,Rizzo G.
Oil & Gas Science and Technology , 2010, DOI: 10.2516/ogst/2009035
Abstract: This paper deals with the development of a prototype of Hybrid Solar Vehicle (HSV) with series structure. This activity has been also conducted in the framework of the European Union funded Leonardo project “Energy Conversion Systems and Their Environmental Impact”, a project with research and educational objectives. A study on supervisory control for hybrid solar vehicles and some preliminary tests performed on the road are presented. Previous results obtained by a model for HSV optimal design have confirmed the relevant benefits of such vehicles with respect to conventional cars in case of intermittent use in urban driving (city-car), and that economical feasibility could be achieved in a near future. Due to the series-powertrain adopted for the HSV prototype, an intermittent use of the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) powering the electric generator is possible, thus avoiding part-load low-efficient engine operations. The best ICE power trajectory is determined via genetic algorithm optimization accounting for fuel mileage as well as battery state of charge, also considering solar contribution during parking mode. The experimental set up used for data logging, real-time monitoring and control of the prototype is also presented, and the results obtained with different road tests discussed. Cet article traite du développement d’un prototype de Voiture Hybride Solaire (VHS) avec structure en série. Cette activité a également été menée dans le cadre du projet Leonardo, financé par l’Union Européenne, sur les Systèmes de conversion de l’énergie et leur impact sur l’environnement , un projet de recherche à vocation pédagogique. Une étude portant sur le contr le de supervision pour les véhicules hybrides solaires et des tests routiers préliminaires y sont présentés. Les résultats préalablement obtenus par un modèle de conception VHS optimale ont confirmé les avantages de ces véhicules par rapport aux voitures conventionnelles en cas d’utilisation intermittente en ville (voiture urbaine). Ils ont également démontré que les voitures VHS étaient réalisables d’un point de vue économique dans un avenir proche. Grace au groupe motopropulseur en série adopté pour le prototype de VHS, une utilisation intermittente du Moteur à Combustion Interne (MCI) alimentant le générateur électrique est possible, évitant ainsi un fonctionnement du moteur en charge partielle peu efficace. La meilleure trajectoire de puissance du MCI est déterminée par l’optimisation de l’algorithme génétique, responsable de la consommation de carburant et de l’état de charge de la batterie, en
On generators and representations of the sporadic simple groups
L. Di Martino,M. A. Pellegrini,A. E. Zalesski
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper we determine the irreducible projective representations of sporadic simple groups over an arbitrary algebraically closed field F, whose image contains an almost cyclic matrix of prime-power order. A matrix M is called cyclic if its characteristic and minimum polynomials coincide, and we call M almost cyclic if, for a suitable a in F, M is similar to diag(a Id_h, M_1), where M_1 is cyclic and 0 <= h <= n. The paper also contains results on the generation of sporadic simple groups by minimal sets of conjugate elements.
Characterization of Strombolian events by using independent component analysis
A. Ciaramella, E. De Lauro, S. De Martino, B. Di Lieto, M. Falanga,R. Tagliaferri
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics (NPG) , 2004,
Abstract: We apply Independent Component Analysis (ICA) to seismic signals recorded at Stromboli volcano. Firstly, we show how ICA works considering synthetic signals, which are generated by dynamical systems. We prove that Strombolian signals, both tremor and explosions, in the high frequency band (>0.5 Hz), are similar in time domain. This seems to give some insights to the organ pipe model generation for the source of these events. Moreover, we are able to recognize in the tremor signals a low frequency component (<0.5 Hz), with a well defined peak corresponding to 30s.
Monitoring soil wetness variations by means of satellite passive microwave observations: the HYDROPTIMET study cases
T. Lacava, M. Greco, E. V. Di Leo, G. Martino, N. Pergola, F. Sannazzaro,V. Tramutoli
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS) & Discussions (NHESSD) , 2005,
Abstract: Soil moisture is an important component of the hydrological cycle. In the framework of modern flood warning systems, the knowledge of soil moisture is crucial, due to the influence on the soil response in terms of infiltration-runoff. Precipitation-runoff processes, in fact, are related to catchment's hydrological conditions before the precipitation. Thus, an estimation of these conditions is of significant importance to improve the reliability of flood warning systems. Combining such information with other weather-related satellite products (i.e. rain rate estimation) might represent a useful exercise in order to improve our capability to handle (and possibly mitigate or prevent) hydro-geological hazards. Remote sensing, in the last few years, has supported several techniques for soil moisture/wetness monitoring. Most of the satellite-based techniques use microwave data, thanks to the all-weather and all-time capability of these data, as well as to their high sensitivity to water content in the soil. On the other hand, microwave data are unfortunately highly affected by the presence of surface roughness or vegetation coverage within the instantaneous satellite field of view (IFOV). Those problems, consequently, strongly limit the efficiency and the reliability of traditional satellite techniques. Recently, using data coming from AMSU (Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit), flying aboard NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) satellites, a new methodology for soil wetness estimation has been proposed. The proposed index, called Soil Wetness Variation Index (SWVI), developed by a multi-temporal analysis of AMSU records, seems able to reduce the problems related to vegetation and/or roughness effects. Such an approach has been tested, with promising results, on the analysis of some flooding events which occurred in Europe in the past. In this study, results achieved for the HYDROPTIMET test cases will be analysed and discussed in detail. This analysis allows us to evaluate the reliability and the efficiency of the proposed technique in identifying different amounts of soil wetness variations in different observational conditions. In particular, the proposed indicator was able to document the actual effects of meteorological events, in terms of space-time evolution of soil wetness changes, for all the analysed HYDROPTIMET test cases. Moreover, in some circumstances, the SWVI was able to identify the presence of a sort of "early" signal in terms of soil wetness variations, which may be regarded as a timely indication of an anomalous value of soil water content. This evidence suggests the opportunity to use such an index in the pre-operational phases of the modern flood warning systems, in order to improve their forecast capabilities and their reliability. Full Article (PDF, 1494 KB) Special Issue Citation: Lacava, T., Greco, M., Di Leo, E. V., Martino, G., Pergola, N., Sannazzaro, F., and Tramutoli, V.: Monitoring soil wetness variatio
Layer-averaged Euler and Navier-Stokes equations
M. -O. Bristeau,B. Di Martino,C. Guichard,J. Sainte-Marie
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper we propose a strategy to approximate incompressible free surface Euler and Navier-Stokes models. The main advantage of the proposed models is that the water depth is a dynamical variable of the system and hence the model is formulated over a fixed domain. The proposed strategy extends previous works approximating the Euler and Navier-Stokes systems using a multilayer description. Here, the needed closure relations are obtained using an energy-based optimality criterion instead of an asymptotic expansion. Moreover, the layer-averaged description is successfully applied to the Navier-Stokes system with a general form of the Cauchy stress tensor.
Claves para el diagnóstico dermatopatológico de los quistes cutáneos. Dermatopathological clues for the diagnosis of skin cysts
Beatriz Di Martino Ortiz
Our Dermatology Online , 2013,
Abstract: Los quistes cutáneos son patologías frecuentes en la práctica dermatológica. Tienen etiologías variadas, y aunque la mayoría son adquiridos también pueden representar un fenómeno determinado genéticamente. Pueden ser esporádicos o aparecer de forma familiar. Son clínicamente fáciles de diagnosticar como ?quistes?, pero el diagnóstico de certeza es estrictamente anatomo-patológico, ya que los mismos se nombran por el tipo de epitelio que los reviste, los elementos que se observan en sus paredes y en su interior. Los pacientes con quistes consultan por preocupaciones cosméticas o debido a las molestias de la irritación mecánica o inflamación del quiste. Las lesiones pueden ser proliferantes e incluso pueden desarrollarse tumores a partir del epitelio. Hacemos una breve revisión de los quistes y pseudoquistes cutáneos más importantes y presentamos tres casos clínicos.....Skin cysts are common conditions in dermatology practice. They have varied etiologies, and while most are acquired they may also represent a genetically determined phenomenon. They can be sporadic or familial. They are easily diagnosed clinically as ?cysts?, but the definitive diagnosis is strictly pathological, since they are named for the type of epithelial lining, the elements seen in the walls and the elements inside. Patients with cysts consult for cosmetic concerns and for inconvenience caused by mechanical irritation or inflammation of the cyst. The lesions may proliferate and even tumors may develop from the epithelial coating. We briefly review the most important skin cysts and pseudocysts and present three clinical cases.
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