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Survey of health beliefs of women about performing mammography in thehealth servic centers of Sari
K. Abedian,Z. Shah Hosseini,M. Adeli
Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: Background and purpose: Breast cancer is one of the most important non contagious disease with high incidence and mortality in females. It is the most commonly reported cancer and consists 18.9% of all reported cancer cases. Screening is a very important method for early diagnosis of breast cancer. Considering the important role of beliefs in performing as the most effective available method in diagnosis, this study was designed and done about the health beliefs of women towards mammography.Materials and Methods: This descriptive study was performed on 400 randomly selected women above 40 years of age referring to the health service centers in Sari. Their health beliefs about mammography was assessed by a questionnaire using Champion method. The obtained data were analyzed by inferential and descriptive statistical methods.Results: Majority of the women (69.5%) did not practice mammography until the time of this study but 13.9% of their first family members did it. About 55.8% of them accepted that mammography insures individuals of their breast health. About 41.6% of them believed that early diagnosis of breast cancer prevents mastectomy. The most common obstacle of mammography was the concept that lack of any mass observation in breast self examination rejects requirement for mammography. About 34.5% of the patients, agreed that breast cancer affects their job activity and 34.7% agreed that breast cancer may lead to masteatomy. Statistical analysis did not reveal any relation between the occupation of the women and their beliefs about benefit of mammography and their vulnerability to breast cancer and its severity. Statistically significant relationship was observed between the education and the concepts of the women about the benefit and barrier of mammography (p<0.05).Conclusion: Despite positive concept, about mammography, it is not routinely performed in the society. Hence, it is recommended to encourage women to take advantage of this method for breast cancer screening and also the procedure should be free of charge for women above 40 years of age attending heath cancers.
Assessment of starch dietary regimen regarding pre-menstrual syndrome among high school students in Sari during 2007
K. Abedian Kasgari,Z. Shahhosseini,M. Danesh
Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: Background and Purpose: Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) is one of the abnormalities associated with pre-menstrual cycles. Approximately 85% to 97% of women are suffering from psycho-somatic of physiological and behavioral symptoms from PMS, prior to menstruation. The most common PMS symptoms include: flatulence, stress anxiety, breast tenderness, depression, fatigue, unknown irritability, anger, poor concentration, and some degree in extremities edema. There are several therapeutic methods for PMS such as: oral contraceptive pills, GnRH antagonisms, diazole, use of Calcium and vitamin supplements, and dietary modification in which there is a controversy regarding type of diet. We assessed the effect of third- hour starch dietary regimen on pre-menstrual syndrome among high school students.Materials and Methods: This randomized quasi- experimental study was performed on students in grade 2 and 3 in Private and Governmental high schools in Sari. The sample size was calculated using randomize numbers table (478 participants). A questionnaire composed of two parts was prepared. The first part included demographic characteristics, while the second part consisted of data related to history of menstrual cycle, pervious diseases and use of drugs. The symptoms of PMS were assessed at the beginning of the study and also at the end of the first, second and third month after beginning of the third-hours starch regimen. Data was gathered by self-reporting technique, analyzed by descriptive and comprehensive statistical techniques.Results: The age range of participants was 14 to 19 years of age (16.89 1.12). The mean of menstrual cycle was 28.87 2.1 days, and the mean of menstrual duration was 6.32 1.8. PMS symptoms score was 12.85 8.01 prior to dietary regimen, and at the end of one, two and three months, following dietary regimen in-take were 11.03 7.59, 12.47 7.79 and 11.13 6.71 respectively. This study indicated that there was significant differences among the groups.Conclusion: The results of this study revealed that carbohydrate-rich diet in-take can improve PMS symptoms. Therefore, it appears that codified teaching programs via medical health service and instruction to the students, is beneficial about the effects of diet on relieving PMS symptoms, and can reduce the usage of drugs during menstrual cycle.J Mazand Univ Med Sci 2008; 18(65):19-27 (Persian)
The Effect of Interferon Beta in HLA-G Expression on Monocyte in Diabetes Type1
Abedian, S.,Mirabi,A.M,Parsaee,M.R
Medical Laboratory Journal , 2009, DOI: http://www.goums.ac.ir/mljgoums/index.php?&slct_pg_id=10&sid=1&slc_lang=en
Abstract: Background and objectives: Dendritic Cells are the most importantof antigen presenting cells with an effective role in immune tolerance.This study, aims to clarify the role of IFN- β in induction on dendriticcells derived by monocyte in diabetes type1 to evaluate the T cellsresponse to beta cell specific antigenic molecule.Material and Methods: In this research, peripheral bloodmononuclear cells were isolated by phiCole and then dendritic cellsgenerated from blood monocytes ,in Seven days, by addinggranulocyte-monocyte colony stimulating factor and interleukin-4with or without IFN-beta. MRNA was extracted by dendritic cells andcDNA was produced by reverse transcriptase enzyme. Then, Specificpolymerase chain reaction for HLA-G was performed. In addition,Tcell proliferation with a mixed Leukocytic reaction evaluatedbetween dendritic cell and T by means of MTT.Results: based on the results, IFN-β induces HLA-G molecule ondendritic cells. In addition, T cell proliferation responses in mixedleukocyte culture show significance difference between Case andcontrol p<0.05. T cell proliferation was inhibited in their co-culturesystem affected by IFN-βConclusion: In this study, we show that dendritic cells-treated IFN-βwith expression of HLA-G molecule inhibited T cell proliferation andso, our results suggest that some of the IFN- β regulatory effects withexpression of HLA-G can probably prevent from beta cell destruction.Key words: dendritic cells, Interferon Beta, Human LeukocyticAntigen-G.
Umbilical venous administration of different dosages of saline on the length of the third stage of labor
M.M. Danesh,Z. Sahhosseini,K. Abedian Kasgary
Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: Background and purpose: Since bleeding due to prolongation of the third stage of labor is one of the most common causes of mortality in the developing countries, we decided to conduct a comparative study on the effects of normal saline injection into umbilical vein on the shortening of the third stage of labor.Materials and Methods: This study was an experimental scientific research in order to compare the effects of different dosages of intraumblical venous injection of normal saline on the third stage of labor in women who admitted to lmam hospital in Sari. A total of 120 matched pregnant women who had normal delivery without any complications were divided into three equal groups of 40 subjects in each. Twenty and 30 ml normal saline was administered to groups 1 and 2, and the third group was considered as control. In control group the third stage of labor was accomplished without any intervention.Results: This research showed that the injection of 20 or 30 ml normal saline intravenously into the umbilical cord shortened the duration of labor. Also the length of the third stage of labor with the injection of 30 ml normal saline was shorter than that in 20 ml normal saline group but this difference was not statistically significant.Conclusion: The results of our study suggest a clinically important beneficial effect of intraumblical normal saline injection in the treatment of retained placenta.
Interferon-Gamma Gene Polymorphism in Patients with Tuberculosis
Biranvand E,Abedian Kenary S,Ghaheri A,Rezaei M S
Medical Laboratory Journal , 2011, DOI: http://www.goums.ac.ir/mljgoums/index.php?slc_lang=en&sid=1
Abstract: Background and objectives: Interferon-Gamma and interferon Gammareceptor (IFNγ IFNγR1) are the main genes associated with susceptibility totuberculosis. We aimed at studying on interferon-Gamma Genepolymorphism(- 56 C/T) in people suffered from tuberculosis (TB).Material and Methods: In this case-control study, the subjects were 62individuals with TB and 74 healthy ones. Genomic DNA was extracted byDNA isolation kit(Roche Corporation), and genotype identification wasperformed by polymerase chain reaction-Restriction fragment lengthpolymorphism (PCR-RFLP). Chi square and logistic regression, using SPSSsoft ware (version 18), was used to compare genotype and alleles between caseand control groups.Results: The frequency of TT genotype in tuberculosis patients and healthyperson are 43.5% and 17.5%, respectively. Based on Logistic regression (oddration 0.148, p=0.0006), there is significant difference between Case andControl. In addition, the frequency of T allele is, in case group, 62.09 % thedifference between case and control is significant, based on Logisticregression (odd ratio: 0.418, P=0.028).Conclusion: It is implied that -56C/T is associated with IFNγR1 promoter intuberculosis patient. It is found to be associated with increased susceptibilityto tuberculosis.Key words: Tuberculosis, IFNγR, PCR-RFLP
Designing of Anti keratin Antibody kit by Immuno fluorescent assay (IFA) and it's evaluation in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) pathients
F. Abedian,H, Baradaran,M. Saghafi,S.A. Rezaee
Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: Background and purpose: Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a systemic auto immune Rheumatoid diseases. Auto antibodies are detected in this disease, with diagnostic and prognostic properties. One of them is AKA which reacts with the fibrous keratin in epiderm and the stratum corneum of rat esophageal epithelium. Hence at first AKA – IFA kit was designed, then its sensitivety and specificity was measured, and the titer of Anti body was evaluated in RA patients, and finaly the results of AKA were compared with that of RF test.Materials and method: AKA-IFA kit was designed with protein antigens in the stratum corneum of rat esophageal and anti human IgG conjugated to FITC.52 patients with RA (mean age 48.0 ±15.8) according to the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) criteria were selected for measuring the sensitivity and specificity. The results of AKA test in sera of RA patients were campared with 23 sera of patient control groupe (mean age 32.5 ±16.4) and 30 sera of healthy control groupe (mean age 32.1 ±16.9). Inter and intra assay method was used to determinig precision of AKA kit. RF test was also performed and it's results compared with result of designed AKA kit.Results: AKA were found in 75% of patients with RA (39/52), 13% of patient control groupe (3/23) and 3.3% of healthy control groupe .(YBO)The designed AKA kit by inter and intra assay method had 100% and 98% percision respectively. The sensitiviety and specificity of AKA in (1/10) serum dilution was 75% and 92.5% respectively but sensitiviety and specificity of RF was 88.5% , 86.8% respectively. Conclusion: According to the results, IFA– AKA test could be diagnostic and confirmative for RA , And AKA in (1/10)serum dilution has the best diagnostic Value for RA. (cut off).
A Dual-Band Circularly-Polarized Patch Antenna with a Novel Asymmetric Slot for WiMAX Application
S. M. Noghabei,S. K. A. Rahim,P. J. Soh,M. Abedian
Radioengineering , 2013,
Abstract: A compact design of a circularly-polarized (CP) microstrip antenna to achieve dual-band behavior for WiMAX applications is presented. A single-layered feed is used to excite a single square patch integrated with a novel asymmetrical slot and two different truncated corners to achieve CP polarization in both bands. Besides its structural simplicity, ease of fabrication and low-cost, the proposed antenna features a satisfactory impedance bandwidth of 7.2 % in the lower band (2.53 GHz) and 3.6 % in the upper band (5.73 GHz). The measured radiation pattern of the proposed antenna demonstrates directional patterns in both E- and H-planes with a 3 dB axial ratio of 2 % and 3.2 % in the lower and upper band, respectively.
Content-Specific Working Memory Modulation of the Attentional Blink
Elkan G. Akyürek,Ali Abedian-Amiri,Sonja M. Ostermeier
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0016696
Abstract: Three experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of working memory content on temporal attention in a rapid serial visual presentation attentional blink paradigm. It was shown that categorical similarity between working memory content and the target stimuli pertaining to the attentional task (both digits) increased attentional blink magnitude compared to a condition in which this similarity was absent (colors and digits, respectively). This effect was only observed when the items in working memory were not presented as conjunctions of the involved categories (i.e., colored digits). This suggested that storage and retrieval from working memory was at least preferentially conjunctive in this case. It was furthermore shown that the content of working memory enhanced the identification rate of the second target, by means of repetition priming, when inter-target lag was short and the attentional blink was in effect. The results are incompatible with theories of temporal attention that assume working memory has no causal role in the attentional blink and support theories that do.
Age-Specific Seroprevalence of Anti-Hepatitis A Antibody Among 1-30 Years Old Population of Savadkuh, Mazandaran, Iran With Literature Review
Mohammed Jafar Saffar,Omid Abedian,Abolghasem Ajami,Farshideh Abedian
Hepatitis Monthly , 2012,
Abstract: Background: To determine age-speci c seroprevalence rates of hepatitis A virus (HAV) immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibody in Savadkuh district, Mazandaran province, north of Iran, as well as to compare the collected data with earlier seroprevalence studies in the region and Iran in order to draw a proper epidemiological pattern for HAV infection in the country.Objectives: This study aimed to assess an age-speci c HAV seroprevalence among 1- to 30-yearold people in Savadkuh, a less developed district of Mazandaran province, north of Iran.Patients and Methods: The study participants were 984 subjects who aged from one to 30 years and were residents of rural and urban areas of Savadkuh. They were selected using cluster sampling method and divided into ve age groups: 1-2.9 (316 cases), 3-6.9 (254 cases), 7-10.9 (201 cases), 11-17.9 (115 cases), and 18-30 (98 cases). Anti-HAV antibody was measured by ELISA method. Seroprevalence rates among different age groups and their relationship to residency, educational levels of parents, water supply, and waste water disposal system was analyzed using chi-squared test.Results: Overall seroprevalence rate was 19.20 % with no signi cant difference between rural and urban residents. The seroprevalence rates increased signi cantly with age: from 5.7 % in age group 1-2.9 year to 34.8 % in adolescents, and to 68.4 % among young adults (P < 0.0001); regardless of signi cant differences in educational levels among parents of residents in two areas it did not affect seroprevalence rates. Findings of this study and reviewing other reports from the region and the country suggest an epidemiological shift towards lower rates of anti-HAV antibody seroprevalence.Conclusions: It appears that anti-HAV antibody seroprevalence rate has been declining among Iranians and thereby more children would be susceptible to this infection. This would necessitate revising current strateg.
Changes in Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms during Manic Episodes: A case series
Amir Shabani,Mehrdad Eftekhar,Shirin Abedian
Iranian Journal of Psychiatry , 2007,
Abstract: Objective: Although there are some reports of reduction of obsessive-compulsive symptoms in manic episodes or its exacerbation during depressive episodes, this relationship has not been proved. Method: Clinical observations of six cases with co-morbidity of bipolar-I-disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder or symptoms. Results: The cases presented here show heterogeneity and variety of the relationships between the obsessions and bipolar-I-disorder.Limitations: Low sample size and non-random sampling. Conclusions: This variety of clinical presentations may indicate the presence of different clinical groups that their validity should be assessed through more systematized studies.
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