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Acceso de las personas con VIH al sistema de salud colombiano y sus costos relacionados desde una perspectiva individual y familiar, Bogotá, 20I0
Lopera-Medina,Mónica María; Martínez-Escalante,Jorge; Ray-Einarson,Thomas;
Revista Gerencia y Políticas de Salud , 2011,
Abstract: to determine the access to healthcare for hiv patients and the associated costs in bogotá, we developed a protocol using a mixed design. the quantitative phase comprised a cross-sectional study with a convenience sample of 540 adults with hiv. for the qualitative phase, a phenomenological study with 20 individuals was undertaken. 95% of participants had health insurance, but we found many structural, operative and human failures that imposed barriers to comprehensive treatment, as well as a complicated process to guarantee the rights for health. the direct cost assumed by individuals with htv or their families was $65,000 cop monthly, representing 11-16% of their income. indirect costs were 2.2 times higher. access to healthcare influenced their medical condition as well as the burden of illness in terms of direct and indirect costs.
El efecto de autogeneración como estrategia de rehabilitación de la memoria
Quijano Martínez,María Cristina; Aponte Henao,Mónica;
Psychologia. Avances de la Disciplina , 2011,
Abstract: the memory is one of the most important psychological processes in human development, since it plays an essential role in the learning process and consequently in the execution of many of the activities of the daily life, reason for which, the loss of this faculty is considered one of the most disabling alterations in human beings, and that most affects people who suffer illnesses associated with aging and tbi. however, different memory rehabilitation techniques exist that aid in the process of reestablishment of patients to the highest possible functioning level, and amongst those techniques are the ones that are based on the concept of autogeneration counting with the premise that the information generated by oneself is remembered better, because it produces a more lasting mark, which could be attributed to the fact that the deeper the processing, the more complex the network, and the faster the access through different pathways. recent investigations with the autogeneration technique effect have shown that this is a tool that delays the cognitive decline, specially of memory, in people who suffer illnesses related to aging, degenerative illnesses like alzheimer's dementia and multiple sclerosis; and also improves learning and memory in healthy people, with history of traumatic brain injury, mild cognitive impairment and convulsive disorders, improving quality of life and the cognitive functioning of this patients, currently, investigations are being conducted in other diseases, in an attempt to change the actual paradigm in which is considered that the patient has lost his faculties and therefore needs to relearn.
Niveles séricos de 25 Hidroxivitamina D en mujeres no menopáusicas, menopáusicas y posmenopáusicas 25-hydroxy vitamin D serum levels in nonmenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal females
María Patricia Hormaza,Diana Cuesta,Lina María Martínez,Mónica María Massaro
Revista Colombiana de Obstetricia y Ginecología , 2011,
Abstract: Objetivo: evaluar los niveles séricos de 25 hidroxivitamina D (25-OH vitamina D) en mujeres no menopáusicas, menopáusicas y posmenopáusicas, y su relación con algunos factores de riesgo. Materiales y métodos: estudio analítico de cohorte transversal, realizado en 113 mujeres elegidas consecutivamente en la consulta externa de una institución de tercer nivel de complejidad. Se conformaron tres grupos: grupo A, premenopáusicas de 20 a 30 a os (n=40); grupo B, menopáusicas de 45 a 55 a os (n=40); y grupo C, posmenopáusicas >65 a os (n=33). Se comparó el nivel de 25-OH vitamina D en suero a través del estudio ELISA, y su relación con factores como tabaquismo, exposición solar y actividad física en los últimos tres meses. Resultados: el 76% de las mujeres tenían niveles bajos de 25-OH vitamina D (<25 nmol/L). En el 80% de las mujeres del grupo A, se encontraron niveles bajos de esta vitamina comparado con el 77,5% del grupo B y el 69,7% del grupo C (p=0,57). Hubo diferencias significativas entre las medianas de los valores de 25-OH vitamina D en el grupo B al compararlas con el grupo A y C. El análisis de factores de riesgo para una disminución de los niveles séricos de 25-OH vitamina D no mostró diferencias significativas. Conclusiones: a pesar de estar ubicados en un área geográfica tropical, existen niveles séricos bajos de 25-OH vitamina D en las mujeres de los grupos de edad evaluados. Objective: evaluating 25-hydroxy vitamin D (25OH vitamin D) serum levels in non-menopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal in females and their relationship with dome risk factors. Materials and methods: this was an analytical, cross-sectional study of 113 females chosen consecutively when attending external consultation at a third-level hospital. Three groups were formed: group A, pre-menopausal aged 20-30 (n=40); group B, menopausal aged 45-55 (n=40); and group C, postmenopausal aged >65 (n=33) The levels of 25-OH vitamin D were compared in serum by ELISA and the relationship with smoking, exposure to the sun and physical activity during the last three months. Results: 76% of the females had low 25-OH vitamin D (<25 nmol/L) levels; 80% of the females in group A had low levels compared to 77.5% from group B and 69.7% from group C (p=0.57). There were significant differences between the means of group B’s 25-OH vitamin D values compared to those of group A and C. Analysis of risk factors for reducing 25-OH vitamin D serum levels revealed no significant differences. Conclusions: in spite of our geographical location in the tropics, females from age groups evaluated in this
Reliability and validation of a behavioral model of clinical behavioral formulation
Amanda M Mu?oz-Martínez,Mónica María Novoa-Gómez
Universitas Psychologica , 2011,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine the reliability and content and predictive validity of a clinical case formulation, developed from a behavioral perspective. A mixed design integrating levels of descriptive analysis and A-B case study with follow-up was used. The study established the reliability of the following descriptive and explanatory categories: (a) problem description, (b) predisposing factors, (c) precipitating factors, (d) acquisition and (e) inferred mechanism (maintenance). The analysis was performed on cases from 2005 to 2008 formulated with the model derived from the current study. With regards to validity, expert judges considered that the model had content validity. The predictive validity was established across application of model to three case studies. Discussion shows the importance of extending the investigation with the model in other populations and to establish the clinical and concurrent validity of the model.
Utilidad del examen oftalmológico en el diagnóstico del herpes neonatal
Vogel G.,Marlene; Martínez G.,María José; Suárez G.,Mónica;
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1998, DOI: 10.4067/S0370-41061998000300005
Abstract: to illustrate on the usefulness of whole ophtalmologic evaluation in newborn infants with systemic disease asociated with ocular abnormal findings a 41 days old child, with torch syndrome and unilateral corneal opacity, in which herpes simplex virus type 2 infection was suspected through ophthalmologic examination and confirmed by the virology laboratory is described. the ophthalmologist is frequently consulted by the pediatrician or relatives, about children with ocular lesions or deformities associated to systemic manifestations, possibly related to congenital or perinatal infections. the ophthalmologic exam can be useful in these cases, leading to early diagnosis and timely treatment
Utilidad del examen oftalmológico en el diagnóstico del herpes neonatal
Marlene Vogel G.,María José Martínez G.,Mónica Suárez G.
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1998,
Abstract: Con el propósito de mostrar la importancia del examen oftalmológico en ni os con afecciones sistémicas y manifestaciones oculares se describe el caso de un lactante de 41 días, con antecedentes de meningoencefalitis, neumopatía, microcefalia y opacidad corneal, en cuyo examen oftalmológico con biomicroscopio se comprobó una extensa úlcera de la córnea, en la cual se identificó -mediante cultivo, reacción de polimerasa en cadena y anticuerpos monoclonales- un virus herpes simplex tipo 2. El examen oftalmológico completo en ni os con alteraciones o malformaciones oculares, asociadas a manifestaciones sistémicas, posiblemente causadas por infección congénita o perinatal puede ser de gran utilidad, para orientar el diagnóstico y el tratamiento To illustrate on the usefulness of whole ophtalmologic evaluation in newborn infants with systemic disease asociated with ocular abnormal findings a 41 days old child, with TORCH syndrome and unilateral corneal opacity, in which herpes simplex virus type 2 infection was suspected through ophthalmologic examination and confirmed by the virology laboratory is described. The ophthalmologist is frequently consulted by the pediatrician or relatives, about children with ocular lesions or deformities associated to systemic manifestations, possibly related to congenital or perinatal infections. The ophthalmologic exam can be useful in these cases, leading to early diagnosis and timely treatment
Acta zoológica mexicana , 2012,
Abstract: Se realizó un estudio preliminar sobre la estructura de los ensambles de dípteros coprófilos y necrófilos a nivel de familias, en un bosque serrano en Sierra de Minas, Uruguay. Asimismo se estableció la variación estacional de dicha estructura para ambos grupos de dípteros. Se realizaron muestreos mensuales durante un a o, colocando durante una semana, seis trampas de caída, tres cebadas con estiércol vacuno y tres con hígado vacuno. Se recolectaron 3,142 individuos pertenecientes a 21 familias del Orden Diptera. Se registró por primera vez la familia Heleomyizidae en Uruguay. Las familias con mayor abundancia fueron Phoridae y Sphaeroceridae, representando el 58% del total de ejemplares recolectados. En las trampas con estiércol vacuno predominaron Sphaeroceridae (42%), Cecidomyiidae (14%) y Phoridae (12%). En las necrotrampas la familia más abundante fue Phoridae que representó el 59% del total de individuos, seguida de Drosophilidae (10%). Los dos ensambles presentaron el mismo patrón de variación estacional de la abundancia, con picos en oto o (marzo-abril) y en primavera (octubre- noviembre). La riqueza de familias del ensamble coprófilo fue mayor durante la primavera (octubre a diciembre) y en oto o (abril) mientras que el ensamble necrófilo presentó la mayor riqueza de familias solamente de octubre a noviembre. Este estudio constituye un primer paso en la generación de conocimientos acerca de la composición de las comunidades de dípteros en ambientes nativos en Uruguay.
Reaction times and face discrimination with emotional content
Universitas Psychologica , 2002,
Abstract: Sixty-two university subjects students located in two groups, with a stocking of age of 21.6 for thegroup of women and 22 for the group of men with the purpose to carry out a study upon visual timesof reaction TRV with emotional content keeping in mind the position: start, half and end; the emotionalcontent: neutral, friendly and threatening; and the combinations of the stimuli. The group of womenI present TR more prolonged than that of the men in all the experimental conditions. Also it wasobserved, that more are prolonged when the stimulus to discriminate this located in the half so muchin men as women.
Species of Drosophila (Diptera: Drosophilidae) attracted to dung and carrion baited pitfall traps in the Uruguayan Eastern Serranías
Beatriz Go?i,Mónica Remedios,Patricia González-Vainer,María Martínez
Zoologia (Curitiba) , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1984-46702012000400004
Abstract: This study investigates the species richness and abundance of Drosophila Fallén, 1823 attracted to dung and carrion baited pitfall traps in natural areas with heterogeneous habitats at the Sierra de Minas, Eastern Serranías, southeastern Uruguay. Collecting was carried out on a monthly basis (May 2002 through April 2003). Drosophilids accounted for 0.84% (n = 131) and 3.61% (n = 158) of the Diptera collected from dung (n = 15,630) and carrion (n = 4,382) pitfall traps, respectively. A total of 12 species were identified, 11 of which belong to the subgenus Drosophila (the richest) and one to the subgenus Sophophora Sturtevant, 1939. Over 90% of the Drosophila specimens collected belong to five species of the subgenus Drosophila, namely D. gaucha Jaeger & Salzano, 1953, D. immigrans Sturtevant, 1921, D. mediovittata Frota-Pessoa, 1954, D. aff. nappae Vilela, Valente & Basso-da-Silva, 2004, and D. ornatifrons Duda, 1927. Drosophila cardini Sturtevant, 1916 is recorded for the first time from Uruguay. Drosophila abundance and species richness in the four habitats sampled in the Uruguayan Eastern Serranías, namely woodlands sierra, riparian forest, pine plantation and grazing grassland, were considered to be a function of habitat conservation. Diversity indices were low in all habitats. Different habitats supported particular coprophilous and necrophilous Drosophila species. The woodland sierra represents the most preserved habitat, and contributed with the highest species richness observed. Drosophila ornatifrons was the dominant species, with a restricted habitat distribution. On the other hand, grazed grassland, an environment modified by livestock management, had the lowest species richness: only a few specimens of D. repleta Wollaston, 1858. Regarding species composition, significant differences were found in some pairwise comparisons of groups of Drosophila species that included D. ornatifrons. Fly attraction to dung can be exploited as an alternative and/or complementary collecting method in ecological studies of Drosophila assemblages in natural areas.
Herrera Garbarini,María Olivia; Mathiesen De Gregori,María Elena; Morales Valverde,María Gabriela; Proust Cartoni,Priscila María; Vergara Martínez,Mónica angélica;
Estudios pedagógicos (Valdivia) , 2006, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-07052006000100001
Abstract: this article presents the results of an investigation about different behaviours of adult in charge of babies and youngest children based on gender. also in this work, we relate the behaviour of adult in charge of nurseries toward the gender and the quality of the educational environment of the nurseries. according to the information obtained, it be concluded that adults in charge of nurseries at the concepcion?s province have different behaviours toward the youngest boys and the youngest girls that, frequently, causes damage to the girls; the research also shows that more quality in the education environment less is the discrimination of the adult in charge toward the gender. we conclude that with the results obtained, it is necessary more research about this topic, studying the relationship between education and gender, and how this aspect permits to improve the quality and opportunity of education.
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