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Metabolic Syndrome, Chronic Kidney Disease, and Cardiovascular Disease: A Dynamic and Life-Threatening Triad
Mário Raimundo,José António Lopes
Cardiology Research and Practice , 2011, DOI: 10.4061/2011/747861
Abstract: The metabolic syndrome (MS) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) have both become global public health problems, with increasing social and economic impact due to their high prevalence and remarkable impact on morbidity and mortality. The causality between MS and CKD, and its clinical implications, still does remain not completely understood. Moreover, prophylactic and therapeutic interventions do need to be properly investigated in this field. Herein, we critically review the existing clinical evidence that associates MS with renal disease and cardiovascular disease, as well as the associated pathophysiologic mechanisms and actual treatment options. 1. Introduction During the last decades, we have witnessed a global epidemic of obesity [1]. A sedentary lifestyle and an atherogenic diet, along with genetic predisposition, are probably the driving forces of this problem. According to the last National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), more than one third of adult Americans are obese. The prevalence in children and adolescents is also rising at an alarmingly rate [2]. Obesity, particularly abdominal obesity, is associated with resistance to the effects of insulin on peripheral glucose and fatty acid utilization. The resulting hiperinsulinemia and hyperglycemia, as the release of adipocyte cytokines, have been shown to induce vascular endothelial dysfunction, an abnormal lipid profile, hypertension, and vascular inflammation, all of which are atherogenic [3–6]. The clustering of metabolic cardiovascular risk factors, under a common pathogenic process (insulin resistance), was described for the first time in 1988 by Reaven [3], leading to the concept of Metabolic Syndrome (MS). Since then, multiple definitions have been made, all of them considering some combination of insulin resistance, dyslipidemia (hypertriglyceridemia, low HDL cholesterol), elevated fasting serum glucose, abdominal obesity, and hypertension (Table 1) [7–11]. Table 1: Current definitions of the metabolic syndrome. The MS affects over 20% of adults in Western populations [12], and is becoming increasingly common [13–15], inclusively in adolescents [16]. However, the prevalence of MS varies widely according to geographic location, race, gender, and urbanization. Since it was first described, an overwhelming body of evidence associated the MS with subsequent development of type II diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease (CVD) [17–25]. Recently, the evidence associating MS with CVD has been synthesized in three meta-analyses that showed an increased risk for incident CVD
Repensando o Conceito Plat nico de Dianóia
Mário Antnio de Lacerda Guerreiro
Princípios : Revista de Filosofia , 1995,
Perdas de rendimento de gr?os de soja causadas por interferência de pic?o-preto e guanxuma
Rizzardi, Mauro Antnio;Fleck, Nilson Gilberto;Mundstock, Claudio Mário;Bianchi, Mário Antnio;
Ciência Rural , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782003000400005
Abstract: the level of reciprocal interference between weeds and crops is affected by the competing species and plant populations involved. this research was conducted in order to evaluate the possibility of using the retangular hyperbolic model for predicting soybean grain yield losses caused by beggarticks (bidens spp.) and arrowleaf sida (sida rhombifolia l.) infestations. to accomplish this, there were carried out two field experiments in eldorado do sul, rs, brazil, during the 1999/00 and 2000/01 growing seasons. treatments consisted of beggarticks and arrowleaf densities, which were located according to naturally ocurring population levels in the research area. was detected that grain yield losses due to increasing densities of these weeds increased non-linearly. the retangular hyperbolic model suits better adjustments when is used grain yield losses than using soybean dry matter at flowering stage or biological yield losses. through comparison of the parameters estimated for the adjusted model, it is concluded that beggarticks exerts greater interference in soybean than arrowleaf sida.
Perdas de rendimento de gr os de soja causadas por interferência de pic o-preto e guanxuma
Rizzardi Mauro Antnio,Fleck Nilson Gilberto,Mundstock Claudio Mário,Bianchi Mário Antnio
Ciência Rural , 2003,
Abstract: O grau de interferência mútua entre plantas daninhas e cultivadas pode ser afetado pelas espécies concorrentes e por seu nível populacional. O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a possibilidade de uso do modelo da hipérbole retangular na previs o das perdas de rendimento de gr os de soja causadas por pic o-preto (Bidens spp.) e guanxuma (Sida rhombifolia L.). Para isso, foram realizados dois experimentos em campo no Município de Eldorado do Sul-RS, nos anos de 1999/00 e 2000/01. Os tratamentos constaram de densidades de plantas de pic o-preto ou de guanxuma, as quais foram alocadas de acordo com níveis populacionais de ervas encontrados naturalmente na área experimental. Constatou-se que as perdas de rendimento causadas por incrementos nas densidades de pic o-preto e de guanxuma aumentaram de forma n o linear. O modelo da hipérbole retangular propicia melhores ajustes quando utiliza perdas do rendimento de gr os do que perdas da matéria seca da soja no florescimento ou do rendimento biológico da soja. por meio da compara o dos parametros obtidos para o modelo testado, conclui-se que pic o-preto interfere mais negativamente na cultura do que guanxuma.
Modeling and forecasting foreign direct investment into Brazil with ARIMA
Turolla,Frederico Araújo; Margarido,Mário Antnio;
Economia Global e Gest?o , 2011,
Abstract: in this paper we have tested the hypothesis that the foreign direct investment (fdi) flows into brazil have a moving average pattern in line with predictions from the theory. we have modeled the fdi series in us dollars using a univariate model, the auto-regressive integrated moving average (arima) model. the results confirmed the hypothesis derived from the theory that, after correcting for detected outliers, there is a moving average pattern in fdi inflows into brazil as there is quite a dynamic series with relatively rapid adjustment towards equilibrium values. the patterns found can be used in univariate modeling to generate forecasts of the future values of the series. we present a forecast for the series and discuss the issue of forecast accuracy using the theil coefficient.
Preferência por local de oviposi??o de Aedes albopictus (Skuse) (Diptera, Culicidae), em rela??o à presen?a de imaturos da própria espécie, sob condi??es de laboratório
Barbosa, Andreia Aparecida;Silva, Mário Antnio Navarro da;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81752002000400020
Abstract: aedes (stegomyia) albopictus (skuse, 1894) is an exotic culicidae species in brazil. since its first report in this country, the mosquito has been increasing its geographic distribution. this mosquito is a natural dengue and japanese encephalitis virus vector in asia. the females preference for oviposition sites related with homospecific immature presence was assessed. the experiment was performed with aedes albopictus from laboratory colony since march ]999, in the laboratório de entomologia médica e veterinária, departamento de zoologia, universidade federal do paraná. the preferred container was the one that kept pupae for 24 hours, with 643 eggs, 30,6% at total. the eggs recipients received 11,45% from total set by the females, and the following numbers to the others: larva 1 (15,79%), larva 2 (14,69%), pupa 1 (20,74%), pupa 2 (30,58%), control (6,75%). although the anova did not detect significant difference among the treatments, the data possibly indicate that aedes albopictus prefer laying eggs in containers previously colonized by immature.
Análise comparativa entre métodos alternativo e convencional para amostras de mosquitos obtidos a partir de habitats fitotélmicos (Bromeliaceae) na Floresta Atlantica, Serra do Mar, Paraná, Brasil
Lozovei, Ana Leuch;Silva, Mário Antnio Navarro da;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81751999000400003
Abstract: the collects from mosquitoes' sample that repro-duce in leaf imbricate of bromeliads were done by two differents methods: a conven-tional method where the plants were felled and the water inside were dropped in a recipient and in the second method the samples were collected by sucking the water, so the plant wasn't felled. the number of bromeliads studied in each method was 120 plants from zero to 15 m height. the period of study lasted from january till december 1989. the bromeliads were collected monthly by each method. the score of immature was done at the laboratory. the variables studied were the number of leaf axils with water (xi, yi), water volume (cm3) inside each bromeliad (x2, y2), the number of immature mosquitoes (larvae and pupae) inside each water volume from each bromeliad (x3, y3), respectivelly, for the methods that the samples were obtained: by sucking or by felling the plant and the time (month) variable. by this study, we concluded that there is no significative difference between the methods done for a = 0,05. there is also no significative difference between both methods in each month. however, there was significative difference between the monlhs for α = 0.05.
Setting the reference for the use of Chironomus sancticaroli (Diptera: Chironomidae) as bioindicator: Ontogenetic pattern of larval head structures
Rebechi, Débora;Navarro-Silva, Mário Antnio;
Zoologia (Curitiba) , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-46702012000200009
Abstract: species of chironomidae are widely used as bioindicators of water quality, since their larvae undergo morphological deformities when in contact with sediment contaminated with chemicals. in this work we endeavored to study the morphology of head structures (antennae, mandible, mentum, pecten epipharyngis, ventromental plate and premandible) throughout the development of the four larval instars of chironomus sancticaroli strixino & strixino, 1981, which can be used in environmental impact analyses. our results show that it is possible to differentiate among larval instars by doing a quantitative analysis on the number of striae on the ventromental plates. the six structures analyzed changed during larval ontogeny. these changes are part of the ontogeny of the immature stages not exposed to xenobiotics. we believe that the morphological pattern defined in this work can be used for comparisons with ontogenetic changes observed in field studies conducted in polluted environments.
Cria o e Acesso a Informa o Semantica Aplicada ao Governo Eletrónico
Mário Rodrigues,Gon?alo Paiva Dias,António Teixeira
Linguamática , 2012,
Abstract: Os cidad os, empresas ou servi os públicos - os clientes - que procuram informa es no contexto do Governo Eletrónico visam obter respostas objetivas às suas quest es. Para isso é necessário que os sistemas de pesquisa consigam manipular a informa o de modo a que seja disponibilizada de uma forma eficaz e adequada às necessidades de cada cliente. Uma vez que grande parte dos documentos do governo est o escritos em formatos n o estruturados e em linguagem natural, é necessário desenvolver métodos para obter e estruturar este tipo de informa o. A alternativa seria indexar pelo seu texto a grande quantidade de documentos existente, uma solu o desadequada no contexto do Governo Eletrónico, uma vez que assim seriam retornados frequentemente muitos resultados a cada pesquisa. Este artigo apresenta um primeiro protótipo de uma aplica o que gera informa o semantica a partir de textos escritos em Português. A informa o semantica gerada corresponde a um domínio de conhecimento definido por um operador humano através de uma interface gráfica, de modo a que o sistema seja adaptável às diferentes áreas de atua o do Governo Eletrónico. O conteúdo é acessível através de uma interface em linguagem natural e através de uma interface de pesquisa que aceita entradas SPARQL. Deste modo é possível aos clientes aceder diretamente ou integrar este sistema com os seus próprios sistemas de informa o. A aplica o está organizada em três grandes módulos: Representa o do Conhecimento que permite definir domínio de conhecimento e sua semantica e criar exemplos semente, nos textos, de conceitos do domínio de conhecimento; Processamento de Linguagem Natural que permite obter estruturas sintáticas associadas às frases em linguagem natural; e Extra o e Integra o Semantica que utiliza os exemplos semente para treinar classificadores estatísticos a identificar nas estruturas sintáticas os conceitos do domínio de conhecimento, que utiliza os classificadores treinados para detetar esses conceitos em estruturas sintáticas de novas frases, e que contém as interfaces para pessoas e máquinas. Neste artigo apresentamos igualmente exemplos ilustrativos da utiliza o do sistema e os resultados de uma primeira avalia o de desempenho. O sistema funciona para o Português e foi construído reutilizando software do estado da arte, maioritariamente desenvolvido visando o Inglês. A sua modularidade permite alterar a língua base do sistema, de Português para outra, alterando o módulo de Processamento de Linguagem Natural e sem ser necessário alterar os restantes módulos da aplica o.
Modeling and forecasting foreign direct investment into Brazil with ARIMA Modelagem e previs o do investimento direto no Brasil com ARIMA
Frederico Araújo Turolla,Mário Antnio Margarido
Economia Global e Gest?o , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper we have tested the hypothesis that the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows into Brazil have a Moving Average pattern in line with predictions from the theory. We have modeled the FDI series in US dollars using a univariate model, the Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) model. The results confirmed the hypothesis derived from the theory that, after correcting for detected outliers, there is a Moving Average pattern in FDI inflows into Brazil as there is quite a dynamic series with relatively rapid adjustment towards equilibrium values. The patterns found can be used in univariate modeling to generate forecasts of the future values of the series. We present a forecast for the series and discuss the issue of forecast accuracy using the Theil Coefficient. Neste artigo, foi testada a hipótese de que os fluxos de Investimento Direto Estrangeiro (IDE) para o Brasil apresentam um padr o de Médias Móveis, em linha com as previs es da teoria. Foi modelada a série de IDE em dólares norte-americanos usando um modelo univariado, o Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA). Os resultados confirmaram a hipótese derivada da teoria de que há um padr o de Médias Móveis no IDE no Brasil, na medida em que se trata de uma série bastante dinamica com ajustamento relativamente rápido em rela o aos valores de equilíbrio. Com base no padr o identificado, o trabalho também mostrou a possibilidade de gera o de previs es de fluxos de IDE e apresentou uma previs o, discutindo a quest o de exatid o de proje es usando o coeficiente de Theil.
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