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Transient Ischemic Attacks and Presence of an Acute Brain Lesion in Diffusion-Weighted MRI: Study of 50 Patients
M Sabeti,A Naser Moghadasi,M Aloosh,SM Paknejad
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Finding an acute brain lesion by diffusion-weighted (DW) MRI upon an episode of transient ischemic attack (TIA) is a predictor of imminent stroke in the near future. Therefore, exploring risk factors associated with lesions in DW-MRI of the brain is important in adopting an approach to TIA management. In the current study, we tried to determine the risk factors associated with lesions in DW-MRI of the brain in patients experiencing TIA episodes.Methods: Fifty patients with TIA were recruited consecutively in Sina Hospital, Tehran, Iran, over a 6-month period between July 2008 and January 2009. All of the patients underwent a complete neurological examination and laboratory tests. Brain DW-MRIs were performed for all the patients within 72 hours of a TIA episode.Results: DW-MRI revealed an acute lesion in 16% of the participants. There was a significant correlation between presence of an acute lesion in DW-MRI and TIA duration, history of diabetes mellitus and presence of unilateral facial palsy (P=0.0003, P=0.02 and P=0.008, respectively). Other variables such as age, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, past history of TIA, headache, vertigo, and sensory or visual disturbances had no significant relation with the presence of an acute lesion in DW-MRI.Conclusion: Duration of TIA, presence of diabetes mellitus and unilateral facial palsy are risk factors for an acute lesion in DW-MRI, meaning that patients with such risk factors are at risk for stroke in the near future.
Serum triglyceride level and prognosis of acute cerebral ischemic stroke
Toghae M,Namakian F,Gheini MR,Aloosh M
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2010,
Abstract: "nBackground: Cerebrovascular ischemic accident is the third most common cause of death in community. Management of high-risk patients reduces complications and mortality. Serum lipid profile is one of the most important factors influencing the prognosis."n "nMethods: In this cross sectional study, 123 (58 female and 65 male) patients with acute ischemic stroke, mean aged 65.1± 11.16 years, were admitted to Sina Hospital between September 2008 and September 2009. The inclusion criteria were age between 40-90 years and ischemic stroke within the anterior or posterior brain blood system. The exclusion criteria were brain tumor or abscess, venous sinus thrombosis, liver disease, renal failure, hypothyroidism or metabolic problems. Serum lipid profile was evaluated during the first 24 hours after stroke and after 12 hours of fasting. Furthermore, the patients' inability was evaluated on the first and fifth day of hospitalization by NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS)."n "nResults: Patients' total serum cholesterol was 189.93± 51.46 mg/dl and mean total serum triglycerides was 157.72± 72.67 mg/dl. The mean HDL and LDL was 47.70± 14.43 and 105.98± 37 mg/dl, respectively. In the analysis, a significant inverse relationship was found between serum triglyceride levels and fifth day's NIHSS. In addition, age and a history of heart disease had a significant direct relationship with the first day's NIHSS. (p< 0.05)"n "nConclusion: The study showed a better prognosis in cases with increased plasma triglyceride levels, after cerebral ischemic stroke. Besides, older age and a history of ischemic heart disease were associated with a worse prognosis.
Seminal Plasma Magnesium and Premature Ejaculation: a Case-Control Study
Mohammadreza Nikoobakht,Mehdi Aloosh,Mohammad Hasani
Urology Journal , 2005,
Abstract: Introduction: Our aim was to determine the relationship between genuine premature ejaculation and serum and seminal plasma magnesium. Materials and Methods: In a case-control study carried out between January 2002 and December 2003, 19 patients with premature ejaculation were evaluated and compared with 19 patients without premature ejaculation. Patients with organic and psychogenic causes were excluded. Seminal plasma and serum magnesium levels were measured using atomic absorption spectrophotometery. Results: Seminal plasma magnesium levels in study patients (94.73 ± 10.87 mg/L) were significantly lower than they were in controls (116.68 ± 11.63 mg/L, P < 0.001), but there were no such differences regarding serum magnesium levels (study patients, 20.26 ± 2.66 mg/L; controls, 20.73 ± 2.80 mg/L). Semen–to–serum-magnesium ratio was significantly lower in patients with premature ejaculation (P < 0.001). Also, a reverse relationship between body mass index and genuine premature ejaculation was found (P = 0.027).Conclusion: Genuine premature ejaculation has a significant relationship with decreased levels of seminal plasma magnesium. Further studies are needed to clarify the actual role of magnesium in the physiology of the male reproductive tract, especially its association with premature ejaculation.
The Role of Hypothyroidism in Male Infertility and Erectile Dysfunction
Mohammad Reza Nikoobakht,Mehdi Aloosh,Nafiseh Nikoobakht,Abdolrasoul Mehrsai
Urology Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Purpose: To evaluate the effect of hypothyroidism on erectile function and sperm parameters. Materials and Methods: This study was conducted on 24 patients with hypothyroidism and 66 normal individuals. Serum levels of hormones, including thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), thyroxin (T4), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), prolactin (PRL), and testosterone, were measured and semen analysis was done in all the participants. Erectile function was evaluated using International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) questionnaire. Results: The mean IIEF-5 total score was 11.75 [95% confidence interval (CI): 9.70 to 13.79) and 20.81 (95% CI: 20.02 to 21.6) for hypothyroid group and normal subjects, respectively (P = .005). Furthermore, serum concentrations of PRL and seminal parameters were significantly different between two groups (P < .001). Conclusion: Hypothyroidism adversely affects erectile function and sperm parameters, including sperm count, morphology, and motility. In patients with sperm abnormalities and erectile dysfunction, measurement of thyroid hormones is recommended.
Peri-Ictal Urinary Dysfunction in Patients With Epilepsy: A Cross-Sectional Study
Mahmoud Motamedi,Mohammad Reza Nikoobakht,Mehdi Aloosh,Sara Ebrahimi Nasrabady
Urology Journal , 2011,
Abstract: Purpose: To evaluate the prevalence of peri-ictal urinary symptoms and their association with seizure type in patients with epilepsy. Materials and Methods: A total of 115 patients with epilepsy were recruitedconsecutively from neurology clinic between January 2006 and January 2008.Peri-ictal period was defined as the period ranging from 2 minutes prior to seizure attack up to 48 hours after it, and post-ictal period was the time upto 48 hours after regaining consciousness. Peri-ictal urinary complaints were gathered with interview and data were analyzed using Pearson’s Chi-square, Fisher’s Exact test, and independent sample t test.Results: The study population consisted of 57 (49.5%) men and 58 (50.4%) women, with the mean age of 26.83 ± 10.01 years. The frequency of at least one urinary symptom in studied patients was 39.1%. Incontinence, frequency, urgency, retention, and hesitancy were reported by 28 (24.3%), 14 (12.2%), 19 (16.5%),10 (8.7%), and 8 (7%) patients, respectively. Women expressed more symptoms than men and a higher frequency of peri-ictal retention. Although overallurinary complaints were more frequent in patients with partial seizures, there was a higher frequency of urgency in patients with partial seizure (P = .037).Furthermore, apart from retention, there was no significant correlation between peri-ictal urinary symptoms and the patients’ age. Conclusion: Our findings suggest that peri-ictal urologic dysfunction is a common problem among patients with epilepsy and post-ictal urinary retention might also be considered as a post-ictal deficit (Todd’s deficit).
Dietary Pattern and Risk of Multiple Sclerosis
Soodeh Razeghi Jahromi,Mansoureh Toghae,Mohammad Jamal Razeghi Jahromi,Mahdi Aloosh
Iranian Journal of Neurology , 2012,
Abstract: Background:It has been suggested that nutrition might play a role in the etiology of multiple sclerosis (MS). However,dietary patterns associated with MS risk are unknown. This study was conducted to compare the dietary patterns of patients with MS and healthy controls to find the relationship between dietary patterns and MS.Methods:Usual dietary intake of 75 women with relapsing/remitting MS (RRMS) and 75 healthy controls were assessed with a food frequency questionnaire consisting of 168 food items. To define major dietary patterns, we used factor analysis. Multivariate logistic regression was used to assess the relationship between dietary patterns and risk of MS.Results:Traditional pattern (high in low-fat dairy products,red meat, vegetable oil, onion, whole grain, soy, refined grains, organ meats, coffee, and legumes) was inversely related to the risk of MS [odds ratio (OR) = 0.15; 95%confidence interval (CI): 0.03-0.18; P = 0.028]. A similar inverse relationship was noted between MS risk andlacto-vegetarian (high in nuts, fruits, French fries, coffee,sweets and desserts, vegetables, and high-fat dairy products) and vegetarian (high in green leafy vegetables, hydrogenated fats, tomato, yellow vegetables, fruit juices, onion, and other vegetables)patterns (OR = 0.31; 95% CI: 0.12-0.82; P = 0.018 and OR = 0.42; 95% CI: 0.19-0.90; P = 0.026, respectively). In contrast, the prevalence of MS was higher in those who had high animal fat dietary pattern (high in animal fats,potato, meat products, sugars, and hydrogenated fats and low in whole grains) (OR = 1.99; 95% CI: 1.63-2.94;P < 0.005).Conclusion:Our findings showed that the risk of RRMS can be affected by major dietary patterns.
Is Intravenous Urography Required When Ultrasonography and KUB Evidence a Ureteroscopy Plan?
Seyed Mohammad Kazem Aghamir,Seyed Saeed Modaresi,Alborz Salavati,Mehdi Aloosh
Urology Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Purpose: To determine whether pre-ureteroscopic stone extraction (USE) evaluation by intravenous urography (IVU) can change the clinical decision made on the basis of a plain X-ray of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder (KUB) plus an ultrasonography in the case of ureteral calculi.Materials and Methods: From October 2005 to November 2007, 139 USE candidates were selected based on ultrasonography and KUB, and were randomly divided into two groups. Each group was assessed by an expert urologist to decide about the treatment plans. Thereafter, all the patients underwent an IVU pre-operatively and were evaluated for the second time by the other urologist considering IVU. Presence of a hydronephrotic kidney on the ultrasonography, existence of a density in the probable tract of the ureter on KUB, and previous episodes of renal colic were considered as inclusion criteria. Exclusion criteria were non-opaque stones on KUB, hypersensitivity to contrast media, and serum creatinine > 1.5 mg/dL.Results: On the basis of ultrasonography and KUB assessement, all of the patients were identified candidate for USE. According to secondary IVU-based planning, of 139 patients, 127 (91.3%) required USE, 10 (7.1%) ureteroscopy, and 2 (1.4%) non-operative treatment. About 8.7% of treatment plans was changed by IVU, which was not statistically significant (P = .35). Positive predictive value of ultrasonography plus KUB to diagnose a ureteral stone which needed USE was 92.8% while IVU is the gold standard (95% confidence interval: 92.38 to 93.22).Conclusion: Intravenous urography is not useful enough to be performed routinely before entire USEs.
Study of Duct Characteristics Deduced from Low Latitude Ground Observations of Day-Time Whistler at Jammu  [PDF]
M. Altaf, M. M. Ahmad
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2013.33032

Propagation characteristics of low latitude whistler duct characteristics have been investigated based on day-time measurements at Jammu. The morphogical characteristics of low latitude whistlers are discussed and compared with characteristics of middle and high latitude whistlers. The Max. electron density (Nm) at the height of the ionosphere obtained from whistler dispersion comes out to be higher than that of the background which is in accordance with the characteristics of whistler duct. The equivalent width is found to be close to the satellite observations and the characteristics of whistler duct in low latitude ionosphere are similar to those in middle and high latitude ionosphere. The width of ducts estimated from the diffuseness of the whistler track observed during magnetic storm is found to lie in the range of 50 - 200 Km.

Review Article: Immobilized Molecules Using Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology  [PDF]
Magdy M. M. Elnashar
Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology (JBNB) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jbnb.2010.11008
Abstract: Immobilized molecules using biomaterials and nanobiotechnology is a very interesting topic that touching almost all aspects of our life. It uses the sciences of biology, chemistry, physics, materials engineering and computer science to develop instruments and products that are at the cutting edge of some of today’s most promising scientific frontiers. In this review article, the author based on his experience in this arena has tried to focus on some of the supports for im-mobilization; the most important molecules to be immobilized such as DNA, cells, enzymes, metals, polysaccharides, etc and their applications in medicine, food, drug, water treatment, energy and even in aerospace. He specified a special section on what is new in the arena of supports and technologies used in enzyme immobilization and finally a recommendation by the author for future work with a special attention to up-to-date references.
Using of the generalized special relativity (GSR) in estimating the neutrino masses to explain the conversion of electron neutrinos  [PDF]
M. H. M. Hilo
Natural Science (NS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2011.34044
Abstract: In this work the Generalized Special Relativity (GSR) is utilized to estimate masses of some elementary particles such as, neutrinos. These results are found to be in conformity with experimental and theoretical data. The results obtained may explain some physical phenomena, such as, conversion of neutrinos from type to type when solar neutrino reaches the Earth.

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