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Experimental Investigation into the Effect of Mechanical Design of an Escalator and Passenger Loading on its Energy Consumption
Lutfi R. Al-Sharif
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2008,
Teaching Control System Principles Using Remote Laboratories over the Internet
Lutfi Al-Sharif,Ashraf Saleem,Walid Ayoub,Mohammad Naser
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2011,
Suitability of Irbid Clay as Compacted Liners for Landfill, Jordan  [PDF]
Omer S. Mughieda, Munjed Al-Sharif
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2013.410148

The goal of this study is to investigate the possibility of using the Irbid city clayey soil as compacted clay liner. The geotechnical properties and the permeability characteristics of compacted clayey soil sample obtained from the eastern part of Irbid city were determined to evaluate their suitability as compacted clay liner. Falling head permeability test, unconfined compressive strength and volumetric shrinkage test were conducted on soil samples that were compacted at about 0% and 3% wet of its optimum water content. The leakage rates expected through clay-only and composite geomembrane-clay liners were determined. It could be concluded based on the results of the geotechnical tests and leachate rate calculations that Irbid clay is appropriate to be used as compacted landfill liner material.

On Simultaneous Farthest Points in
Sh. Al-Sharif,M. Rawashdeh
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/890598
Abstract: Let be a Banach space and let be a closed bounded subset of . For , we set?? . The set is called simultaneously remotal if, for any , there exists such that?? . In this paper, we show that if is separable simultaneously remotal in , then the set of -Bochner integrable functions, , is simultaneously remotal in . Some other results are presented. 1. Introduction Let be a Banach space and a bounded subset of . For , set . A point is called a farthest point of if there exists such that . For , the farthest point map , that is, the set of points of farthest from . Note that this set may be empty. Let . We call a closed bounded set remotal if and densely remotal if is a norm dense in . The concept of remotal sets in Banach spaces goes back to the sixties. However, almost all the results on remotal sets are concerned with the topological properties of such sets, see [1–4]. Remotal sets in vector valued continuous functions was considered in [5]. Related results on Bochner integrable function spaces, , , are given in [6–8]. The problem of approximating a set of points simultaneously by a point (farthest point) in a subset of can be done in several ways, see [9]. Here, we will use the following definition. Definition 1.1. Let be a closed bounded subset of . A point is called a simultaneous farthest point of if We call a closed bounded set of a Banach space simultaneously remotal if each -tuple admits a farthest point in and simultaneously densely remotal if the set of points , where is norm dense in . Clearly, if , then simultaneously remotal is precisely remotal. In this paper we consider the problem of simultaneous farthest point for bounded sets of the form in the Banach space , where is a Banach space. Throughout this paper, is a Banach space, is a closed bounded subset of and , the space of all -valued essentially bounded functions on the unit interval . For , we set . For , we set , almost all . 2. Distance Formula The farthest distance formula is important in the study of farthest point. In this section, we compute the -farthest distance from an element to a bounded set . We begin with the following proposition. Proposition 2.1. Let , then = . Proof. For , Hence, Theorem 2.2. Let be a Banach space and let be a closed bounded subset of . If a function defined by , where , then and Proof. Let . Being strongly measurable, there exist sequences of simple functions , such that as for almost all . We may write . Since is a continuous function of , the inequality implies that Set . Then, So is a simple function for each and for almost all . Hence is measurable.
Best Simultaneous Approximation in Orlicz Spaces
M. Khandaqji,Sh. Al-Sharif
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2007, DOI: 10.1155/2007/68017
Abstract: Let X be a Banach space and let LΦ(I,X) denote the space of Orlicz X-valued integrable functions on the unit interval I equipped with the Luxemburg norm. In this paper, we present a distance formula dist(f1,f2,LΦ(I,G))Φ, where G is a closed subspace of X, and f1,f2∈LΦ(I,X). Moreover, some related results concerning best simultaneous approximation in LΦ(I,X) are presented.
Coupled Fixed Point Theorems for Nonlinear Contractions in Partial Metric Spaces
Sharifa Al-Sharif,Mohammad Al-Khaleel,Mona Khandaqji
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/763952
Abstract: We establish some results on the existence and uniqueness of coupled fixed point involving nonlinear contractive conditions in complete-ordered partial metric spaces. 1. Introduction The concept of partial metric which is a generalized metric space was introduced by Matthews [1] in 1994, in which the distance between two identical elements needs not be zero. The existence of fixed point for contraction-type mappings on such spaces was considered by many authors [1–12]. A modified version of a Banach contraction mapping principle, more suitable to solve certain problems arising in computer science using the concept of partial metric space is given in [1]. Gnana Bhaskar and Lakshmikantham [13] introduced the concept of coupled fixed point of a mapping and proved some interesting coupled fixed point theorems for mapping satisfying the mixed monotone property. Later in [14], Lakshmikantham and ?iri? investigated some more coupled fixed point theorems in partially ordered sets. For more on coupled fixed point theory, we refer the reader to [2, 14–20]. First, we start by recalling some definitions and properties of partial metric spaces. Definition 1.1 (see [9]). A partial metric on a nonempty set is a function such that for all : , , , . A partial metric space is a pair such that is a non empty set and is a partial metric on . Each partial metric on generates a topology on which has as a base the family of open -balls , , where for all and . Matthews observed in [1, page 187] that a sequence in a partial metric space converges to some with respect to if and only if . It is clear that if , then from , and , . But if may not be . If is a partial metric on , then the function given by is a metric on . Example 1.2 (see, e.g., [1, 7]). Consider with . Then, is a partial metric space. It is clear that is not a (usual) metric. Note that in this case . Definition 1.3 (see [1, Definition 5.2]). Let be a partial metric space and let be a sequence in . Then, is called a Cauchy sequence if exists (and is finite). Definition 1.4 (see [1, Definition 5.3]). A partial metric space is said to be complete if every Cauchy sequence in converges, with respect to , to a point , such that . Example 1.5 (see [12]). Let and define by Then, is a complete partial metric space. It is well known (see, e.g., [1, page 194]) that a sequence in a partial metric space is a Cauchy sequence in if and only if it is a Cauchy sequence in the metric space , and that a partial metric space is complete if and only the metric space is complete. Furthermore, if and only if Let be a partial metric. We
Property P and Some Fixed Point Results on -Weakly Contractive G-Metric Spaces
Mona Khandaqji,Sharifa Al-Sharif,Mohammad Al-Khaleel
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/675094
Abstract: We prove some fixed point results for (,)-weakly contractive maps in G-metric spaces, we show that these maps satisfy property P. The results presented in this paper generalize several well-known comparable results in the literature.
The Structural and magnetic properties of Bi1-xAxFe1-yByO3 multiferroic system
Al-Sharif A.,Al-Muqri A.
EPJ Web of Conferences , 2012, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20122900040
Abstract: We have prepared Bi1-xAxFe1-yByO3, where A=Ca or Gd and B=Ni or Zn. The solid state reaction technique was used to prepare the samples. The effects of the mentioned elemental substitution on the structural and magnetic properties of the multiferroic compound prepared are reported.
On the sum of simultaneously f-proximinal subspaces and quotient spaces
W. B. Domi,M. Rawashdeh,Sh. Al-Sharif
International Journal of Mathematical Analysis , 2012,
Cochlear implantation in Bahrain : Promising results
Jamal Ahmed,Ghareeb A,Al-Sharif Omar,Hamadeh Randah
Annals of Saudi Medicine , 2007,
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