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Slow Plasma Dynamo Driven by Electric Current Helicity in Non-Compact Riemann Surfaces of Negative Curvature  [PDF]
Luiz Carlos Garcia de Andrade
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2010.15046
Abstract: Boozer addressed the role of magnetic helicity in dynamos [1]. He pointed out that the magnetic helicity conservation implies that the dynamo action is more easily attainable if the electric potential varies over the surface of the dynamo. This provided motivated us to investigate dynamos in Riemannian curved surfaces [2]. Thiffeault and Boozer [3] discussed the onset of dissipation in kinematic dynamos. In this paper, when curvature is constant and negative, a simple laminar dynamo solution is obtained on the flow topology of a Poincare disk, whose Gauss curvature is K = –1. By considering a laminar plasma dynamo [4] the electric current helicity λ ≈ 2.34 m–1 for a Reynolds magnetic number of Rm ≈ 210 and a growth rate of magnetic field |γ| ≈ 0.022 are obtained. Negative constant curvature non-compact H2 manifold, has also been used in onecomponent electron 2D plasma by Fantoni and Tellez [5]. Chicone et al. (CMP (1997)) showed fast dynamos can be supported in compact H2. PACS: 47.65.Md.
Outras famílias: a constru??o social da conjugalidade homossexual no Brasil
Mello, Luiz;
Cadernos Pagu , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-83332005000100010
Abstract: this article presents some reflections on the social construction of homosexual conjugality in contemporary brazil, particularly concerning the legislative sphere - where most of the debate on the law project for civil partnership between people of the same sex has taken place. the main objective is to analyze the structuring elements of the ideological struggles stemming from the disputes around the social and juridical recognition of homosexual unions as familial entities. the discourses that come from the catholic church and those of homosexual representatives are also given priority in the analysis.
Del malo pecado al pecado intrínsecamente malo: la radicalización fundamentalista de la homofobia católica desde los tiempos de la Inquisición hasta Benedicto XVI
Mott, Luiz;
História (S?o Paulo) , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-90742010000100002
Abstract: this essay discusses the "involution" of catholic school of thought regarding homosexuality in recent centuries, its repercussions on the iberian peninsula and in latin america, deconstructing the pseudo-dogmas that sustain homophobia in the church's official discourse. it includes transcripts of the principal biblical texts that have served as theological and juridical support for the persecution of sodomites, whilst also examining the thinking of the theologians most distinguished in their condemnation of sodomy. it concludes with a list of the councils, popes and bishops who have stood out owing to their homophobia, as well as the contemporary manifestations of such intolerance.
Constitutive laws for strong geometric non-linearity
Bevilacqua, Luiz;
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-73862000000200007
Abstract: this paper is divided into two different parts. the first one provides a brief introduction to the fractal geometry with some simple illustrations in fluid mechanics. we thought it would be helpful to introduce the reader into this relatively new approach to mechanics that has not been sufficiently explored by engineers yet. although in fluid mechanics, mainly in problems of percolation and binary flows, the use of fractals has gained some attention, the same is not true for solid mechanics, from the best of our knowledge. the second part deals with the mechanical behavior of thin wires subjected to very large deformations. it is shown that starting to a plausible conjecture it is possible to find global constitutive equations correlating geometrical end energy variables with the fractal dimension of the solid subjected to large deformations. it is pointed out the need to complement the present proposal with experimental work.
Montaigne, leitor de sexto empírico: a crítica da filosofia moral
Eva, Luiz;
Kriterion: Revista de Filosofia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-512X2012000200005
Abstract: the aim of this paper is to investigate how montaigne adopts, in his own discussion of moral philosophies (and, in particular, of the proponents of natural laws), sextus empiricus' criticism on the same topic, as exposed in his outlines of pyrrhonism. i want to show that, besides the deep similarities we can find between them, montaigne's peculiarities show themselves throughout his way of dealing with relations between reason, costume and nature, as well as in his interpretation of the opposition between a criterion of truth and a practical criterion. i maintain also that this pyrrhonism notion occupies a prominent place in his moral reflections.
Totalidade e negatividade: a crítica de Adorno à dialética hegeliana
Repa, Luiz;
Caderno CRH , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-49792011000200004
Abstract: the paper aims to clarify, first, adorno's critique of the association between negativity and totality in hegel, to then show that, despite this criticism, adorno himself does not dispense with the concept of totality with an explanatory function. only on a micrological level adorno's critique seems justified, in that the concept of totality is criticized as positivation of contemporary society. thus, his work on the negative dialectic exercises two distinct uses of the concepts of negativity and totality, which can be combined by means of his conception of totality as a socially necessary illusion.
Soberania e moderniza??o no Brasil: pensamento de política externa no segundo reinado e na primeira república
Feldman, Luiz;
Contexto Internacional , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-85292009000300005
Abstract: this paper aims to present brazilian foreign policy thought in the second empire and in the first republic. it is argued that brazil's position in bilateral relations with great powers from 1845 to 1866 and in multilateral conferences from 1906 to 1907 is enunciated t hrough the particular/universal and civilization/barbarism antitheses. by means of the former, policymakers inscribed the country within the scope of an intra-european pattern of relationships, debating among themselves the limits international norms could impose to sovereign practices. by means of the latter antithesis, policymakers repudiated brazil's inclusion in the group of countries subjected to an extra-european pattern of relationships. instead, they affirmed an imperative of modernization of society by the state, aiming at avoiding the disregard for brazilian territorial sovereignty and at legitimizing the country's insertion in the intra-european pattern.
Validade dos testes psicológicos: será possível reencontrar o caminho?
Pasquali, Luiz;
Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-37722007000500019
Abstract: since the work of cronbach and meehl of mid last century, the concept of validity of the tests in psychology and education has been loosing its original meaning. despite the intention of the authors to precisely save this concept, the introduction of the model of the nomological network, conceived within the framework of the logical positivism, was in fact decisive to destroy the concept of validity as originally conceived by kelly in the 1920s and later on by cattell. the concept of validity was finally completely mischaracterized with the definition given by the great psychometrist samuel messick in 1989. it seems to be fundamental that this concept is rediscovered in order to save the bases of psychometry. the present article will try to show the confusion that the nomological network model brought to psychometry and also to try to recuperate the real meaning of validity within the context of the measures in psychosocial sciences, especially in psychology and education.
Machado de Assis: o aprendizado do escritor e o esclarecimento de Mariana
Roncari, Luiz;
Revista Brasileira de História , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-01882005000200010
Abstract: the essay is shared, practically, in two parts. the first one shows the machado de assis learning as a writer, the singular relationship which he develops to the lector and the controls of the imperial state in the nineteenth century. the last one analyses the short story "capítulo dos chapéus", where machado de assis shows as, after a century, the french revolutions values are still stranges in the brazilian social life.
Pasquali, Luiz;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342009000500002
Abstract: psychometrics has foundations on the theory of measurement in sciences and is aimed at explaining the meaning of responses provided by subjects submitted to a series of tasks, and proposing techniques for the measurement of mental processes. this article presents concepts and models of modern psychometrics and discusses the validity and reliability parameters of the applied tests.

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