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Santiago Luiz Carlos
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2001,
Operative Technique for Correction of Gigantomastia, Using the Superior Pedicle, with Special Care for the Nipple-Papillary Grafts: A 13-Year Retrospective Study  [PDF]
José Humberto Cardoso Resende, Lucilia Feliciano Marques di Carlant?nio, Luiz Célio Martins Freitas, Teresa Tonini, Nébia Maria Almeida de Figueiredo, Luiz Carlos Santiago
Modern Plastic Surgery (MPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/mps.2015.53007
Abstract: This is a retrospective study on gigantomastia correction in obesity facing the technique of nipple-areolar grafts and its complexity. The main question is the technical-surgical care during its execution aiming to achieve reparative results that can return to these women the desire to live with better quality of life and health. Method: We performed a retrospective study of all obese patients with severe gigantomastia who underwent reduction mammaplasty with an operative technique using the superior pedicle, with special care for the nipple-papillary grafts. The study was carried out at a single institution between 2001 and 2013, in a total of 30 cases. This operative technique was presented at first time in 1980, with no changes up to now. We emphasized the perfect decortication of the areola and nipples until they were translucent after the maneuvers of Schwartzman and subsequent grafts operated in both breasts. Results: Results were considered satisfactory, from the reparative and aesthetic point of view, emphasizing the degree of improvement observed in women undergoing technique. Discussion: We can say that during all this time of aesthetic and therapeutic-restorative surgery, due to its realization in a single surgical time, there was big impact on the aesthetics of patients and on their families, even taking into account possible complications in the post-operative. Conclusion: The superior pedicle technique, performed as described here, is a safe and reliable procedure in patients with severe gigantomastia.
Retention of provisional crowns cemented with eight temporary cements: comparative study
Rego, Mariana Ribeiro de Moraes;Santiago, Luiz Carlos;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572004000300009
Abstract: many temporary cements are commercially available; therefore, it is necessary to indicate them for each clinical requirement with regard to the tensile strength of prosthetic retainers. thus, the purpose of this study was to compare the retention of provisional crowns cemented with eight temporary cements, over full crown preparations with standardized mechanical principles as height, taper, and length. for that purpose, eighty human first premolars received full crown preparation with standardized height and taper. provisional crowns were fabricated and luted with eight brands of temporary cements. twenty four hours after cementation, the restorations were submitted to tensile strength test in a universal testing machine and the data submitted to anova and bonferroni tests. mean tensile strength values ranged from 20.1n for nogenol cement to 67.5n for hydro c cement. statistically significant difference (p<0.05) was found between hydro c and the other groups, except for temp bond and rely x temp, which presented statistically significant difference when compared to freegenol and nogenol temporary cements. the crowns cemented with hydro c cement were more retentive that than those cemented with the other cements, except for rely x temp and temp bond. the less retentive crowns were those cemented with nogenol and freegenol temporary cements.
The Body Suffering and Care Possibilities: A Reflective Look from the Health Economics  [PDF]
José Humberto Cardoso Resende, Allan Peixoto de Assis, Lucilia Feliciano Marques di Carlant?nio, Luiz Célio Martins Freitas, Teresa Tonini, Nébia Maria Almeida de Figueiredo, Luiz Carlos Santiago
Health (Health) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/health.2016.84030
Abstract: This article aimed to show ideas about the themes: body suffering, nursing and Medical care, and Health Economics. To this end, we tried to put together a kaleidoscope of references that converged on the promotion of autonomy and empowerment and, as a strategy for action, and then we can think of what to do to alleviate the suffering of patients.
Influence of application site of provisional cement on the marginal adaptation of provisional crowns
Cardoso, Mayra;Torres, Marcelo Ferreira;Rego, Mariana Ribeiro de Moraes;Santiago, Luiz Carlos;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572008000300010
Abstract: introduction: marginal discrepancies may lead to cement washout and marginal leakage, damaging periodontal and pulp tissues or causing premature loss of the restoration. purpose: this study evaluated the influence of application site of provisional cement on the marginal adaptation of provisional crowns. material and methods: four different application sites of provisional cement (temp bond ne, kerr corporation) were used for cementation of provisional crowns on phantom teeth prepared for full crown restorations, performing 4 experimental groups (n=10): cement applied to all internal surfaces of the crown (cao); cement applied to all internal surfaces of the crown, except for the occlusal surface (ca); cement applied to the cervical crown margin (cm); and cement applied to the cervical tooth margin (tm). a comparison microscope (mitutoyo america corporation) was used to measure the distances between the internal tangents of two circular marks, one made on the provisional crown and one made apical to the tooth preparation margin, in areas corresponding to buccal, lingual, mesial and distal surfaces. marginal adaptation was determined before and after cementation, with 0.0001-mm accuracy. data were analyzed statistically by anova and tukey's test at 5% significance level. results: mean values of marginal opening obtained for each group were: cao: 145 μm; ca: 67 μm; cm: 46 μm; tm: 34 μm. ca, cm and tm presented significantly lower marginal openings than cao (p<0.05). conclusion: complete filling of the crown with provisional cement, including the occlusal surface, provided grater marginal discrepancies when compared to the other methods evaluated.
Identification of hybrids of intra and interspecific crosses in Annonaceae by RAPD markers
Danuza Araújo de Souza,Luiz Carlos de Melo,Samira Santiago Librelon,Marcia Regina Costa
Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology , 2010,
Abstract: The purpose of this work was to identify hybrids in intraspecific crosses between sugar apple accessions and interspecific crosses between sugar apple and atemoya accessions by using RAPD markers. Four sugar apple accessions were selected: Seedless P1, P2, P3 and P4 and the atemoya cultivar Gefner (G1). In the pre-female phase the flowers were adequately protected and reciprocal crosses were performed. In crosses where the sugar apple accession Seedless P1 was used as the male parent, the fruits contained seeds, indicating that the pollen grains of Seedless P1 are viable. The fruits of reciprocal crosses where Seedless P1 was used as a female parent contained no seeds. The percentage of true hybrids in the crosses P4 x Seedless P1, P3 x Seedless P1, P2 x Seedless P1, and G1 x Seedless P1 were, respectively, 100%, 95.55%, 82.86%, and 44.44%. Primer OPF10 was efficient in obtaining polymorphic bands in all Annonaceae hybrid populations.
Experimental infection with different bacterial strains in larvae and juvenile Litopenaeus vannamei reared in Santa Catarina State, Brazil = Infec o experimental em larvas e juvenis de Litopaenaeus vannamei cultivados no Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil
Celso Carlos Buglione,Felipe do Nascimento Vieira,José Luiz Pedreira Mouri?o,Fabiola Santiago Pedrotti
Acta Scientiarum : Biological Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: This study evaluated the pathogenic characteristics of bacteria isolated from Litopenaeus vannamei during an outbreak at the Laboratory of Marine Shrimp, UFSC, Santa Catarina State, Brazil. Their virulence potential in larvae and juvenile shrimp and theeffects on the total haemocyte count, phenoloxidase activity and serum agglutinate titre were examined after experimental infection. Bacterial strains were isolated from larvae and adult shrimps, identified by the AP120E biochemical system as: two strains of Vibrioalginolyticus, three of Aeromonas salmonicida and one of Pasteurella multocida sp. and Pasteurella sp. All the bacterial strains isolated in this study caused mortality in shrimp. One strain of V. alginolyticus was responsible for 97.3 and 88.7% mortality in larvae and juvenil shrimps, respectively. The shrimp immunological system was influenced by experimental infection with V. alginolyticus. Decrease in the total haemocyte count and increase in the phenoloxidase activity and the serum agglutinate titre (p < 0.05) were observed. The results showed the high pathogenicity of V. alginolyticus isolated from larvae and juvenile reared marine shrimp. Este estudo avaliou as características patogênicas de cepas de bactérias isoladas de Litopenaeus vannamei durante surto de mortalidade no Laboratório de Camar es Marinhos, UFSC, Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil. Seu potencial de virulência em larvas e juvenis de camar o marinho e os efeitos sobre a contagem total de hemócito, atividade de fenoloxidase e título aglutinante do soro foramavaliados após infec o experimental. As cepas bacterianas foram isoladas de larvas e de camar es adultos e identificadas bioquimicamente pelo sistema API20E como: duas cepas de Vibrio alginolyticus, três de Aeromonas salmonicida e uma de Pasteurella sp. e P. multocida. Todas as cepas isoladas provocaram mortalidade em L. vannamei, e uma de V. alginolyticus resultou em mortalidade de 97,3 e 88,7% para larvas e juvenis de camar es, respectivamente. O sistema imunológico dos camar es juvenis sofreu influência da infec o experimental com V. alginolyticus, representado por redu o significativa no número total de hemócitos circulantes e aumento na atividade da fenoloxidase e do título aglutinante do soro (p < 0,05). Os resultados deste ensaio demonstraram que a cepa de V. alginolyticus isolada apresentou alto poder de virulência para larvas e juvenis de camar o marinho cultivado.
Autonomy and professional identity: dichotomies in the space of the consultation nursing in prenatal assistance
Ericka Caminha Ferreira, Luiz Carlos Santiago, Priscila Sanchez Bosco, Bianca Cristina Marques Gindre da Silva
Revista de Enfermagem UFPE On Line , 2010,
Abstract: Objectives: to identify the discourse of primary care nurses, their perception of the Nursing Consultation in prenatal care, examine the speeches from the nurses of Primary, weaknesses and potential of the Nursing Consultation in prenatal care. Method: this is a descriptive study from qualitative approach, using the technique of semi-structures interviews, according to Resolution 196/96 of the National Health Council. The study was developed in units of the City Health Department, after approval by the Committee of Ethics and Research of the Department of Health and Civil Defense, with protocol 263/08. Compounding the Coordinator of Health Program Area 3.1 (CAP) of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro. The study subjects were 22 nurses working in CAP 3.1.. Results: self and Identity category: dichotomies in the professional space, explained that the nurses refer to the comprehensive evaluation of prenatal low-risk as an achievement in professional practice, granting autonomy in their work and watch. However, the study highlighted the difficulty that professional development of their professional identity, emerging differences in the construction of its own role. Conclusion: Considering the difficulties and challenges currently faced by the profession for his claim among the area health service to discuss and demarcation of professional identity of nurses. Descriptors: professional autonomy; consultation; nursing maternal child.
Ambiente virtual de aprendizagem no ensino de Enfermagem: relato de experiência Ambiente virtual de aprendizaje en la educación de Enfermería: relato de experiencia Virtual learning environment in nursing education: an experience report
Cláudia Prado,Luiz Carlos Santiago,Jaqueline Alcantara Marcelino Silva,Irene Mari Pereira
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2012,
Abstract: Novas Tecnologias da Informa o/Comunica o oferecem a op o do uso do ambiente virtual de aprendizagem (AVA), o qual possibilita maior interatividade no cotidiano do ensino de enfermagem instigando os educadores a repensarem suas práticas pedagógicas. O objetivo deste estudo foi relatar a experiência do emprego do ambiente virtual no ensino de enfermagem na perspectiva dos estudantes. A disciplina "Educa o em Enfermagem: Tendências e Desafios" foi ministrada a 78 estudantes do 4o semestre do Curso de Gradua o em Enfermagem, dos quais 48 responderam um questionário com quest es fechadas e, dentre estes, 33 responderam uma quest o aberta sobre o uso do AVA. Os alunos consideraram o AVA uma ferramenta facilitadora da aprendizagem, do processo de constru o do conhecimento e intera o entre alunos, professores e tutores enriquecendo, assim, o compartilhamento de idéias e permitindo uma aprendizagem significativa e colaborativa. O estudo revelou a necessidade de potencializa o do uso de AVA no ensino de gradua o em enfermagem. Nuevas Tecnologías de la Información / Comunicación ofrecen la opción de usar un entorno de aprendizaje virtual (VLE), lo que permite una mayor interactividad en la educación de enfermería diario instando a los educadores a modificar sus sistemas de ense anza. El objetivo de este trabajo es presentar la experiencia en el uso de entornos virtuales en la educación de enfermería desde la perspectiva de los estudiantes. La disciplina "Educación de Enfermería: Tendencias y Desafíos" fue ofrecida a 78 alumnos del 4o semestre de pregrado en enfermería, de los cuales 48 respondieron un cuestionario con preguntas cerradas y, entre ellos, 33 respondieron una pregunta abierta sobre el uso de AVA. Los estudiantes consideran el AVA una herramienta facilitadora del aprendizaje, el proceso de construcción del conocimiento y la interacción entre los estudiantes, los profesores y tutores enriqueciendo así el intercambio de ideas y permitir un aprendizaje significativo y colaborativo. El estudio reveló la necesidad de una mejora de la utilización de VLE en la ense anza de pregrado en enfermería New Technologies of Information / Communication offer the option of using a virtual learning environment (VLE), which allows for greater interactivity in daily nursing education urging educators to rethink their teaching practices. The aim of this study was to report the experience of the use of virtual environment in nursing education from the perspective of students. The discipline "Nursing Education: Trends and Challenges" was given to 78 students from th
Estudo epidemiológico de 55 pacientes portadores de doen a vertebral metastática sintomática em Santo André - SP, Brasil Estudio epidemiológico de 55 pacientes con enfermedad metastásica sintomática de la columna vertebral en Santo André - SP, Brasil Epidemiological study of 55 patients with symptomatic metastatic spinal disease in Santo André - SP, Brazil
Edgar Santiago Valesin Filho,Ricardo Tardini,Luiz Carlos de Abreu,Bruno Vieira Motter
Coluna/Columna , 2013,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Apresentar o perfil epidemiológico dos pacientes portadores de doen a vertebral metastática sintomática de servi o público de aten o terciária na regi o do ABC. MéTODO: Avaliamos de Janeiro de 2008 a Janeiro de 2011, 55 pacientes com diagnóstico de metástase vertebral e coletamos dados de idade no diagnóstico de les o metastática, sexo, tipo de tumor, topografia vertebral e sintomatologia. A evolu o da doen a foi observado nas datas: biópsia da neoplasia primária; início de sintomas vertebrais; diagnóstico de doen a vertebral metastática (imagem) e data da cirurgia. RESULTADOS: A idade dos pacientes variou de 28 a 85 anos; 40% homens e 60% mulheres. Os principais tumores foram carcinoma de mama (32,7%), mieloma múltiplo (25,4%) e carcinoma de próstata (14,5%). Observamos 25 pacientes (45,4%) com les es na coluna torácica; 13 pacientes (23,6%) lombares ou sacrais; 11 pacientes (20%) difusas e 6 pacientes (10,9%) cervicais. 34 pacientes (61,8%) apresentavam somente dor, os demais (38,2%) apresentavam também altera o neurológica. O intervalo entre a les o primária e a manifesta o clínica de les o vertebral apresentou mediana de 190 dias; entre a sintomatologia na coluna e o diagnóstico por imagem teve mediana de 70 dias; aos submetidos a cirurgia, entre o diagnóstico e o procedimento foi de 288 dias. CONCLUS O: Observamos os dados epidemiológicas, compatíveis a literatura: predomínio do sexo feminino (60%), com idade média de 55 anos; metástases predominantemente toracolombares (69%) por neoplasia de mama, mieloma múltiplo e próstata (72%). Observamos ampla varia o no intervalo de tempo na descri o cronológica dos eventos clínico-diagnósticos e cirúrgicos. OBJETIVO: Presentar el perfil epidemiológico de los pacientes con síntomas de enfermedad metastásica espinal tratados en el servicio público de atención terciaria en la región del ABC. MéTODO: Se evaluaron 55 pacientes con diagnóstico de metástasis vertebral y se recogieron datos sobre la edad al diagnóstico de la lesión metastásica, sexo, tipo de tumor, la topografía y los síntomas espinales de enero 2008 a enero 2011. La progresión de la enfermedad se observó en las siguientes ocasiones: biopsia del tumor primario, primeros síntomas de la columna vertebral, diagnóstico de la enfermedad metastásica espinal (imágenes) y fecha de la cirugía. RESULTADOS: La edad de los pacientes osciló entre 28 y 85 a os; el 40% eran hombres y el 60% mujeres. Los tumores primarios fueron carcinoma de mama (32,7%), mieloma múltiple (25,4%) y carcinoma de próstata (14,5%). Hemos observado 25 pacientes (45,4%)
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