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Evaluating the Physical Vulnerability of a Typical Tower Structure Using the Method of Finite Elements Evaluación de la vulnerabilidad física de una estructura tipo torre por el método de los elementos finitos
Luisa Maria Veliz Marrero
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2011, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v2i2.46
Abstract: Vulnerability constitutes an integral system that arises as a consequence of the interaction between a series of factors and characteristics which maybe internal or external. The result of this interaction is the blocking or the inability of the analyzed object to respond appropriately to the presence of certain events with the consequent damage and/or the interruption of its functions. Hence, this project makes reference to the physical vulnerability that specifically analyzes the localization of human establishments and the faulty design of the physical structures. Vulnerability is evaluated for all categories of events which are likely to affect the analyzed object independent of the established conditions of the design. This same process determines: the degree of loss or damage caused by natural and/or technological events up to a certain category at a specific time; the hazard to human and the material losses. The interruption of the economic activities and the normal operation of the society are also analyzed, which are aspects known by functional vulnerability. This project applies the method of finite elements to obtain the quantitative evaluation of the vulnerability of telecommunication towers under the effects of hurricanes. La vulnerabilidad constituye un sistema integral que surge como consecuencia de la interacción de una serie de factores y características internas y externas. El resultado de esa interacción es el bloqueo o la incapacidad del objeto analizado para responder adecuadamente ante la presencia de un evento determinado con el consecuente da o y/o la interrupción de sus funciones. Este trabajo hace referencia a la vulnerabilidad física, la cual analiza específicamente la localización de asentamientos humanos y el dise o deficiente de estructuras físicas. La vulnerabilidad se evalúa para todas las categorías de eventos que, como resultado de un análisis de peligros, que pueden afectar el objeto analizado independientemente de las condiciones de dise o establecidas. Además, es el proceso por el cual se precisa el grado de pérdida o da o causado por los eventos naturales y/o tecnológicos, de una categoría determinada en un tiempo específico y que incluyen los da os a personas y las pérdidas materiales. También se analiza la interrupción de las actividades económicas y el normal funcionamiento de la sociedad, aspecto que se conoce por vulnerabilidad funcional. En este trabajo se obtiene la evaluación cuantitativa de la vulnerabilidad a torres de telecomunicaciones ante el efecto de huracanes, utilizando el método de los elementos fi
Adenocarcinoma metastásico a globo ocular. De primario desconocido: reporte de caso revisión de la literatura
Alejandro Brice?o,Eliécer Payares,Nuria Marrero,Luisa Morales
Revista Venezolana de Oncología , 2009,
Abstract: El tejido ocular puede verse afectado por tumores metastásicos. La localización más frecuente de estas metástasis es en la coroides. Las lesiones primarias halladas con mayor frecuencia se localizan en la glándula mamaria en las mujeres (47 %) y en el pulmón en los hombres (25 %). Ocasionalmente, las metástasis oculares pueden constituir la primera manifestación de un tumor primario asintomático. Presentamos el caso de una mujer de 40 a os que consulta a oftalmólogo refiriendo dolor y disminución progresiva de la visión del ojo derecho como consecuencia de una metástasis ocular derecha de un adenocarcinoma bien diferenciado de origen desconocido. Los síntomas oculares fueron la primera manifestación de la enfermedad. The ocular tissue can be involved and affected by metastatictumors. The choroid is the most common localization site for thismetastasis. The most common primarylesionsfoundand involved were in the breast in the female (47 %) and in the lung in male (25 %). Occasionally, ocular metastasis may be the first sign of an asymptomatic primary tumor. We report a case of a 40 year old woman which consults to ophthalmology doctor, she refer a progressive decreased visual acuity in her right eye due as consequence of a right choroid metastasis of an adenocarcinoma of unknown origin. The ocular symptoms were the initial manifestation of the disease.
Plant?o psicológico, universidade pública e política de saúde mental
Schmidt, Maria Luisa Sandoval;
Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas) , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-166X2004000300003
Abstract: this study analyzes the psychological practice in the context of university's crises and the dismount of public mental health services in s?o paulo. it defines the psychological emergency practice and put in evidence the actual empiric panorama due to the health public policy neo-liberal innovations. it presents and discusses the public university modernization and its influence on the university services. finally, it outlines some university services' proposes to face up the crises' situation , specially the psychological emergency practice.
Pesquisa participante e forma??o ética do pesquisador na área da saúde
Schmidt,Maria Luisa Sandoval;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232008000200014
Abstract: the present article discusses ethics concept as dwell and way of dwelling, aiming to articulate it with some elements of participative research from an ethnographic matrix. mainly, it focuses the idea of the ethical subject's autonomy, associating it with self-reflection and alterity in ethnography. yet, it approaches the participative research in an ethnographic perspective as a praxis that induces to health researcher's ethical formation.
Avalia??o acadêmica, ideologia e poder
Schmidt, Maria Luisa Sandoval;
Psicologia USP , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65642011005000017
Abstract: the article discusses the academic evaluation in the context characterized by high productivity. as an introduction, examines the episode of the unproductive list, which ocurred at usp in 1988, trying to point out some trends of the debate on evaluation at the time. it then presents, in general, ideas that constitute the productivist ideology and examines its implications in the construction of a national evaluation system in brazil. finally, consider the effects of this system in academic work, taking as reference publication requirements in the evaluation process.
Pesquisa participante: alteridade e comunidades interpretativas
Schmidt, Maria Luisa Sandoval;
Psicologia USP , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65642006000200002
Abstract: this article presents a set of problems led to research, which seeks the cooperation of individuals, groups and community groups, whose experience, personal and collective, we want to know. based on ethnographic standards of the participative research on anthropology, it focuses on the field research policy and ethics as an identities/alterities dialog and their nexus with the construction of interpretative communities.
Utopia, teoria e a??o:: leitura das propostas grupais na abordagem centrada na pessoa
Schmidt, Maria Luisa Sandoval;
Psicologia: Ciência e Profiss?o , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-98932011000300014
Abstract: this essay analyzes carl rogers’ contributions and vision issues about groups, the conceptions of group meeting and community meeting and the scopes of their practices, locating them in relation to the history of the person centered approach constitution, as well as to the concepts of power and politics developed by rogers from the psychotherapy focused on the client. from the explicitness of the plot ideas and group practices is then derived an interpretation of the presence of utopia and ideology in the rogerian thought. this interpretation is relative to the constructive and negative aspects of utopia and ideology in its relations of opposition and complementarity, as conceptualized by paul ricoeur.
Rela??o família-paciente no transtorno obsessivo-compulsivo
Guedes, Maria Luisa;
Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-44462001000600019
Abstract: this article is based on the notion that obsessive-compulsive behaviors are perpetuated by negative reinforcement. the assessment of such contingencies inevitably leads to the examination of family's interactions, crucial for establishing the severity and prognosis of the disorder . the notion of family accommodation is analyzed as reinforcement contingencies that act upon family members and patients. family members, often desperate and unaware of behavior practices provide inconsistent and intermittent consequences for the patient's behaviors. as a result, abnormal behaviors worsen, get chronic, and there's a general deterioration of the quality of life. it is suggested that, as a part of the routine, the clinician should evaluate systematically and carefully the family's interactions in order to plan and assess effectively his/her therapeutic interventions.
LIBER Workshop "Microfilming and Digitisation for Preservation"
Maria Luisa Cabral
Liber Quarterly : The Journal of European Research Libraries , 2003,
Abstract: The Workshop on "Microfilming and Digitisation for Preservation" which is presented here through papers brought forward held at The Hague on 14-15 April 2003 in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the National Library of the Netherlands, was the outcome of a long process which started nearly three years ago. Cooperation is a good thing - the right thing, hélas! - in all circumstances of life. For libraries, the European Union has been an elected stage to perform all sorts of alliances. We all have memories of successful partnerships; we all have tried to learn from each others 'projects' which swept over Europe. This Workshop was the result of our previous cooperative experience, but also of our conviction about library needs. The LIBER Preservation Division together with the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and European Commission on Preservation and Access (ECPA) elaborated a programme based on different inputs and viewpoints which after long discussions via e-mail finally built up a structure. To identify the appropriate speaker, and to guarantee his/her presence was another organizational level not less arduous, though. Sharing the same commitment was decisive to the success of the Workshop.
Training for professionals engaged on the construction front: the SITdA commitment and the Agreement with ANCE and AFM Edilizia
Maria Luisa Germanà
Techne : Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment , 2012,

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