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Charles Darwin y la ética: de la sociabilidad a la moralidad
Velázquez Jordana,José Luis;
Estudios de Filosofía , 2010,
Abstract: abstract: charles darwin′s most important contribution to moral philosophy is an explanation of the origin and development of the moral condition of the human being exclusively from the perspective of natural history. starting with the publication of the descent of man, in 1871, this statement has aroused strong controversies, to the point of becoming a criterion with which to distinguish the traditional conceptions of morality from the modern conceptions of morality. this essay is an articulated description of the structure of morality according to charles darwin, considering three aspects of moral conscience: the evolutionary origin and the evolutionary stages of its development, the emotional or sentimental basis of morality with special attention to the feeling of sympathy, and the normative dimension inspired by kantian and utilitarian traditions. the main conclusion established here is that the sociability of human beings is a necessary but not sufficient condition of morality. in addition to this, some difficulties found in the statement of darwin when he tried to reconcile the two moral traditions mentioned are gathered.
Velázquez Jordana,José Luis;
Praxis Filosófica , 2009,
Abstract: the discoveries that are linked with the project of the human genome, do not either decrease our sense of freedom or do they confirm that our condition of free beings is that of a fiction. what they really demand is a notion of moral liberty located in a natural world. the content of the exhibition is divided into two parts. in the first one, what is true and what is false in the relations between phenotype and genotype is examined. in the second part, following the modern tradition opened by dr hume and with the support and contributions made by mr e. tugendhat, it is held that the choices made by human beings can be identified with distinct empirical criteria of those characterizing the behavior of other animals, alien of giving them for this reason any responsibility at all.
Actividad coordinada en el cerebro: Reflejo y determinante de comportamientos
Jose Luis Pérez Velázquez
Ciencia Cognitiva : Revista Electrónica de Divulgación , 2009,
Abstract: La actividad coordinada entre distintas áreas cerebrales determina cómo el cerebro procesa la información, y también el comportamiento individual. Sus alteraciones resultan en desviaciones del comportamiento. Específicamente, hay indicios de que los patrones de sincronización cortical son diferentes entre individuos con autismo comparados con no autistas.
Extended Dualization: a method for the Bosonization of Anomalous Fermion Systems in Arbitrary Dimension
José Luis Cortés,Elena Rivas,Luis Velázquez
Physics , 1995, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.53.5952
Abstract: The technique of extended dualization developed in this paper is used to bosonize quantized fermion systems in arbitrary dimension $D$ in the low energy regime. In its original (minimal) form, dualization is restricted to models wherein it is possible to define a dynamical quantized conserved charge. We generalize the usual dualization prescription to include systems with dynamical non--conserved quantum currents. Bosonization based on this extended dualization requires the introduction of an additional rank $0$ (scalar) field together with the usual antisymmetric tensor field of rank $(D-2)$. Our generalized dualization prescription permits one to clearly distinguish the arbitrariness in the bosonization from the arbitrariness in the quantization of the system. We study the bosonization of four--fermion interactions with large mass in arbitrary dimension. First, we observe that dualization permits one to formally bosonize these models by invoking the bosonization of the free massive Dirac fermion and adding some extra model--dependent bosonic terms. Secondly, we explore the potential of extended dualization by considering the particular case of \underbar{chiral} four--fermion interactions. Here minimal dualization is inadequate for calculating the extra bosonic terms. We demonstrate the utility of extended dualization by successfully completing the bosonization of this chiral model. Finally, we consider two examples in two dimensions which illuminate the utility of using extended dualization by showing how quantization ambiguities in a fermionic theory propagate into the bosonized version. An explicit parametrization of the quantization ambiguities of the chiral current in the Chiral Schwinger model is obtained. Similarly, for the sine--Gordon interaction in the massive Thirring model the quantization
A Nambu-Jona-Lasinio like model from QCD at low energies
José Luis Cortés,Jorge Gamboa,Luis Velázquez
Physics , 1997, DOI: 10.1016/S0370-2693(98)00694-7
Abstract: A generalization to any dimension of the fermion field transformation which allows to derive the solution of the massless Schwinger model in the path integral framework is identified. New arguments based on this transformation for a Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) like model as the low energy limit of a gauge theory in dimension greater than two are presented. Our result supports the spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking picture conjectured by Nambu many years ago and the link between QCD, NJL and chiral models.
Estrategia de desarrollo sustentable para generar alimento y empleo: el gusano cuchamá en Zapotitlán Salinas, Puebla, México
Velázquez Soto, Idolina;Porras Maldonado, Alaide;Touron Velázquez, Luis A.;
Argumentos (México, D.F.) , 2008,
Abstract: during the past 25 years, the building of sustainable productive alternatives has been led by indigenous and peasants communities. the project "sustainable development strategy to generate food and employment: the cuchamá worm in zapotitlán salinas, puebla, mexico", is an other example of how the combination of self-management, sustainability, technological synergy and autonomy can result in a high nutritional value product able to integrate the market at an attractive price. the project offers a good experience of new initiatives that contribute to improve the socioeconomic and ecological conditions of these communities that try to find alternatives due to the globalization whose international economic integration pattern impoverishes the country. the analysis uses the fundamental elements of the ecological economy, i.e. multidisciplinarity, methodological plurality and historical openness, to explain the process by which this productive alternative raises the quality of life of the community in ecological, social and economical terms.
Estrategia de desarrollo sustentable para generar alimento y empleo: el gusano cuchamá en Zapotitlán Salinas, Puebla, México
Idolina Velázquez Soto,Alaide Porras Maldonado,Luis A. Touron Velázquez
Argumentos (México, D.F.) , 2008,
Abstract: La construcción de alternativas productivas sustentables durante los últimos 25 a os ha estado encabezada por comunidades indígenas y campesinas. El proyecto "Estrategia de desarrollo sustentable para generar alimento y empleo: el gusano cuchamá en Zapotitlán Salinas, Puebla, México" es un ejemplo más de que el vínculo entre autogestión, sustentabilidad, sinergias tecnológicas y autonomía puede dar como resultado productos de alta calidad nutricional susceptibles de colocarse en el mercado con un precio atractivo. El proyecto ofrece una buena experiencia de nuevas iniciativas que contribuyen a mejorar las condiciones socioeconómicas y ecológicas en aquellas comunidades rurales que están tratando de generar alternativas frente a la globalización, cuyo patrón de integración económica internacional está empobreciendo al país. El análisis aplica los elementos fundamentales de la economía ecológica -multidisciplinariedad, pluralismo metodológico y apertura histórica- para explicar el proceso por el cual esta alternativa productiva eleva la calidad de vida de la comunidad en términos ecológicos, sociales y económicos.
Design and Experimentation of a 1 MW Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine  [PDF]
Miguel Toledo Velázquez, Marcelino Vega Del Carmen, Juan Abugaber Francis, Luis A. Moreno Pacheco, Guilibaldo Tolentino Eslava
Journal of Power and Energy Engineering (JPEE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2014.21002

In this work was carried out the aerodynamics design of a 1 MW horizontal axis wind turbine by using blade element momentum theory (BEM). The generated design was scaled and built for testing purposes in the discharge of an axial flow fan of 80 cm in diameter. Strip theory was used for the aerodynamic performance evaluation. In the numerical calculations was conducted a comparative analysis of the performance curves adding increasingly correction factors to the original equation of ideal flow to reduce the error regarding real operating values got by the experimental tests. Correction factors introduced in the ideal flow equation were the tip loss factor and drag coefficient. BEM results showed good approximation using experimental data for the tip speed ratio less than design. The best approximation of the power coefficient calculation was for tip speed ratio less than 6. BEM method is a tool for practical calculation and can be used for the design and evaluation of wind turbines when the flow rate is not too turbulent and radial velocity components are negligible.

An Alternative Use of Horticultural Crops: Stressed Plants as Biofactories of Bioactive Phenolic Compounds
Daniel A. Jacobo-Velázquez,Luis Cisneros-Zevallos
Agriculture , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/agriculture2030259
Abstract: Plants subjected to abiotic stresses synthesize secondary metabolites with potential application in the functional foods, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agrochemical markets. This approach can be extended to horticultural crops. This review describes previous reports regarding the effect of different postharvest abiotic stresses on the accumulation of phenolic compounds. Likewise, the physiological basis for the biosynthesis of phenolic compounds as an abiotic stress response is described. The information presented herein would be useful for growers and the fresh produce market which are interested in finding alternative uses for their crops, especially for those not meeting quality standards and thus are considered as waste.
Imágenes radiográficas de bienes culturales obtenidas con un sistema portátil de fluorescencia de rayos X modificado
Mendoza Cuevas,Ariadna; Velázquez Maldonado,Luis Ramón;
Nucleus , 2011,
Abstract: abstract the imaging quality of radiographies obtained with a modifi ed portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometer was evaluated for the study of cultural heritage. the proposed instrument uses an x-ray tube with (2 mm) pd anode allowing a 50 kv maximum voltage and 1 ma current. the instrument also equipped with a collimation system, allows to irradiate a square-shaped region in the analyzed object by projecting asquare light beam on its surface. the spatial resolution of the obtained radiographic image makes possible to locate and define perfectly well underlying paintings(pentimenti), to identify filling materials in a painting undergoing a restoration process, as well as radiogrametry of archaeological bone and the identification of a petrified sphere from an archaeological discovery. the radiographic analysis is proposed for the study of physical anthropology in cuba
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