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Poshistoria, filosofía y espiritualidad política
Blengino,Luis Félix;
Ideas y Valores , 2009,
Abstract: this paper raises the issue of the statute of philosophy in what has been called posthistory, from an approach that intends to articulate foucault's diagnosis of the present with rancière's political philosophy. we sustain that the so called postphilosophy is understood as spirituality in the age of the ending metanarratives, and coincides with the age of the expanding biopolitical governmental logic. therefore, philosophy's task, according to foucault, would become a practical one, that is to say, spiritual. we study this spirituality in its political aspect.
Posthistory, Philosophy and Political Spirituality
Luis Félix Blengino
Ideas y Valores , 2009,
Abstract: This paper raises the issue of the statute of philosophy in what has been called posthistory, from an approach that intends to articulate Foucault’s diagnosis of the present with Rancière’s political philosophy. We sustain that the so called postphilosophy is understood as spirituality in the age of the ending metanarratives,and coincides with the age of the expanding biopolitical governmental logic. Therefore, philosophy’s task, according to Foucault, would become a practical one, that is to say, spiritual. We study this spirituality in its political aspect.
Programa de hipertensión arterial. Hospital el Carmen de Santafé de Bogotá
Chiappe Félix M.,Bottia Luis E.
Avances en Enfermería , 1993,
Abstract: El presente trabajo es el producto de la participación de docentes y estudiantes de pre y post-grado de la Facultad de Enfermería de la Universidad Nacional de Bogotá, en el desarrollo del programa de hipertensión arterial en el hasta hace algunos días llamado Hospital El Carmen, hoy Cami II El Carmen Sur, de Santafé de Bogotá, durante más de 14 a os.
Price Regulation in Oligopolistic Markets
Luis C. Corchón,Félix Marcos
ISRN Economics , 2012, DOI: 10.5402/2012/509165
Abstract: We consider price regulation in oligopolistic markets when firms are quantity setters. We consider a market for a homogeneous good with a demand function of special form ( -linearity), constant returns to scale, and identical firms. Marginal costs can take two values only: low or high. Values of all parameters except the marginal costs are known to the regulator. Assuming that the regulator is risk-neutral and maximizes expected social welfare (defined as the sum of consumer surplus and profits), we characterize the optimal policy and show how this policy depends on the basic parameters of demand and costs. 1. Introduction One of the main causes of market failure is lack of competition. Thus, a completely informed and benevolent regulator should be able to find an allocation in which all agents are better off than under oligopolistic competition. A great deal of attention has been devoted to the case in which the regulator lacks sufficient information to implement efficient allocations and a single firm supplies the whole market (see the survey by [1] and the references therein). In contrast, the case of regulation under an oligopoly has been relatively neglected. All the papers we are aware of are generalizations of optimal regulatory schemes that were proposed for the case of a monopoly: Shaffer [2] and Kim and Chang [3] generalized the work of Loeb and Magat [4], Schwermer [5] and Lee [6] generalized the work of Sappington and Sibley [7], and López-Cu?at [8] generalized the work of Baron and Myerson [9]. In this paper, we investigate the performance of a particular mechanism, price regulation, under conditions of oligopolistic competition and compare the welfare properties under its implementation with those of oligopolistic competition, also referred to as the free market (Our model does not answer the question of the optimal mechanism. In fact, Bertrand competition among firms will attain first best results. So in our model, Bertrand competition cannot be enforced by the regulator. For instance, the regulator might enforce price competition among firms but if firms condition prices on outputs, the Cournot competition will result [10]. Another interpretation of our work is that we study the properties of a particular mechanism that has been used in reality). The motivation for our study is that price regulation is (or has been) used to regulate oligopolistic markets such as gasoline, natural gas, electric power generation, telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and so forth. Again, the initial work was done for the case of a regulated
Flexible Polyimide Microelectrodes Array for Transcorneal Electrical Stimulation  [PDF]
Luis Ni?o de-Rivera, Fidel W. Pérez-Tovar, Jorge Santiago Amaya, Félix Gil Carrasco
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2015.88051
Abstract: The relationship between the parameters of Transcorneal Electrical Stimulation (TES) and its neuro-protective effect of TES on axotomised Retinal Ganglion Cells (RGCs) is still unclear. This work discusses the design strategy of a new non conventional TES stimulator, the micro fabrication processes and characterization of an array of MEMS microelectrodes over a flexible polymer layer substrate to stimulate the human cornea. The micro-array of electrodes, over a flexible smooth biocompatible polyimide substrate, fine tunes the curvature of the cornea. This tool can help researchers to define the optimal electric stimulation parameters required in TES.
Un Nuevo Algoritmo para el Cálculo de Flujo óptico y su Aplicación al Registro de Imágenes
Calderón Solorio, Félix;Marroquín Zaleta, José Luis;
Computación y Sistemas , 2003,
Abstract: we present a new algorithm for computing the optical flow which is based in the sum of squared difference between two points and we add a rest condition in order to eliminate outliers. this algorithm only needs a couple o frames and is very robust in presence of noise. we present his application in the register task of magnetic resonance images of human heads with brain atlas in order to do the head segmentation in brain and no brain.
El principio de autonomía unversitaria entre escila y caribdis
Mu?oz Varela, Luis,Castro Soto, Juan Félix
Revista Electrónica Actualidades Investigativas en Educación , 2006,
Abstract: Resumen:Este artículo ofrece un registro y realiza una aproximación de análisis reflexivo, en torno a un breve conjunto de planteamientos abocados al tratamiento del tema de la autonomía en las instituciones de educación superior. El énfasis dispone la revisión de trabajos elaborados especialmente por P. Bourdieu y J-C Passeron, B. Bernstein, L. Garay, R. Barnett, y C. García Guadilla.El propósito consiste básicamente en una revisión documental analítica y reflexiva, a partir de la cual, se pretende ofrecer un referente heurístico provisional para acercarse a la discusión y al debate que, en torno al principio de la autonomía universitaria, se encuentra actualmente en curso para ingresar a las comunidades académicas de la educación superior pública.Abstract: This article offers a view to a group of theses that expose the higher education autonomy issue at the time that it approaches a reflexive analysis around them. There is a special emphasis in the treatment of P. Bordieu, J. C. Passeron, B. Bernstein, L. Garay, R. Barnett, and C. García Guadilla.The purpose is basically to develop an analytical and reflexive bibliographical revision in order to construct a provisional heuristic referent to approach the discussion and the debate around university education autonomy, which is taking place amongst the academic communities related to public university education.
Purificación de Mieles Intermedias. Parte I. Análisis Bibliográfico.
Félix Juan Domínguez Alonso,Jesús Luis Orozco
Avanzada Científica , 2010,
Abstract: El presenta trabajo muestra un análisis bibliográfico sobre el proceso de purificación de mieles intermedias, haciéndose énfasis en los resultados obtenidos en el mismo, así como en la tecnología utilizada para realizar la purificación de la miel. Mostrándose que existe coincidencia en las ventajas tecnológicas del mismo, no así en cuanto a su efectividad económica.
Contribution of defects to the spin relaxation in copper nanowires
Estitxu Villamor,Miren Isasa,Luis E. Hueso,Fèlix Casanova
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.87.094417
Abstract: The contributions to the spin relaxation in copper (Cu) nanowires are quantified by carefully analyzing measurements of both charge and spin transport in lateral spin valves as a function of temperature and thickness. The temperature dependence of the spin-flip scattering solely arises from the scattering with phonons, as in bulk Cu, whereas we identify grain boundaries as the main temperature-independent contribution of the defects in the nanowires. A puzzling maximum in the spin diffusion length of Cu at low temperatures is found, which can be explained by the presence of magnetic impurities. The results presented here suggest routes for improving spin transport in metallic nanostructures, otherwise limited by confinement effects.
Effect of the interface resistance in non-local Hanle measurements
Estitxu Villamor,Luis E. Hueso,Fèlix Casanova
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1063/1.4922247
Abstract: We use lateral spin valves with varying interface resistance to measure non-local Hanle effect in order to extract the spin-diffusion length of the non-magnetic channel. A general expression that describes spin injection and transport, taking into account the influence of the interface resistance, is used to fit our results. Whereas the fitted spin-diffusion length value is in agreement with the one obtained from standard non-local measurements in the case of a finite interface resistance, in the case of transparent contacts a clear disagreement is observed. The use of a corrected expression, recently proposed to account for the anisotropy of the spin absorption at the ferromagnetic electrodes, still yields a deviation of the fitted spin-diffusion length which increases for shorter channel distances. This deviation shows how sensitive the non-local Hanle fittings are, evidencing the complexity of obtaining spin transport information from such type of measurements.
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