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Concentraciones dispersas: Plan de Transporte Urbano de Santiago y geografías de consumo
Bresciani L.,Luis Eduardo;
ARQ (Santiago) , 2002, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-69962002005200015
Abstract: during the last century architects have been seduced by the so- called do it yourself procedures: works made without architects which can be very useful to architectural discipline. but these procedures seems no more interesting when they shift to major urban scales: on the contrary, we architects tend to avoid this reality where land operators, real estate agencies and clients meet. the fact is: the city is made out of this kind of stuff, and bresciani warns us about this complex and dynamic situation that has been operating without architects and urbanists
Fibromialgia: perspectivas de um campo problemático
Aragon, Luis Eduardo Ponciano;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832010000100013
Abstract: this paper related to studies on the contemporary processes of subjectivation and becoming ill, through an affirmative and non-reductionist approach towards fibromyalgia. a method named affirmation of the problematic field was formulated. this sought to resist dialectic approaches and denial of signs and symptoms, in order to pick up the procedurality of the set of affections and the production of signs today, using psychoanalytical, philosophical and clinical tools. indiscernibility of boundaries, multiplication of surfaces and alienation of the participating rhythms of the vital processes of individuation arose as results from the study. an approach taking the body question as a field for political, ethical and clinical incidence was therefore proposed.
A espessura do encontro
Aragon, Luis Eduardo Ponciano;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832003000100002
Abstract: relying on the cartographic method, this article proposes an analysis of the contemporary element of medicine, by means of its interface with psychoanalysis. the cartographic method was chosen to avoid both the perspective of dialectical analysis and the isolation of the "observer" relative to the observed object. the medical scene, being technological, is open to levels of communication/contamination that exceed the usual doctor/patient relation, so that it may support the complexity of interfaces, including unconscious and virtual elements. this complexity, when taken into account, implies in a particular ethic. what is proposed is the use of a so-called "near-concept" to aid in the cartographic task of determining the levels that interfacing comprises. there is a rejection of the voluntarism that leads to the production of "conduct manuals", in order to seek "energy lines" that cross contemporary space and the duo immersed in it, such lines being regarded as pre-individual.
Sobre el objeto de conocimiento de la educación física
Ospina,Luis Eduardo;
Educación y Educadores , 2007,
Abstract: dealing with the object of knowledge of physical education requires, absolutely, a careful examination of its conceptual essence. being at first sight a semantic compund it may happen, and has happened, that counfusions arise and, therefore, the educational fact is distorted as evidenced in the instructionist reductionisms with an apparent sports or military character. therefore, this paper makes a necessary analysis aimed to propose clarity, with the possibility of overcoming the contrapositions, reductionisms and distortions mentioned. the theme is tackled with the intentionality of drawing attention to the ethical and human background implied in self achievement stemming in what is basic corporal and based on what is personalized.
Oxidative stress response in sugarcane
Soares Netto, Luis Eduardo;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572001000100014
Abstract: oxidative stress response in plants is still poorly understood in comparison with the correspondent phenomenon in bacteria, yeast and mammals. for instance, nitric oxide is assumed to play various roles in plants although no nitric oxide synthase gene has yet been isolated. this research reports the results of a search of the sugarcane expressed sequence tag (sucest) database for homologous sequences involved in the oxidative stress response. i have not found any gene similar to nitric oxide synthase in the sucest database although an alternative pathway for nitric oxide synthesis was proposed. i have also found several genes involved in antioxidant defense, e.g. metal chelators, low molecular weight compounds, antioxidant enzymes and repair systems. ascorbate (vitamin c) is a key antioxidant in plants because it reaches high concentrations in cells and is a substrate for ascorbate peroxidase, an enzyme that i found in different isoforms in the sucest database. i also found many enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of low molecular weight antioxidants, which may be potential targets for genetic manipulation. the engineering of plants for increased vitamin c and e production may lead to improvements in the nutritional value and stress tolerance of sugarcane. the components of the antioxidant defense system interact and their synthesis is probably closely regulated. transcription factors involved in regulation of the oxidative stress response in bacteria, yeast and mammals differ considerably among themselves and when i used them to search the sucest database only genes with weak similarities were found, suggesting that these transcription regulators are not very conserved. the involvement of reactive oxygen species and antioxidants in plant defense against pathogens is also discussed.
Cobertura previsional de los trabajadores independientes
Díaz,Luis Eduardo;
Estudios Socio-Jurídicos , 2008,
Abstract: the study examines how, from the traditional work of the independent artisan, we have moved to autonomous work integrated within networks of specialized businesses. this modality is owed not only to the manner in which labor is organized today, to government stimuli, to actions of multilaterals, but also to unemployment. with the purpose of humanizing independent work and rationalizing business costs, an intermediate category of autonomous worker has been created; the semi-dependent who moves between legal freedom and economic independence. the administration, for its part, focuses on broadening social coverage, not always developed for bureaucratic reasons, which is connected to the low density of contributions from the autonomous workers. the challenge put forth is that of provisional coverage for the independents, which is possible whenever citizens participate to resolve social inequality, resulting from the lack of job opportunities, low purchasing power and educational level.
Filosofía como praxis y diálogo. Una introducción a la hermenéutica desde Platón
Gama Barbosa,Luis Eduardo;
Estudios de Filosofía , 2008,
Abstract: abstract: philosophy, more than being a task that aims at creating and establishing an absolute theory of truth, as was the case in the history of philosophy itself of cartesian thought, hegelian thought, husserlian thought, is among other things, an activity, that is, a dialogic praxis which is to be understood as an insertion in the middle of a road which others have already traveled, and this presupposes, immedi- ately, a conception of philosophy as a road of experience that is always open. thus, the present article analyzes philosophical work as a hermeneutical practice that is not only presented as a familiarization with tradition (the example of which is given by using the platonic theory of reminiscence) but also as an inherent break with the said familiarization. therefore, the article tries to present philosophical knowledge and philosophical work from a hermeneutical point of view, whichas such entails conceiving them as a dialogic action through which the philosophical work is stimulated as remembrance, that is, not just as a mere apprehension of concepts or as an establishment of adding up truths, but instead as a human praxis, were philosophy and hermeneutical experience find their true topos.
Educación y democracia
Hoyos,Luis Eduardo;
Estudios de Filosofía , 2010,
Abstract: abstract: in the paper it is presented a conceptual defense of a liberal and democratic conception of education. since the main function of individual?s education consists in his socialization and the existence of educated individuals is the minimal guarantee for a social creative and enriched process, then the development of democracy is internally bounded with the development of education in general and of civic education in particular. therefore the politician, in a democratic system, should be a pedagogue. the reflection, principally conceptual, ends with the presentation of an example of the recent political history of colombia.
Alvarado Prada,Luis Eduardo;
Estudios pedagógicos (Valdivia) , 2008, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-07052008000100009
Abstract: in this article we present systematized knowledge which, we have been building during approximately two decades, concerning social research, and such process has enabled us to develop theoretical-methodological concepts concerning collective research. in this type of research, we consider as elements of major relevance, concepts and practices of formation-research, construction of the research data and construction of the collectives. the various teacher continuing education projects carried out in education establishments and also in other social groups, have permitted us to build up knowledge from which we put forward some theoretical-methodological presuppositions to be discussed and possibly used in the development of new research epistemologies. as the last one, this text presents some elements which will sitúate the discussion about concepts and practices concerning teacher continuing education and that which we propose as continuing education for in-job teachers.
Bosemberg,Luis Eduardo;
Historia Crítica , 2009,
Abstract: after a brief synthesis of a select historiography on the problem of the relations between countries, the author shows, by linking various schools and with his own reflections, that these relations are plural and wide, and proposes the term "networks" to discuss them.
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