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Breve relato histórico da luta por moradia em Salvador: o caso da ocupa o Quilombo de Escada
Luciana da Luz Silva
Antíteses , 2008,
Abstract: A partir da constru o histórica, a nível nacionale local, este artigo discute a problematicado conflito fundiário urbano em Salvador, soba perspectiva da luta de classes que se afiguraentre os movimentos sociais e o capital imobiliário,ressaltando o papel mediador do Estado.Para ilustrar os argumentos explorados, será apresentadoo caso da ocupa o do MSTB (Movimentodos Sem Teto da Bahia) Quilombo de Escada,aqui colocada enquanto parametro da atua odos movimentos sociais de luta por habita oem Salvador. Analisar-se- o informa esauferidas mediante a realiza o de um estudoquali-quantitativo junto à comunidade, no qualforam levantados dados censitários e acerca datrajetória de vida dos militantes do MSTB. Porfim, ser o enumeradas as ila es obtidas apartir da análise transversal e dialógica do instrumentalteórico e da pesquisa empírica.
On the accumulation of organic matter on the southeastern Brazilian continental shelf: a case study based on a sediment core from the shelf off Rio de Janeiro
Carreira, Renato da Silva;Canuel, Elizabeth A.;Macko, Stephen A.;Lopes, Mariana B.;Luz, Letícia G.;Jasmim, Luciana N.;
Brazilian Journal of Oceanography , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-87592012000100008
Abstract: sterol and fatty acid biomarkers and isotopic composition (δ13c and δ15n) of bulk organic matter (om) were quantified in a sediment core to characterize the accumulation of autochthonous om in an area on the continental shelf adjacent to rio de janeiro state. in the sediment surface (0-1 cm) the concentration of total sterols and fatty acids was at least one order of magnitude higher than that measured deeper down in the core and was dominated by labile and planktonic-derived biomarker compounds. these results suggest, as is confirmed by multivariate statistical analysis, the occurrence of an event of enhanced primary production in the water column and efficient export of particles to the bottom. similar conditions have been observed at cabo frio, located 150 km to the north of our study site, during an upwelling event, suggesting that such events may exert a regional influence on primary production on the south-eastern brazilian continental shelf. beyond the signatures from this event, the presence of biomarker compounds from vascular plants suggests the additional influence of an outflow from guanabara bay at the study site. these results point to the need for further investigation of the relative influence of physical forcings and continental inputs on the biogeochemical processes on the section of the continental shelf considered in the present study.
Foliar carbohydrates content and invertase activity in vines at S?o Francisco River Valley - Brazil
Dantas, Barbara Fran?a;Ribeiro, Luciana de Sá;Silva, Alexandro Pereira da;Luz, Sara Raquel de Souza;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452005000200004
Abstract: the irrigated agriculture at the s?o francisco river valley, northeast brazil, shows an increasing production of grapes for winery. among the wines produced there the one obtained from vitis vinifera l., cultivar syrah, stands out due to its adaptation to the climatic conditions of the region. however, little is known about carbohydrates metabolism of vines cultivated in this region. the objective of this work was to evaluate sugar and starch contents and the invertase activity in vines leaves during two consecutive growing seasons. the experiment was carried out at embrapa semi-árido and at santa maria winery, respectively located in petrolina and lagoa grande, pernambuco-brazil. leaves were collected weekly from january to december of 2003 and assessed for reducing sugars, total soluble sugars and starch contents, as well as for acid (ai) and neutral invertases (ni). the results showed that reducing sugars, total soluble sugars and starch contents increased during fruit maturation and are influenced by temperature, radiation and insolation variations. the second growing season showed higher reducing sugars and total soluble sugars content and lower starch content in the leaves than the first one. ai activity was higher than ni activity and these also varied according to weather conditions. during berries ripening, leaves showed higher sugar content and invertase activity, suggesting a higher sugar metabolism and transport during this phase.
Clinical and epidemiological profile of blood donors with positive serology for viral hepatitis in southern Brazil
Silveira, Luciana da;Schiavon, Leonardo de Lucca;Silva, Kerley Pereira da;Lopes, Thiago Barbieri;Zaccaron, Marcos da Rocha;Narciso-Schiavon, Janaína Luz;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822011005000028
Abstract: introduction: positive serological tests for hepatitis viruses b and c at blood banks are an important reason for blood deferral. additionally, high residual risk for transfusing hepatitis-contaminated blood has been estimated in southern brazil. this study aimed to identify risk factors for positive serological tests for viral hepatitis (vh) in blood donors (bd). methods: a case-control study included consecutive bd with positive serology for vh, between 2008 and 2009. cases and controls (bd with negative serology for vh) were paired 1:1 by sex and donation date. assessment of clinical and epidemiological characteristics related to viral hepatitis was conducted. results: among 1,282 blood donors (641 cases and 641 controls), those with positive serology for viral hepatitis had higher mean age (p<0.001); higher proportion of replacement donation (p<0.001); first donation (p<0.001); and interviewer deferment (p=0.037), compared to controls. furthermore, donors with positive tests were less regular donors (p<0.001), had less previous history of rejection (p=0.003) and showed lower hematocrit median before donation (p=0.019). multivariate analysis demonstrated that age (or=1.056, 95%ci 1.042-1.069, p<0.001), replacement donation (or=1.545, 95%ci 1.171-2.038, p=0.002) and first donation (or=9.931, 95%ci 7.486-13.173, p<0.001) were independently associated with positivity of serological tests for viral hepatitis. conclusions: specific characteristics of blood donors were associated with positive serology for viral hepatitis. these peculiarities should be taken into account when assessing candidates for blood donation.
Avalia??o do broncoespasmo induzido pelo exercício avaliado pelo Peak Flow Meter em adolescentes obesos
Silva, Luciana Oliveira e;Silva, Patrícia Le?o da;Nogueira, Ana Maria Oliveira Caixeta;Silva, Morgana Borges;Luz, Gabriela Costa Pontes;Narciso, Fernanda Veruska;Carvalho, Eliane Maria de;Cheik, Nadia Carla;
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922011000600004
Abstract: introduction: children and adolescents who are overweight have a higher prevalence of exercise-induced bronchospasm (eib), as compared to eutrophics. spirometry and peak flow meter are important evaluation methods of lung function. however, the applicability of the peak expiratory flow (peak flow meter) in the detection of eib in children and adolescents who are overweight is not known, hence the development of this research. objectives: to evaluate and compare the onset of exercise-induced bronchospasm (eib) in children and adolescents non-asthmatic who are overweight, evaluated by spirometry and the peak flow meter (pef). methods: the study included 39 volunteers above the 85th percentile (ob) and 30 normal weight (eu), with the age of 8 to 15 years. the evaluation of lung function before and after bronchial provocation test was performed by spirometry and peak flow meter, according to the protocol of del río-navarro et al, (2000). the eib was considered positive when the volunteer showed a reduction > 10% of baseline fev1 or > 20% reduction in pef pfm and / or pefe. results: the detection of the bie, the prevalence of obese group was 26% measured by peak flow meter (pef pfm) and 23% for fev1. the time of the bie occurred with the first 15 minutes post-exercise in both parameters: (pfe pfm) and fev1. conclusion: the obese volunteers presented similar time and prevalence of eib, when evaluated by both methods of pulmonary assessment. the easy handling and low cost from this method created greater accessibility for the general population from the peak flow meter, which shows its importance as part of an educational program in the initial diagnosis of eib in large airway caliber.
Uma introdu o ao Ensino da Filosofia
Luciana da Silva Teixeira
Educar em Revista , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s0104-40602012000400019
Academic Management Actions Facing Reforms in Curriculum and in Competencies Required to Graduating from an Accounting Sciences Course  [PDF]
Vilma Geni Slomski, Luciana Regina da Silva Souza, Anísio Candido Pereira, Antonio Carlos Ribeiro da Silva
Creative Education (CE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2016.77095
Abstract: This study aimed to assess academic management actions facing the set of professional competencies that graduates from an Accounting Sciences course need to graduate. To this end, we carried out a qualitative descriptive study. Data were collected through interviews and analyzed using content analysis. We found that the set of graduates’ professional competencies concerning organizational, technical-professional and social spheres requires academic management actions such as: 1) democratic governance and collective development of a curricular pedagogical project; 2) establishment of places for interaction between fields/disciplines (structuring teaching core); 3) use of conflict management strategies; 4) activities that favor professional ethics; 5) activities that favor leadership, commitment and trust; 6) curriculum flexibility; 7) strategic planning and evaluation of actions; 8) professional self-development. Activities and mechanisms that encourage the participation of all those involved in decision-making characterize democratic management and academic management’s leadership. We conclude that democratic-participative management may favor professionals’ graduation processes in the contemporary world, and may be a way of ensuring the development of students’ cognitive, operational, social and moral competencies, through their commitment to curriculum dynamics, to the development of thought and creation processes, to the establishment of participatory citizenship and to ethical education.
O “admirável mundo” de Veja: influências sociais de uma revista de informa o
Carla Luciana Souza da Silva
Historia Actual Online , 2008,
Abstract: En este articulo analizamos los asuntos que son abordados por la revista brasilera Veja acerca de la conducta y el “mundo del espectáculo”. Es solamente como apariencia que ellos suelen ser analizados desde fuera de la economía política, porque ellos son esenciales para e mantenimiento y reproducción del sistema del capital. Ellos se relacionan en el desarrollo de una contra-reforma moral e intelectual, definiendo estilos de vida, lo que es central para el proyecto político y económico que ha sido gestado en los medios de comunicación. La revista actúa concretamente para educar la sociedad acerca del programa político ancho, que no sólo congrega las decisiones políticas sino también el espectro cultural y económico.
Characterization of Nickel Alloy 600 with Ultra-Fine Structure Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation Technique (SPD)  [PDF]
Waldemar Alfredo Monteiro, Silvio Luis Ventavele da Silva, Luciana Ventavele da Silva, Arnaldo Homobono Paes de Andrade, Luis Carlos Elias da Silva
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2017.54004
Abstract: High strength nickel based alloys are used in a multitude of advanced systems where lightweight, high power density mechanical power transmission systems are required. Components such as gears, bearings and shafts could be made significantly smaller and more durable if a major improvement in nickel based alloy mechanical properties could be achieved. An important refinement in grain size (includes nanometric level) is thought to be a promising method for achieving fundamental improvements in mechanical properties. Grain size is known to have a significant effect on the mechanical behavior of materials. One of the most favorable methods of achieving extreme grain refinement is by subjecting the materials to severe plastic deformation (SPD). The principal micro-structural variations in superalloys are the precipitation amount and morphology, grain size and the distribution of carbide precipitation that could reduce the mechanical properties of the alloys. This work shows optical and transmission electron microscopy analysis and also hardness data after severe plastic deformation (pure shear stress).
Maria da Luz Duarte Leite SILVA,Ananias Agostinho da SILVA
Revista Memento , 2012,
Abstract: O objetivo deste estudo é refletir sobre a individua o da protagonista do conto “O GrandePasseio”, integrante da coletanea Felicidade clandestina (1998), de Clarice Lispector. O caráterintrospectivo dos personagens e o questionamento sobre a existência s o aspectos reconhecidos pelacrítica como marca da fic o desta autora. Em “O Grande Passeio”, o alheamento constitui o drama deMargarida, uma senhora abandonada pela família, que vive as margens de si mesma e do mundo. Aruína do sujeito e seu desmoronamento s o marcas de individua o e também tra os significativospara a compreens o do conteúdo narrado. é, pois, seguindo esta linha de reflex o que tomaremoscomo base o conceito de individua o formulado por Jung (2008), bem como os estudos de Bravo(1998), Freud (1996) dentre outros, para refletirmos sobre o jogo da individua o que ocorre no conto,através de processos epifanicos, que descentram a identidade da protagonista, atingindo seuestranhamento e, consequentemente, sua individua o.
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