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Trust and Privacy: Informal Ways to Assess Risk on Opportunistic Exchanges
Müller Robertro Pereira Gon?alves,,Edson Dos Santos Moreira,Luciana Andréia Fondazzi Martimiano
International Journal of Computer Science & Applications , 2009,
Anatomical aspect of the hard palate of the Cebus apella (Linnaeus, 1766) primates
Amanda Rocha Mortoza,Vanessa da Silva Ferreira,Polyana Alves Siqueira,Andréia Luciana Martins Ramos
Biotemas , 2008,
Abstract: Fourteen hard palates of neotropical primates were studied (Cebus apella), fixed on formaldehyde (10%) and preserved in ethylic alcohol (70%), collected according to the International Bioethics Committee. The animals were supplied by the Medicine College Veterinary Medicine and Zootecnica of the University of S o Paulo in 1994. They originated from the S o Paulo Zoo. They had died naturally. Measurement (in centimeters) of the viscerocranium (8 adults and 6 young animals) was made, including palatine length (PL), interpremolar distance (ID), intermolar distance (ID), interorbital distance (IDi), and midface height (MH). The palatine anatomy showed complete right crests (7.64 to 1.22), complete left crests (8.07 to 1.71), incomplete right crests (1.71 to 1.43), and incomplete left crests (1.64 to 1.3). The diasten between the lateral incisive teeth was the main anatomical landmark for the anterior end of the crest, and the landmark for the posterior end was the second molar teeth for all the specimens. The palate is very peculiar: mild concave, from the dental arcade to the median line, covered by the non-pigmented mucous tissue, with osseous structure composed of horizontal layers of the maxilar and palatine bones; sub mucous tissue attached to the periosteum and mucous tissue showing relatively prominent palatine crests. The crests appear as a rigid elevation of the mucous tissue, with some variations at the antimers. It may be concluded that the length of the hard palate is strongly related to the maturity of the animal, relative to the interorbital distance, and that the latter is also related to the length of the palate and the labial opening.
Respiratory exercise program for elderly individuals with asthma
Gomieiro, Ludmila Tais Yazbek;Nascimento, Andréia;Tanno, Luciana Kase;Agondi, Rosana;Kalil, Jorge;Giavina-Bianchi, Pedro;
Clinics , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1807-59322011000700007
Abstract: introduction: asthma in older adults is frequently underdiagnosed, as reflected by approximately 60% of asthma deaths occurring in people older than age 65. objective: the present study evaluates the effects of a respiratory exercise program tailored for elderly individuals with asthma. we are not aware of any other reports examining breathing exercises in this population. methods: fourteen patients concluded the 16-week respiratory exercise program. all the patients were evaluated with regard to lung function, respiratory muscle strength, aerobic capacity, quality of life and clinical presentation. results: after 16 weeks of this open-trial intervention, significant increases in maximum inspiratory pressure and maximum expiratory pressure (27.6% and 20.54%, respectively) were demonstrated. considerable improvement in quality of life was also observed. the clinical evaluations and daily recorded-symptoms diary also indicated significant improvements and fewer respiratory symptoms. a month after the exercises were discontinued, however, detraining was observed. discussion: in conclusion, a respiratory exercise program increased muscle strength and was associated with a positive effect on patient health and quality of life. therefore, a respiratory training program could be included in the therapeutic approach in older adults with asthma.
Western blotting using Strongyloides ratti antigen for the detection of IgG antibodies as confirmatory test in human strongyloidiasis
Silva Luciana Pereira,Barcelos Ivanildes Solange da Costa,Passos-Lima Andréia Barcelos,Espindola Foued Salmen
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2003,
Abstract: The present study was conducted to evaluate the frequency of antigenic components recognized by serum IgG antibodies in Western blotting (WB) using a Strongyloides ratti larval extract for the diagnosis of human strongyloidiasis. In addition, the WB results were compared to the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and the indirect immunofluorescence antibody test (IFAT) results. Serum samples of 180 individuals were analyzed (80 with strongyloidiasis, 60 with other intestinal parasitoses, and 40 healthy individuals). S. ratti was obtained from fecal culture of experimentally infected Rattus rattus. For IFAT, S. ratti larvae were used as antigen and S. ratti larval antigenic extracts were employed in WB and ELISA. Eleven S. ratti antigenic components were predominantly recognized by IgG antibodies in sera of patients with strongyloidiasis. There was a positive concordance for the three tests in 87.5% of the cases of strongyloidiasis. The negative concordance in the three tests was 94% and 97.5%, in patients with other intestinal parasitoses and healthy individuals, respectively. In cases of positive ELISA and negative IFAT results, diagnosis could be confirmed by WB. ELISA, IFAT, and WB using S. ratti antigens showed a high rate of sensitivity and specificity. In conclusion, WB using S. ratti larval extract was able to recognize 11 immunodominant antigenic components, showing to be a useful tool to define the diagnosis in cases of equivocal serology.
Curvas de crescimento e perfil dietético de recém-nascidos pré-termo com peso adequado para a idade gestacional durante a hospitaliza o Curvas de crecimiento y perfil dietético de recién nacidos pretérmino con peso adecuado para la edad gestacional durante hospitalización Growth curves and dietary profile of preterm newborns with appropriate weight for gestational age during hospital stay
Mayla Paula T. Simplício,Andréia Queiroz Ribeiro,Luciana Ferreira R. Sant'Ana,Juliana Farias de Novaes
Revista Paulista de Pediatria , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s0103-05822012000300009
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Elaborar curvas de crescimento e estabelecer o perfil dietético de recém-nascidos pré-termo com peso adequado para a idade gestacional (AIG) durante a interna o após o nascimento. MéTODOS: Estudo coorte retrospectivo e descritivo de recém-nascidos pré-termo AIG, nascidos entre janeiro de 2006 e dezembro de 2007, internados em um hospital de Vi osa, Minas Gerais, Brasil. Foram coletadas informa es sobre as medidas antropométricas ao nascer e sua evolu o (peso diário e comprimento, perímetro cefálico e torácico semanal) e sobre a evolu o diária da dieta. A partir dos dados coletados foram construídas curvas de crescimento referentes às medidas ao nascer e àquelas no pós-natal, em fun o da idade gestacional, as quais foram comparadas às referências nacionais e internacionais. Além da análise descritiva, foram feitos ajustes por fun es polinomiais de terceiro grau para modela o das curvas de crescimento. RESULTADOS: Foram incluídos no estudo 68 recém-nascidos pré-termo AIG, com idade gestacional média de 33,2±2,6 semanas. Observou-se uma grande concordancia entre as curvas do percentil 50 das quatro medidas antropométricas ao nascer em estudo e as curvas do percentil 50 de crescimento intrauterino. Entretanto, as curvas do percentil 50 das medidas antropométricas no período pós-natal foram similares às curvas do percentil 10 ou -2 desvios-padr o de crescimento intrauterino. Durante a interna o, 84,6% das crian as receberam leite materno; entretanto, a mediana encontrada do percentual dos dias de uso do leite materno em fun o do tempo de interna o foi de somente 50% (2 a 100%). CONCLUS ES: Os ganhos antropométricos durante o período de interna o n o reproduzem o ganho intrauterino. Observou-se a necessidade de maior oferta do leite materno durante o período de interna o. OBJETIVO: Elaborar curvas de crecimiento y establecer el perfil dietético de recién nacidos pretérmino adecuados para la edad gestacional durante internación después del nacimiento. MéTODOS: Estudio de cohorte retrospectivo y descriptivo de recién nacidos pretérmino adecuados para la edad gestacional, nacidos entre enero de 2006 y diciembre de 2007, internados en un hospital de Vi osa, Minas Gerais, Brasil. Fueron recogidas informaciones sobre las medidas antropométricas al nacer a lo largo del periodo de internación (peso diario, longitud, perímetro cefálico y torácico semanal) y sobre la evolución diaria de la dieta. A partir de los datos recogidos, fueron construidas curvas de crecimiento referentes a las medidas al nacer y a aquellas post-natales, en función de la ed
Avalia o e diagnóstico das condi es de trabalho em duas indústrias de baterias chumbo-ácidas no Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Mattos Ubirajara Aluizio de Oliveira,Fortes Júlio Domingos Nunes,Shubo Andréia Menezes da Rocha,Portela Luciana Fernandes
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2003,
Abstract: A análise do processo produtivo e das condi es de trabalho em fábricas de baterias chumbo-ácidas apresenta uma gama de informa es mais completas do que as que têm sido discutidas até ent o. O presente estudo analisa o processo produtivo de duas indústrias de baterias no Rio de Janeiro. A metodologia utilizada aborda o assunto de uma forma qualitativa, utilizando como ferramentas entrevistas estruturadas com os trabalhadores e análise do ambiente de trabalho. O principal objetivo deste artigo é mostrar uma metodologia de análise com vis o ambiental ressaltando os riscos inerentes a estas atividades com uso de mapas de riscos, através de sua constru o nos ambientes estudados. Os resultados sugerem um conjunto de recomenda es, baseadas na literatura científica e nas normas de seguran a e medicina do trabalho explicitadas pela legisla o brasileira.
Chemical Abundances of the S star GZ Peg
Luciana Pompéia
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1071/AS08041
Abstract: The chemical compositions of stars from the Asymptotic Giant Branch are still poorly known due to the low temperatures of their atmospheres and therefore the presence of many molecular transitions hampering the analysis of atomic lines. One way to overcome this difficulty is by the study of lines in regions free from molecular contamination. We have chosen some of those regions to study the chemical abundance of the S-type star GZ Peg. Stellar parameters are derived from spectroscopic analysis and a metallicity of -0.77 dex is found. Chemical abundances of 8 elements are reported and an enhancement of s-process elements is inferred, typical to that of an S-type star.
Child sexual abuse in southern Brazil and associated factors: a population-based study
Diego G Bassani, Lilian S Palazzo, Jorge U Béria, Luciana P Gigante, Andréia CL Figueiredo, Denise RGC Aerts, Beatriz CW Raymann
BMC Public Health , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-9-133
Abstract: A two-stage sampling strategy was used and individuals were invited to respond to a confidential questionnaire in their households. CSA was defined as non-consensual oral-genital, genital-genital, genital-rectal, hand-genital, hand-rectal, or hand-breast contact/intercourse between ages 0 and 18. Associations between socio-demographic variables and CSA, before and after age 12, were estimated through multinomial regression.Complete data were available for 1936 respondents from 1040 households. Prevalence of CSA among girls (5.6% 95%CI [4.8;7.5]) was higher than among boys (1.6% 95%CI [0.9;2.6]). Boys experienced CSA at younger ages than girls and 60% of all reported CSA happened before age 12. Physical abuse was frequently associated with CSA at younger (OR 5.6 95%CI [2.5;12.3]) and older (OR 9.4 95%CI [4.5;18.7]) ages. CSA after age 12 was associated with an increased number of sexual partners in the last 2 months.Results suggest that CSA takes place at young ages and is associated with physical violence, making it more likely to have serious health and developmental consequences. Except for gender, no other socio-demographic characteristic identified high-risk sub-populations.Child sexual abuse (CSA) is one of the most stressful life events, and is associated with many adverse consequences, including physical and mental health problems, substance abuse and criminality [1]. Research in child sexual abuse has been plagued by non-representative sampling, deficient controls and limited statistical power [2]. Most available studies use school-based samples and likely underestimate child sexual abuse prevalence; on the other hand, clinic-based or out of school samples may over-estimate it. Prevalence of child sexual abuse in developed countries ranges between 6% and 60% for women and 3% and 30% for men [3,4]. This variability is a consequence of both the different definitions of child sexual abuse, measurement tools, and the populations studied [1,5]. The present study
Os componentes motor e visual de uma tarefa-dupla devem ser associados ou isolados durante o treinamento?
Voos, Mariana Callil;Pinheiro, Gisele Braga;Cicca, Luciana Olcerenko;Lázaro, Andréia;Valle, Luiz Eduardo Ribeiro do;Piemonte, Maria Elisa Pimentel;
Fisioterapia e Pesquisa , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-29502008000100006
Abstract: the association of tasks (dual-task) has functional importance in daily activities; people usually have to learn new tasks. it is unclear whether tasks should be trained isolated or associated. this experiment aimed at verifying whether the best dual-task performance occurs after training isolated or associated tasks. twenty volunteers underwent initial assessment, training, and final assessment; ten trained associated tasks (at) and the others trained tasks separately (it). the motor task consisted of alternating steps between the ground and a platform. the visual task measured the ability to name two visual stimuli displayed on a computer screen (bus or truck). the number of step alternations per second in the absence and presence of the visual task, and the number of errors in the visual task in the absence and presence of the motor task, were counted and statistically analysed. the at group showed both motor (initial 1.10 alternations/s, final 1.25 alternations/s; p=0.028) and visual (initial 9.3 errors, final 6.9 errors; p=0.039) improvement in performance. the same did not occur to the it group: motor improvement did not reach significance level, probably due to the higher variability in the number of step alternations per second during training, and no visual improvement was shown (p=0.844). it may thus be said that the kind of training interfered on performance. the best performance occurred after dual-task training.
Host nutritional status as a contributory factor to the remodeling of schistosomal hepatic fibrosis
Coutinho, Eridan M;Barros, Andréia F;Barbosa Jr, Aryon;Oliveira, Sheilla A;Silva, Luciana M;Araújo, Roni E;Andrade, Zilton A;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762003000700011
Abstract: weaning swiss mice were percutaneously infected with 30 cercariae of schistosoma mansoni and submitted to a shifting either from a deficient to a balanced diet or vice-versa, for 24 weeks. the nutritional status was weekly evaluated by measurements of growth curves and food intake. hepatic fibrosis and periovular granulomas were studied by histological, morphometric and biochemical methods. all mice fed on a deficient diet failed to develop periportal "pipestem" fibrosis after chronic infection. an unexpected finding was the absence of pipestem fibrosis in mice on normal diet, probably related to the sample size. the lower values for nutritional parameters were mainly due to the deficient diet, rather than to infection. liver/body weight ratio was higher in "early undernutrition" group, after shifting to the balanced diet. volume density and numerical density of egg granulomas reached lowest values in undernourished animals. the amount of collagen was reduced in undernourished mice, attaining higher concentrations in well-fed controls and in "late undernutrition" (balanced diet shifted to a deficient one), where collagen deposition appeared increased in granulomas. that finding suggested interference with collagen degradation and resorption in "late" undernourished animals. thus, host nutritional status plays a role in connective tissue changes of hepatic schistosomiasis in mice.
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