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Precariedad laboral y pobreza: los límites de la ciudadanía en la sociedad neoliberal
Luca Marsi
Historia Actual Online , 2011,
Abstract: La creciente expansión de la precariedad laboral y de la pobreza, vinculada al desmantelamiento del Estado del Bienestar en los países europeos, reduce fuertemente los derechos reales que tiene el individuo de participar activamente en la vida social, política y económica, y de ser un ciudadano en el pleno sentido del término. El presente artículo entiende brindar una reflexión sobre estos temas y sobre su relación con las contradicciones intrínsecas del capitalismo y del neoliberalismo. Palabras Clave: Precariedad, contrataciones atípicas, pobreza, capitalismo, neoliberalismo ___________________________ Abstract: The increasing expansion of labour precariousness and poverty, together with the dismantling of the social welfare state in the European countries, strongly reduces the possibilities of an individual to participate in socio-political life and to exercise his full citizenship rights. This paper intends to explore these issues and to connect them with an analysis of of the inner contradictions of capitalism and neoliberalism. Keywords: Labour precariousness, atypical forms of employment, poverty, capitalism, neoliberalism.
El pensamiento
Luca Marsi
Historia Actual Online , 2007,
Abstract: El presente trabajo propone una reflexión crítica sobre cómo puede enfocarse el estudio de la ideología dominante del modelo neoliberal. A partir de un análisis de los rasgos propios de la llamada sociedad postmoderna, se estudian los aspectos fundamentales del pensamiento “economicista”, fundación ideológica y axiológica sobre la que descansa el poder de las élites económicas dominantes. Dentro de este marco analítico, se hace especial hincapié en el papel desempe ado por las multinacionales para la elaboración e implementación del proyecto ideológico neoliberal, pero sin olvidar que la labor de dichas empresas forma parte de un intenso y coherente “trabajo de equipo”, llevado a cabo por múltiples y variadas instituciones políticas, sociales, económicas y culturales.
Phosphate Adsorption Capacity and Organic Matter Effect on Dynamics of P Availability in Upland Ultisol and Lowland Inceptisol
Jurnal Tanah Tropika , 2011,
Abstract: Ultisols and Inceptisols were used to investigate the adsorption-desorption capacity of P and the effect of organic matter on the dynamics of P availability in tropical acid soils. The experiment consisted of two sub-experiments. Sub-experiment I was to study the adsorption-desorption capacity of Ultisols, Fresh-water lowland Inceptisols, and tidal-swamp Inceptisols. Therefore, surface soils (0 to 30 cm) of each tested soil were treated with 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 170, and 200 mg P kg-1 of soil. Sub-experiment II was to study the effects of organic matter application (0, 5, 10, and 15 Mg ha-1) on the dynamics of available P following 60d incubation under room temperature. P fertilizer application significantly affected water soluble-P (WSP) (p<0.01) and soil available P-Bray and Kurtz No. 1 (BKP) (p<0.01) in the three tested soils. The different response of both WSP and BKP confirmed that the soils tested in the current experiment had different soil P buffering capacity in the order of Tidal-lowland Inceptisol>Upland Ultisol>fresh-water Lowland Inceptisol. OM application increased the BKP in all tested soils as compared to the control. Differences in pattern of soil available P dynamics over time were detected between upland soil and two lowland soils used in the current experiment.
Optimum Population Size of Indigenous P-solubilizing Bacteria to Correct P Availability in Acid Soils
Jurnal Tanah Tropika , 2011,
Abstract: Indonesian acid soils were used to determine an optimum population size of indigenous P-solubilizing bacteria (PSB) for solubilizating fixed P. The experiment consisted of two sub-experiments. Sub-experiment I was to isolate the indigenous PSB from Ultisols, Fresh-water lowland Inceptisols, and tidal-swamp Inceptisols. Sub-expriment II was to study the capacity of the isolated PSB to correct P availability in acid soils by inoculating the isolated PSB into the tested soils at 0, 105, 1010, and 1015 cells. The population of the indigenous PSB in the tested soils increased as a result of the inoculation. Both Al-P and Fe-P content in the three tested soils decreased as compared with the initial content. The increases of available P were significantly correlated with the decreases both in Al-P (r2 = 0.68 for the Ultisols; r2 = 0.51 for the fresh-water Inceptisols; and r2 = 0.35 for the tidal-swamp Inceptisols) and in Fe-P (r2 = 0.91 for the Ultisols; r2 = 0.45 for the fresh-water lowland Inceptisols; and r2 = 0.78 for the tidal-swamp Inceptisols). The increases of available P were significantly correlated with the increases of the population of the PSB (r2 = 0.60 for the Ultisols; r2 = 0.55 for the fresh-water lowland Inceptisols; and r2 = 0.69 for the tidal-swamp Inceptisols). The available P in the three tested soils sharply increased if the population size of the PSB was about 1 × 109 cfu g-1 of soil.
Deregulated Electricity Market and Auctions: The Italian Case  [PDF]
Luca Grilli
iBusiness (IB) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2010.23030
Abstract: The Electricity Market (in Europe) undergoes a period of transformations never seen before. The competitive model suggested by the European Commission is based on a gradual increase in the classes of consumers able to choice, freely, their providers. In general, liberalization, deregulation, competition result in a spur to development and low prices for consumers. The Electricity Market isn’t likely to follow such a rule. Electricity Markets are best described and analyzed as first-price multi-unit procurement iterated auctions. In this paper we present an analysis of the Italian case in order to show the effects of deregulation on final prices for users.
Positional release techniques as a diagnostic-therapeutic approach in physiotherapy  [PDF]
Luca Collebrusco
Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (OJTR) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojtr.2014.21004
Abstract: Manual Therapy is a rehabilitative approach based on the use of therapeutic procedures that includes several techniques, but this paper focuses on what is known as Positional Release (PR), a therapeutic model that includes a series of manoeuvres that are mainly used for the treatment of soft tissue. A deeper understanding of this type of therapeutic approach, especially its well known and widespread variant, Strain-Counterstrain, could, through controlled trials and systematic reviews, confirm its effectiveness, definitively explain the neurophysiological mechanism, and therefore make Positional Release another indispensable option in the professional expertise of the physiotherapist.
An Integrated Rehabilitation Model: An Ideal Framework for Limiting Health Care Costs  [PDF]
Luca Collebrusco
Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (OJTR) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojtr.2015.31002
Abstract: The financial crisis has caused a severe limitation of resources for the public health service and rehabilitation. The proposal of integrated diagnosis and treatment in rehabilitation, involving the introduction of new therapeutic models alongside orthodox models, could lead to a reduction in health care costs through better patient compliance. In rehabilitative assistance in health care, the limiting of financial resources can be simplified, given its multifaceted nature and the need to integrate clinical experience with research. In addition, the phases of rehabilitative recovery do not focus on organ damage, but improved participation and the reduction of disability. For this reason, we have considered incorporating narrative based medicine (NBM) and Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Endocrinology (PNEI) in the rehabilitation process through an empathetic approach, taking evidence based medicine (EBM) into account, thus creating a “framework” of reference. Managing patients through this “framework” would be a move towards an integrated model of care that could lead to a reduction in health care costs, given the aging population and the rise in patients with chronic pain. The decision to modify health care in rehabilitative assistance through a new “framework” will require time, organizational capacity and experimentation, but may represent the appropriate response for an improved quality of life for patients and a better allocation of resources.
New Risks and the Reframing of Local Welfare as Social Investment: The Case of the FORJAD Program in Switzerland  [PDF]
Luca Martignani
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2016.61002
Abstract: FORJAD (Formation Professionelle pour le Jeunes Adults en Difficulté) was a program of social policy implemented in Switzerland since 2006. Its specific aim is to sustain the professional training of young unemployed adults (18 - 25) in order to allow them to become autonomous from the social assistance and to (re)entry into the labour market. This paper deals with specific dimensions of this program, with particular reference to its complex and plural governance and to the cultural framework of the Social Investment Welfare State (SIWS). This paradigm tries to connect the logics of activation and training with the necessity to realize a better quality of welfare services and to invest in personal capabilities of welfare recipients. In this framework, FORJAD seems to represent a social innovation realized to contrast at a local level the young unemployment as an example of emergent new social risks.
Increasing the stability of bioethanol/gas oil emulsions by a new emulsion additive
J. Hancsók,Z. Eller,G. Marsi,G. Nagy
Petroleum and Coal , 2011,
Abstract: The application of bioethanol/diesel fuel emulsions is constrained by several factors (e.g. hydrocarbon composition of base gas oil, temperature, concentration and water content of bioethanol, presence of co-solvent, quality and quantity of the applied additive). The focus of our development work was to study the effect of a new chemical structure additive (fatty-acid-methyl-ester containing polyisobutylene-succinic derived) and co-solvent (fatty-acid-alkyl-esters and different carbon number alcohols) on the stability of bioethanol/gas oil emulsion, and to produce stable emulsions even in case of low temperature (–20°C) and presence of water (5.0% water containing bioethanol). It was found that high stability bioethanol/gas oil emulsion could be produced with 5.0 v/v% biodiesel as co-solvent in base gas oil and 4.0% new chemical structure additive, which was stable at the temperature of -20°C and in the presence of 5.0 v/v% water containing bioethanol.
Video Enhancement and Dynamic Range Control of HDR Sequences for Automotive Applications
Stefano Marsi,Gaetano Impoco,Anna Ukovich,Sergio Carrato
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing , 2007, DOI: 10.1155/2007/80971
Abstract: CMOS video cameras with high dynamic range (HDR) output are particularly suitable for driving assistance applications, where lighting conditions can strongly vary, going from direct sunlight to dark areas in tunnels. However, common visualization devices can only handle a low dynamic range, and thus a dynamic range reduction is needed. Many algorithms have been proposed in the literature to reduce the dynamic range of still pictures. Anyway, extending the available methods to video is not straightforward, due to the peculiar nature of video data. We propose an algorithm for both reducing the dynamic range of video sequences and enhancing its appearance, thus improving visual quality and reducing temporal artifacts. We also provide an optimized version of our algorithm for a viable hardware implementation on an FPGA. The feasibility of this implementation is demonstrated by means of a case study.
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