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A feitoria portuguesa do Rio de Janeiro
Fernendes, Fernando Loureno;
História (S?o Paulo) , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-90742008000100010
Abstract: the article approaches the investigation about the place where the first portuguese settlement in brazil was erected, the first nucleus of european civilization south of the equator in the western atlantic region. discussing the theses about the settlement named "cabo frio" (varhagen and laguarda trias), the text examines the list of geologic, ethnologic, iconographic, and cartographic factors implied, in light of the elements of historical and archeological proof, to sustain the position of the settlement on gato island, the governador's island in guanabara bay. evidence of a probable pre-discovery of brazil prowls the essay with the reinterpretation of the nebulous circumstances that involve the so-called "cycle of brazilwood".
The scorpion families and their geographical distribution
Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-79302001000100002
Abstract: a synoptic table is proposed for the families and genera of scorpions currently regarded as valid. because there is considerable disagreement about the classification of scorpions, many changes are to be expected in the future. the classification proposed here is followed by considerations regarding the geographical distribution of each family.
Parthenogenesis in scorpions: some history - new data
Loureno, W. R.;
Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-91992008000100003
Abstract: parthenogenesis, a rare phenomenon in chelicerates, apart from mites, is reviewed in scorpions, notably tityus serrulatus lutz & mello from brazil, tityus columbianus (thorell) from colombia and tityus metuendus pocock from peru and brazil. thelytokous parthenogenesis (with all-female broods) is most often observed. the only known exception to this is t. metuendus in which arrhenotoky (all-male broods) has been observed. in the present paper, current ideas regarding parthenogenesis in scorpions are summarized. the notion of geographic parthenogenesis ('parthénogenèse géographique'), coined by vandel in 1928, is discussed. this rule is tentatively exemplified by a new case of parthenogenesis reported in a scorpion of the genus tityus c. l. koch, inhabiting 'pico da neblina' in brazil / venezuela.
A for?a do pensamento de?ntico: O vitimizador feliz na atribui??o de emo??es na crian?a
Análise Psicológica , 2000,
Abstract: this study examines children's attributions of positive and negative emotions to victimizers in an ?is? or factual, and in an ?ought? or deontic condition, and relates such emotions with a measure of children's prosocial behavior in an opportunity-to-donate situation. fifty-four children from two age levels (i.e., 5- to 6-year-olds, and 8- to 9-year-olds) were presented with three moral transgressions, and asked to attribute positive or negative emotions to the victimizer in such conditions. they were then given an opportunity-to-donate situation in which they might donate some of the goods they had received for their participation in the study. the results show that (1) the number of happy victimizers was much lower in the deontic than the factual condition; (2) this difference was greater among the older than the younger children; and (3) there was no significant relationship between children's pattern of emotion-attribution (i.e., positive or negative) and their prosocial behavior. these findings have important implications for a better understanding of (a) children's conceptions of moral emotions; (b) some of the contradictory findings in this area of research; and (c) the somehow different claims of pre-sent-day theories of development as far as the child's moral competence is concerned.
Além de Piaget? Sim, mas Primeiro Além da Sua Interpreta??o Padr?o!
Análise Psicológica , 1998,
Abstract: piaget's theory has been subject to what may be called its standard interpretation. although made possible by piaget's ambiguity about some of his key concepts (e.g., stage and structure), such an interpretation is greatly due to its focus on piaget's structural-stage theory at the expense of his equilibration theory, and also to its emphasis on factual investigations at the cost of conceptual investigations. in this paper, i show that it is possible and important to go beyond the standard reading of piaget's theory, and to extend or reinterpret it on the basis of the constructivist epistemology that lies at the heart of his work. i argue that when one goes beyond the standard reading of piaget, then in his theory (1) people are not at stages, performances are; (2) age is an indicator, not a criterion, of development; (3) logical necessity, not truth, is the central question of psychogenesis; (4) structures-of-the-whole are formal, not functional, entities; (5) the construction of knowledge is not a solitary, but a social enterprise; (6) there are multiple, not one, developmental pathways; (7) while reasoning, subjects do not follow logical rules, but act and operate upon reality; and (8) meaning and content, not only form and structure, play a central role in operational understanding and development. i also claim that when one goes beyond the standard interpretation of piaget, most of the criticisms against his theory partly lose their empirical content and ?raison d'être?, and one discovers that the problems are somewhat different than they appeared at first.
O perigo das palavras: Uma li??o de Wittgenstein para psicólogos e educadores
Análise Psicológica , 1999,
Abstract: psychologists (and educationists) often forget wittgenstein's deep message that ?what we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence?. in this talk, i argue that psychologists (and educationists) tend to fall prey to (a) the ?fallacy of the alchemists?, viz., to use obscure terms and thereby think that one has obtained a deeper insight; (b) the ?fallacy of molière's physician?, viz., to resort to circular or tautological reasoning; (c) the ?fallacy of the missing hyppopotamus?, viz., to add provisos to an initial proposition that can neither be verified nor refuted; (d) ?van helmont's fallacy?, viz., not to take into account the influence of important variables on the occurrence of certain results; and (d) ?the fallacy of pickwickian senses?, viz., to assume that their students or experimental subjects share the meaning they attribute to several words. as a consequence of these fallacies, too many dispensable publications and distortions, conceptual confusions, and ungrounded concepts polute both psychology and educational sciences. to remedy such state of affairs, psychologists and educationists need to learn that there is a time and a place for words, but also a time and a place for silence. besides appealing to an exercice of radical rigor in our scientific and educational work, wittgenstein's message contains also an ethical dimension that deserves to be explored and put into practice.
Women cancer prevention and pharmaceutical contribution
Loureno, Andrezza Viviany;
Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-82502010000100006
Abstract: in brazil, many cases of breast and cervical cancers are only diagnosed in advanced stages. information on prevention of cancer in women is increasingly available. however, prevention or early treatment alternatives are often not practiced. this study investigated the issues hindering the practice of prevention against cancer in women. a qualitative method was employed in this exploratory and descriptive study. the sample included thirty-three randomly selected women undergoing treatment. the survey data was collected at the south parana institute of oncology, ponta grossa - pr in september 2007 using a semi-structured individual interview after approval by the research ethics committee of the brazilian college of systemic studies - cbes, curitiba - pr, under protocol 0462/07, in compliance with cns resolution number 196/96. absence of symptoms, embarrassment, long waiting list for treatment, and indifference to the campaigns of prevention were some obstacles encountered. a lack of information about cancer and its causes and consequences was the biggest issue found regarding the acceptance of prevention of cancer in women. the pharmacist, in the role of educator in the prevention of cancer in women, can emphasize the importance of regular prevention practices and highlight the implications of late treatment, disseminating information that can have greater impact on society.
Protec??o catódica de estruturas de bet?o armado
Corros?o e Protec??o de Materiais , 2007,
Abstract: the major cause of deterioration of reinforced concrete structures, exposed to marine environments, is the corrosion of the reinforcing steel caused by chloride contamination of the concrete surrounding the steel. cathodic protection is one of the most used electrochemical techniques to control the corrosion process on this type of structures. recently, cathodic protection has also been used to prevent the onset of corrosion in new structures, in order to avoid their premature deterioration - cathodic prevention. this paper describes the types of cathodic protection systems used, the different anode systems, installation methods, protection criteria, etc. the installation of a cathodic protection system, during construction of the cais de carga geral- port of aveiro is presented, as an example of application to new structures.
CHACON, Loureno;
DELTA: Documenta??o de Estudos em Lingüística Teórica e Aplicada , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-44501997000100001
Abstract: in this article i discuss one of the ways some researchers view punctuation, i.e., as an index of rhythmic aspects of language. among these aspects i point out the ones of metric nature(such as rhythmic symmetry) and the ones which are specific to spoken language (such as: breath movements; the alteration of pauses, intonation contours and others prosodic characteristics of speech; the sensation of satisfied expectation; and the break of expectation). i also point out rhythmic aspects that would be more directly linked to the written expression of language (such as rhythmic parallelism and the longer idea unit)
Propaganda negativa: ataque versus votos nas elei??es presidenciais de 2002
Loureno, Luiz Claudio;
Opini?o Pública , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-62762009000100006
Abstract: this present article deals with an object of very common research in foreign literature on communication politics, but still less studied in brazil: the negative ads. currently, the main characteristic of the negative ads are the attacks between the opponents and their utilization did not represent newness on majoritary elections in brazil, but its rhetorical study and their observation among the voters are still less studied in our country. our contribution here is exactly to promote this type of analysis during the brazilian presidential elections of 2002, remarkably one of the most presidential running with negative ads. this article is divided in five topics: 1 - an historical briefing about the negative ads; 2 - the factors that had contributed for the propagation of the negative ads in 2002; 3 - their repercussion on the brazilian media (television) in that year; 4 - the rhetorical analysis of negative ad and 5 - the repercussion of negative ads among the brazilian ordinary voter.
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