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Tratamento de águas Eutróficas usando o Processo Eletrolítico
Lourdes Cristina L. Agostinho,Luciano Nascimento,Bernardete F. Cavalcanti
Engenharia Ambiental : Pesquisa e Tecnologia , 2010,
Abstract: In eutrophic lakes and reservoirs the green – blue algae bloom contributes to increase the chlorophyll “a” concentration, deteriorates the water quality with anaerobic conditions in the deepest waters and provokes scum formation among other impacts. Due to the occurrence of irregular nitrification events in the waters of the polluted urban lake, A ude Velho which is located in Campina Grande, PB during the dry season, it was analyzed the performance of the electrolytic process in treating these waters. For the electrolysis treatment it was built, in laboratory scale, a 2 liters reactor where it was inserted an electrolytical assemblage made of steel and aluminum sheets. Samples were obtained in eight sampling points in the lake. The following physical, chemical and organic parameters were obtained: color, turbidity, pH, Alkalinity, calcium, chloride, nitrate, total phosphorus and chlorophyll “a”. After 15 minutes of electrolysis, it was applied 45 minutes of sedimentation to the effluent. The results showed that the alumen production by ion pairing with the water sulphate concentration provoked the water impurities flotation. It was also observed a total denitrification (100% nitrate removal) with N2 liberation to the environment. Phosphorus and chlorophyll “a” removal was also significant.
Modelagem termoquímica da desinfec o por cloro gasoso
Luciano Nascimento,Lourdes Cristina Lucena Agostinho,Bernadete Feitosa Cavalcanti
Tecno-Lógica , 2009,
Abstract: Este trabalho apresenta o desenvolvimento de uma modelagem termoquímica da desinfec o por cloro gasoso. Levandoem considera o o sistema químico constituído pela adi o de ácido fraco (ácido Hipocloroso, HClO) à água. Este modelo físicoquímicoproposto ao cloro gasoso mostra de forma sistemática, das rea es envolvendo o cloro e as espécies do HClO + H2O bemcomo pH (potencial Hidrogeni nico) e pCT (ponto de concentra o total das espécies) que, est o representados no diagramapCTxpH permitindo analisar a influência do ácido hipocloroso na rea o de desinfec o e obter a fra o do residual livre docomposto de cloro. Nesse modelo termodinamico aplicado ao sistema 2 2(g ) H O+Cl + HClO+OCl- , com rea es químicas eredox permitiram obter o valor da medida da energia livre padr o ( pe ). Essas rea es s o analisadas a 25°C e os resultados s osomente válidos para esta temperatura. Abstract This paper presents the development of athermochemical modeling of disinfection by chlorine gas. Takinginto account the chemical system consisting of the addition ofweak acid (hypochlorous acid, HClO) to the water. Thisphysical-chemical model proposed shows the chlorine gas in asystematic way, the reactions involving chlorine andspecies 2 HClO + H O as well pH (hydrogen potential) andpCT (point total concentration of species) that are representedin the diagram pCTxpH allows to analyze the influence ofhypochlorous acid the reaction of disinfection and get thefraction of free residual chlorine compound. In thisthermodynamic model applied to the2 2(g ) H O+Cl + HClO+OCl- system, with chemicalreactions and redox possible to obtain the value of the measuredstandard free energy ( pe ).These reactions are analyzed at 25°Cand the results are only valid for this temperature.
Skin 3D Bioprinting. Applications in Cosmetology  [PDF]
Cristina Velasquillo, Eduardo A. Galue, Lourdes Rodriquez, Clemente Ibarra, L. Guillermo Ibarra-Ibarra
Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications (JCDSA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jcdsa.2013.31A012
Abstract: Tissue engineering has been used for the treatment of several skin diseases and lesions; however, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine also have a huge potential in cosmetology. They include skin substitutes, cell therapy and wound-healing treatments based on biomaterial-based replacements and 3D systems. This review focuses on the bioprinting technology and how it can improve skin functions, restoring pigmentation or helping hair follicles to develop.

"Administra??o Complexa": revendo as bases científicas da administra??o
Agostinho, Marcia Cristina Esteves;
RAE eletr?nica , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-56482003000100016
Abstract: this paper suggests the complexity theory as being a new conceptual basis that is capable of adapting administration to the kind of environment that contemporary organizations deal with. then, a management approach "complex administration" is presented that aims at bringing the knowledge from this new science to the organizational universe. based on the so called "complex adaptive systems", the key-concepts for our approach are established. therefore, autonomy, cooperation, aggregation and self-organization are suggested as principles of "complex administration". hopefully, by focusing on these four points, managers will be able to accomplish their task of influencing organizational performance. aiming at demonstrating our approach, we present a case study carried out in a brazilian industrial organization, which had developed an autonomous management system in one of its plants. this system illustrates the new role played by manager, who goes from commanding and controlling to autonomous individuals coaching.
Women’s pathway in prenatal care at public sceneries
Izabel Cristina Hoffmann, Lúcia Beatriz Ressel, Maria de Lourdes Denardin Budó
Revista de Enfermagem UFPE On Line , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: to know how the pathway of women in prenatal period is contextualized, and, how this is perceived by these women. Methodology: this is about a descriptive study from qualitative approach, approved by the Research Ethics Committee from the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria/RS under protocol number 23081.001043/2008-11. Fifteen pregnant women participated in the study. The data collection was performed through interviews and systematic observation which thematic analysis, from April to July/2008. Results: the pregnant women are being redirected by the specialized service without the formal counter-reference; the information in-between services are based on the women oral reports, as well as the precarious communication between the involved professionals; the pregnant women are used to move institutionally, hoping, firstly, to give birth to a healthy baby and, in the second place, to care of their own health. Conclusion: there is a noticeable fragility in the information network between reference and counter-reference services. Therefore, we can infer that there are challenges and obstacles to achieve changes in prenatal care, indicating the need of a collective construction in the search of new organizational strategies in a humanizing perspective. Descriptors: prenatal care; assistance humanization; health services; pregnant women; nursing.
Interface: as dan as de Ana em Lavoura arcaica
Lúcia Aparecida Martins Campos Coelho,Cristina Martins Coelho,Maria de Lourdes Abreu de Oliveira
Movimento , 2011,
Abstract: Este estudio tiene como objetivo reflexionar y analizar la representación de danzas de Ana en Lavoura arcaica, obra literarias de Raduan Nassar, y cinematográfica de Luiz Fernando Carvalho, teniendo como uno de los principales teóricos Rudolf Von Laban. Se concluyó que, en ausencia de la expresión verbal, Ana canaliza su deseo de comunicarse a través de la danza. En su primera manifestación de baile ense a rasgos de la tradición, ya en la segunda y última danza, presenta los signos de ruptura.
Nano Phase Characterization by Transmission Electron Microscopy: Experimental and Simulation  [PDF]
Francisco Miguel Ascencio Aguirre, Lourdes Bazán-Díaz, Rubén Mendoza-Cruz, Alfredo Gómez-Rodríguez, Cristina Zorrilla-Cangas, Raúl Herrera-Becerra
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2015.611094
Abstract: This paper introduces a methodology of characterization of nanostructured systems in which trans- mission electron microscopy is used as a central element of the study. Experimental studies of HREM are performed in parallel with studies in the Simula TEM program to stimulate high-resolution images and diffraction patterns. To confirm the accuracy of the results, studies of X-ray diffraction (XRD) were performed. In order to illustrate the methodology, bismuth oxide Bi2O3 nanoparticles are synthesized by a method of biosynthesis because this sample is rich in structural information.
Alta prevalência de crian?as portadoras de Streptococcus pneumoniae resistentes à penicilina em creches públicas
Velasquez, Patrícia A. G.;Parussolo, Leandro;Cardoso, Celso L.;Tognim, Maria Cristina B.;Garcia, Lourdes B.;
Jornal de Pediatria , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0021-75572009000600008
Abstract: objectives: to investigate the prevalence of streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococci) in the nasopharynx of healthy children enrolled in public day-care centers of the municipality of umuarama, state of paraná, brazil. the susceptibility of the pneumococcal strains to antimicrobial agents was also studied. methods: nasopharyngeal specimens from 212 children were collected from april to october 2008. after the specimens were seeded in blood agar and incubated at 37 °c for 24-48 hours, the colonies suspected of belonging to s. pneumoniae were identified using α-hemolysis, optochin sensitivity, and bile solubility test. penicillin susceptibility was investigated using the disk diffusion and dilution tests. susceptibility to the other antimicrobial agents indicated for the treatment of pneumococcal infections was investigated using the disk diffusion test. results: the prevalence of nasopharyngeal pneumococci was 43.4% (92/212), with higher rates in children between 2 and 5 years old (p = 0.0005). there was no significant difference between sexes. intermediate and full resistance to penicillin were found in 34.8 (32/92) and 22.8% (21/92) isolates, respectively. sixty-seven strains (72.8%) were resistant to sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim, eight (8.7%) were resistant to erythromycin, and six (6.5%) to tetracycline. one strain was resistant to clindamycin (1.1%) and another was resistant to chloramphenicol (1.1%). all strains were sensitive to levofloxacin, ofloxacin, rifampicin, telithromycin, linezolid, and vancomycin. nine strains were considered multiresistant because they were resistant to three or more classes of antimicrobial agents. conclusions: the present study detected a high prevalence of healthy children colonized with penicillin-resistant s. pneumoniae strains who may be important reservoirs of this pathogen in the community.
La vulnerabilidad e invisibilidad de las mujeres ante el VIH/SIDA: constantes y cambios en el tema
Herrera,Cristina; Campero,Lourdes;
Salud Pública de México , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-36342002000600008
Abstract: this paper presents some thoughts on the problems endured by women facing hiv/aids. world and nationwide statistics show an upward trend of the epidemic among women, calling for the need to address this problem. a case is made for the way in which gender structure and relations facilitate the vulnerability of women to this disease, increasing their risk of infection related with specific factors like migration, employment unsafe conditions, and domestic violence, among others. emphasis is made on the main obstacles faced by women to flag their concerns and needs in society, as well as on their lack of empowerment to cope effectively with their problems. some initiatives advanced by the organized civil society and governmental strategies are presented, including accomplishments, deficiencies, needs, and challenges. finally, conclusions and recommendations are given, highlighting the need to establish and evaluate preventative programs and policies from a gender and human rights perspective, to promote a greater awareness and improved responses to the problems imposed on women by the hiv/aids epidemic.
La vulnerabilidad e invisibilidad de las mujeres ante el VIH/SIDA: constantes y cambios en el tema
Herrera Cristina,Campero Lourdes
Salud Pública de México , 2002,
Abstract: Este artículo es una reflexión sobre la problemática que viven las mujeres ante el VIH/SIDA. A través de estadísticas mundiales y nacionales que dan cuenta del incremento de la epidemia en las mujeres, se hace evidente la necesidad de atender el problema. Se argumenta cómo la estructura y relaciones de género favorecen la vulnerabilidad de las mujeres, y cómo la vulnerabilidad y el riesgo de infección se incrementan para muchas mujeres al transitar por diversas situaciones específicas, como la migración, la precariedad de empleo y la violencia doméstica, entre otras. Se enuncian los principales obstáculos que enfrentan las mujeres para hacer socialmente visible su situación y necesidades, así como la falta de poder para encarar de manera más eficaz su problemática. Se habla de las iniciativas de la sociedad civil organizada y de las estrategias gubernamentales que se han implantado, así como de sus principales logros, carencias, necesidades y retos. Finalmente, a manera de conclusión y recomendación, se destaca la necesidad de establecer y evaluar programas y políticas de prevención y atención bajo una perspectiva de género y de derechos humanos, que permita una mayor conciencia y mejores respuestas al problema de las mujeres frente al VIH/SIDA.
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