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Spuren von Traumatisierungen in narrativen Interviews Traces of Traumatizations in Narrative Interviews Rastros de traumatización en entrevistas narrativas
Ulrike Loch
Forum : Qualitative Social Research , 2008,
Abstract: Traumatische Kindheitserfahrungen k nnen zur Ausbildung von Dissoziation als Reparaturmechanismus und infolgedessen zu fragmentierten Erinnerungen führen. In narrativen Interviews zeigen sich diese Fragmentierungen als Spuren im Ausdrucksfeld der Sprache. In diesem Beitrag wird anhand von Fallbeispielen aufgezeigt, wie sich Dissoziationen als Folge von Traumatisierungen in der Vergangenheit wie auch in der Gegenwart sprachlich ausdrücken k nnen und welche unterstützenden M glichkeiten Interviewer/innen in Forschungssituationen haben. Denn erst das Erkennen von traumatisch bedingten Inkonsistenzen erm glicht das Verstehen von Lebensgeschichten traumatisierter Menschen jenseits von kollektiv wirksamen Tabuisierungen. Auf diese Weise vermeiden Forscher/innen die Reproduktion von gesellschaftlich relevanten Schweigegeboten bzw. Verleugnungsprozessen im wissenschaftlichen Kontext. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0801544 Traumatic childhood experiences often lead to the development of dissociation as a defense mechanism, and subsequently to fragmented memories. In narrative interviews this fragmentation is traced in the expressive field of language. In this article a range of case studies are used to illustrate how dissociations, resulting from traumatic experiences in the past as well as the present, may express themselves and how we, as interviewers, can give support to the client in interview situations. Only by understanding the inconsistencies caused by these traumatic experiences, interviewees are able to tell their life histories beyond the collectively effective taboos. By becoming aware of these mechanisms, the researcher can steer clear of reproducing the socially relevant silencing effects, i.e. denial processes, within the context of social scientific research. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0801544 Experiencias infantiles traumáticas a menudo conducen al desarrollo de la disociación como un mecanismo de defensa y, por consiguiente, a memorias fragmentadas. En las entrevistas narrativas esta fragmentación se localiza en los campos expresivos del lenguaje. En este artículo un conjunto de estudios de caso ilustran como las disociaciones, resultantes de experiencias traumáticas tanto del pasado como del presente, pueden expresarse y como nosotros, en tanto entrevistadores, podemos brindar apoyo a los clientes en las situaciones de entrevista. Solamente mediante la comprensión de las inconsistencias causadas por esas experiencias traumáticas, los entrevistados son capaces de decir sus historias de vida más allá de los tabúes colectivamente efectivos. Al ser concient
Pro & Kontra: Stellenwert des transrektalen Ultraschalls: Wieviele Prostatabiopsien brauchen wir?
Loch T
Journal für Urologie und Urogyn?kologie , 2002,
Perceptions on Floods by the Population Residing in the Watershed of Ribeir?o Garcia, Brazil  [PDF]
Braun Priscila Dionara Krambeck, Loch Carlos
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2019.91012
Abstract: Any anthropic action transforms the environment. However, the Urbanization is a human achievement, not the “villain” or “protagonist” of passive actors and experienced environmental degradations, but the model of urban occupation, construction and densification, interconnected with the ineffectiveness of the current drainage system. When evaluating programs to minimize flood impacts, the social component is a necessary but often neglected dimension. This component can be evaluated through the articulation between the actors (population and public power) and the resident community’s perception in relation to the needs and interventions. The present work seeks to analyze the perception of the community resident in the watershed of Ribeir?o Garcia regarding the problems arising from urban floods. The repeated flood events occurring in the Ribeirao Garcia watershed in the city of Blumenau-SC, Brazil, make this place a potential area for an investigative process, which can subsidize future decision-making processes aimed at the adequacy of a sustainable system in medium and long term. For the accomplishment of this work, a qualitative research was adopted. Fieldwork and semi-structured interviews with residents in the sample areas have been carried out to analyse land use and occupation. The procedures that supported this sample survey were divided into four steps: definition of the total population and the sample size; preparation of a questionnaire; application of the questionnaire and tabulation of results. It can be seen that, despite the problems of floods and landslides to residents of all sample areas, the locals have different perceptions regarding the proposed issues and that these different perceptions are linked to the sample geographic location. The analysed space is full of contrasts in physical, social and economic aspects, which favours one part of the population and disfavours the other. The process of densification and overcrowding of inadequate areas has been one of the negative effects of a disorganized housing sector in a speculative real estate market, and different levels of infrastructure among the districts, consolidating, in many ways, a process of social exclusion and spatial segregation. The analysis of the resident community’s perception in the Ribeirao Garcia watershed shows that the most susceptible communities to this type of events are those of low income, located in risk areas. It also demonstrates that, despite these
Stigma and higher rates of psychiatric re-hospitalization: S?o Paulo public mental health system
Loch, Alexandre Andrade;
Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-44462012000200011
Abstract: objective: the aim of this study was to assess re-hospitalization rates of individuals with psychosis and bipolar disorder and to study determinants of readmission. methods: prospective observational study, conducted in s?o paulo, brazil. one hundred-sixty-nine individuals with bipolar and psychotic disorder in need of hospitalization in the public mental health system were followed for 12 months after discharge. their families were contacted by telephone and interviews were conducted at 1, 2, 6 and 12 months post-discharge to evaluate readmission rates and factors related. resultsone-year re-hospitalization rate was of 42.6%. physical restraint during hospital stay was a risk factor (or = 5.4-10.5) for readmission in most models. not attending consultations after discharge was related to the 12-month point readmission (or = 8.5, 95%ci 2.3-31.2) and to the survival model (or = 3.2, 95%ci 1.5-7.2). number of previous admissions was a risk factor for the survival model (or = 6.6-11.9). family's agreement with permanent hospitalization of individuals with mental illness was the predictor associated to readmission in all models (or = 3.5-10.9) and resulted in shorter survival time to readmission; those readmitted were stereotyped as dangerous and unhealthy. conclusions: family's stigma towards mental illness might contribute to the increase in readmission rates of their relatives with psychiatric disorders. more studies should be conducted to depict mechanisms by which stigma increases re-hospitalization rates.
CONDUCTING A TRIAL OF WEB CONFERENCING SOFTWARE: Why, How, and Perceptions from the Coalface
Shirley REUSHLE,Birgit LOCH
The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 2008,
Abstract: ABSTRACT This paper reports on the trial of web conferencing software conducted at a regional Australian university with a significant distance population. The paper shares preliminary findings, the views of participants and recommendations for future activity. To design and conduct the trial, an action research method was chosen because it is participative and grounded in experience, reflecting the context and objectives of the trial. In the first phase of the trial, students in postgraduate Education courses were linked across the globe to participate in interactive and collaborative conference activity and to communicate via audio, text, and video and shared whiteboard. Mathematical problem-solving was carried out collaboratively in an undergraduate course using tablet PCs. This was followed by phase 2, a university-wide trial across disciplines. Preliminary findings indicate that web conferencing software enables teachers and students at the university to engage actively across diverse locations, supporting a student-centred approach and greater flexibility in terms of where, when and how students learn. From these findings, the authors have made some initial recommendations to university management on the adoption of web conferencing to support learning and teaching.
Rezidiv-Diagnostik mittels PET-Scan und Strahlentherapie des Prostatakarzinoms
Loch T,Wachter S
Journal für Urologie und Urogyn?kologie , 2008,
Neumann, Pedro Selvino;Loch, Carlos;
Ciência Rural , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782002000200010
Abstract: the environmental question is the moment topic of contemporary human civilization and, probably, that with the greatest potential for questioning and transformation in the trajectory of the civilizing process. if, on one hand, it introduces the possibility of redirecting the path of development for the benefit of future generations, the mechanisms conceived for reaching such an objective can, on the other hand, bring serious problems for the survival of the current generation of family farmers. in the brazilian case, the instruments of public environmental management are the essence of the subject, composed of command instruments and control or, in other words, rules and standards to be followed, imposing penalties on those who do not comply with them. paradoxically, this fact has damaging repercussions for the global development of society. in particular, for the rural element, since it aggravates even more the already precarious situation of survival for a large portion of the family farmers in the southern region of the country. burdening the agricultural productive process and not providing the basic elements that permit the public involved fulfilling its obligations are stronger reasons. the present work is an analysis of the public instruments of brazilian environmental management in light of empirical studies, two of them occurring in the central region of rio grande do sul state and one in the forest area of the northern coast of paraná state. the analysis of this problematic question is made from the following starting points: the repercussions from the application of a rigid legislation that reaches all agriculture linearly, ignoring effects of restraint by certain practices on the economic and social reproduction of farmers; and theoretical and practical incongruities of environmental legislation.
Neumann Pedro Selvino,Loch Carlos
Ciência Rural , 2002,
Abstract: A quest o ambiental é, sem dúvida, o "fato do momento" na civiliza o humana contemporanea e, provavelmente, o de maior potencial de questionamento e transforma o na trajetória do processo civilizatório. Se, por um lado, ela introduz a possibilidade de redirecionar os rumos do desenvolvimento em benefício das gera es futuras, por outro, os mecanismos concebidos para se alcan ar tal objetivo podem trazer sérios problemas à sobrevivência das gera es atuais de agricultores familiares. No caso brasileiro, os instrumentos de gest o ambiental pública s o, na essência e de fato, compostos por instrumentos de comando e controle, ou seja, por regras e padr es a serem seguidos, atribuindo penalidades aos que n o as cumprirem. Este fato, paradoxalmente, tem reflexos danosos para o desenvolvimento global da sociedade, em particular ao meio rural, uma vez que agrava ainda mais a já precária situa o de sobrevivência de grande parcela dos agricultores familiares do país, por onerar o processo produtivo agrícola e por n o propiciar os elementos básicos que permitam ao público envolvido o cumprimento das obriga es. O presente trabalho é uma análise dos instrumentos públicos de gest o ambiental brasileira à luz de estudos empíricos, dois deles ocorridos na regi o central do Rio Grande do Sul, e outro na mata atlantica, no litoral norte do Paraná. A análise dessa problemática é feita a partir dos seguintes eixos: os reflexos da aplica o de uma legisla o rígida, que atinge linearmente todo o rural; a desconsidera o dos efeitos da coibi o de determinadas práticas para a reprodu o econ mica e social dos agricultores; e as incongruências teóricas e práticas da legisla o ambiental.
Comparison of LPS-stimulated release of cytokines in punch versus transwell tissue culture systems of human gestational membranes
Mark F Miller, Rita Loch-Caruso
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1477-7827-8-121
Abstract: Tissue samples were exposed to 100 ng/ml LPS for 12 h and cytokines were measured by ELISA. Data are expressed as increase relative to non-treated controls.Levels of interleukin-6 increased in punch culture medium samples to a significantly greater extent (34.2 fold) compared with medium from transwell cultures in the amnion (6.6 fold) or choriodecidual (7.1 fold) compartments. Interleukin-8 also showed a significantly greater induction in punch (4.8 fold) than transwell amnion (1.6 fold) or choriodecidual (1.7 fold) samples. The anti-inflammatory interleukin-10 showed a significant difference between punch (36.5 fold) and transwell amnion (15.4 fold) samples, but no difference was observed between punch and transwell choriodecidual (28.5 fold) samples. Neither interleukin-1beta nor tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) showed a significant difference between the punch and transwell samples.These results indicate that the pattern of LPS-stimulated cytokine release from gestational membranes in vitro depends on the culture system used, confounding comparisons of studies that use different gestational membrane culture systems to study inflammatory responses.Gestational membranes (amnion, chorion laeve and decidua) collected immediately after birth and cultured in vitro allow assessment of responses in tissues with an intact cellular matrix. As such, cultures of human gestational membranes provide useful in vitro research models for inquiries into obstetric challenges such as inflammation, preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM) and preterm birth.One model system used extensively to study stimulated production and release of cytokines in human gestational membranes in vitro involves explant culture of a biopsy punch, with the gestational tissue punch explant free-floating in culture medium. Biopsy punch explant cultures may use full-thickness membranes [1,2] as well as separated amnion [3,4] or choriodecidua [5,6]. This single-compartment explant culture syste
Ultra-estrutura dos hemócitos de Panstrongylus megistus (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)
Barracco, Margherita A.;Loch, Clarice T.;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1989, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761989000200005
Abstract: ultrastructural analyses revealed the presence of six hemocyte types in the hemolymph of panstrogylus megistus, partially confirming our previous results obtained through light microscopy. prohemocytes: small, round hemocytes with a thin cytoplasm layer, espcieally rich in free ribosomes and poor in membranous systems. plasmatocytes: polymorphic cells, whose cytoplasm contains many lysosomes and a well developed rough endoplasmic reticulum (rer).they are extremely phagocytic. sometimes, they show a large vacuolation. granulocytes: granular hemocytes whose granules show different degrees of electrondensity. most of them, have an internal structuration. coagulocytes: oval or elongated hemocytes, which show pronounced perinuclear cisternae as normally observed in coagulocytes. the cytoplasm is usually electrondense, poor in membranous systems and contains many labile granules. oenocytoids: large and very stable hemocytes, whose homogeneous cytoplasme is rich in loose ribosomes and poor in membranous systems. adipohemocytes: large cells, containing several characteristic lipid droplets. the cytoplasm is also rich in glycogen, rer and large mitochondria. the total and differential hemocyte count (thc and dhc) were also calculated for this reduviid. thc increases from 2,900 hemocytes/cubic millimeter of hemolymph in the 4th intar to 4,350 in the 5th and then, decreases to 1,950 in the adults. plasmatocytes and coagulocytes are the predominant hemocyte types.
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