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Fractal Dimension in Animal Model of Alzheimer’s Dementia  [PDF]
Ljiljana Marta, Slobodan Sekuli?
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2018.89031
Abstract: The aim of this study was to qualitatively described effect of the oxidative stress, neurotransmission change and the neurodegeneration in animal model of chronic intoxication by aluminum. Electrocortical brain activity of animal model of stress and neurodegeneration is comparable with Alzheimer’s Dementia (AD). We used adult animals, during 6 weeks intraperitoneally treated with aluminum. Both animals and patients with Alzheimer’s Dementia have increased relative spectral power in delta range. By fractal analysis we described changes in electrocortical activity of aluminum intoxication animals compare to physiological control. We used change in delta range to calculate fractal dimension for the pathophysiological state of disease. We evaluate effect of stress and neurodegeneration, oxidative stress and accumulation of beta amyloid and neurofibrillary tangles as change in fractal dimension (FD). We conclude that change in fractal dimension could be used for prognosis of AD. Results show that decrease in fractal dimension could be used for evaluation of changes in neural activity in occurrence of AD.
Age-related changes in the content of insulin: Like growth factor-l in rat brain
?uli? Milka,Grbi? Gordana,MartaLjiljana,Todorovi? Vera N.
Acta Veterinaria , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/avb0206299c
Abstract: Although there has been extensive research on the effect of IGF-I on muscles and bone tissue, the effect on brain aging has received little attention. We investigated the IGF-I content in brains of differently aged rats. The IGF-I contents in cerebellar and cerebral cortex were found to be higher in immature rats (4-5 days old) compared to young adult (2.5 months old) and middle-aged (7.5-9 months old) rats. However, the decrease of mean IGF-I in middle-aged rats compared to immature animals was statistically significant only in the cerebellar codex. Our results indicate that IGF-I content decreases through the lifespan and maybe selectively in some brain regions.
Improving Influenza Vaccination Rates— A Straightforward Task or a Multifaceted Challenge?  [PDF]
Ljiljana Trtica-Majnaric
World Journal of Vaccines (WJV) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/wjv.2013.32010

Annual vaccination with trivalent inactivated vaccines has been proven as safe and efficacious in preventing influenza and its complications. It is recommended especially to the elderly (>65) and other people at high risk for influenza complications and death such as patients with chronic medical conditions. Healthcare workers, who are considered to transmit infection to patients, or reciprocally, can be infected during encounters with patients, are also strongly advised to regularly receive vaccines. In order to improve influenza vaccination rates in countries in Europe, health authorities set targets for vaccination coverage by 2010. Despite the substantial efforts done, coverage rates maintain low. It is considered that informed decisions, based on existing evidence, are likely to cope with improving vaccination rates. Intention of this manuscript is to address some important issues connected with influenza vaccination which, to be able to aid the evidence, need to be further clearified. To support the debate, the author presented some dubious facts from the own practice experiences. As a long-lasting solution to improve vaccination practice strategies, strengthening programed vaccination is suggested. This concept would include implementation of nationwide vaccination protocols and their harmonization by the common logistics, and standardized data collection based on installation of E-health records. This strategy would allow data comparison among different populations. As based on this debate, improving influenza vaccination rates is not likely to be easy to perform straightforward task, but a multifaceted, long term challenge.

Causality and stochastic realization
Ljiljana Petrovi
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2005, DOI: 10.1155/ijmms.2005.349
Abstract: We consider a problem (that follows directly from realization problem) on finding Markovian representations for a given family of Hilbert spaces such that each of these two families provides exactly the same amount of information about some other family of Hilbert spaces.
Stories about the truth and tolerance: The creators and the created
Gavrilovi? Ljiljana
Glasnik Etnografskog Instituta SANU , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/gei0701029g
Abstract: This work discusses creationism as a new form of religious fundamentalism, which is attacking not only modern science but also the foundations of secularism in Europe, America and almost the whole world, as well as how creationism is using the mechanisms of secular society/state, first of all museums and science in order to strengthen its influence. At the same time a question is posed how much literally understood principles of general tolerance and democracy can subvert the existence of secular and multicultural society in which they arose.
Univerzalizacija holokausta na primjeru hrvatske politike pro losti i spomen-podru ja Jasenovac
Ljiljana Radoni?
Suvremene Teme : Contemporary Issues , 2010,
Abstract: Posljednjih godina u Europi raste broj interdisciplinarnih studija o kolektivnom pam enju, posebno u vezi s holokaustom. Ovaj lanak se bavi novijim trendovima univerzalizacije i europeizacije holokausta kao negativnog mita o novoosnovanoj Europi nakon 1945. godine. Druga strana tog razvoja je njihov napet odnos prema novim postsocijalisti kim naracijama u isto noj i jugoisto noj Europi. Te fenomene analizirati u na hrvatskom primjeru. Nakon kratkog pregleda politike pro losti u Hrvatskoj nakon 1990. godine lanak se u drugom dijelu posve uje ultramodernom postavu u spomen-podru ju Jasenovac, otvorenom 2006. godine. U sredi tu analize stoji pitanje postoje li europski standardi sje anja“ te koje rezultate donosi novi fokus na individualne rtve u memorijalnim muzejima.
Tristes Tropiques: A possibility of different anthropologies
Gavrilovi? Ljiljana
Glasnik Etnografskog Instituta SANU , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/gei0801007g
Abstract: This paper discusses an application of new readings of classical anthropological texts, using as an example the Levi-Strauss' book Tristes Tropiques and the book's impact, reception and application in the local (Serbian) anthropological practice. The messages of the classical works even they are published half a century ago, could still be considered significant especially so for the local anthropological practice. Tristes Tropiques were published in 1960 in Serbo-Croatian language (published by Zora, Zagreb) only 5 years after the first edition in French and more than a decade before the book was translated completely into English. At the time, the book was not classified as ethnography/anthropology - it was published in the edition of 'foreign writers', hence, it was considered to be a literary work/fiction. It is possible that the categorization of the book was due to the fact that Tristes Tropiques was very different than the contemporary works at the time in the local (than Yugoslavian) ethnological/ethnographical production. The difference appears too profound so no parallel could be drawn or discover any common ground. Susan Sontag argues that Tristes Tropiques is one of the great books of the 20th century, and Gertz claim that in the whole body of anthropology, there is not a text so self-referential and liberating as Tristes Tropiques. However, the book was not so widely read in Serbia especially not so as an anthropological literature, therefore, many educational points remained until this day outside of the framework of the local ethnographic production. Even though the book was published in XX century, it deserves to be read today for many reasons. We should read the book not because it represents a great ethnographic account, or because the author is a creator of a new paradigm in anthropology, but because the book even today, shed a light on the same thing: it is possible, even necessary to get out from the closed circle of the known way of thinking and because the book inspires many dilemmas and questions that could provide new unexpected answers, to be told in totally novel ways.
An individual and his family
Gavrilovi? Ljiljana
Glasnik Etnografskog Instituta SANU , 2005, DOI: 10.2298/gei0553195g
Abstract: The paper discuses the relationship between an ideal and real model of a family organization in patriarchal communities, the position of an individual within his family structure, and possibilities of creation and realization of an individual identity. The main assumption is that the creation of an individual identity within patriarchal relationships is encouraged only in stable socio-economic conditions, while crisis situations bring about the return of family/group identity, defined by an ideal model of a family organization. This assumption is confirmed on the example of refugees: in a crisis situation the principle of cooperation and disregard of interpersonal tensions become dominant over display of individual ambitions - and this is proven to be the only modus of survival. Such periods were frequent, and last until this day, so the model of cooperation as a basis of functioning of a Balkans patriarchal family reinvents itself in almost every generation. Some ideal images of the past still live, but they refer to better, wealthier and more stable life, while interfamily relations remain the same.
Ljiljana Bastai?
Ljetopis Studijskog Centra Socijalnog Rada , 2007,
Abstract: Neki noviji rezultati istra ivanja iz podru ja neuroznanosti upu uju na to da mozak nije nepromjenjiva materija, nego je na najplasti niji organ podlo an promjeni koja je potaknuta interpersonalnom interakcijom. To ga ini socijalnim organom par exellence. Istra ivanja iz podru ja teorije privr enosti sugeriraju da se um mo e mijenjati i razvijati kroz cijeli ivot pod utjecajem emocionalnog odnosa. Anga iran emocionalni odnos, bilo da se radi o ljubavnom odnosu, roditeljstvu, prijateljstvu, psihoterapiji ili superviziji, koji u sebi sadr i bazi ne karakteristike potrebne za razvoj sigurnosti, stvara preduvjete za neuralnu integraciju u mozgu pojedinca. To rezultira fleksibilnom samo-regulacijom u funkcioniranju pojedinaca u odnosu na sebe i na svoju okolinu.
Key factors in strategy choice for an enterprise recovery
Konti? Ljiljana
Economic Annals , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/eka0773105k
Abstract: The main purpose of our research is to construct and apply a framework for strategic choice, which is essential for successful recovery. Based on analysis of relevant literature and empirical studies of recovery, we proposed four different recovery strategies such as management changes, financial restructuring, internal or external strategies. We have identified and included the following seven factors in analytical framework: causes of crisis, the phase of crisis, available resources, organizational life cycle, competitive position, industrial level, and stakeholder influences in organizational survival, especially banks and other creditors. Furthermore, we examined the application of this framework to six case studies of enterprises in Serbia. .
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