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Multicriteria methodology in evaluation of occupational safety costs.
José Fabiano da Serra Costa,Lizzie Bessa Risicato,Cristiane Assin Torres
Sistemas & Gest?o , 2006,
Abstract: The purpose of this article is to create a hierarchical scale to evaluate situations related to losses and costs due to work accidents. Therefore, several aspects of work security have been discussed and there have been pointed out consequences and a series of variables related to costs of work accidents, on the entrepreneurial focus. In order to build a unique scale, it has been used a model based on multicriteria methodology. The consistency analysis and the results are subsequently presented.
Metodologia multicritério na avalia o de custos na seguran a do trabalho
José Fabiano da Serra Costa,Lizzie Bessa Risicato,Cristiane Assin Torres
Sistemas & Gest?o , 2009,
Abstract: O objetivo do presente trabalho é criar uma escala hierárquica de avalia o para situa es relacionadas a perdas e custos dos acidentes de trabalho. Dessa forma, s o discutidos diversos aspectos da seguran a do trabalho, apontadas conseqüências e uma série de variáveis ligadas a custos oriundos dos acidentes de trabalho sob o enfoque empresarial. Para constru o da escala única é utilizado um modelo baseado em uma metodologia multicritério e, s o mostrados a análise de consistência e os resultados.
Laicità e principi costituzionali
Lucia Risicato
Stato, Chiese e Pluralismo Confessionale , 2011,
Abstract: Per gentile concessione dell’Editore G. Giappichelli, al quale va il vivo ringraziamento della Rivista, si pubblica la Sezione I dell’opera monografica di L. RISICATO, Dal “diritto di vivere” al “diritto di morire”. Riflessioni sul ruolo della laicità nell’esperienza penalistica (collana “Itinerari di diritto penale” – Sezione Saggi, Giappichelli ed., Torino, 2008). SOMMARIO: 1. La deriva della laicità nella società post-secolare e le sue possibili conseguenze - 2. La definizione di “laicità” ed i suoi livelli di rilevanza. Suo radicamento costituzionale. La storica ambiguità dell’art. 7 Cost. - 3. Segue: le norme costituzionali fondanti il carattere laico del diritto penale moderno. Ricostruzione dei confini della tutela costituzionale della vita: primi profili di illegittimità della l. 40/2004.
I Focalize, You Focalize, We All Focalize Together: Audience Participation in Persepolis
Lizzie Nixon
Image and Narrative : Online Magazine of the Visual Narrative , 2010,
Abstract: (E): This article combines theories of cognition and empathy with focalization theory to examine how and why different forms of audience engagement in fictional worlds are cued. The article argues that critics should examine the differences between engagement that encourages audiences to apply their own frames to the world presented and type engagement cued by means of point-of-view shots and close-ups of facial expressions. (F): Cet article combine les théories de la cognition et de l’empathie avec la théorie de la focalisation afin d’analyser comment et pourquoi certaines uvres construisent la manière dont le public est invité à s’investir dans des mondes fictionnels. Il défend l’idée que les critiques devraient examiner avant tout les différences entre un type d’investissement qui encourage les publics à appliquer leurs propres schémas de référence au monde de la fiction et un type d’investissement qui passe surtout par des techniques de point de vue et de plans rapprochés d’expressions faciles.
Global rigidity of solvable group actions on S^1
Lizzie Burslem,Amie Wilkinson
Mathematics , 2003, DOI: 10.2140/gt.2004.8.877
Abstract: In this paper we find all solvable subgroups of Diff^omega(S^1) and classify their actions. We also investigate the C^r local rigidity of actions of the solvable Baumslag-Solitar groups on the circle. The investigation leads to two novel phenomena in the study of infinite group actions on compact manifolds. We exhibit a finitely generated group Gamma and a manifold M such that: * Gamma has exactly countably infinitely many effective real-analytic actions on M, up to conjugacy in Diff^omega(M); * every effective, real analytic action of Gamma on M is C^r locally rigid, for some r>=3, and for every such r, there are infinitely many nonconjugate, effective real-analytic actions of Gamma on M that are C^r locally rigid, but not C^(r-1) locally rigid.
FCJ Issue 20 Editorial Essay : Networked Utopias and Speculative Futures.
Su Ballard,Zita Joyce,Lizzie Muller
Fibreculture Journal , 2012,
Abstract: The future began somewhere. The impulse behind this issue of The Fibreculture Journal was a crisis of imagination with regards to how the future might look and behave. Our starting point was the notion of post-millennial tension – the idea that in the decades following the year 2000 we find ourselves living in an era that was meant to be the future, but where many of our futuristic hopes and fantasies remain unfulfilled. Worse, our historical visions of hyper-technological futures seem to have propelled us into a perilous position where humankind may not have any kind of future at all. In the space between ever-hopeful techno-futurism and the realities of a world forever changed by the pursuit of the resources required to fuel it, we asked if the age-old concept of utopia still has the strength to generate galvanising visions of the future....
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Intermittently Flooded (Dambo) Rice under Different Tillage Practices in Chiota Smallholder Farming Area of Zimbabwe  [PDF]
George Nyamadzawo, Menas Wuta, Ngonidzashe Chirinda, Lizzie Mujuru, Jeffrey Lynn Smith
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2013.34A003

Agriculture is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases. Rice production has been identified as one of the major sources of greenhouse gases, especially methane. However, data on the contributions of rice towards greenhouse gas emissions in tropical Africa are limited. In Zimbabwe, as in most of Sub-Saharan Africa, there are very few studies that have explored greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural lands. This study reports the first dataset on greenhouse gas emissions from intermittently flooded rice paddies in Zimbabwe. The objective of this study was to quantify greenhouse gas emissions from dambo rice under different tillage treatments, which were conventional tillage, no tillage, tied ridges, tied fallows, and mulching. Average soil nitrous oxide emissions were 5.9, 0.2, 5.4, 5.2 and 7.8 μg·m-2·hr-1 for tied fallows, conventional tillage, tied ridges, mulching and no tillage respectively. Average methane emission was 0.35 mg·m-2·hr-1 and maximum as 1.62 mg·m-2·hr-1. Average methane emissions for the different tillage systems were 0.20, 0.18, 0.45, 0.52 and 0.38 mg·m-2·hr-1 for tied fallows, conventional tillage, tied ridges, mulching and no tillage respectively. Carbon dioxide emissions were 98.1, 56.0, 69.9, 94.8 and 95.5 mg·m-2·hr-1 for tied fallows, conventional tillage, tied ridges, mulching and no tillage respectively. The estimated emissions per 150 day cropping season were 1.4, 3.6 and 0.6 kg·ha-1

Os festivais GLBT de cinema e as mudan?as estético-políticas na constitui??o da subjetividade
Bessa, Karla;
Cadernos Pagu , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-83332007000100012
Abstract: this article is an overview of the growth of glbt film festivals and also of gay visibility. the focus will be on the analysis of the changes that configured a new cinematography called, at the beginning of the nineties, queer movies (rich, 1991). since the san francisco gay and lesbian film festival at the end of the seventies, there was a significant change in the films made for or directed toward gay audiences. this could be noticed from production to exhibition, including narrative aspects and cinematographic techniques, leading one to rethink both the formatting-programming of the festivals and the glbt cinema itself. new sensibilities and subjectivities contrast with the pioneering film scenes from the militant-identitary matrix, raising questions on body, sexuality and gender.
Um problema de saias: dificuldades de representa??o do género na linguagem pictográfica
Ex aequo , 2009,
Abstract: the article deals with signage, traffic signs and way-finding systems, which use pictures of individual objects to express abstract concepts. this requires learning and context to be understood. but pictography seems to have other limitations. when compared to verbal language, a major example of these limitations is the representation of gender. in 2005, a survey of 49 signage systems at the university of aveiro concluded the female gender was underrepresented, and heavily stereotyped. notwithstanding, the article analyses a few recent attempts to use non-sexist traffic signs and signage, in order to determine whether it is possible to reform or improve pictographic languages.
Estudos sobre a rede urbana: os precursores da teoria das localidades centrais Study concerning urban network: pioneers of the theory of central place
Kelly Bessa
Geotextos : Revista da Pós-Gradua??o em Geografia da Universidade Federal da Bahia , 2012,
Abstract: Dentre os estudos sobre redes urbanas, destacam-se aqueles que dizem respeito à hierarquia de seus centros. Uma das bases teóricas mais ricas e conhecidas é a “teoria das localidades centrais”, formulada por Walter Christaller e publicada em 1933. Nesse contexto, o presente trabalho tem por finalidade apresentar as contribui es dos estudos sobre a hierarquia dos centros urbanos que antecederam a obra clássica do citado autor. Ressalta-se que tais estudos foram, posteriormente, aprofundados por Christaller, por meio de extensa compila o bibliográfica, que resultou na plena sistematiza o da temática da organiza o espacial dos centros urbanos, ainda nos anos de 1930, segundo sua hierarquia. Within studies concerning urban networks those that refer to hierarchies of their centers stand out most. One of the richest and best known bases is the “theory of central place” formulated by Walter Christaller and published in 1933. In this context this study aims at presenting contributions to the study of hierarchies in urban centers which antecede the classic above mentioned study. It is noteworthy that these studies were, later, more profoundly examines by Christaller through a extensive bibliographic collection, which resulted in full systemization of the theme of space organization of urban centers, already in the 1930s, according to his hierarchy.
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