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The Intrauterine Bigatti Shaver for Endometrial Lesions: Our Experience and Modifications  [PDF]
Liying Yang, Hemashree Rajesh, Suling Yu
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2017.71001
Abstract: Background: Removal of endometrial polyps and submucosal fibroids by blind avulsion or excision with resectoscope is associated with risks such as fluid imbalance and uterine perforation. This review describes our centre’s experience with the intrauterine Bigatti shaver (IBS), a new method for resecting these lesions. Methods: All procedures performed between August 2015 and June 2016 were included. Patient demographics and operation details (set-up time, resection time, operative findings and complications) were collected at time of surgery using a standardised form. Results: 21 cases were performed between August 2015 and June 2016 by two senior gynaecologists. The majority (18, 86%) were performed for polyps associated with menstrual abnormalities or subfertility. Mean operating time was 9.6 minutes (range 3 - 25), median fluid input 1450 mls (range 700 - 3000) and median fluid deficit 100 mls (range 50 - 300). There were no cases of infection, perforation or fluid overload. The IBS blade was bent after resection of an anterior wall polyp in an anteverted uterus. A 3 mm grade 1 submucosal fibroid could not be resected as it was too hard in consistency. Conclusions: The constant clear visualisation provided by the continuous flow of fluid enabled fast and complete resection of sizeable polyps with minimal fluid deficit. No serious complications occurred despite this being the initial series performed by both surgeons. Bending of the blade may be avoided by rotating the camera such that the operating channel is situated just next to the lesion. A drainage sock was fashioned out of ribbon gauze and attached to the end of the suction tubing for collection of small polyp fragments. The IBS is a valuable addition to current methods for resection of endometrial polyps. Further study is required to determine its utility for submucosal fibroids, particularly those with a hard consistency.
Determination of Ractopamine in Swine Feed and Urine Using an Indirect Competitive Immunoassay
Pingli He,Liying Zhang,Tangbin Yang
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012,
Abstract: Anti-ractopamine polyclonal antisera were prepared by coupling ractopamine to bovine thyroglobulin and human serum albumin using two different methods. A systematic study of cross-reactions with eleven related compounds showed that the antibodies had a high specificity for ractopamine. Using the purified antiserum R3, an indirect competitive immunoassay for the determination of ractopamine in swine feed and urine was established and a typical competition calibration curve showed good sensitivity of 0.8 ng mL 1, estimated as the value of IC50, with a practical working range between 0.2 and 3 ng mL 1, the limit of detection of 0.15 ng mL 1. Finally, this assay was applied to the analysis of ractopamine in spiked swine feed and urine. The average recoveries of ractopamine were between 80-120% and the coefficients of variations were less than 10%. The results were also confirmed by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, which showed good agreement (r2 = 0.997) with the established immunoassay.
A Study of Evolution in Genomics by Scientometric Method

Yang Liying,

科学观察 , 2007,
Abstract: Using a collection of papers gathered from Web of Science on the research field of genomics,this study demonstrates the evolution process of genomics in knowledge dimension from 1991-2006.Based on high frequency keywords co-occurrence matrix of three different stages,multidimensional scaling method disposes the diversity among keyword co-occurrence relationship in different evolution stages,further analysis shows that the related research in genomics is still in adolescence period.In addition,the principal component analysis exhibits the dynamics among research topics in 16 years.The case study reveals the bibliometric method introduced in this paper can be used to extract large amounts of useful information in a research speciality.
Synthesis and Anti-Tumor Activities of Fluoride-Containing Gossypol Derivatives Compounds  [PDF]
Liying Zeng, Yijian Deng, Lidong Weng, Zhijun Yang, Huoji Chen, Qiang Liu
Natural Science (NS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2017.99030
We report herein the design and synthesis of a series of novel fluoride-containing gossypol derivatives by the condensation reaction of gossypol with fluoride-containing aromatic amine. These fluoride-containing gossypol derivatives were characterized by IR, 1H-NMR and high resolution mass spectral data, then screened as antitumor agents against three human cancer cell lines (HeLa, A-549 and BGC-823) and a normal cell line (VEC) in vitro by using MTT cell proliferation assays. Results revealed that compounds 3a, 3c and 3f exhibited superior anticancer activity against HeLa, compounds 3b,3c, 3e and 3f exhibited superior anticancer activity against A-549, compounds 3b, 3c and 3f exhibited superior anticancer activity against BGC-823 compared to gossypol. In particular, fluorine substituent at the para positions of the phenyl ring showed remarkable inhibitory effects on HeLa?(3c: IC50 = 14.2 μM, 3f:?IC50 = 8.34 μM), A-549(3c: IC50 = 6.32 μM, 3f: IC50 = 9.76 μM) and BGC-823 cells?(3c: IC50 = 8.62 μM, 3f: IC50 = 4.36 μM). Furthermore, all the compounds 3a-3f exhibited lessened cytotoxicity against VEC compared to gossypol.
Received Power Attenuation Analysis Based on Wavelet for Reflection-Style Optical Antenna Deformations in Free-Space Laser Communications
Wanqing Xie,Liying Tan,Jing Ma,Yang Liu
International Journal of Antennas and Propagation , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/614536
Abstract: Diversified deformations on reflection-style optical antennas caused by processing technique and complex outer-space environment in free-space laser communications are modeled by wavelet analysis. Influence due to the deformations on received power is studied by distortion attenuation factor based on the model. Theoretical and numerical analysis shows that distortion attenuation factor increases with shift factor of the model, decreases with dilation factor of the model, and decreases with irregular fluctuations with wavelet coefficient of the model. To the special case that the deformation can be well approximated to a constant, distortion attenuation factor varies periodically with the linear increase of the deformation coefficient. A reference for the requirement on the precision of optical antenna is proposed, and a method to reduce the effect of deformation is recommended. It is hoped that the study can be used in the design of free space laser communication systems. 1. Introduction Free space laser communication is a kind of technique which employs laser as the carrier to transmit signals between two terminals. With its potential commercial and military applications due to smaller size and weight of the terminal, less power consumption, larger data rate, denser satellite orbit population, and greater immunity to interference which compare to microwave communications, the research of this technique has become a hot spot [1–6]. Since intersatellite laser communication system works with the limitation of optical diffraction, communication distance and photoelectric detection, high quality laser beam, and high precision optical terminals are demanded. However, wave-front distortions can be induced by the precision of optical devices, outer space temperature variation, contamination, and space radiation. Slight wave-front distortions can have significant effect on receiving terminal due to small beam divergence and ultralong distance of the communication link [7–9]. To deal with the problem, many studies have been focusing on possible solutions to decrease the effect of distortions, such as the optical phased array [10, 11], while others have been researching on the influence of deformations on the system. In 2001, Toyoshima et al. described wave-front aberrations by Zernike polynomials in circle region to study the influence of deformations in free space laser communications [12]. In 2005, Sun et al. developed the description to annular region by using the Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization procedure to modify the original Zernike polynomials because the
Paraoxon Attenuates Vascular Smooth Muscle Contraction through Inhibiting Ca2+ Influx in the Rabbit Thoracic Aorta
Shouhong Zhou,Liying Liu,Xuhong Yang,Shujin Wu,Gengrong Chen
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/829190
Abstract: We investigated the effect of paraoxon on vascular contractility using organ baths in thoracic aortic rings of rabbits and examined the effect of paraoxon on calcium homeostasis using a whole-cell patch-clamp technique in isolated aortic smooth muscle cells of rabbits. The findings show that administration of paraoxon (30 M) attenuated thoracic aorta contraction induced by phenylephrine (1 M) and/or a high K
Development and Validation of a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Melamine and Cyromazine in Animal Feeds
Binru Shang,Yiqiang Chen,Zongyi Wang,Wenjun Yang,Liying Zhang
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/javaa.2011.73.80
Abstract: A new method for simultaneous determination of melamine and cyromazine in animal feeds using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) was developed and validated. Samples were extracted with trichloroacetic acid solution cleaned up by cation exchange solid-phase extraction cartridges and derivatized with N, O-bis (trimethylsilyl) trifluroacetamide containing 1% trimethylchlorosilane followed by GC separation and MS detection. The limits of quantification were 0.10 mg kg-1 for both melamine and cyromazine. Recoveries from feeds spiked at levels between 0.1 and 50 mg kg-1 ranged from 84.2-99.5% with Relative Standard Deviation (RSD) <8% with the exception of a 10.2% RSD for 0.1 mg kg-1 melamine. This validated method was successfully applied to commercial feed samples showing that it can be used as a routine tool for the surveillance and evaluation of the presence of melamine and cyromazine in animal feeds.
Liying Wang,Weicheng Lu,Yan Yang,Yulin Zhu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811038335
Abstract: The title compound, C19H20O5, was synthesized by the reaction of 1,3-cyclohexanedione and 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde in the presence of PdCl2 and thiourea. The tetrahydropyran ring and the six-membered cyclohexene ring adopt envelope conformations, and the six-membered cyclohexane ring is in a chair conformation. The crystal packing is stabilized by classical intermolecular O—H...O hydrogen bonds and weak C—H...O interactions.
Finite Groups with Some -Supplemented Subgroups
Guo Zhong,Liying Yang,Huaquan Wei,Xuanlong Ma,Jiayi Xia
Algebra , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/153691
Abstract: Let be a subgroup of a finite group , a prime dividing the order of , and a Sylow -subgroup of for prime We say that is -supplemented in if there is a subgroup of such that and where denotes the subgroup of generated by all those subgroups of which are -quasinormally embedded in In this paper, we characterize -nilpotency and supersolvability of under the assumption that all maximal subgroups of are -supplemented in . 1. Introduction Throughout only finite groups are considered. Let stand for the set of all prime divisors of the order of a group . denotes the class of all supersolvable groups. char means is a characteristic subgroup of . We use conventional notions and notation, as in Robinson [1]. Let be a class of groups. is called a formation provided that (1) if and , then and (2) if and are in , then is in for all normal subgroups , of . A formation is said to be saturated if implies that . Two subgroups and of a group are said to be permutable if . is said to be -quasinormal in if permutes with every Sylow subgroup of , that is, for any Sylow subgroup of . This concept was introduced by Kegel in [2] and has been studied widely by many authors, such as [3, 4]. An interesting question in the theory of finite groups is to determine the influence of the embedding properties of members of some distinguished families of subgroups of a group on the structure of the group. Recently, Ballester-Bolinches and Pedraza-Aguilera [5] generalized -quasinormal subgroups to -quasinormally embedded subgroups. is said to be -quasinormally embedded in provided every Sylow subgroup of is a Sylow subgroup of some -quasinormal subgroup of . By applying this concept, Ballester-Bolinches and Pedraza-Aguilera got new criteria for supersolvability of groups. A subgroup of a group is called to be complemented in if has a subgroup such that and . is called to be supplemented in if there exists a subgroup of such that . Obviously, a complemented subgroup is a special supplemented subgroup. In recent years, it has been of interest to use supplementation properties of subgroups to characterize properties of a group. For example, the definition of a weakly -supplemented subgroup introduced by Skiba in [6]. is said to be weakly -supplemented in if has a subgroup such that and , where is the largest -quasinormal subgroup of contained in . Using this concept, many meaningful results have been obtained, such as [7–9]. More recently, the concept of -supplemented subgroups was introduced as follows. Definition 1 (see [10, Definition 1.2]). Let be a subgroup of . We say that is
The Study of Multi-Expression Classification Algorithm Based on Adaboost and Mutual Independent Feature  [PDF]
Liying Lang, Zuntao Hu
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2011.24038
Abstract: In the paper conventional Adaboost algorithm is improved and local features of face such as eyes and mouth are separated as mutual independent elements for facial feature extraction and classification. The multi-expression classification algorithm which is based on Adaboost and mutual independent feature is proposed. In order to effectively and quickly train threshold values of weak classifiers of features, Sample of training is carried out simple improvement. We obtain a good classification results through experiments.
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