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Dynamic Analysis of Kalman Filter for Traffic Flow Forecasting in Sensornets
Yan-Chao Zhao,Yan-Chang Liu,Li-Qun Shan,Bin Zhou
Information Technology Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) plays an important role in traffic controlling and traffic guidance which can greatly reduce the cost and pollution. In some senses, efficient traffic controlling is supported by accurate forecasting of the traffic flow and Kalman filter is one of the most used techniques. This study researches some dynamic behaviors of the Kalman filter in traffic flow forecasting. First, some observation nodes are proper set and the traffic flow data can be collected. Then Kalman filter is introduced to forecast the future traffic flow. Finally, the relation between dynamic parameters and forecasting result is analyzed. Several experiments are introduced to verify the conclusion.
Theories about Word Writing: Evidence from Acquired Dysgraphia

LIU Jie,BI Yan-Chao,HAN Zai-Zhu,

心理科学进展 , 2008,
Abstract: 近年来人们采用认知神经心理学方法,通过研究失语症病人的选择性语言功能损伤取得了许多理论成果.该文主要介绍了当前比较认可的书写模型,简要阐述了书写过程中所涉及的认知成分,以及从刺激呈现到拼写出单词的简单动态过程,并回顾了模型建立的实验证据和逻辑思想.
The research of information dissemination model on online social network

Zhang Yan-Chao,Liu Yun,Zhang Hai-Feng,Cheng Hui,Xiong Fei,

物理学报 , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a general stochastic model for the information dissemination on the online social network. The model considers the node of degree and propagation mechanism, utilizes complex network theory and dynamics of infectious diseases, and finally establishes the dynamic evolution equations. The dynamic evolution equations describe the evolution process of different types of nodes, and show that the propagation process is influenced by network topology and propagation mechanism. We simulate the information spreading process, and analyze the behavior of different types of nodes on online social network. Simulation results show that information can spread easily on the online social network because of the good connectivity. The greater the degree of the initial spread node, the faster the information spreads on online social network. Center nodes have great social influence, and the nodes with different degrees have the similar trend on online social network. Research shows that the model, having the same characteristics with online social network, contributes to a more profound understanding of information dissemination behavior on online social network.

LIU Chun-yan,CHE Yan-chao,CAO Zu-bin,GAO Peng,WANG Yan-ping,
,车延超,曹祖宾,高 鹏,王延平

燃料化学学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 采用Hβ沸石为载体,以Ni为主剂,分别以P、Mg、La为助剂合成了FCC汽油加氢改质双功能催化剂。考察了采用不同热处理方式脱模板剂对Naβ沸石载体的影响,以及助剂种类和助剂含量对双功能催化剂性能的影响。结果表明,采用阶段焙烧法脱模板剂可以有效的抑制分子筛脱铝,更好的保持分子筛原始结晶态和比表面积;在FCC汽油加氢改质反应中,加入0.25%磷改性后的Ni-P/β催化剂,有效的降低了汽油中的烯烃含量,使烯烃转化率达到65%,并保证汽油的辛烷值基本不降低。
Human Hepatocyte Growth Factor (hHGF)-Modified Hepatic Oval Cells Improve Liver Transplant Survival
Zhu Li, Juan Chen, Li Li, Jiang-Hua Ran, Xue-Hua Li, Zhi-Heng Liu, Gui-Jie Liu, Yan-Chao Gao, Xue-Li Zhang, Hiu-Dong Sun
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0044805
Abstract: Despite progress in the field of immunosuppression, acute rejection is still a common postoperative complication following liver transplantation. This study aims to investigate the capacity of the human hepatocyte growth factor (hHGF) in modifying hepatic oval cells (HOCs) administered simultaneously with orthotopic liver transplantation as a means of improving graft survival. HOCs were activated and isolated using a modified 2-acetylaminofluorene/partial hepatectomy (2-AAF/PH) model in male Lewis rats. A HOC line stably expressing the HGF gene was established following stable transfection of the pBLAST2-hHGF plasmid. Our results demonstrated that hHGF-modified HOCs could efficiently differentiate into hepatocytes and bile duct epithelial cells in vitro. Administration of HOCs at the time of liver transplantation induced a wider distribution of SRY-positive donor cells in liver tissues. Administration of hHGF-HOC at the time of transplantation remarkably prolonged the median survival time and improved liver function for recipients compared to these parameters in the other treatment groups (P<0.05). Moreover, hHGF-HOC administration at the time of liver transplantation significantly suppressed elevation of interleukin-2 (IL-2), tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) and interferon-γ (IFN-γ) levels while increasing the production of IL-10 and TGF-β1 (P<0.05). HOC or hHGF-HOC administration promoted cell proliferation, reduced cell apoptosis, and decreased liver allograft rejection rates. Furthermore, hHGF-modified HOCs more efficiently reduced acute allograft rejection (P<0.05 versus HOC transplantation only). Our results indicate that the combination of hHGF-modified HOCs with liver transplantation decreased host anti-graft immune responses resulting in a reduction of allograft rejection rates and prolonging graft survival in recipient rats. This suggests that HOC-based cell transplantation therapies can be developed as a means of treating severe liver injuries.
Up-regulation of PIK3CA promotes metastasis in gastric carcinoma
Ji-Fang Liu, Xin-Ke Zhou, Jin-Hui Chen, Gao Yi, He-Ge Chen, Ming-Chen Ba, Sheng-Qu Lin, Yan-Chao Qi
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2010,
Abstract: AIM: To explore expressions of PIK3CA in the progression of gastric cancer from primary to metastasis and its effects on activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/Akt pathway.METHODS: mRNA and protein levels of PIK3CA were assessed, respectively, by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction and immunohistochemistry in specimens of normal gastric mucosa, primary foci and lymph node and distant metastasis of gastric cancer. Akt and phosphorylated Akt protein were also examined by Western blotting in these tissues, in order to analyze the effect of PIK3CA expression level changes on the activation of PI3K/Akt signaling pathway.RESULTS: PIK3CA mRNA in lymph node metastasis were approximately 5 and 2 folds higher, respectively, than that in the corresponding normal gastric mucosa and primary gastric cancer tissues (P < 0.05), while no statistical significance was found compared with distant metastasis. Immunohistochemically, PIK3CA protein expression was discovered in 7 (35%) specimens of 20 primary foci vs 10 (67%) of 15 of lymph node metastasis or 11 (61%) of 18 of distant metastasis (35% vs 67%, P = 0.015; 35% vs 61%, P = 0.044). With the increased level of PIK3CA expression, the total Akt protein expression remained almost unchanged, but p-Akt protein was upregulated markedly.CONCLUSION: Increased expression of PIK3CA is expected to be a promising indicator of metastasis in gastric cancer. Up-regulation of PIK3CA may promote the metastasis of gastric cancer through aberrant activation of PI3K/Akt signaling.
A method of measuring micro-impulse with torsion pendulum based on multi-beam laser heterodyne

Li Yan-Chao,Wang Chun-Hui,

中国物理 B , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a novel method of multi-beam laser heterodyne measurement for micro-impulse. The measurement of the micro-impulse, which is converted into the measurement of the small tuning angle of the torsion pendulum, is realized by considering the interaction between pulse laser and working medium. Based on Doppler effect and heterodyne technology, the information regarding the small tuning angle is loaded to the frequency difference of the multi-beam laser heterodyne signal by the frequency modulation of the oscillating mirror, thereby obtaining many values of the small tuning angle after the multi-beam laser heterodyne signal demodulation simultaneously. Processing these values by weighted-average, the small tuning angle can be obtained accurately and the value of the micro-impulse can eventually be calculated. Using Polyvinylchlorid+2%C as a working medium, this novel method is used to simulate the value of the micro-impulse by MATLAB which is generated by considering the interaction between the pulse laser and the working medium, the obtained result shows that the relative error of this method is just 0.5%.
Discrete water clusters in tetra-μ-cyanido-tetracyanidobis(1,4,7-triisopropyl-1,4,7-triazacyclononane)dicopper(II)dinickel(II) tetrahydrate
Hong-Xia Cui,Yan-Chao Wang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812024282
Abstract: The title tetracyanidonickelate–copper complex, [Cu2Ni2(CN)8(C15H33N3)2]·4H2O, was synthesized by self-assembly using potassium tetracyanidonickelate(II) and dichlorido(1,4,7-triisopropyl-1,4,7-triazacyclononane)copper(II). The asymmetric unit contains half of a complex molecule and two water molecules. The entire complex has -1 symmetry and contains Ni(II) in a slightly distorted square-planar and Cu(II) in a square-pyramidal coordination environment. The crystal packing shows a discrete tetramer water cluster. Within the cluster, the four water molecules are fully coplanar and each water monomer acts both as single O—H...O and O—H...N hydrogen-bond donor and acceptor.
Observation and Research on the Typical Atmosphere of Beijing Olympic Game by Raman Lidar

TONG Yan-chao,LIU Wen-qing,ZHAO Nan-jing,LIU Jian-guo,WU De-xia,DONG Yun-sheng,LU Yi-huai,

光子学报 , 2010,
Abstract: The preceding typical atmosphere of Beijing Olymplc Game were measured and analyzed in combine with Raman Lidar, Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM), Black Carbon (BC) and Visibility analyzer from July 19 to July 28 in 2008. The vertical profile and spatio-temporal distribution of aerosol extinction coefficient was shown, and the ratio of aerosol extinction and backscatter was calculated. The relationship of visibility, PM10, PM2.5, BC and aerosol extinction coefficient was analyzed with the data of visibility and mass concentration of particle matter at atmospheric haze. The result shows that there has direct correlation of visibility, mass concentration of particle matter and aerosol extinction coefficient. The technique and method can be provided for controlling the composite pollution of atmosphere based on data comparison, complementary and enrichment of different instrument, and the scientific basic and reference can be provided for treatment of urban air pollution.
The sectionalized DNA shuffling: an effective tool for molecular directed evolution of Meiothermus ruber TreS
分段DNA shuffling: 一种大分子海藻糖合酶有效的定向进化方法

Liu Yan-Chao,Wang Yu-Fan,Qian Ke-Fan,Zhang Jun,Xiao Chen-Peng,Xing Lai-Jun,Li Ming-Chun,

微生物学通报 , 2013,
Abstract: Objective] The gene M-treS from Meiothermus ruber CBS-01 encodes a trehalose synthase of 962 amino acids, named M-TreS. To improve its catalytic activity, we constructed a method of molecular directed evolution, the sectionalized DNA shuffling. Methods] Through two PCR steps with two pairs of partially complementary primers, the M-treS gene was parted into two sections. After the two sections shuffled respectively, a whole gene was obtained through the complementarity of the primers. This method was more feasible, with higher mutability than normal DNA shuffling. Results] Mutants were obtained after one round of the sectionalized DNA shuffling, in combination with error-prone PCR. The best mutant enzyme contained 6 amino acid substitutions, whose catalytic activity and efficiency were 1.6-fold and 2-fold of that of the wild type, respectively. In the 6 amino acid substitutions, 5 were caused by homologous recombination, and one by error-prone PCR. Conclusion] This study indicates that the sectionalized DNA shuffling is an effective tool for molecular directed evolution of macromolecular proteins.
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