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Effects of microgravity environment on intracellular signal transduction pathways
De CHANG,Ying-hua GUO,Chang-ting LIU
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2012,
Abstract: Microgravity environment is a stress and extracellular signal that affects cellular morphology and function through signal transduction system, thus leading to certain biological effect. At present, many signaling pathways have been reported to be involved in the regulation of cell function under microgravity environment, such as NF-κB signaling pathway, Notch signaling pathway, MAPK signaling pathway, HSP signaling pathway and so on, and these reports have laid a foundation for the molecular studies of cytolergy under outer space environment. The recent progress in the researches on intracellular signaling pathways affected by microgravity is herewith reviewed in present paper in the hope of providing references for understanding the cell activity in space environment, and to find the ways to alleviate the harmful effects caused by the microgravity environment.
Microgravity effects on pathogenicity of bacteria
Ya-juan WANG,Chang-ting LIU
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2013,
Abstract: Microgravity is one of the important environmental conditions during spaceflight. A series of studies have shown that many kinds of bacteria could be detected in space station and space shuttle. Space environment or simulated microgravity may throw a certain influence on those opportunistic pathogens and lead to some changes on their virulence, biofilm formation and drug tolerance. The mechanism of bacteria response to space environment or simulated microgravity has not been defined. However, the conserved RNA-binding protein Hfq has been identified as a likely global regulator involved in the bacteria response to this environment. In addition, microgravity effects on bacterial pathogenicity may threaten astronauts' health. The present paper will focus on microgravity-induced alterations of pathogenicity and relative mechanism in various opportunistic pathogens.
Novel therapy for idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension: Can hepatocyte growth factor be beneficial?

Guo Ying-Hua,Su Long-Xiang,Guo Na,Liu Chang-Ting,

老年心脏病学杂志(英文版) , 2012,
Novel therapy for idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension: Can hepatocyte growth factor be beneficial?
Ying-Hua Guo,Long-Xiang Su,Na Guo,Chang-Ting Liu
老年心脏病学杂志(英文版) , 2012,
Information Integration on Intelligent Building Based on Web Service
基于Web Service的智能建筑信息集成

QIN Chang-Ting,WANG Shao-Lin,SHEN Bin,

计算机系统应用 , 2012,
Abstract: This paper addresses the OPC XML Web service technology application to building intelligent field,and puts forward a framework based on the Web Service which integrates Intelligent building information system.This framework to simplify the interoperability between different intelligence subsystem and applications,across the Internet and operation platform,improves the level of the intelligent building comprehensive management.
Quantitative characters of soil microbes and microbial biomass under different vegetations in alpine meadow

WANG Qi-lan,CAO Guang-min,WANG Chang-ting,

生态学杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: By using dilute plate counting and chloroform fumigation methods, this paper studied the quantitative characters of soil microbes, microbial biomass, and organic matter under the vegetations Kobresia tibetica , K. pygmaea , K. humulis , grass, forb, and Potentilla fruticosa shrub in alpine meadow ecosystem. The results showed that in 0-40 cm soil layer, the numbers of bacteria and actinomyces and the contents of microbial biomass C and organic matter were the highest in K. tibetica meadow, while the fungal number was the highest in P. fruticosa shrub meadow. The microbial biomass C and organic matter contents in K. tibetica meadow were obviously higher than those in the other five meadows. Path analysis indicated that there were varied degrees correlations among different bio-environmental factors, and the numbers of soil microbes as well as the contents of soil microbial biomass C and organic matter had significant correlations with soil moisture content, indicating that soil moisture could soil microbes and the transformation of substances in be a key factor regulating the metabolism of alpine meadow ecosystem.
The effects of differences in functional group diversity and composition on plant community productivity in four types of alpine meadow communities

WANG Chang-Ting,LONG Rui-Jun,DING Lu-Ming Northwest Plateau Institute of Biology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Xining College of Grassland Science,Gansu Agricultural University,Lanzhou,

生物多样性 , 2004,
Abstract: The relationship between species diversity and ecosystem function is one of the core problem of biodiversity research, and productivity is an important modality of ecosystem function. The species diversity of natural communities is often strongly related to their productivity. The grassland is an important component of terrestrial ecosystems and plays a significant role in the biodiversity and ecosystem function. Understanding of how to use natural vegetation to restore deteriorated grasslands is critical for protection of grassland ecosystems. Moreover, the relationship between species richness and productivity relies on scales. At some scales, productivity affects diversity, and at other scales, species diversity also affects productivity. Thus, it is necessary to know the relationship between plant functional diversity and productivity in different grassland types. In 2003 the differences in plant functional diversity, functional composition and productivity in different grassland types of alpine meadow were analyzed. Humans are modifying both the identities and the numbers of species in ecosystems. However, the impacts of such changes on ecosystem processes are still controversial. The effects of functional diversity and composition on plant community productivity were analyzed in four types of alpine meadows. The research results show:(1) the effects of the legume functional group on productivity was greater than other functional groups in Kobresia humlis meadow and Potentilla froticosa shrub. (2) Although the biomass of forbs, C 3 plants and sedge functional groups account for higher proportion of community productivity in Kobresia pygmaca meadow and K. tibetica swamp meadow, differences were not significantly different, indicating that the factors influencing community productivity were not only species diversity, but also the identity of species present and environmental resources. These factors were in turn mainly affected by species diversity and evenness among functional groups. That is, differences in functional group composition have a larger effect on ecosystem processes than functional group richness alone. (3) A significant correlation was found between the coverage per functional group and the primary productivity of communities in the four types of alpine meadows. (4) Changes in productivity with number of species per functional group showed a unimodal pattern, such that the maximum community productivity occured at an intermediate level of number of species per functional group.
Response of plant diversity and productivity to soil resources changing under grazing disturbance on an alpine meadow

WANG Chang-Ting,LONG Rui-Jun,WANG Qi-Lan,CAO Guang-Min,SHI Jian-Jun,DU Yan-Gong,

生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: The methods of field survey and experiment analysis was applied to detect the influence of plant diversity and productivity to soil resources changing under grazing disturbance on an alpine meadow. The purpose of this study to provide the process of degrading mechanisms in alpine meadow. The experiment plots were located in the Haibei alpine meadow ecosystem research station. The results showed that the obvious change of rhizomes in the Kobresia pygmaea meadow community, soil contents which cultivate rhizomes, and the proportion of the rhizome to the soil, the change of plant community structure and function, the change of soil physics and chemistry characteristics under grazing disturbance. With the grazing intensity increasing, especially the proportion of the rhizome to the soil at 0-10 cm soil layer were enhanced; The most rhizomes were died because of soil resources supply ability decreasing, soil organic matters which return in soil were decreased, sustainable utilization vegetation, converse succession (or degenerate succession) occurred in grassland, reflection by species number reducing, plant diversity decreasing, energy distribution turn around below-ground biomass; the alteration of soil properties (for example soil bulk density, soil moisture) resulted in change of vegetation composition and plant diversity. The soil environment and nutrients were influenced by grazing to change the grassland community biomasses (above, below-ground biomass); moderation disturbance to the soil surface and moderation destruction to original plant provide a small habitat for new plant species, new plant species intrude plant community, to increase plant richness. However, when strong disturbance occurred in grassland community, the dominance status of the main plant species in grassland community was substituted by another plant species.
Characteristics of artificial grassland plant communities with different establishment duration and their relationships with soil properties in the source region of Three Rivers in China

WANG Chang-ting,CAO Guang-min,WANG Qi-lan,SHI Jian-jun,DU Yan-gong,LONG Rui-jun,

应用生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: This paper studied the biomass,species composition,and diversity index of artificial grassland plant communities with different establishment duration in the source region of the Three Rivers,and examined the relationships of soil physical and chemical properties with the changes of the plant community biomass and species diversity.The results showed that the species composition,functional group composition,and quantitative characters of the plant communities varied greatly.Soil moisture content increased with increasing species diversity,while soil bulk density was in adverse.Soil microbial biomass carbon significantly positively correlated with soil moisture and organic matter contents,but negatively correlated with soil bulk density.Soil organic carbon content had a "V" type change,which was consistent with the change pattern of soil moisture content,and decreased with increasing soil bulk density.Plant community biomass had significant positive correlations with the contents of soil nutrients and moisture,and the increase of the above-and below-ground biomass of plant communities promoted the increase of soil nutrient contents.

WANG Chang-Ting,LONG Run-Jun,CAO Guang-Min,WANG Qi-Lan,DING Lu-Ming,SHI Jian-Jun,

植物生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 以三江源地区主要草地类型为研究对象,分析了不同草地类型土壤有机碳和全氮的变化特征及其与环境因子、土壤特征等的相互关系。结果表明:沿着海拔的逐渐升高,土壤有机碳和全氮含量均呈现出“V”字形变化规律,即土壤有机碳氮含量在海拔最高处(5120m)和最低处(4176m)比较高,而在中间海拔梯度较低,土壤有机碳与全氮含量极显著相关(r=0.905)且高寒草甸土壤碳、氮含量高于高山草原土壤碳、氮含量;土壤中有机碳含量和全氮含量均随着土壤含水量的增加而增加,偏相关分析结果表明:对0-30cm土层中土壤有机碳和土壤全氮影响最大的是土壤含水量,偏相关系数为0.9465,0.9059(P〈0.01);土壤有机碳含量和全氮含量与植被盖度和草地牛产力存在正相关趋势;土壤有机碳含量和全氮含量与土壤pH值和全盐量存在负相关趋势。
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