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GPU-Based Volume Rendering for 3D Electromagnetic Environment on Virtual Globe
Chao Yang,Lingda Wu
International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing , 2010,
Abstract: Volume rendering is an important and effect algorithm to represent 3D volumetric data and 3D visualization on electromagnetic environment (EME) is one of the most important research fields in 3D battlespace. This paper presents a novel framework on visualizing the 3D EME by direct volume rendering on virtual globe. 3D power volumetric data is calculated based on the Longley-Rice radio propagation model (Irregular Terrain Model, ITM), which takes into account the effects of irregular terrain and atmosphere, and we use GPU-accelerated method to compute the EME volumetric data. The EME data are rendered using direct volume rendering method on virtual globe by assigning different color and opacity depending on user’s interactive input with color picker. We also propose an interactive method to show detailed information of EME at given place. This approach provides excellent decision supporting and plan-aiding for users.
Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models for Inverse Kinematics
Shi Qu,Ronghuan Yu,Yingmei Wei,Lingda Wu
Journal of Multimedia , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/jmm.6.1.48-55
Abstract: We present an inverse kinematics solver based on Gaussian process latent variable models (GP-LVM). Because of the high-dimension of motion capture data, Analyzing them directly is a very hard work. We map the motion capture data from higher-dimensional observation space to two-dimensional latent space based on GP-LVM, then, find out the representative poses of virtual character by clustering the motion capture data in latent space. Finally, weight the representative poses and optimize the weights, combined with constraints on the end effectors, in order to synthesize the optimized pose. The experiments show that our method obtains satisfying effects.
Group Animations Based on Machine Learning

WEI Yingmei,QU Shi,WU Lingda,

中国图象图形学报 , 2010,
Abstract: A group animation generation method based on machine learning was proposed in order to reduce the complexity of generating mass of similar but different natural human motions in group animations. There are two models. Poses learning model was built based on Gaussian process latent variable model to characterize a specific motion and dynamic model was built in latent space to characterize the dynamic evolving process of neighboring poses in latent space. These models can be represented as probability distribution over all poses composing the motion by learning from existing motion data. Dynamic prediction can be made in latent space for giving initial state, then hundreds of latent trajectories by Hybrid Monte Carlo sampling according to given probability distribution can be obtained. Group animations can be implemented by generating a series of similar but different natural motions reconstructed from these latent trajectories, thereby avoid the difficulty and complexity of calculating geometric relationship and physical constrains in inverse kinematics.
Algorithm for Dynamically Constructing View Dependent and Topology Alterable Multiresolution Mesh

CHEN Peng,GAO Yu,WU Lingda,
陈 鹏
,高 宇,吴玲达

中国图象图形学报 , 2009,
Abstract: With the rapid development of recent 3D scanning and graphic modeling technique, the size of 3D model data increases drastically, which brings many challenges in its storage, display and transfers. Therefore a simplistic representation of 3D model data is in great demand. First current algorithms of dynamic mesh simplification were analyzed, and then an algorithm for mesh simplification was designed to construct topology alterable progressive mesh representation of 3D model. Based on this progressive mesh, a view dependent, compact and dynamic multiresolution structure was constructed by reorganizing the simplified model data. Finally a view dependent dynamic simplifying algorithm was presented. Theory analysis and experiment result showed that this novelty method can generate proper detailed simplified model based on view parameters, which achieved good simplification effect preserving both its geometry shape, and its attribute characters such as color etc. The presented algorithm can be widely used in many applications because of its small storage requirement, low cost and high adaptability.
Resear on Sphere Based Modeling and Rendering of Ocean Waves

LI Sujun,JIANG Jie,YANG Bing,WU Lingda,
,蒋 杰,杨 冰,吴玲达

中国图象图形学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 由于传统的海浪建模与绘制方法多是基于平面进行建模与绘制,较少细致考虑球面曲率对海浪建模和绘制的影响,因此无法在球形表面绘制出海浪在不同条件下形状、色泽等的变化。为了实现无界海洋的虚拟自由漫游,提出了一种考虑球面影响的、任意视点下的海浪建模与绘制方法,其核心是球面海洋模型和屏幕细分的自适应算法,同时基于海洋学知识以及解析几何和数字地球特点,首先解决和消除了模型生成中存在的计算量大和高纬度“压缩现象”等问题,并建立了球面海浪模型;然后,依靠可逐点计算的海浪生成模型,利用屏幕细分自适应算法将计算限制在与视点相关的可视球面海洋区域,并使几何分辨率依视点变化;接着采用“夹球”技术,解决了海面生成中存在的“边缘裂缝”现象;最后,采用GPU技术绘制出不同观察距离和方向下的真实感海浪场景,进而实现了用户在无界海洋上的自由漫游。
冯晓萌, 吴玲达, 于荣欢, 杨超
FENG Xiaomeng
, WU Lingda, YU Ronghuan, YANG Chao

- , 2016, DOI: 10.11887/j.cn.201604011
Abstract: 单硬件实现的高效电磁环境绘制适用范围更广;但是,并行光线投射绘制电磁环境时,其效率受硬件性能制约。在研究硬件限制并行光线投射效率的基础上,提出一种面向硬件制约的像素插值方法。当硬件限制并行光线投射绘制不能实时完成时,减少并行投射的光线数量,即部分图像像素由光线投射生成,其余像素插值生成。像素插值以图像质量换取执行效率,当图像更新停顿时重新使用光线投射生成插值获得的像素,以恢复图像内容。实验结果表明,低硬件配置条件下,像素插值能够大幅度提高绘制图像的生成效率。同时,对比多个体数据的绘制效果和误差统计得出:电磁环境数据场最适合使用像素插值方法。
Electromagnetic environment with a high efficiency based on single device supports has wide range of applications. But the efficiency of parallel ray-casting for rendering electromagnetic environment is restricted by the device. Based on researching the restriction of device for parallel ray-casting, a pixel interpolation method focusing on the restriction was presented. The number of rays was reduced when the parallel ray-casting rendering under device restriction couldn’t be completed immediately, namely, a part of pixels in the rendering image were generated by ray-casting and the rest pixels through interpolation. Pixel interpolation got rendering efficiency at the cost of image quality, so when image update paused, the interpolated pixels were regenerated to recover image quality. The experiments show that pixel interpolation obviously improves rendering efficiency when implemented on a low device. Compared with the rendering images of some volume data and the errors in these images, the electromagnetic environment data has the best rendering result, which proves that pixels interpolation is useable especially for rendering electromagnetic environment on a low device.
A QoS-aware Method for Web Services Discovery  [PDF]
Bian WU, Xincai WU
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2010.21008
Abstract: The non-functional QoS (quality of service) information helps us to select a proper Web-service from the web applications, by using component services such as UDDI[1](Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) and MDS(Monitoring and Discovery System). MDS is a suite of web services to monitor and discover resources and service on Grids, but MDS only based on function aspects. This paper studies on an approach to provide the QoS information and a discovery model by using MDS and gives a system deployment and implementation plan. The simulation results show that the method is effective in service discovery.
On the ECI and CEI of Boron-Nitrogen Fullerenes  [PDF]
Tingzeng Wu, Ying Wu
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/am.2018.98061
The eccentric connectivity index and connective eccentricity index are important topological indices for chemistry. In this paper, we investigate the eccentric connectivity index and connective eccentricity index of boron-nitrogen fullerenes, respectively. And we give computing formulas of eccentric connectivity index and connective eccentricity index of all boron-nitrogen fullerenes with regular structure.
Evaluation of Medical College Students’ Entrepreneurial Skills and Its Relationship with Social Intelligence  [PDF]
Jin Wu, Linze Wu
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2019.74002
Abstract: Social intelligence and entrepreneurial skills are important factors influencing individual academic performance and career development. Studies have shown that people with high social intelligence have the ability to understand and manage others and have an advantage in innovation. The entrepreneurial personality trait is precisely the courage to innovate. Therefore, there is a close relationship between entrepreneurship and social intelligence. In this study, the author explores the relationship between students’ social intelligence level and entrepreneurial skills based on medical college students. This study used a cross-sectional descriptive method for related research. The results showed that the overall scores of the entrepreneurial skills assessment criteria of the students were lower. This shows that students’ performance levels of entrepreneurial skills are relatively weak. This result shows that we need to further improve the entrepreneurial skills of medical university students and take the necessary measures to improve students’ social intelligence.
Characteristics and sources of elements in atmospheric particles before and during the 2008 heating period in Beijing

YU Lingda,WANG Guangfu,ZHU Guanghua,ZHANG Renjiang Key Laboratory of Beam Technology,Materials Modification of Ministry of Education,College of Nuclear Science,Technology,Beijing Normal University,Beijing,

环境科学学报 , 2010,
Abstract: In order to investigate the characteristics of atmospheric particles before and during the heating period in Beijing,aerosol samples were collected from October~December 2008. Mass concentrations of 16 elements were determined using Proton Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE). The results showed that the total concentrations of all 16 elements increased by 3 percent in the heating period. However,several elements concentrations increased markedly. For example,concentrations of As and Cu increased by more than 30 p...
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