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Impress es de um dirigente: Relatos e relatórios da Col nia Militar de Foz do Igua u nos anos de 1897-1898
Liliane Freitag
Revista de História Regional , 2008,
Abstract: O presente artigo é construído pela transcri o de dois documentos relativos à instala o da Col nia Militar de Foz do Igua u na regi o da tríplice fronteira Brasil Paraguai Argentina. A instala o desse empreendimento militar representa, no conjunto das estratégias políticogovernamentais do Império, um dos marcos de integra o das fronteiras paranaenses ao Brasil. A documenta o consiste em dois relatórios anuais, redigidos, respectivamente, nos anos 1897 e 1898, por Joaquim de Salles Torres Homem, administrador da referida Col nia, para lá designado no ano de 1897, pelo gabinete do ent o Ministro de Estado da Guerra na capital do Império. Esse corpus documental é significativo à medida que as informa es nele contidas possibilitam um mergulho em um universo de impress es pessoais e de novos saberes sobre essa regi o de fronteira internacional. Tendo em vista que a produ o historiográfica paranaense cristalizou saberes acerca desse empreendimento militar, pelo privilégio de determinadas fontes, nossa inten o é socializar o conteúdo desses dois relatórios anuais, possibilitando novas leituras acerca do empreendimento Col nia Militar de Foz do Igua u. This article is constructed by the transcript of two documents relating to the installation of the Military Colony in Fóz do Igua u, in the triple border region of Brazil - Paraguay - Argentina. The installation of this military venture represents, in all the political and governmental strategies of the Empire, one of the milestones of the integration of regional borders in Brazil. The documentation consists of two annual reports, which were prepared, respectively, in the years 1897 and 1898, by Joaquim de Salles human Torres, administrator of the Colony, designated in1897, by the Office of the then State Minister of War, in the capital of the Empire. This documentary corpus is significant to the extent that the information contained therein enables the immertion in a universe of personal impressions and new knowledge about this region of international borders. As the historiographic production in Paraná crystallized knowledge about this military venture, for the privilege of certain sources, our intention is to socialize the contents of the two annual reports, enabling new readings on the Military Colony of Foz do Iguacu.
Florestan Fernandes: revisitado
Freitag, Barbara;
Estudos Avan?ados , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-40142005000300016
Abstract: the author describes florestan fernandes' intellectual biography in three phases. the first phase, which she calls the "cientific-academic stage", covers the period 1941-1968. the second phase, the "political-revolutionary stage", corresponds to the years 1970-1986. finally, the third phase is what she calls the "lonely militant stage" (1986-1995), in which all facets of fernandes' itinerary come together under the heading of the "intellectual", in jürgen habermas' definition.
L’avenir de la société : globalisation ou mondialisation ?
Michel Freitag
SociologieS , 2010,
Abstract: Texte de Michel Freitag paru pour la première fois dans la revue québécoise Société, n° 24-25, octobre 2004. Michel Freitag’s text first published in 2004 in the journal Société (Québec) n° 24-25, october. Texto de Michel Freitag publicado por primera vez en 2004 en la revista Société (Québec), n° 24-25, octubre.
Truthmakers (are indexed combinations)
Wolfgang Freitag
Studia Philosophica Estonica , 2008,
Abstract: My aim is to show that theories which try to construct truthmakers out of objects and properties/relations alone are not tenable: The Frege–Wittgenstein idea of incompleteness does not yield truthmakers. Armstrong’s theory of partial identity and the theory of moments, i.e., of non-transferable properties, yield truthmakers, but these theories have counter-intuitive consequences. I conclude that the notion of a truthmaker makes ontological demands beyond objects and properties/relations and propose that truthmakers are exemplification relations which are necessarily tied to objects and properties/relations.
Combien de temps le développement peut-il encore durer ?
Michel Freitag
Les Ateliers de l’éthique , 2006,
Abstract: The general form that the “development” of humanity took under the aegis of capitalism and technological revolutions also comprises irreversible consequences in the very long term, and the future which we can foresee is not as much dubious as it is very worrying. This concern is obviously reinforced by the essential dynamics of the neoliberal globalisation, whose worst consequences are already foreseeable, unless a radical inversion of this movement and thus of the impulses which produce it takes place. The choice which the very long term thus requires is, from now on, an urgent one. There is a paradox that neither speculative thought, nor the committed praxis, can overcome without being seized upon by the dilemma of cynical lightness or fatalism: isn't it already too late to dream of the common good, to hope for a better future rather than to solely expect the worst?
Florestan Fernandes: revisitado
Freitag Barbara
Estudos Avan?ados , 2005,
Abstract: A AUTORA descreve a biografia intelectual de Florestan Fernandes em três etapas. A primeira, que ela designa "fase científico-acadêmica", abrange o período 1941-1968. A segunda, a "fase político-revolucionária", corresponde aos anos 1970-1986. Por fim, na terceira etapa, que ela chama de "fase solitário-militante" (1986-1995), todas as facetas do itinerário de Fernandes se unem sob o título "intelectual", segundo a defini o de Jürgen Habermas.
Gravitational waves from stars orbiting the Sagittarius A* black hole
Marc Freitag
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1086/367813
Abstract: One of the main astrophysical processes leading to strong emission of gravitational waves to be detected by the future space-borne interferometer LISA is the capture of a compact star by a black hole with a mass of a few million solar masses in the center of a galaxy. In previous studies, main sequence stars were thought not to contribute because they suffer from early tidal disruption. Here we show that, according to our simulations of the stellar dynamics of the Sgr A* cluster, there must be one to a few low-mass main sequence stars sufficiently bound to the central Galactic black hole to be conspicuous sources in LISA observations. The probability that a white dwarf may be detectable is lower than 0.5 and, in spite of mass segregation, detection of a captured neutron star or stellar black hole in the center of the Milky Way is highly unlikely.
Monte Carlo cluster simulations to determine the rate of compact star inspiraling to a central galactic black hole
Marc Freitag
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/18/19/309
Abstract: The capture and gradual inspiral of stellar mass objects by a massive black hole at the centre of a galaxy has been proposed as one of the most promising source of gravitational radiation to be detected by LISA. Unfortunately rate estimates for this process suffer from many uncertainties. Here we report on the use of our newly developed Monte Carlo stellar dynamics code to tackle this problem. We present results from simple galactic nuclei models that demonstrate the high potential of our approach and point out the aspects of the problem where an improved treatment seems desirable.
Captures of stars by a massive black hole: Investigations in numerical stellar dynamics
Marc Freitag
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1063/1.1629422
Abstract: Among the astrophysical systems targeted by LISA, stars on relativistic orbits around massive black holes (MBHs) are particularly promising sources. Unfortunately, the prediction for the number and characteristics of such sources suffers from many uncertainties. Stellar dynamical Monte Carlo simulations of the evolution of galactic nucleus models allow more realistic estimates of these quantities. The computations presented here strongly suggest that the closest such extreme mass-ratio binary to be detected by LISA could be a low-mass MS star (MSS) orbiting the MBH at the center of our Milky Way. Only compact stars contribute to the expected detections from other galaxies because MSSs are disrupted by tidal forces too early.
Isogeny in Superstable Groups
James Freitag
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: We study and develop a notion of isogeny for superstable groups. We prove several fundamental properties of the notion and then use it to formulate and prove uniqueness results. Connections to existing model theoretic notions are explained.
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