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A Fast Tuning Method for Microwave Filter Using Vf-Asm Technology
Yong-Liang Zhang;Tao Su;Zhi-Peng Li;Chang-Hong Liang
PIER M , 2013,
Abstract: A novel microwave filter tuning method based on vector fitting and aggressive space mapping (VF-ASM) technology is presented in this paper. The filter tuning is performed as a two step procedure. First, the equivalent circuit parameters are extracted through vector fitting method by a series of -parameter measurements. Second, the optimal screw positions are calculated through ASM techniques. this novel tuning technique has been tested successfully with cross-coupled six-resonator and direct coupled eight-resonator filters.
Shot noise in the semiconductor/ferromagnetic d-wave superconductor tunnel junction

Liang Zhi-Peng,Dong Zheng-Chao,

物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: Considering the dependence of the gap on the exchange energy in ferromagnetic d-wave superconductor, we use an extended Blonder-Tinkham-Klapwijk approach to investigate the shot noise in semiconductor/ferromagnetic d-wave superconductor junction by solving the Bogoliubov-de Gennes( BdG) equation. It is shown that the exchange energy h_0 in the ferromagnetic d-wave superconductor may induce a split of the shot noise double-peak at zero-bias and the energy gap peak, and the interval between the two split peaks is equal to 2h_0; furthermore, with the increasing exchange energy h_0 , the shot noise and the ratio of shot noise power to average current are restrained.
A Novel Triple Passband Filter Design Method Based on Stepped Impedance Resonators
Zhi-Peng Li;Sheng-Jie Wang;Tao Su;Chang-Hong Liang
PIER C , 2012, DOI: 10.2528/PIERC12090506
Abstract: In this letter, a novel compact tri-band bandpass filter (BPF) with high selectivity is presented. The proposed tri-band performance measure is realized by using eight sets of resonators, i.e., two- and three-section stepped impedance resonators (SIRs). The three-section SIR is designed for determining the three passbands and providing the electric coupling, while the two-section SIR is used for determining each passband respectively and providing the magnetic coupling. Then, coupling structures with two transmission zeros near each passband edge are presented, therefore, the band selectivity of the filter is much improved. The three passband frequencies could be independently designed and tuned. This novel tri-band BPF is fabricated and the measured results are in good agreement with the full-wave simulation results.
{1,8-Bis[2-(2-oxidobenzylideneamino)phenoxy]-3,6-dioxaoctane}nitratopraseodymium(III) trichloromethane solvate
Wei-Sheng Liu,Hui-Juan Wang,Xiao-Liang Tang,Zhi-Peng Zang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808021259
Abstract: In the title compound, [Pr(C32H30N2O6)(NO3)]·CHCl3, the PrIII ion is ten-coordinated by eight O atoms and two N atoms from the acyclic crown-type Schiff base ligand and the bidentate nitrate group. The coordination polyhedron around PrIII is a distorted bicapped square antiprism. The chloroform solvent molecule is not involved either in coordination to the PrIII center or in hydrogen bonding to the complex. The Pr—O(phenolate) bonds are significantly shorter than the Pr—O(ether) and Pr—O(nitrate) bonds, which suggests that the Pr—O(phenolate) bond is stronger than these other bonds. In the crystal structure, the acyclic crown-type Schiff base ligand wraps around the PrIII centre, forming a pseudo-ring.
A Review on Fate and Ecological Toxicity of Veterinary Antibiotics in Soil Environments

LI Zhao-jun,YAO Zhi-peng,ZHANG Jie,LIANG Yong-chao,

生态毒理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: More than 70% of total amounts of antibiotics produced in the world were used as food additives or veterinary medicines in stockbreeding and fishery. Most of these veterinary antibiotics could not be completely absorbed by animals and approximately 40~90% of the amounts of the antibiotics applied were discharged through dejecta in the parent or metabolized forms. Consequently, the accumulation of antibiotics in soil environments occurred when the animal dejecta was applied into fields as organic fertilizers. In order to illustrate the impacts of veterinary antibiotics on living organisms and rationally assess the ecological risk of veterinary antibiotics in soil environments, we reviewed the origins of veterinary antibiotics in soils and the characterizations of sorption, translocation, and degradation of veterinary antibiotics in soils, and their impacts on living organisms in soil environments. Future research directions in this field were also recommended.
Josephson effect in ferromagnetic d-wave superconductor/ferromagnet/ferromagnetic d-wave superconductor junctions

Jin Xia,Dong Zheng-Chao,Liang Zhi-Peng,Zhong Chong-Gui,

物理学报 , 2013,
Abstract: By solving a self-consistent equation for the ferromagnetic d-wave superconducting gap and the exchange energy, we study the Josephson current in the ferromagnetic d-wave superconductor/ferromagnet/ferromagnetic d-wave superconductor junctions. In the Josephson critical current, there are two oscillation components with different periods. It is found that the short-period component can be separated from the long-period one by increasing the exchange energy in ferromagnet and the barrier strength at the ferromagnet/ferromagnetic d-wave superconductor interface, and vice versa. Under a certain thickness for the ferromagnet, exchange energy for the ferromagnetic d-wave superconductor may increase the critical current in the case of a parallel alignment of the magnetization in the ferromagnetic d-wave superconductor.
Polyphase Decomposition Symmetry Exploitation of Linear Phase FIR Filters for Fractional Sampling Rate Conversion

SHEN Zhi-Peng,GUO Chen,ZHANG Ning,YIN Fu-Liang,

自动化学报 , 2009,
Abstract: In order to improve the computing efficiency of fractional sampling rate conversion, the centrosymmetric matrix of filter polyphase decomposition coefficients is constructed based on the symmetric FIR filter and its polyphase decomposition structure. Then, an efficient implementation applicable to arbitrary fractional sampling rate and filters length is presented. Moreover, the formulation of multiplicative and additive complexity is deduced. The test results show that the proposed method can reduce the number of multiplications by 50% and number of additions by 30%, compared with a direct implementation.
Secure startup mechanism of server based on trusted BMC

SUN Liang
, CHEN Xiao-chun, ZHONG Yang, LIN Zhi-peng, REN Tong

- , 2018, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.2.2017.346
Abstract: 摘要: 服务器启动过程涉及到CPLD、BMC、BIOS等关键部件,任何一个环节没有保护,都将带来安全隐患。将服务器的启动过程纳入到可信计算体系中进行保护,能够防止关键硬件替换、软件篡改、服务器带外攻击等问题。服务器主板上的可信芯片在服务器启动阶段主动对可信BMC引导层进行验证,保证其处于正常工作状态。可信BMC能够根据用户既定策略,对BMC操作系统层进行完整性度量,并实现对BIOS的主动度量,确保BIOS镜像的完整无误。BIOS将对服务器关键软硬件进行度量,最终构建完整的信任链,为服务器提供可信计算环境的支撑平台。该机制已经基于昆仑BMC进行了相应验证。
Abstract: The startup process of server involves CPLD, BMC, BIOS and other important components either of which is left without protection resulting in security risks. Trusted Computing is helpful for the server boot protection, such as key hardware replacement, software tampering and server attacks. The trusted chip on baseboard of the server verifies the boot loader of BMC. The trusted BMC measures the integrity of the BMC operating system and BIOS according to the established policies. BIOS measures the server key hardware and software so as to build a complete trusted chain. The mechanism has been verified based on Kunlun BMC
Mechanical stress in superconducting coils during winding process

Li Lan-Kai,Wang Hou-Sheng,Ni Zhi-Peng,Cheng Jun-Sheng,Wang Qiu-Liang,

物理学报 , 2013,
Abstract: In order to increase the filling factor of conductor in superconducting coils and improve the mechanical stability of superconducting magnet, the pre-tension is always applied to the conductor during winding the coils. Because the winding pre-tension has a great effect on the quench and degradation performance of superconducting magnet, it is necessary to analyze the mechanical stress caused by the fabrication. First, the winding physical process of conductor is analyzed. Then the theoretical model is developed to calculate the winding stress of superconducting coils based on some reasonable assumptions and approximations. And some formulas used for stress and strain are derived from the theory of elastic mechanics. Two kinds of superconducting coils (one consists of one type of wire, and the other one consists of two types of wires.) are researched according to the model. The effects of winding pre-stress and material anisotropy on radial stress and hoop stress in superconducting coils are also analyzed. On the basis of the analyzed results, one can further research the stress and strain of superconducting coils under the effect of multiphysics and give some theoretical suggestions for the design and construction of superconducting coils.
Numerical simulation of plasma of large-dimensions produced by injecting electron beam into air

Li Hong,Su Tie,Ouyang Liang,Wang Hui-Hui,Bai Xiao-Yan,Chen Zhi-Peng,Liu Wan-Dong,

物理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: A four-species 1-D hybrid numerical model was set up to simulate the process of formation of large-dimension plasma produced by injecting electron beams into air. It showed that plasma of the order of 0.5m in length and 1012cm-3 in density can be produced by an electron beam with the energy of 140keV and flux of 50mA/cm2. The effect of space charge associated with the beam on the beam propagation and related process vanishes soon after the plasma is produced. The beam flux is directly relevant to the plasma density, but the beam energy affects both the dimensions and the density of produced plasma.
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