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Radiation energy flux of Dirac field of static spherically symmetric black holes

Meng Qing-Miao,Jiang Ji-Jian,Li Zhong-Rang,Wang Shuai,

中国物理 B , 2010,
Abstract: By the statistical entropy of the Dirac field of the static spherically symmetric black hole, the result is obtained that the radiation energy flux of the black hole is proportional to the quartic of the temperature of its event horizon. That is, the thermal radiation of the black hole always satisfies the generalised Stenfan--Boltzmann law. The derived generalised Stenfan--Boltzmann coefficient is no longer a constant. When the cut-off distance and the thin film thickness are both fixed, it is a proportional coefficient related to the space--time metric near the event horizon and the average radial effusion velocity of the radiation particles from the thin film. Finally, the radiation energy fluxes and the radiation powers of the Schwarzschild black hole and the Reissner--Nordstr m black hole are derived, separately.
Generalized Stenfan-Boltzmann law of the Dirac field of Barriola-Vilenkin black hole

Meng Qing-Miao,Li Zhong-Rang,Li Yu-Shan,

物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: Using the thin film model of black hole, the thermal radiation laws of the Barriola-Vilenkin black hole are studied. We obtained the result that the thermal radiation of the black hole always satisfies the generalized Stenfan-Boltzmann law. The derived generalized Stenfan-Boltzmann coefficient is no longer a constant. When the cut-off distance and the thin film thickness are both fixed, it is a proportional coefficient related to the space-time metric near the event horizon and the average radial effusion velocity of the radiation particles in the thin film. The radiation energy flux of the Dirac field of the Barriola-Vilenkin black hole is proportional to the average radial effusion velocity of the radiation particles in the thin film, and inversely proportional to the square of the black hole mass.
A long-time study on the effect and balance of potassium

SUO Dong-Rang,WANG Tuo-He,LI Duo-Zhong,

中国生态农业学报 , 2002,
Abstract: 带状间作4年定位试验表明,增施化学K肥平均增产17.0%-20.3%,土粪基础上K肥增产时限推迟2年。连续18年小麦、玉米定位轮作试验表明,土壤K素能保证2个轮作期(每轮3年)作物K素需求,第3-6轮作期施K平均增产10.3%-30.7%,增效与试验历程呈正相关,增施土粪土壤K素平均每年亏缺135.0-335.5kg/hm^2;增施化学K肥平均每年亏缺97.4-335.7kg/hm^2;等量土粪和化学K肥配合施用年均亏缺76.5-268.0kg/hm^2。无K投入时,连续种植作物土壤速效钾年均减少2.6-17mg/kg,施土粪带田速效钾年均下降7.5mg/kg,轮作田略有提高。在土粪基础上增施化学K肥能保持和提高土壤速效钾,土壤缓效钾下降速率是速效钾的6.5-8.2倍。
Facile Synthesis of 1,6-Bis(2-furyl)-2,5-bis(2-hydroxy-3-formyl-5-methylbenzyl)-2,5-diazahexane: a New Dinucleating Ligand
Gang-Chun Sun,Zhan-Hang He,Zhong-Jun Li,Xiao-Dong Yuan,Zhi-Juan Yang,Guo-Xi Wang,Liu-Fang Wang,Chang-Rang Liu
Molecules , 2001, DOI: 10.3390/61201001
Abstract: A convenient three-step preparation of the dinucleating ligand, 1,6-bis(2-furyl)-2,5-bis(2-hydroxy-3-formyl-5-methylbenzyl)-2,5-diazahexane (3) starting from 2,6-bis(hydroxymethyl)-4-methylphenol (4) is reported. Compound 4 was partially oxidized with preactivated manganese dioxide to form compound 5, which was converted to 2-hydroxy-3-chloromethyl-5-ethylbenzaldehyde (6) with conc.HCl/EtOH. Compound 6 in turn reacted with N,N’-bis (2-furyl)-1,2-diaminoethane (7) in the presence of K2CO3 in ethanol to give the title compound 3. No protecting groups were required in the whole process and the conditions were mild.
A Watermark for Authenticating the Integrity of Audio Aggregation Based on Vector Sharing Scheme
Juan Li,Rang-Ding Wang,Jie Zhu
Information Technology Journal , 2011,
Abstract: A method to authenticate the integrity of audio aggregation is proposed in this study. The vector-sharing scheme is used to fragile watermarking technology because it is very sensitive when recovering the secret. In this algorithm, the key sharing ideology is introduced into audio aggregation watermarking algorithm by separating the watermark in different audio works of the audio aggregation. When detected the original watermark can be recovered without original audio aggregation. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm has strong vulnerability, good imperceptibility and can locate the audio work (s), which suffered attack in the audio aggregation.
Spectral Imagers with Linear Detector Imager Systems Based on Spectrum Compressed  [PDF]
Xiaoming Zhong, Huang Li, Huang Li
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2015.32039

Traditional spectral imagers require 2-dimensional detectors. We present a new method to implement spectral imagers with linear detector imager systems based on spectrum compressed. Using 1-dimension detectors instead of 2-dimension detectors to get 3-dimensional data cubes, the spectral imagers could get both the spectral information and the spatial information of each ground object. By the method of characteristics decoupling, we make high precision reconstruction of compressed data. Theoretical analysis and simulations show that it not only ensures the imaging quality but also reduces the dimension of the detectors and complexity of imaging system greatly.

On the boundary value problem for harmonic maps of the Poincaré disc
Zhong Li
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF02882940
Abstract: The boundary value problem for harmonic maps of the Poincaré disc is discussed. The emphasis is on the non-smoothness of the given boundary values in the problem. Let T* be a subspace of the universal Teichmüller space, defined as a set of normalized quasisymmetric homeomorphismsh of the unit circle S1 onto itself whereh admits a quasiconformal extension to the unit disc D with a complex dilatation μ satisfying $\iint {_\mathbb{D} }|\mu (z)|^2 \rho (z)dxdy< \infty (z = x + iy)$ , where ρ(z)|dz|2 is the Poincaré metric of D. LetB * be a Banach space consisting of holomorphic quadratic differentials in D with norms $\left\| \phi \right\|_{B_ * } = \left( {\iint {_\mathbb{D} }|\phi (z)|^2 \rho ^{ - 1} (z)dxdy} \right)^{\frac{1}{2}}< \infty $ . It is shown that for any given quasisymmetric homeomorphismh: S 1→S1 ∈ T*, there is a unique quasiconformal harmonic map of D with respect to the Poincaré metric whose boundary corresponding ish and the Hopf differential of such a harmonic map belongs to B*.
Tratamento cognitivo-comportamental para o transtorno de panico e agorafobia: uma história de 35 anos
Rangé, Bernard;
Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas) , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-166X2008000400002
Abstract: this paper describes the evolution of knowledge of cognitive-behavioral treatment of panic disorder and agoraphobia. it is based on contributions by diverse researchers, and it is described as an integrative treatment inasmuch as it combines pharmacological treatment and various types of cognitive and behavioral therapies. it uses cognitive restructuring techniques, interoceptive habituation, techniques for breathing, situational exposure and existential restructuring. the treatment was originally developed for an individual approach, but it was also later used with group treatments. it was conceived as a treatment to be used by therapists working in places where it would not be possible find qualified cognitive-behavioral treatment, in a step-by-step treatment model. results have been most satisfactory with the exception of some interventions such as assertiveness training and muscular relaxation. adaptations were made to cater to these findings.
Probleme mit Modernisierung als Interpretationsrahmen von sozialer Arbeit und Mütterlichkeit‘“ Problems with “Modernisierung als Interpretationsrahmen von sozialer Arbeit und ‘Mütterlichkeit’” (Modernization as Interpretive Structure for Social Work and ‘Motherliness’)
Brita Rang
querelles-net , 2004,
Abstract: Unver ndert ist das bereits 1986 von Christoph Sach e vorgelegte Buch nun ein drittes Mal, allerdings in einem anderen Verlag erschienen. Gegenstand ist die Entstehung der modernen beruflichen Sozialarbeit, die – so die These –, aus einer Verbindung von bürgerlich-kommunaler Wohlfahrtspflege und bürgerlich-konservativer Frauenbewegung hervorging. Deren ethisches Konzept der geistigen Mütterlichkeit‘ habe jedoch von Beginn an in einem Spannungsverh ltnis zur zunehmenden Verberuflichung und Bürokratisierung der sozialen Arbeit im Ersten Weltkrieg und der Weimarer Republik gestanden. Christoph Sach e’s 1986 work has been published for the third time in an unaltered form, albeit with a different publisher. The object of study is the origin of modern occupational social work that—according to the thesis—developed from the alliance of middle-class/municipal welfare work and the middle-class/conservative women’s movement. Their ethical concept of ‘spiritual motherliness’, however, maintained a tense relationship to the increasing bureaucratization of social work and the incorporation thereof as a mode of occupation during World War I and the Weimar Republic.
In Situ Detection of the p53-E6 and pRb-E7 Complex Formation in EC109 Cell by Proximity Ligation Assay  [PDF]
Yangjunqi Wang, Jintao Li, Fan Li, Shuying Li, Rugang Zhong
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2019.104027
Abstract: Human papillomavirus is an important cancer factor in many cancers. E6E7 is the important viral oncogene and plays an important role. It is known that its function is to regulate p53 and pRb. In this paper, in situdetection was performed to determine the interaction between them; the research provides visual evidence of their interaction. Research methods: In situ PLA reaction was used to detect the relationship between two different protein. Results: The quantity of the HPV18E6 expression is much higher than the expression of HPV18E7 protein in HeLa and EC109 cells; the interaction between p53-E6 and pRb-E7 was clearly observed and this effect could be visualized by this method. Conclusion: Interaction of the HPV18E6 protein combined with p53 protein and HPV18E7 protein combined with pRb protein could be visualized in cell.
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