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The Quaternionic Cauchy-Szeg? Kernel on the Quaternionic Siegel Half Space
Jinxun Wang,Xingmin Li,Jianquan Liao
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: The quaternionic Cauchy-Szeg\"{o} kernel of the Hardy space $\mathcal{H}^2(\mathcal{U}_n)$ on the quaternionic Siegel half space $\mathcal{U}_n$ is derived and the Hardy spaces on the octonionic Siegel half space is investigated.
Microstructure and 355 nm Laser-Induced Damage Characteristics of Al2O3 Films Irradiated with Oxygen Plasma under Different Energy  [PDF]
Dongping Zhang, Yan Li, Jingting Luo, Zhuanghao Zheng, Guangxing Liang, Xingmin Cai, Fan Ye, Ping Fan, Jianjun Huang
Optics and Photonics Journal (OPJ) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/opj.2013.32025

Al2O3 films were prepared using electron beam evaporation at room temperature. The samples were irradiated with oxygen plasma under different energy. The variations in average surface defect density and root mean square (RMS) surface roughness were characterized using an optical microscope and an atomic force microscope. Surface average defect density increased after plasma treatment. The RMS surface roughness of the samples decreased from 1.92 nm to 1.26 nm because of surface atom restructuring after oxygen plasma conditioning. A 355 nm laser-induced damage experiment indicated that the as-grown sample with the lowest defect density exhibited a higher laser-induced damage threshold (1.12 J/cm2) than the other treated samples. Laser-induced damage images revealed that defect is one of the key factors that affect laser-induced damage on Al2O3 films.

A Case Study on Foamy Oil Characteristics of the Orinoco Belt, Venezuela
Sun Xiaofei,Zhang Yanyu,Li Xingmin,CUI Guoliang
Advances in Petroleum Exploration and Development , 2013, DOI: 10.3968/j.aped.1925543820130501.1058
Abstract: With a current recovery of less than 11%, the Orinoco Belt in Venezuela still contains potentially more than 1.3 trillion barrels of reserves of “three highs, one low” oil at a depth of 100 to 1500 m. 5 joint projects and one project of Petroleos de Venezuela SA are making plans to improve oil recovery in the area. So it is important for them to have a thorough knowledge of foamy oil characteristics. This reservoir has a peculiar behavior called as a foamy phenomenon. In order to characterize the properties of the foamy oil, this paper discussed unconventional test methodology and the detailed suite of laboratory procedures including PVT and pressure depletion tests used to examine the Orinoco heavy oil. The results showed substantial differences in characteristics of foamy oil and conventional oil studied, not only in terms of PVT behavior but also in terms of the production performance during pressure depletion tests. The foamy oil compressibility was between 10-120×10-4 mPa-1, which was obviously higher than that of conventional oil. Differential liberation experiments of the oil, with obvious high formation volume factor, stable GOR, and low density showed a strong tendency to foam below the bubble point. Other notable observations were that more efficient oil recovery was achieved at high depletion rates while less free gas was produced. Key words: Foamy oil; Unconventional tests; The Orinoco Belt; PVT; Pressure depletion tests
Role of anthropogenic direct heat emissions in global warming
Fei Wang,Xingmin Mu,Guangju Zhao,Peng Gao,Pengfei Li
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: The anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) are widely realized as the predominant drivers of global warming, but the huge and increasing anthropogenic direct heat emissions (AHE) has not gained enough attention in terms of its role in the warming of the climate system. Based on two reasonable assumptions of (1) AHE eventually transfers to the Earth energy system and (2) the net warming is only driven by the net radioactive forcing (RF) from either GHG or other causes, we analyzed the role of AHE in global warming. The mean annual total AHE of the four main sources including energy consumption, residual heat of electricity generation, biomass decomposition by land use and cover change (LUCC) and food consumption was estimated to be 4.41*10^20 J in 1970-2010, accounting for 6.23% of the net annual heat increase of the Earth reported by IPCC AR5 for the period. The mean annual radioactive forcing (RF) by AHE was up to 29.94 mW m^(-2) globally in 1981-2010, less than the annual net increase of total GHG (34.80 mW m^(-2)) but more that of CO2 (24.43 mW m^(-2). The results suggested that AHE played a great role in global warming, urging us to pay more attention to DHE for a better evaluation of RF and more reasonable energy policy including non-GHG energy in the future (Keywords: climate change, anthropogenic direct heat emission, energy, radioactive forcing, heat balance, global warming).
The Mean Annual Water Balance in the Hekou- Longmen Section of the Middle Yellow River : Testing of the Regional Scale Water Balance Model and Its Calibr ation
黄河中游河口—龙门区间多年平均流域水平衡特征 ———区域蒸散量估算模型验证与下垫面参数校核

ZHANG Xiaoping,ZHANG Lu,MU Xingmin,LI Rui,

地理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Ecosystem health and sustainability of social and economic development in arid and semi-arid regions depends on water availability.To study the responses of water balance components to the different land cover types on mean annual scale,the data of streamflow,precipitation and Epan from 1980 to 2000 in the He-Long section(briefly for Hekou-Longmen section)of the middle reaches of the Yellow River,were used to test and calibrate the water balance model set up by Zhang in 2001.The results showed that the model was able to accurately simulate mean annual evapotranspiration,but not mean annual streamflow when compared with streamflow measurements from 38 hydrologic stations in the study area.Using the optimized parameters,the index of agreement between modeled and observed evaporation increased from 0.89 to 0.94,and the relative error and root mean square error decreased from 3.6% and 17.2 mm to 1.5% and 7.9 mm.The index of agreement for streamflow increased from 0.21 to 0.63 and the relative error decreased from 42.7% to 18.0%.Hierarchical cluster analysis showed that 3 types of water cycles exist due to the different land cover types.The parameter optimization showed that due to the effects of forest interception,the evaporation coefficient(ET/P)in the southern part of the He-Long section is fairly high so the region is suitable for the parameter w 1.61.For the influence of sandy soil and high groundwater,the evaporation coefficient in the northwestern region is low,so that for this region the parameter value of 0.10 was used.In the middle part of the He-Long section,it is fit for the parameter value of 0.45.
Impact of conservation tillage on soil wind erosion

Fan Qingcheng,Wang Fei,Mu Xingmin,Liu Zhendong,Li Rui,

中国水土保持科学 , 2011,
Abstract: Conservation tillage could reduce soil wind erosion effectively on farmland.An experiment of soil wind erosion on farmland in northern Loess Plateau was designed with wind tunnel tests under different conservation treatments including straw mulch,stubble and ridge tillage.The results indicated that straw mulch and stubble could reduce the soil wind erosion rate,and the soil wind erosion rate under straw mulch with 4 210 kg/hm2 was decreased by 62.8% compared with CK(no conservation treatment),which was less...
The Enterotoxicity of Clostridium difficile Toxins
Xingmin Sun,Tor Savidge,Hanping Feng
Toxins , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/toxins2071848
Abstract: The major virulence factors of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) are two large exotoxins A (TcdA) and B (TcdB). However, our understanding of the specific roles of these toxins in CDI is still evolving. It is now accepted that both toxins are enterotoxic and proinflammatory in the human intestine. Both purified TcdA and TcdB are capable of inducing the pathophysiology of CDI, although most studies have focused on TcdA. C.?difficile toxins exert a wide array of biological activities by acting directly on intestinal epithelial cells. Alternatively, the toxins may target immune cells and neurons once the intestinal epithelial barrier is disrupted. The toxins may also act indirectly by stimulating cells to produce chemokines, proinflammatory cytokines, neuropeptides and other neuroimmune signals. This review considers the mechanisms of TcdA- and TcdB-induced enterotoxicity, and recent developments in this field.
The genus Shirozuella Sasaji (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae, Shirozuellini) from the Chinese mainland
Xingmin Wang,Feng Ge,Shunxiang Ren
ZooKeys , 2012, DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.182.2430
Abstract: The genus Shirozuella Sasaji, 1967 from the Chinese mainland is reviewed. Eight species are recognized, including four new species: S. motuoensis sp. n., S. tibetina sp. n., S. unciforma sp. n., and S. guoyuei sp. n. Male genitalia of S. parenthesis Yu and S. quadrimacularis are described for the first time. All species are described and illustrated. A key and distribution map to the known species from the Chinese mainland are given.
A review of the genus Serangium Blackburn (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) from China
Xingmin Wang,Shunxiang Ren,Xiaosheng Chen
ZooKeys , 2011, DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.134.1715
Abstract: The genus Serangium Blackburn from China is reviewed. The genus Catanella Miyatake is removed from synonymy with Serangium. S. baculum Xiao is transferred to Catanella, as C. baculum (Xiao), comb. n. Twelve species of Serangium are described, keyed and illustrated, including eight new species, S. magnipunctatum Wang & Ren, sp. n., S. trimaculatum Wang & Ren, sp. n., S. centrale Wang & Ren, sp. n., S. leigongicus Wang & Ren, sp. n., S. latilobum Wang & Ren, sp. n., S. digitiforme Wang & Ren, sp. n., S. dulongjiang Wang, Ren & Chen, sp. n., and S. contortum Wang & Ren, sp. n. S. punctum Miyatake is newly recorded from China.
Research of the Effects of Dielectric Barrier Discharge on Human Lymphocytes
Xingmin Shi,Guanjun Zhang,Xili Wu,Zhengshi Chang
Biotechnology Frontier , 2013,
Abstract: Peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBLC) isolated from 20 healthy adult volunteers’ blood samples were treated with low-temperature plasma induced by dielectric barrier discharge, in order to investigate the effect of plasma on PBLC. Three experimental groups of PBLC treated with plasma were classified according to their locations laid on the bottom electrode, i.e., the electrode center, the electrode edge (2.5cm away from electrode center) and the electrode outside (on a platform with the same height to bottom electrode and 5.0cm away from electrode center) group, and one control group was without plasma treatment. Three different treatment time intervals were set as 5, 15 or 30s, respectively. Based on the statistical analysis of experimental results, it is revealed that, while the lymphocytes were more than 5cm away from electrode center or the treatment time was less than 5s, their function did not change significantly. Otherwise, the larger the dosage of employed plasma along with longer treatment time was; the more significantly its function reduced. Furthermore, the lymphocytes apoptosis and necrosis caused by Low-temperature plasma maybe result in the degradation of lymphocytes function.
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