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OLD SCHOOL LINGUISTICS MADE NEW— REVIEW OF Contemporary Linguistics: An Introduction. 5th ed. By William O’Grady, John Archibald, Mark Arnoff, and Janie Rees-Miller. New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2005. Pp. xxvi + 684.
Chris Wen-chao Li
Taiwan Journal of Linguistics , 2008,
Abstract: Amidst the recent explosion of interest in linguistic science and the subsequent publication of large numbers of introductory works on the subject, O'Grady et al.'s Contemporary Linguistics (5th ed.) stands out as a solid general purpose primer directed at an academic audience. Written by some eighteen contributors specializing in each of the seventeen branches of linguistics covered, topics are judiciously chosen while drawing on current scholarship and integrating different theoretical persuasions, without losing sight of the book's target readership. The result is an up-to-date text balanced in its treatment of subject matter and perspectives--a work that lives up to its moniker of "Contemporary" Linguistics.
Nitrogen and phosphorus loss and accumulation in organic and conventional vegetable fields in northern bank of Fuxian Lake

XIA Tian-Xiang,LI Wen-Chao,

中国生态农业学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 于2006年4~8月在高原湖泊抚仙湖北岸进行了有机与常规蔬菜种植试验,分别采集菜地土壤渗漏水、径流水、浅层地下水样品以及土壤剖面样品,并分析其不同形态氮、磷含量,以初步评价抚仙湖流域有机蔬菜种植对水体环境的影响.结果表明:有机与常规种植均使菜地土壤0~20cm土层渗漏水中总氮、总磷含量升高;与常规种植不同,有机种植并未明显影响20cm以下土层渗漏水中氮素含量.常规种植导致菜地浅层地下水总氮、总磷含量升高,分别为未耕作空地浅层地下水的19.3倍和l.67倍;而有机种植短期内对浅层地下水氮、磷水平影响不大.菜地土壤渗漏水中总氮与硝态氮、总磷与磷酸盐含量显著相关,线性方程为:TN=1.163×NO3-N 5.146,TP=0.904×PO4-P 0.0499.不同试验区径流水氮、磷含量变化幅度较大,常规种植菜地氮素径流损失远高于有机种植菜地.有机与常规种植均使菜地土壤0.20cm土层有机质、全氮、全磷、硝态氮、可溶性磷酸盐有所累积,且有机种植积累程度高于常规种植.
Preparation and Properties of Al_2O_3-TiC Composites

DONG Qian,TANG Qing,LI Wen-chao,

过程工程学报 , 2001,
Abstract: Al_2O_3(TiC基复相陶瓷具有高强度、高硬度和较好的高温稳定性, 常用于刀具、发热体和电子器件. 本文综述了Al_2O_3(TiC基复相陶瓷的各种制备方法及其优缺点、常温和高温性能、各种增韧手段和增韧机制, 并展望了Al_2O_3(TiC基复相陶瓷研究的发展方向.
Hopf bifurcation analysis of Chen circuit with direct time delay feedback

Ren Hai-Peng,Li Wen-Chao,Liu Ding,

中国物理 B , 2010,
Abstract: Direct time delay feedback can make non-chaotic Chen circuit chaotic. The chaotic Chen circuit with direct time delay feedback possesses rich and complex dynamical behaviours. To reach a deep and clear understanding of the dynamics of such circuits described by delay differential equations, Hopf bifurcation in the circuit is analysed using the Hopf bifurcation theory and the central manifold theorem in this paper. Bifurcation points and bifurcation directions are derived in detail, which prove to be consistent with the previous bifurcation diagram. Numerical simulations and experimental results are given to verify the theoretical analysis. Hopf bifurcation analysis can explain and predict the periodical orbit (oscillation) in Chen circuit with direct time delay feedback. Bifurcation boundaries are derived using the Hopf bifurcation analysis, which will be helpful for determining the parameters in the stabilisation of the originally chaotic circuit.
Phosphate Adsorption Characteristics on Surface Sediments of Nansi Lake and Its Main Inflow Rivers

AN Wen-chao,LI Xiao-ming,

环境科学 , 2008,
Abstract: Adsorption capacity, isotherms and kinetics of phosphate onto the 18 surface sediments taken from Nansi Lake and its main inflow rivers were investigated in laboratory, and the relationships between physical and chemical properties of the sediments and their phosphate adsorption characteristics are discussed. The results indicate that the phosphate adsorption characteristics of sediments that are at different trophic levels are similar. The amount of phosphate adsorbed within 10 h almost reaches or exceeds 80% of the maximum adsorption of phosphate and the maximum adsorption rates occur within 0-1.0 h. C(EPC) ranges from 0.010 to 0.157 mg x L(-1), Q(max) from 86.74-118.32 mg x kg(-1), and TQ(max) from 99.97-281.11 mg x kg(-1) in the study. Between Ads-P and its c(EPC), NAP, m, Q(max) and TQ(max) have remarkable positive correlation. The content of Ads-P will serve as a index indicating the polluted level in Nansi Lake. Adsorption efficiency (m) has remarkable positive relationship with TQ(max). The m is the sum of adsorption efficiency of the sediments adsorbing the phosphorus coming from external and the phosphorus desorbed from the sediments. The NAP has positive correlation with c(EPC) and the trend is that the sediment with higher NAP easily desorbs phosphorus to the water, contrarily the sediment with lower NAP easily adsorbs phosphorus.
热带海洋学报 , 2014,
Abstract: ?effectsofcoppertoxicityandsalinityshockonselectivegroupofjuvenilepompanotrachinotusovatuswereinvestigated.thefishwereexposedtodifferentcu2+concentrationsof0(blank),0.02(c1),0.05(c2),0.10(c3),and0.15mg·l-1(c4)atasalinityof10‰or40‰for96h,withthesalinityof29‰asthecontrol.theresultsshowedthattheeffectsoftheacutesalinitystimulationtosurvivalratesofpompanobetweencontrol(29‰)andlowerorhighersalinityfor96hwerenotsignificant(p>0.05).however,thesurvivalratesineachtreatmentweredecreasedwiththeincreaseofcu2+concentration.thedominantfactorinfluencingbodymoistureofthefishwassalinity,andtherewasnosignthatbodymoisturewascorrelatedwithexposuretocu2+.thegilllamellasinhighlevelofcu2+concentration(c4treatments)wereabnormalunderthesalinityof40‰andextremelycurlyunderthesalinityof10‰.hemorrhageingillwasobservedinthetwoc4treatments.undertransmissionelectronmicroscope,pillarcellsingilllamellasappeareddeformedandrupturedinsomeareasoftheepitheliainthehigherconcentrationofcu2+,resultinginthedeathofthefishduetothedestructionofgilltissue,elevationofthearithmeticmeandistancefromwatertoblood,thedecreaseofoxygendiffusioncapacity,andotherphysiologicalfunctions.thesefindingsindicatethatthepompanomightsuffermuchmorepressurewhenencounteredwithcu2+pollutionandlowsalinity.
Submerged macrophytes distribution and water body nutrient contents in different type littoral zones of Fuxian Lake

XIA Tian-xiang,LI Wen-chao,XIONG Fei,

生态学杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: 2005年6-7月,通过野外断面采样并结合水质分析,对抚仙湖不同类型岸带沉水植物分布及水体氮磷特征进行了调查.结果表明:抚仙湖岸带分为4个类型,岩石陡峭岸带、冲积平缓岸带、河口岸带以及湖湾岸带;沉水植物种类分布最多出现在河口型岸带和湖湾岸带,均为9种;最低出现在岩石陡峭岸带,为5种;沉水植物生物量最高出现在冲积平缓岸带,为8 300 g·m-2,最低出现在岩石陡峭岸带,为2416 g·m-2;沉水植物分布最深为A1岩石陡峭岸带,平均水深8.5 m,最深达到11.0 m;最浅为B2冲积平缓岸带,平均水深1.9 m,最深为6 m;岸带水体综合氮磷指标,以D2湖湾岸带最高,总氮、总磷分别达到5.34和0.145 mg·L-;最低为A2岩石陡峭岸带,总氮、总磷分别为0.87和0.015 mg·L-1抚仙湖沉水植物对水体氮磷的吸收固定总量约为总氮为5.28×104 kg,总磷为7 500 kg.
Species composition and spatial distribution of benthic mollusk in Fuxian Lake

XIONG Fei,LI Wen-chao,PAN Ji-zheng,

生态学杂志 , 2008,
Abstract: 2005年6-7月在抚仙湖采集到底栖软体动物7科8属9种,其出现率为70%,分布的最大水深为118 m,平均水深为31 m,分布区内的平均密度为614 ind·m-2,平均生物量为80.64 g·m-2.软体动物主要分布在湖湾,在密度方面,长角涵螺和环棱螺占优势,在生物量方面,河蚬和环棱螺占优势.现存量分布北区大于南区,沿岸区大于湖心区,水草区大于无草区.软体动物密度分布主要受湖底理化性质影响,与表层水体营养水平相关关系不显著.
Spatial distribution and its environmental analysis of chironomid larvae in Fuxian Lake of Yunnan Province

XIONG Fei,LI Wen-chao,PAN Ji-zheng,

应用生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: A field survey was made on the chironomid larvae in Fuxian Lake of Yunnan Province from June to July 2005. A total of 6 species belonging to 5 genera were collected, among which, Procladius choreus and Chironomous plumosus were the dominant species, with a sum of their relative density and of relative biomass being 94.9% and 97.5%, respectively. The average density of chironomid larvae in the lake was (275 +/- 333) ind x m(-2), and the average biomass was (0.642 +/- 0.763) g x m(-2) x P. choreus distributed all over the lake, C. plumosus mainly distributed in the water area at the south of Mingxingyudong, while other species distributed locally. Micropsectra sp., a typical species distributing in deep oligotrophic water, had an average distribution water depth of 107.2 m. The density of chironomid larvae had a significant positive correlation with water depth, and increased in the sequences of sand or gravel bottom < sand bottom < mud bottom, and submerged macrophyte area < no submerged macrophyte area. Compared with the survey data around 1980, the occurrence frequency and standing stock of chironomid larvae increased greatly, and the indicator species C. plumosus for eutrophic water appeared, indicating that the nutritional level of Fuxian Lake was being improved.
Dynamics Model Analysis of Pollutants Removal in Aerated Vertical-flow Wetland

PAN Ji-zheng,KE Fan,LI Wen-chao,

环境科学 , 2010,
Abstract: 通过对自主研发的微曝气垂直流湿地系统长期运行观测数据的统计分析,在参考填充塔模型基础上,利用质量衡算方程建立了微曝气垂直流湿地污染物去除动力学模型,并利用该模型对湿地在气水比分别为0.5∶1、1∶1、2∶1和3∶1时的污染物去除效果和去除动力学常数k值进行了计算和分析.结果表明,在处理水质稳定、水量恒定的情况下,微曝气垂直流湿地对各种污染物的去除过程动力学常数k值均随工艺参数气水比的增大而增大,即对污染物的去除能力随气水比的增大而增强;各水质指标的反应动力学常数变化曲线形状有所不同,动力学常数与气水比的关系主要有线性关系和对数关系.综合各个水质指标的曲线形式与变化规律可以得到微曝气垂直流湿地的最佳气水比设计值为2∶1,对应BOD5和NH+4-N的k值分别为3.8 d-1和4.1 d-1.
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