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Lipossarcoma de mediastino: relato de caso
Saad Junior, Roberto;Dorgan Neto, Vicente;Gon?alves, Roberto;Botter, Márcio;Siqueira, Leticia Cristina Dalledone;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132008000100010
Abstract: here, we describe the case of a 51-year-old female with mediastinal liposarcoma. liposarcoma is the most common malignant mesenchymal neoplasm in adults, although a mediastinal location is extremely rare. it has a large volume and varied histologic subtypes. it is characterized by the compression of neighboring structures. computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging provide useful data for diagnosis. tissue biopsy and histological typing are very important in determining the treatment and are needed for the final diagnosis. radiotherapy and chemotherapy are ineffective treatment modalities. according to the literature, surgical resection is the treatment of choice. long-term follow-up evaluation is indicated since there is a high rate of recurrence.
Influência dos contrastes de fala nos potenciais evocados auditivos corticais The influence of speech stimuli contrast in cortical auditory evoked potentials
Kátia de Freitas Alvarenga,Leticia Cristina Vicente,Raquel Caroline Ferreira Lopes,Rubem Abr?o da Silva
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology , 2013,
Abstract: Estudos voltados aos potenciais evocados auditivos com estímulos de fala em indivíduos ouvintes s o importantes para compreender como a complexidade do estímulo influencia nas características do potencial cognitivo auditivo gerado. OBJETIVO: Caracterizar o potencial evocado auditivo cortical e o potencial cognitivo auditivo P3 com estímulos de contrastes vocálico e consonantal em indivíduos com audi o normal. MéTODO: Participaram deste estudo 31 indivíduos sem altera es auditivas, neurológicas e de linguagem na faixa etária de 7 a 30 anos. Os potenciais evocados auditivos corticais e cognitivo auditivo P3 foram registrados nos canais ativos Fz e Cz utilizando-se os contrastes de fala consonantal (/ba/-/da/) e vocálico (/i/-/a/). Desenho: Estudo de coorte, transversal e prospectivo. RESULTADOS: Houve diferen a entre o contraste de fala utilizado e as latências dos componentes N2 (p = 0,00) e P3 (p = 0,00), assim como entre o canal ativo considerado (Fz/Cz) e os valores de latência e amplitude de P3. Estas diferen as n o ocorreram para os componentes exógenos N1 e P2. CONCLUS O: O contraste do estímulo de fala, vocálico ou consonantal, deve ser considerado na análise do potencial evocado cortical, componente N2, e do potencial cognitivo auditivo P3. Studies about cortical auditory evoked potentials using the speech stimuli in normal hearing individuals are important for understanding how the complexity of the stimulus influences the characteristics of the cortical potential generated. OBJECTIVE: To characterize the cortical auditory evoked potential and the P3 auditory cognitive potential with the vocalic and consonantal contrast stimuli in normally hearing individuals. METHOD: 31 individuals with no risk for hearing, neurologic and language alterations, in the age range between 7 and 30 years, participated in this study. The cortical auditory evoked potentials and the P3 auditory cognitive one were recorded in the Fz and Cz active channels using consonantal (/ba/-/da/) and vocalic (/i/-/a/) speech contrasts. Design: A crosssectional prospective cohort study. RESULTS: We found a statistically significant difference between the speech contrast used and the latencies of the N2 (p = 0.00) and P3 (p = 0.00) components, as well as between the active channel considered (Fz/Cz) and the P3 latency and amplitude values. These correlations did not occur for the exogenous components N1 and P2. CONCLUSION: The speech stimulus contrast, vocalic or consonantal, must be taken into account in the analysis of the cortical auditory evoked potential, N2 component, and aud
Relationships between high-sensitive C-reactive protein and markers of arterial stiffness in hypertensive patients. Differences by sex
Manuel A Gomez-Marcos, Jose I Recio-Rodríguez, Maria C Patino-Alonso, Cristina Agudo-Conde, Leticia Gomez-Sanchez, Emiliano Rodriguez-Sanchez, Marta Gomez-Sanchez, Vicente Martinez-Vizcaino, Luis Garcia-Ortiz
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2261-12-37
Abstract: A case-series study was carried out in 258 hypertensive patients without antecedents of cardiovascular disease or diabetes mellitus. Nephelometry was used to determine hs-CRP. Office or clinical and home blood pressures were measured with a validated OMRON model M10 sphygmomanometer. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring was performed with the SpaceLabs 90207 system. Pulse wave velocity (PWV) and central and peripheral augmentation index (AIx) were measured with the SphygmoCor system, and a Sonosite Micromax ultrasound unit was used for automatic measurements of carotid intima-media thickness (IMT). Ambulatory arterial stiffness index and home arterial stiffness index were calculated as “1-slope” from the within-person regression analysis of diastolic-on-systolic ambulatory blood pressure.Central and peripheral AIx were greater in women than in men: 35.31?±?9.95 vs 26.59?±?11.45 and 102.06?±?20.47 vs 85.97?±?19.13, respectively. IMT was greater in men (0.73?±?0.13 vs 0.69?±?0.10). hs-CRP was positively correlated to IMT (r?=?0.261), maximum (r?=?0.290) and to peripheral AIx (r?=?0.166) in men, and to PWV in both men (r?=?0.280) and women (r?=?0.250). In women, hs-CRP was negatively correlated to central AIx (r?=??0.222). For each unit increase in hs-CRP, carotid IMT would increase 0.05 mm in men, and PWV would increase 0.07 m/sec in men and 0.08 m/sec in women, while central AIx would decrease 2.5 units in women. In the multiple linear regression analysis, hs-CRP explained 10.2% and 6.7% of PWV variability in women and men, respectively, 8.4% of carotid IMT variability in men, and 4.9% of central AIx variability in women.After adjusting for age, other cardiovascular risk factors and the use of antihypertensive and lipid-lowering drugs, hs-CRP was seen to be positively correlated to carotid IMT in men, and negatively correlated to central AIx in women. The association of hs-CRP to arterial stiffness parameters differs between men and women.
The Southern Brazilian shelf: general characteristics, quaternary evolution and sediment distribution
Mahiques, Michel Michaelovitch de;Sousa, Silvia Helena de Mello e;Furtado, Valdenir Veronese;Tessler, Moysés Gonsalez;Toledo, Felipe Antonio de Lima;Burone, Leticia;Figueira, Rubens Cesar Lopes;Klein, Daniel Andreas;Martins, Cristina Celia;Alves, Daniel Pavani Vicente;
Brazilian Journal of Oceanography , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-87592010000600004
Abstract: extending from latitude 34os to 22os the southern brazilian shelf constitutes the only part of the brazilian shelf with a subtropical to temperate environment. the studies on the different geological aspects of the area began in the 1960's and have recently been reassessed after studies related to the determination of the economic exclusive zone. in terms of morphology, the southern brazilian shelf may be divided into three sectors, the s?o paulo bight, the florianópolis-mostardas sector and the rio grande cone, characterized by conspicuous differences in terms of geological determining factors, bathymetry, declivities and the presence of canyons and channels. despite the existence of hundreds of radiocarbon datings the sea level changes curve of southern brazil during the last glacial cycle is still a matter of debate. a recent controversy on the middle and late holocene sea level changes curve raised the question of the amplitude of the oscillations which occurred in the period. also, a few but relatively consistent radiocarbon datings suggest the occurrence of a high sea level during isotope stage 3. in terms of sedimentary cover the southern brazilian shelf exhibits a very strong hydrodynamic control, both latitudinal and bathymetrical. the sector southward from 25os is characterized by the influence of the plume of water carrying sediments originating from the río de la plata. actually its presence is conspicuous up to 28os, with the area between this latitude and 25os constituting a transitional zone. in terms of bathymetry the outer shelf is marked by the "floor-polisher" effect of the brazil current, which is responsible for the maintenance of a relict facies in areas deeper than 100 meters.
Cuidado, búsqueda de información y uso del sistema de salud: representaciones sociales de los y las usuarios /as adolescentes sobre la participación en el campo de la salud de la CABA
Grippo,Leticia; Chardon,María Cristina;
Anuario de investigaciones , 2009,
Abstract: in this article we present the results from the master′s thesis project named "representations of participation in health field of teenager users of health public system of caba" directed by dr. maría cristina chardon. the project has a qualitative, exploratory and descriptive design. data collection was done by using deep interviews, observations and focal groups. the sample has a majority of women and one third of the sample are men. ages range between 12 and 19 years old. results show that the majority of teenager users have created social representations about participation in health field and that a minority has not. social representations relate to information research, care practices and the usage of health field.
Influencia del Tratamiento de Datos en la Detección de Regímenes Caóticos en series Temporales
Rafti,Matías; Cordero,Cristina; Vicente,José L;
Información tecnológica , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-07642010000400003
Abstract: the influence of the filtering scheme on time series for their use in the characterization and detection of non lineal regimes. as an example, the grassberger-procaccia algorithm for phase-space trajectory correlation dimension is used the main interest of such analysis is to study the similarities with the processing of experimental images from reaction-diffusion systems obtained via surface science standard tools such as photoelectron emission microscopy. simulation results show how inadequate filtering parameter choice may lead to erroneous characterization of systems as non-linear or chaotic.
Avalia??o do processo de exporta??o na cadeia de flores de corte utilizando modelo insumo-produto
Anefalos, Lilian Cristina;Caixeta Filho, José Vicente;
Revista Brasileira de Economia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71402007000200002
Abstract: the objective of this paper is to propose a process input-output model to evaluate the performance of the activities of the flower and ornamental plants sector, analyze the logistic and understand the relationships between agents, concentrating on the exportations. this model is relevant to understand the organizational structure of each agent e their competitive strategies, mainly related to logistics, to improve their performance in the supply chain.
Tecnologia de informa o e sua influência sobre os rumos da comercializa o de produtos Tecnologia de información y su influencia sobre los rumbos de la comercialización de productos
Lilian Cristina Anefalos,Jose Vicente Caixeta Filho
Informa??o & Informa??o , 2001, DOI: 10.5433/1981-8920.2001v6n1p
Abstract: Mostra a importancia da tecnologia de informa o na atualidade, com ênfase em alguns setores chaves ligados à comercializa o de produtos. Apresenta os principais avan os e limita es da combina o de recursos de telecomunica es e de tecnologia de informa o nos principais elos de algumas cadeias de comercializa o. Apesar do grande potencial dessa nova tecnologia é importante que haja coopera o entre os diversos setores dessa cadeia para permitir sua plena atua o em todos os ramos da comercializa o.
Influencia del Tratamiento de Datos en la Detección de Regímenes Caóticos en series Temporales Influence of Data Handling on the Detection of Chaotic Regimes in time series Analysis
Matías Rafti,Cristina Cordero,José L Vicente
Información Tecnológica , 2010,
Abstract: Se estudia la influencia del procedimiento de filtrado aplicado sobre series temporales para su uso en la caracterización y detección de regímenes no-lineales. Para esto, se toma como ejemplo de dichos métodos, un algoritmo ampliamente utilizado para el cálculo de la dimensión de correlación de la trayectoria en el espacio de las fases (el algoritmo de Grassberger-Procaccia). El interés de este ejemplo de estudio radica en la similitud con el procedimiento que se aplica al analizar imágenes experimentales de sistemas fisicoquímicos de reacción-difusión, provenientes de técnicas de análisis superficial como la microscopía de emisión de fotoelectrones. Los resultados de las simulaciones realizadas muestran como el uso de un parámetro de filtrado inadecuado puede conducir a caracterizar erróneamente estados como no lineales o caóticos. The influence of the filtering scheme on time series for their use in the characterization and detection of non lineal regimes. As an example, the Grassberger-Procaccia algorithm for phase-space trajectory correlation dimension is used The main interest of such analysis is to study the similarities with the processing of experimental images from reaction-diffusion systems obtained via surface science standard tools such as photoelectron emission microscopy. Simulation results show how inadequate filtering parameter choice may lead to erroneous characterization of systems as non-linear or chaotic.
Generating and measuring the anisotropic elastic behaviour of Co thin films with oriented surface nano-strings on micro-cantilevers
Madurga Vicente,Vergara José,Favieres Cristina
Nanoscale Research Letters , 2011,
Abstract: In this research, the elastic behaviour of two Co thin films simultaneously deposited in an off-normal angle method was studied. Towards this end, two Si micro-cantilevers were simultaneously coated using pulsed laser deposition at an oblique angle, creating a Co nano-string surface morphology with a predetermined orientation. The selected position of each micro-cantilever during the coating process created longitudinal or transverse nano-strings. The anisotropic elastic behaviour of these Co films was determined by measuring the changes that took place in the resonant frequency of each micro-cantilever after this process of creating differently oriented plasma coatings had been completed. This differential procedure allowed us to determine the difference between the Young's modulus of the different films based on the different direction of the nano-strings. This difference was determined to be, at least, the 20% of the Young's modulus of the bulk Co. PACS: 62.25.-g; 81.16.Rf; 68.60.Bs; 81.15.Fg; 68.37.Ef; 85.85.+j
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