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Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to analyze the errors in the speech of pre-school children with sigmatismus in the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language, in terms of frequency of occurrence of certain types of incorrectly pronounced sounds in the group with sigmatismus, as well as to analyze the occurrence of sigmatismus and sigmatismus in combination with lambdacismus and rhotacismus, in dependence of the gender, the age of the subjects and their place of residence. The testing was executed on a sample of 1600 subjects, with chronological age from three to seven years, from both genders. The subjects were divided in relation to their place of residence. The articulation status of the subjects was examined. The results showed that the sigmatismus alone was the most common articulation disorder, compared to the combinations of sigmatismus with other types of articulation disorders. Sigmatismus occurred most often in the form of distortion and in a combination as distortion-substitution. The most frequent incorrectly pronounced sounds from the group with sigmatismus were the sounds [ ], [ ], [s] and [z]. The female subjects showed better articulation of sounds from the group with sigmatismus. The frequency of sigmatismus slightly decreased with the increase of the chronological age of the subjects. The results showed that the subjects from urban areas in general have a higher incidence of this articulation disorder. There are no statistically significant differences between the groups of subjects (subjects who had solely sigmatismus, subjects with sigmatismus and rhotacismus and subjects with sigmatismus and lambdacismus) in relation to their place of origin and their gender. Having in mind the persistence of this speech disorders in pre-school age and the outcome of the results, it is important to ensure continuous monitoring process of the children even at this age, and at the same time provide careful and detailed assessment of the children who already have a sigmatismus, in order to offer timely treatment and work with these children.
Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation , 2009,
Abstract: Stuttering therapy very often demands combination of various approaches or its modification. The main purpose of this study was to present an integrated approach to stuttering modification therapy and fluency shaping therapy for an intermediate school-age male stutterer (11 years old).The therapy for the child lasted for 12 months, sessions have been carried out twice a week, each session lasted for 45 minutes. The child still attends the therapy. The therapy uses integration of stuttering modification therapy and fluency shaping therapy. For the purpose of the fluency shaping therapy, delayed auditory feedback program is applied. During the stuttering modification therapy the child has been taught how to stutter more easily which implies prolongation of all sounds in words on which child stutters, with easy and soft transition from one sound to another. It is continuously being worked with the child on reducing negative feelings and attitudes as well as elimination of avoidance of words and speaking situations. We explained to the parents the treatment program and their role in the program realization. We also explained the possible causes of stuttering, and tried to identify and reduce fluency distractors, and engage the child in as many situations as possible which improved speech fluency.After the application of this program the child has improved fluency during the conversation in clinical and nonclinical conditions (environment). This fluency consists of spontaneous and controlled fluency. Furthermore, fear of speaking and avoidance of speech situations are significantly reduced. On the basis of the applied therapy on the child at intermediate stuttering level it can be concluded that it is possible to integrate successfully both approaches: stuttering modification therapy and fluency shaping therapy.
Characterizing RecA-Independent Induction of Shiga toxin2-Encoding Phages by EDTA Treatment
Lejla Imamovic, Maite Muniesa
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0032393
Abstract: Background The bacteriophage life cycle has an important role in Shiga toxin (Stx) expression. The induction of Shiga toxin-encoding phages (Stx phages) increases toxin production as a result of replication of the phage genome, and phage lysis of the host cell also provides a means of Stx toxin to exit the cell. Previous studies suggested that prophage induction might also occur in the absence of SOS response, independently of RecA. Methodology/Principal Findings The influence of EDTA on RecA-independent Stx2 phage induction was assessed, in laboratory lysogens and in EHEC strains carrying Stx2 phages in their genome, by Real-Time PCR. RecA-independent mechanisms described for phage λ induction (RcsA and DsrA) were not involved in Stx2 phage induction. In addition, mutations in the pathway for the stress response of the bacterial envelope to EDTA did not contribute to Stx2 phage induction. The effect of EDTA on Stx phage induction is due to its chelating properties, which was also confirmed by the use of citrate, another chelating agent. Our results indicate that EDTA affects Stx2 phage induction by disruption of the bacterial outer membrane due to chelation of Mg2+. In all the conditions evaluated, the pH value had a decisive role in Stx2 phage induction. Conclusions/Significance Chelating agents, such as EDTA and citrate, induce Stx phages, which raises concerns due to their frequent use in food and pharmaceutical products. This study contributes to our understanding of the phenomenon of induction and release of Stx phages as an important factor in the pathogenicity of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) and in the emergence of new pathogenic strains.
Cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations in postmenopausal women and women with regular menstruation in urban and rural areas of the Tuzla Canton
Lejla Me?ali?
South Eastern Europe Health Sciences Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Aim To determine the difference in the values of cholesteroland triglycerides in postmenopausal women and women withregular menstruation and determine the influence of body-massindex (BMI), smoking status, duration of menopause andplace of residence and the value of cholesterol triglyceride.Methods The study was conducted on a sample of 80 womenaged 45-55 years, and at a total of 40 women (20 menopausalwomen and 20 with regular menstrual period) in urban andrural areas. The study was conducted in the September-December2011 survey and included the inspection of medicalrecords.Results Menopausal women in urban areas had higher valuesof cholesterol (an average of 6.32 mmol /L) than menopausalwomen in rural areas (an average of 6. 05 mmol/L). Triglyceridevalues in menopausal women in urban areas (an averageof 1.85 mmol / L) were lower than triglycerides in postmenopausalwomen in rural areas (an average of 2.38 mmol/L).We did not found a significant correlation between the durationof menopause and cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations(in urban and rural), suggesting that the duration ofmenopause was not an independent risk factor. The age ofmenopause in women also showed no significant correlationwith the values of cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as inBMI among postmenopausal women. In rural areas there weremore women smokers in the menopause than in urban areas.Conclusion Primary prevention activities should focus onadequate education about nutrition and healthy lifestyle becausethe risk of CVD in women and men is leveled with menopause.
Book review - Viktorija Car (ed.), Guideposts to Free and Accountable Media
Lejla Tur?ilo
Medijske Studije , 2012,
Manuscrits orientaux à Sarajevo
Ramiza Smaji?,Lejla Gazi?
Revue des Mondes Musulmans et de la Méditerranée , 2009, DOI: 10.4000/remmm.1172
Abstract: Les littératures en arabe, turc et persan sont bien représentées en Bosnie-Herzégovine, qui garde le souvenir de l'époque où elle faisait partie de l'empire ottoman. La bibliothèque Gazi Husrev Bey, la plus ancienne à Sarajevo, conserve une importante collection de manuscrits, qui a été épargnée par la guerre de 1992-95 ; la publication du catalogue a pu reprendre en 1998. L'Institut oriental et ses 5263 manuscrits, ses documents d'archivé qui comptaient plus de 300 000 unités, les inventaires et documents laissés par les chercheurs, a quant à lui été totalement détruit en mai 1992. II existe d'autres collections plus petites, dont les catalogues sont en cours de rédaction. La Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire a également été détruite en 1992, mais le fonds de manuscrits, dont 400 sont orientaux, a pu être sauvé. Cependant leurs conditions de conservation ne sont pas bonnes et ils sont pas encore hors de danger. Arabic, Turkish and Persian literature is well represented in Bosnia-Herzegovina where the memory of its days as part of the Ottoman Empire is still alive. The Gazi Husrev Bey library, the oldest one in Sarajevo, preserves an important collection of manuscripts which had been spared in the 1992-1995 War; the publication of its catalogue was taken up again in 1998. On the other hand, the Oriental Institute and its 5,263 manuscripts, its archives which held more than 300,000 documents in addition to the inventories and documents left behind by researchers was totally destroyed in May 1992. Other smaller collections exist which are currently being catalogued. The National University Library were also destroyed in 1992 but the manuscript collection, of which 400 concern the Middle Eastern field, were saved. Nonetheless, the conditions in which they are being preserved are not good and they are not out of danger.
The Role of Gender in the Perception of barriers to E-commerce Adoption in SMEs: An Australian Study
Robert MacGregor,Lejla Vrazalic
Communications of the IBIMA , 2008,
Abstract: The association between e-commerce barriers and gender has not been explored in-depth, even though it has implications for the adoption of this technology. This paper aims to add insight into how male and female SME owners/managers perceive different e-commerce barriers. The findings of a survey of 207 SMEs in Australia are presented, and show that females perceive technical issues to be a more important barrier than organisational issues. By contrast, male SME owners/managers are more concerned with the suitability and fit of e-commerce in the organisation, implying the need for a different focus in e-commerce initiatives. Additional findings show a greater differentiation of barriers within male owned/managed SMEs, which suggests the need for more customised e-commerce adoption program in these organisations.
On the distribution of zeros of the derivative of Selberg's zeta function associated to finite volume Riemann surfaces
Jay Jorgenson,Lejla Smajlovic
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: W. Luo has investigated the distribution of zeros of the derivative of the Selberg zeta function associated to compact hyperbolic Riemann surfaces. In essence, the main results in Luo's article involve the following three points: Finiteness for the number of zeros in the half plane to the left of the critical line; an asymptotic expansion for the counting function measuring the vertical distribution of zeros; and an asymptotic expansion for the counting function measuring the horizontal distance of zeros from the critical line. In the present article, we study the more complicated setting of distribution of zeros of the derivative of the Selberg zeta function associated to a non-compact, finite volume hyperbolic Riemann surface. There are numerous difficulties which exist in the non-compact case that are not present in the compact setting, beginning with the fact that in the non-compact case the Selberg zeta function does not satisfy the analogue of the Riemann hypothesis. To be more specific, we actually study the zeros of the derivative of ZH, where Z is the Selberg zeta function and H is the Dirichlet series component of the scattering matrix, both associated to an arbitrary finite-volume hyperbolic Riemann surface. Our main results address finiteness of zeros in the half plane to the left of the critical line, an asymptotic count for the vertical distribution of zeros, and an asymptotic count for the horizontal distance of zeros.
On relations equivalent to the generalized Riemann hypothesis for the Selberg class
Kamel Mazhouda,Lejla Smajlovi?
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper we prove that the Generalized Riemann Hypothesis (GRH) for functions in the class $\mathcal{S}^{\sharp\flat}$ containing the Selberg class is equivalent to a certain integral expression of the real part of the generalized Li coefficient $\lambda_F(n)$ associated to $F\in\mathcal{S}^{\sharp\flat}$, for positive integers $n$. Moreover, we deduce that the GRH is equivalent to a certain expression of $Re(\lambda_F(n))$ in terms of the sum of the Chebyshev polynomials of the first kind. Then, we partially evaluate the integral expression and deduce further relations equivalent to the GRH involving the generalized Euler-Stieltjes constants of the second kind associated to $F$. The class $\mathcal{S}^{\sharp\flat}$ unconditionally contains all automorphic $L$-functions attached to irreducible cuspidal unitary representations of $GL_N(\mathbb{Q})$, hence, as a corollary we also derive relations equivalent to the GRH for automorphic $L$-functions.
Nevzeta Salihovic,Lejla Junuzovic-Zunic,Amela Ibrahimagic,Lejla Beganovic
Acta Medica Saliniana , 2009, DOI: 10.5457/ams.55.09
Abstract: Introduction: The purpose of this research was to establish voice acoustic characteristics in stuttering children with mild and severe stuttering and relationship between degree of stuttering and characteristics of voice in children. Methods: Sample consisted of two subsamples of male subjects (subsample of subjects with mild stuttering and subsample of subjects with severe stuttering) aged 7 to 10,5. Control group of subjects consisted of 46 fluent speakers, matched by age and sex with experimenal group. This research was conducted in twenty primary schools in Tuzla Canton among children attending grades 1 to 4. Results: Results of this research showed that subjects with severe stuttering had more expressed short frequency variations and variations of amplitude in the vocal tone. Factor analysis revealed four significant factors: factor of frequency variation, phonation factor, factor of aerodynamic phonation characteristics and intensity variation factor. Results of one-way factor analysis of variance between examined groups in factors of voice acoustic characteristics showed that factor 4 contributed the most to differentiation of groups. This factor was created from variables describing variation of amplitude in the vocal tone. Examination of correlation between four factors revealed statistically significant correlation between factor of frequency variation and intensity variation factor. Results of canonic analysis showed that variables of stuttering intesity correlated significantly with variable intensity variation. Results of this study also showed that acoustic analysis of voice in stuttering children might be useful for indepth analyses of stuttering manifestations. Conclusions: Results of this study might serve as incentive for furthter studies of different aspects of acoustic and physiologic phonation characteristics in stuttering children.

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