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Cities and Gentrification in Contemporary Brazil  [PDF]
Rogerio Proenca Leite
Current Urban Studies (CUS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/cus.2015.33015
Abstract: This article provides an analysis of heritage policies in Brazil, focusing in particular on the emergence of gentrification processes, which have transformed cultural heritage into a cultural commodity, adapting historic cities to the new market logic. The private sector’s increasing involvement in heritage policy management has led to a complex alteration in the concept of heritage from a “symbolic asset” to a “cultural commodity”. This process entails recognizing forms of interaction based on consumption and presumes forms of heritage conservation based on market demands. The aim here is to discuss the impacts of these processes on the shaping of public sociabilities and ideas in relation to the use of city spaces.
The Role of the Researcher When Using the Socio-Anthropological Method to Understand the Phenomenon of Alcoholism  [PDF]
Elizabeth Halpern, Ligia Costa Leite
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.35011
Abstract: The consumption of alcoholic beverages during the Brazilian Armed Forces working hours was studied for the first time only recently, by investigating the patients of the Center for Chemical Dependency (CEDEQ) of the Brazilian Navy. This was possible mainly because one of the researchers was the chief of this clinic and one of the psychologists of the therapeutic groups. This article discussed methodological aspects related to the role of the researcher when conducting a qualitative research through a dense ethnography in CEDEQ over four years, with participant observation in two treatment groups for 24 sessions. Additionally, a multiple case and explanatory study was carried on, through individual and 13 open-ended interviews. The following findings will be discussed: 1) the social construction of truth and accuracy of the oral statements; 2) reflexivity, transparency, and familiarity of the researcher with the field; 3) impression management, standardized behavior, and resistance to perform the research. The use of the qualitative method requires the assessment of the researcher’s role. The anthropological eye helped to deal with a delicate theme that was hard to access: drinking during the military working journey. We found out that the organization had an ambivalent position: though the Brazilian Navy created this specialized clinic and allowed this research, at the same time this organization was not open to discuss inebriation on board, strictly authorizing the investigation of the patients. This was possible mainly because of the researcher’s social and hierarchical position as an officer, as the chief of the CEDEQ, and for being one of the therapists of the groups. We concluded that this position created an obstacle to apply effective measures to protect the military contingency.
Arautos da raz?o: a paralisia no debate sobre transgênicos e meio ambiente
Leite, Marcelo;
Novos Estudos - CEBRAP , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-33002007000200006
Abstract: the polarized public debate on transgenic foods has reached the point where controversy ceases to bring an incentive to generate empirical knowledge in order to make it advance, as becomes manifest from disputes flared in brazil's technical national commission on biosafety (ctnbio) since 1998. the epicenter of the regulatory paralysis is located in a restrictive conception of science and risk analysis, which according to hugh lacey and denise caruso prevent an adequate consideration of risks related to human health (such as allergies) and the environment (genetic pollution, creation of superweeds and damage to surrounding species). such impasse can only be undone under the leadership of sectors in the scientific community that have not already been captured by that notion of decontextualized research, which leaves no room for investigating issues pertaining social and environmental sustainability.
O programa de forma??o dos mentores: conce??o e planeamento
Leite, Teresa;
Ensaio: Avalia??o e Políticas Públicas em Educa??o , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-40362012000300003
Abstract: this article defines and frames theoretically the main purposes and the methodological guidelines of the training program of mentors who have accompanied teachers on the probationary period. those guidelines were constructed around the different dimensions of the act of teaching. the training methodology was organized from the concept of professional development, considering the mentor as object and subject of training and seeking to articulate the formative process and supervision work developed by mentors on the field. training sessions have been strategically planned from guiding questions which sought to respond through a range of activities and materials. during the implementation of the probationary period, the participants delivered a considerable set of documents, which were worked on during training.
De homens, árvores e sapos: forma, espa?o e tempo em Tapirapé
Leite, Yonne;
Mana , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-93131998000200004
Abstract: in various non-indo-european languages, grammatical categories such as name, verb and number are classified according to the physical properties or characteristics of their referents. presenting material on the tapirapé language (tupi-guarani family, brazil), this paper focuses on a linguistic classification which expresses formal properties ("flat", "round", "tall") in alliance with the position of the referred object ("lying", "seated", "standing") within a system subject to combinatory restrictions. comparison with classificatory systems of other south american indian languages reveals that despite apparent diversity, it is possible to detect not only a reduced number of geometric-semantic components which are always at work, but also coincidences in the inclusion or exclusion of members in the different classes. diversity can thus be seen as a surface phenomenon: closer examination appears to contradict both moderate and extreme versions of linguistic relativism or, in other words, of the alleged possibility of infinite shapings of an outside world. the tapirapé case reveals that at stake is not the expression of a culturally filtered pre-existing world: rather, it is the case of a reality built out of a very simple but highly profitable semantic geometry in which time, space and aspect are interdependent and by which the speaker's perspective of an event, a fact or the mere recognition of the existence of objects and beings, is apprehended.
Joaquim Mattoso Camara Jr: um inovador
Leite, Yonne;
DELTA: Documenta??o de Estudos em Lingüística Teórica e Aplicada , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-44502004000300004
Abstract: in this text we review mattoso camara's different areas of interest - phonology, morphology, stylistics - emphasizing his efforts toward the institutionalization of linguistic studies in brazil: the creation of the discipline of general linguistics in the 1930s; the establishment of a linguistic sector at the museu nacional in rio de janeiro, in 1958; the foundation of the brazilian linguistics association, abralin, in 1969. mattoso's legacy is revisited here from the point of view of someone who was his student and witnessed the path followed by a whole generation of pioneer linguists, inspired by the master. among others: carlos eduardo falc?o uch?a, miriam lemle, leda bisol, jean pierre angenot, paulino vandresen, eunice pontes, brian head, cléa rameh, eurico back and yonne leite herself.
Retórica determinista no genoma humano
Leite, Marcelo;
Scientiae Studia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-31662006000300005
Abstract: the popularity obtained by the human genome project is closely related to the political and rhetorical uses of genetic determinism, a notion which increasingly cannot be reconciled with the empirical results of on-going genomic research. the complexity that has been uncovered in the human genome and in its interactions with the environment implies that a simple and unidirectional notion of causality cannot be maintained, contrary to a presupposition of the idea of the gene as the sole carrier of information, an idea that contributes to sustain the doctrine of genetic determinism. however, a complex of informational and/or linguistic metaphors lives on in the texts published by molecular biologists in the scientific press, most notably in the issues published february 15th and 16th of 2001 by the high impact journals nature and science, respectively. these metaphors generate an ambiguous type of discourse that modulates various nuances of deterministic rhetoric, depending on whether it addresses peers or the lay public. critics of technoscience should challenge the field of genomics to drastically reshape the metaphors which have supported its hegemonic research agenda.
Biotecnologias, clones e quimeras sob controle social: miss?o urgente para a divulga??o científica
S?o Paulo em Perspectiva , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-88392000000300008
Abstract: a polêmica no brasil sobre a regulamenta??o dos alimentos transgênicos costuma ser interpretada à luz da dicotomia de atitudes entre estados unidos e europa. pesquisas de opini?o recentes revelam, no entanto, um quadro muito mais matizado, tornando essas categorias em grande medida irrelevantes para a compreens?o da controvérsia brasileira. a divulga??o científica pela imprensa pode contribuir para aumentar o grau de objetividade desse debate, mas se encontra tolhida por deficiências diversas, do baixo grau de informa??o científica do público à sua própria incapacidade de problematizar a apresenta??o ideológica da biotecnologia.
Edgard Leite
Revista Brasileira de História das Religi?es , 2011,
Abstract: O presente artigo analisa o Livro de Jó enquanto express o do conjunto maior da tradi o sapiencial do antigo oriente próximo. Pretendemos demonstrar a sua intimidade com fontes literárias egípcias e mesopotamicas. Também objetivamos real ar a natureza crítica do Livro de Jó no ambito do universo teológico do segundo templo de Jerusalém, entre 516 a.e.c- 70 e.c.. Para tanto analisamos, como, segundo o texto, se dá a aproxima o de Jó a Deus. Com-parando os conceitos subjacentes e as experiências místicas contidas em Jó e na literatura sacer-dotal. Assim, pretendemos demonstrar a especificidade da mística de Jó e sua diferencia o di-ante de outras místicas bíblicas.
“Ser professor nos dias de hoje... Formar professores num mundo em mudan a”
Carlinda Leite
Educa??o : Revista do Centro de Educa??o UFSM , 2009, DOI: 10.5902/19846444242
Abstract: Como o título indicia, o texto p e em evidência papéis que têm sido atribuídos e que s o devidos aos professores para, em fun o deles e do reconhecimento da amplia o da complexidade que atravessa a educa o escolar, perspectivar aspectos a ter em conta na forma o de professores. S o, pois, objectivos do texto: equacionar saberes e competências necessários no exercício do trabalho docente; perspectivar componentes e procedimentos de forma o de professores. Tendo por referência estes objectivos, o texto, partindo dos papéis que têm sido atribuídos à escola e aos professores nestas últimas quatro décadas em Portugal, constrói uma reflex o sobre o que significa, hoje, ser professor/a bem como sobre aspectos a contemplar na forma o de professores. Palavras-chave: Forma o de professores. Papéis da escola. Mandatos dos professores.

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