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Invasión de Gleditsia triacanthos en los corredores de los sistemas fluviales de la Pampa Ondulada y su efecto sobre la distribución de Myocastor coypus
Ecolog?-a austral , 2010,
Abstract: honey locust (gleditsia triacanthos) is a tree autochthonous of usa. it is considered invasive in pampean grassland. nowadays, exist few punctual selective controls or massive not selective controls, but they have high cost or high environmental impact. g. triacanthos forms closed forest on corridors of watercourses that affects native biota and constitutes a threat for remnants of autochthonous ecosystems. the aim of this work was to determine the environmental characteristics associated with the presence of g. triacanthos on the coasts of rivers and streams of pampas region; and to examine how its presence affects the presence of myocastor coypus, a native rodent. we evaluated 14 streams and rivers and examined the associations between presence-absence of g. triacanthos arboreal groups, environmental characteristics of watercourse corridors and presence of signs of coypu activity. we found groups of g. triacanthos in 43% of almost 80% of the water courses. results indicate that its presence was associated significantly (1) with environmental characteristics: width of the course, height and slope of the coast and land use boundaries, which might help to design alternative plans of control; and (2) with the absence of coypu, probably due to deterioration of autochthonous habitat.
Reduction Techniques for the Minimum Power Multicasting Problem in Wireless Networks
Simona Oprea,Valeria Leggieri,Chefi Triki
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Many features of the wireless ad hoc networks (WAHNs) like resource limitation, multi-hop communication, dynamic topology and lack of infrastructure make them very attractive and rise many challenging optimization problems. In this study, we propose original preprocessing techniques applied to the Minimum Power Multicasting (MPM) problem in WAHNs in order to reduce the size of the instances and, consequently, the time required to solve them. The experimental results prove that these reduction procedures, based on the graph model representation, are a promising way of speeding up a possible solution method for the MPM problem already developed in the literature.
Abandoned architectural heritage towards the reuse in a new context of an assets network: water courses and paper mills in Latium Dall’abbandono del patrimonio edilizio al suo riuso in un nuovo contesto di beni a rete: le linee d’acqua e le industrie della carta nel Lazio
Franco Storelli,Elisabetta Leggieri,Carlo Testana,Edoardo Currà
In_Bo : Ricerche e Progetti per il Territorio, la Città e l'Architettura , 2012, DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-1602/3482
Abstract: In the context of the industrial heritage in Latium we note, in some industrial settlements, the relevance of the dependence on the streams, as a main factor in the production cycle. Particularly in specific areas of Latium there is a number of complexes for paper and artificial fibers production. These production districts could assume new roles if they were interpretated as nodes of a network for the production of services or beni, especially for the constructive and typological aspects but also in the current relation with towns and the urban fabrics. A detailed analysis of the complex of these settlements, in their relation with the natural environment and river landscape, and with the artificial environment of the urban fabrics of Isola del Liri and Tivoli, permits the evidence of the potentialities of these residual areas in relation with both the built areas and the natural ones. Nel panorama dell'edilizia industriale del Lazio spiccano alcuni insediamenti significativi per la dipendenza dall'acqua come elemento fondamentale nel ciclo produttivo. In particolare sono numerosi, in precisi contesti laziali, gli stabilimenti per la produzione sia della carta sia delle fibre tessili artificiali, cioè quegli insediamenti produttivi che, per gli aspetti tipologici e costruttivi ma soprattutto per il mutato rapporto con gli insediamenti urbani di riferimento, possono assumere nuove valenze se interpretati come nuovi nodi di una rete di produzione di beni o di servizi. Una lettura puntuale dell’insieme di tali stabilimenti in abbandono nel rapporto stabilito con l’ambito naturale delle “linee d’acqua” e con quello artificiale dei tessuti urbani di Isola del Liri e Tivoli, può permettere di evidenziare le potenzialità insite in quei “residui” sia in relazione alla componente dello spazio costruito che alla riqualificazione dell’ambiente naturale.
Biocontrol of Penicillium nordicum Growth and Ochratoxin A Production by Native Yeasts of Dry Cured Ham
Roberta Virgili,Nicoletta Simoncini,Tania Toscani,Marco Camardo Leggieri,Silvia Formenti,Paola Battilani
Toxins , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/toxins4020068
Abstract: Twelve yeast strains isolated from the surface of Italian typical dry-cured hams, belonging to D. hansenii, D. maramus, C. famata, C. zeylanoides and H. burtonii species, and previously selected for their ability to grow in dry-cured ham-like substrates, were screened for antagonistic activity against a toxigenic strain of P. nordicum and inhibition of ochratoxin A (OTA) biosynthesis. On average, yeast inhibitory activity was lowered by increasing fungal inoculum and enhanced by NaCl presence. In the assay conditions, H. burtonii and C. zeylanoides were the most effective, both in inhibiting P. nordicum growth and OTA production. D. hansenii was the species with the lowest inhibitory activity, especially in the absence of salt. OTA production dropped from the range < LOD ? 5000 ppb in P. nordicum control plates to the range < LOD ? 200 ppb in yeast-added plates. OTA production increased in the presence of NaCl in P. nordicum control plates, while salt enhanced inhibition against OTA production in yeast-added plates.

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