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Modeling and Optimisation of Distribution Networks Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithms: A Comparative Study
Romeo M. Marian,Lee H.S. Luong,Son Duy Dao
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2011,
An immunohistochemical study of the pancreatic endocrine cells of the Korean golden frog, Rana plancyi chosenica
H.S. Lee,J.H. Chang,S.K. Ku
European Journal of Histochemistry , 2012, DOI: 10.4081/ejh.2012.e5
Abstract: The regional distribution and quantitative frequency of pancreatic endocrine cells were demonstrated in the Korean golden frog (Rana plancyi chosenica Okada), which is known as a Korean endemic species, for the first time, by immunohistochemical methods using specific mammalian antisera to insulin, glucagon, somatostatin and human pancreatic polypeptide (PP). In the pancreas of the Korean golden frog, all four endocrine cell types were demonstrated. Insulin- and glucagon-positive cells were located in the pancreas as single cells or islet-like clusters with frequencies of 85.90±18.28 and 54.30±8.77/1,000/1,000 cells, respectively. Somatostatin-containing cells were also dispersed in the pancreas as single cells or clusters but in the case of clusters, they are exclusively situated in the marginal regions of insulin- or glucagon-positive cell clusters. Cells stained for somatostatin cell frequency was 15.50±3.10/1000 cells. PP-containing cells were also distributed as single cells or clusters with frequency of 53.40±11.96/1,000 cells. Clusters consisted of PP-positive cells are distributed as a core type and a marginally distributed type. Overall, there were 40.84±3.81% insulin-, 26.02±1.71% glucagon-, 7.63±2.09% somatostatin- and 25.51±3.26% PP-IR cells.
Design and implementation of cutting tools search system
J.Y. Chen,H.S. Lu,B.Y. Lee,C.H. Chen
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering , 2008,
Abstract: Purpose: The main purpose of this paper is to analyse the grinding processes and develop a search system of database for cutting tools.Design/methodology/approach: A tool grinding software with open architecture was used to analyse the grinding processes of square end mills, tapered square end mills, ball nose end mills, tapered ball nose end mills, radius end mills, tapered radius end mills, straight flute reamers, helical flute reamers, flat drills, twist drills, and step drills. According to the characteristics of these tools, 20270 data were established in the relational database. The SQL syntax was then utilized for writing the search algorithm, and the C++ Builder was employed for designing human machine interfaces of the search system of the tool database.Findings: A half of time on the tool design and the change of production line for grinding other types of tools can be saved by means of the proposed system. More specifically, the efficiency in terms of the overall machining time was improved up to 10.58%, 9.36%, 4.64%, and 7.52% for grinding the radius end mill, tapered radius end mill, twist drill, and step drill, respectively.Research limitations/implications: Special tools have diversification. They can not be taken into consideration in the database system owing to the tools have specific profiles. Therefore, it is difficult to encode by formal rules.Practical implications: The most commercial tool grinding software is the modular-based design and uses tool shapes to construct the CAM interface. However, it is very difficult for users to design new cutting tools. Utilizing the grinding processes to construct the grinding path of tools, and the search system of the database provides more flexible options to develop new cutting tools.Originality/value: The database and search system of cutting tools were presented in this paper. We can save time for production line change, tool design, and tool grinding by employing this kind of system. It also gives more convenience. That is, company’s productivity and benefit can be improved.
An Application Programme for Examination of Differential Linear and Nonlinear Magnification Methods and Magnification Interface Factors
Fion C.H.Lee,Alan H.S.Chan
Engineering Letters , 2008,
甲烷预混气螺旋爆轰的定量不稳定性研究 Quantitative irregularity analysis for spinning detonation of premixed CH_4+2O_2
赵焕娟,John H.S.LEE,张英华
- , 2016,
Abstract: 针对CH_4这种特别气体,对其实验结果运用数字化处理方法研究CH_4稳定性.在内径50.8 mm圆形管道内获得CH_4+2O_2预混气在不同初始压力条件下的胞格爆轰结果并使用烟膜记录,且测得的平均爆轰速度数据与CJ爆轰速度接近,在初始压力高于5 k Pa时爆轰可稳定传播.烟膜上形成的三波点轨迹十分不规则.为减少人为误差,使用改进后的数字化处理烟膜图像的技术方法,从烟膜轨迹中得出柱状图及自相关函数结果,发现CH_4+2O_2是一种爆轰十分不稳定的气体,并给出CH_4+2O_2预混气的爆轰胞格尺寸及差距,结果显示人为测量结果偏大而数字化处理方法更为准确.这种方法能计算CH_4+2O_2预混气胞格尺寸及不稳定度,完善了定量化预混气不稳定程度的方法.
爆轰波三波点擦除烟迹表面积碳机制 Precise mechanism of triple point passage removing soot on soot-coated surface
赵焕娟,John H.S.Lee,张英华,严屹然
- , 2017,
Abstract: 为理解三波点在壁面及端面积碳留下记录的确切机制,推动对螺旋爆轰内部结构的研究,采用端面烟熏玻璃与内壁烟膜结合的实验方法记录胞格结构,并得到不稳定、较稳定及稳定预混气的侧壁及端面爆轰记录.2H2+O2+3Ar给出了清晰精细的端面结果,其单头螺旋结果表明相对于结果近似的侧壁结果,内部螺旋结构并非固定.进而从附着碳粒的粒度尺寸分析出碳迹附着原理并结合五种预混气的反应特性,确定键能足以克服碳迹吸附在表面的力时才能擦除烟迹.另外预混气中的碳分子也会导致烟迹堆积而影响端面结果,反射激波的强度也影响记录的清晰度.最终确定烟迹擦除机制受预混气影响,应针对预混气选用表面粗糙度载体和积碳颗粒尺寸,并给出了记录爆轰结构的方法.
On the Use of Orthogonality Relations to Construct Character Tables of Finite Group
H.S. Ndakwo
Research Journal of Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Group characters are very fundamental in the study of group representation. In this paper we employed the orthogonality relation in constructing the character table which shows the difference irreducible characters for each conjugacy class. The first kind is used along the rows, while the second kind is used along the columns. Relevant details of this method are described following.
The Representation of Real Characters of Finite Groups
H.S. Ndakwo
Research Journal of Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Let A(x) be the representation of an element x in a group G. The representation A(x) may be real or complex. The aim of this study is to distinguish when the character of A(x) is real and when it is not. This distinction is linked with the notion of bilinear invariants and to find out the situation in which if A(x) is complex for some x whether it is equivalent as a representation to Q(x) such that Q(x) has a real coefficients for all xG. This notion is equivalent to finding an invertible matrix T such that Q(x) = TA(x) T and Q(x) is real. It was also proved in this study that for any complex irreducible orthogonal representation of a finite group G, the representation Q(x) for every xG is equivalent to a real orthogonal representation.
Optimization of Plant-Bacteria Complex for Phytoremediation of Contaminated Soils
H.S. Hussein
International Journal of Botany , 2008,
Abstract: The aim of the present study is to optimize the plant-microbe combinations to clean up multi-metal contaminated soils. Three different Bacillus bacteria strains were introduced into the rhizosphre of the Indian mustard plant growing in soil contaminated with mixture of selenium (Se), cadmium (Cd) and chromium (Cr). The experimental design, Plackett-Burman has been used to optimize a novel crosslinked trace metals-rhizosphere bacteria complex as a potential system for phytoremediation of contaminated soils. Three bacterial strains were isolated from highly contaminated sediments with different trace and heavy metals and introduced into the rhizosphere of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) in soil contaminated with mixture of selenium (Se), cadmium (Cd) and chromium (Cr) to study the plant-microbe interactions on metal removal. The results showed that inoculating high-density of B. licheniformis in the rhizosphere of Indian mustard was enhanced Cd accumulation in plant tissues. High densities of all examined bacteria were assisting on removal of Cr from the soil whereas; Se accumulation was achieved in association with low bacterial densities in the rhizosphere. This study shows that the rhizosphere bacteria are metal-specific, in addition the bacteria isolated from certain contaminated sites may be used in conjunction with other plant species to improve their phytoremediation potential.
Tuning Semiconductor Laser Diode Lasing Frequency and Narrowing the Laser Linewidth Using External Oscillating Driving Field
H.S. Ashour
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: In this study, we propose a new method to tune the semiconductor laser lasing frequency and reducing the laser linewidth using an external deriving field. We redeveloped Floquet S-matrix which determines the transmission probabilities and the shape and position of the induced quasibound state, which accumulated incident electrons. We explored the S-matrix numerically for various system parameters. We found that the oscillating field amplitude V1 plays a curial rule in defining the profile of electrons accumulations in the quasibound state and the field`s strength made sift the position of the quasibound state. This sift in the bound state energy due field`s strength is used to tune the lasing frequency and the output of the semiconductor laser linewidth is improved by changing the field`s amplitude the deriving field. By narrowing down the electron accumulations profile the laser linewidth would be narrower.
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