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Lazzarini Rosana
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2006,
Introduction Introduzione
Isabella Lazzarini
Reti Medievali Rivista , 2009, DOI: 10.6092/1593-2214/74
Abstract: Introduction to the proceedings of the study day, Isernia, 9 maggio 2008. Introduzione agli atti della giornata di studi I confini della lettera. Pratiche epistolari e reti di comunicazione nell'Italia tardomedievale Isernia, 9 maggio 2008.
Profilo di Pietro Torelli (Mantova, 1880 - Mantova, 1948) Profile of Pietro Torelli (Mantua, 1880 - Mantua, 1948)
Isabella Lazzarini
Reti Medievali Rivista , 2011, DOI: 10.6092/1593-2214/324
Abstract: Pietro Torelli, archivista, storico del diritto, storico della società, rappresenta una figura insieme importante ed “enigmatica” negli studi sul Medioevo italiano della prima metà del Novecento: i suoi contributi più significativi, dagli studi accursiani all’incompiuta opera sul comune mantovano, hanno lasciato infatti una traccia complessa nella tradizione storiografica nazionale. Pietro Torelli has been an archivist and a scholar of the juridical and social history of Middle Ages. He still stands as a figure both important and “enigmatic” in the Italian medieval research of the first half of the twentieth century: spanning from the fine analysis of Accursius’ Glossa to the unfinished masterpiece on the commune of Mantova, his most significant contributions have left a still complex and sometimes controversial trace in the Italian historiographical tradition.
The defense of the town. The definition of urban siege in wartime and in peacetime (Mantua, 1357-1397) La difesa della città. La definizione dell’identità urbana assediata in tempo di guerra e in tempo di pace (Mantova, 1357-1397)
Isabella Lazzarini
Reti Medievali Rivista , 2007, DOI: 10.6092/1593-2214/132
Abstract: The essay concentrates on the progressive definition of the identity of the “besieged” in Mantua during the wars of the late fourteenth century. the northern Italian Po plane city, capital of the Gonzaghesca Dominion, was assaulted by the Visconti troops of Milan that threatened the small state in three stages between 1357 and 1397. Under the violence of those attacks, both the ruling dynasty and the city understood very clearly that for them the only chance to survive relied on the possibility to potentiate the natural position of the city as a neutral and intermediate member of the system of the Italian states. This growing conscience was the basis of the building of a long-lasting political identity focused on a permanent “under siege” condition, which conditioned the entire history of the city until the very last years of its life as an autonomous state and even further. In particular, the assault brought to Mantua by Bernabò Visconti in 1368 is scrutinised, through sources which greatly differ amongst themselves, to understand the real and perceived significance of the events of the assault. Il saggio si incentra sulla progressiva definizione della identità “assediata” di Mantova nel corso delle guerre del secondo Trecento. La città padana, capitale della signoria gonzaghesca, viene assalita dalle truppe viscontee a tre riprese tra il 1357 e il 1397: in seguito a questi attacchi di grande violenza, i Gonzaga e la città maturano la consapevolezza che la sopravvivenza del piccolo stato dipende da una sua condizione di vigilante neutralità tra i poteri italiani. Tale consapevolezza si traduce nella costruzione di una identità politica “sotto assedio” che costituisce un tratto distintivo di lunga durata nella storia plurisecolare della città. In particolare si analizza l’assalto portato a Mantova da Bernabò Visconti nel 1368, attraverso fonti assai diverse fra loro, per cogliere la portata reale e percepita dell’evento ossidionale.
Materiali per una didattica delle scritture pubbliche di cancelleria nell'Italia del Quattrocento
Isabella Lazzarini
Scrineum Rivista , 2004,
Abstract: This essay is an account of sources and “materials” chosen to offer a range of public written records produced and preserved by the late medieval Italian chancelleries, both in republics and principalities. It will examine three different groups of documents: first, the diplomatic sources, particularly the dispatches; then a group of administrative registers such as the libri officiorum; and finally the late medieval-early modern inventories of some public archives. The analysis focuses on the historical evolution as well as the possible homogeneity of these sources, trying to identify some links between political power and written records in late medieval Italy. As a matter of fact, the relationship between public written records, the forms of power and the documentary preservation both in past and in present times proves itself to be crucial in the process of transformation of the late medieval Italian states.
Integrating the Chirally Split Diffeomorphism Anomaly on a Compact Riemann Surface
Serge Lazzarini
Physics , 1998, DOI: 10.1016/S0370-2693(98)00844-2
Abstract: A well-defined chirally split functional integrating the 2D chirally split diffeomorphism anomaly is exhibited on an arbitrary compact Riemann surface without boundary. The construction requires both the use of the Beltrami parametrisation of complex structures and the introduction of a background metric possibly subject to a Liouville equation. This formula reproduces in the flat case the so-called Polyakov action. Although it works on the torus (genus 1), the proposed functional still remains to be related to a Wess-Zumino action for diffeomorphisms.
The role of the Beltrami parametrization of complex structures in 2-d Free Conformal Field Theory
Serge Lazzarini
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: This talk gives a review on how complex geometry and a Lagrangian formulation of 2-d conformal field theory are deeply related. In particular, how the use of the Beltrami parametrization of complex structures on a compact Riemann surface fits perfectly with the celebrated locality principle of field theory, the latter requiring the use infinite dimensional spaces. It also allows a direct application of the local index theorem for families of elliptic operators due to J.-M. Bismut, H. Gillet and C. Soul\'{e}. The link between determinant line bundles equipped with the Quillen\'s metric and the so-called holomorphic factorization property will be addressed in the case of free spin $j$ b-c systems or more generally of free fields with values sections of a holomorphic vector bundles over a compact Riemann surface.
Flat Complex Vector Bundles, The Beltrami Differential and W-Algebras
S. Lazzarini
Mathematics , 1998,
Abstract: Since the appearance of the paper by Bilal & al. in 1991, it has been widely assumed that W-algebras originating from the Hamiltonian reduction of an SL(n,C)-bundle over a Riemann surface give rise to a flat connection, in which the Beltrami differential may be identified. In this Letter, it is shown that the use of the Beltrami parametrisation of complex structures on a compact Riemann surface over which flat complex vector bundles are considered, allows to construct the above mentioned flat connection. It is stressed that the modulus of the Beltrami differential is of necessity less than one, and that solutions of the so-called Beltrami equation give rise to an orientation preserving smooth change of local complex coordinates. In particular, the latter yields a smooth equivalence between flat complex vector bundles. The role of smooth diffeomorphisms which induce equivalent complex structures is specially emphasized. Furthermore, it is shown that, while the construction given here applies to the special case of the Virasoro algebra, the extension to flat complex vector bundles of arbitrary rank does not provide "generalizations" of the Beltrami differential usually considered as central objects for such non-linear symmetries.
The transition from alliance networks to multilateral alliances in the global airline industry
Lazzarini, Sergio G.;
BAR. Brazilian Administration Review , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1807-76922008000100003
Abstract: this study examines conditions in which alliance networks (informal webs of bilateral entanglements between firms) may or may not evolve into multilateral alliances (broad, formal multiple-firm arrangements). i offer a theory to explain the formation of multilateral alliances based on both the resource profile and the structure of existing interfirm networks, and provide an initial test of that theory in the context of the global airline industry. using data from 75 global airlines and their alliances, i propose a methodology to retrieve samples of alliance networks and then use regression analysis to assess how the resource profile and the structure of these networks influence their formalization into multilateral alliances. i find that multilateral alliances are more likely to emerge when alliance networks exhibit high resource diversity and network structure characterized by moderate density and high centralization. apparently, while highly sparse networks reduce actors' awareness of their potential joint collaboration, highly dense or embedded networks substitute for the need for formal controls accompanying multilateral agreements. the effect of centralization suggests that the formation of multilateral alliances tends to be triggered by leading actors directly connected to other network members.
Inter-rela??es das características tecnológicas da fibra e outras propriedades do algod?o com as características do fio e com a produ??o
Lazzarini, José Fernando;
Bragantia , 1970, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051970000100029
Abstract: a study is presented regarding the relationship between cotton fiber and field properties and three responses: cotton yield yarn, strength and yarn appearance. fiber properties such as upper half mean length, length uniformity, strength and micronaire fineness, and other characteristics such as percent lint, weight of one boll and weigth of 100 seeds are studied in relation to cotton yield, yarn strength and yarn appearance. statiscal models were developed through multiple regression analyses to show the degree of relationship between three responses (cotton yield, yarn strength and appearance) and seven independent variables. multiple regression analyses were carried out to determine the order of importance of each independent variable in relation to a specific response. the 57 cotton strains and varieties used in this study were obtained from 9 locations troughout the state of s?o paulo, in a total of 801 samples.

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