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Embedding simplices into sets of positive upper density in $\mathbb{R}^d$
Lauren Huckaba,Neil Lyall,Akos Magyar
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We prove an extension of Bourgain's theorem on pinned distances in measurable subset of $\mathbb{R}^2$ of positive upper density, namely Theorem $1^\prime$ in [Bourgain, 1986], to pinned non-degenerate $k$-dimensional simplices in measurable subset of $\mathbb{R}^{d}$ of positive upper density whenever $d\geq k+2$ and $k$ is any positive integer.
Extended Torelli map to the Igusa blowup in genus 6, 7, and 8
Valery Alexeev,Ryan Livingston,Joseph Tenini,Maxim Arap,Xiaoyan Hu,Lauren Huckaba,Patrick Mcfaddin,Stacy Musgrave,Jaeho Shin,Catherine Ulrich
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: It was conjectured in \cite{Namikawa_ExtendedTorelli} that the Torelli map $M_g\to A_g$ associating to a curve its jacobian extends to a regular map from the Deligne-Mumford moduli space of stable curves $\bar{M}_g$ to the (normalization of the) Igusa blowup $\bar{A}_g^{\rm cent}$. A counterexample in genus $g=9$ was found in \cite{AlexeevBrunyate}. Here, we prove that the extended map is regular for all $g\le8$, thus completely solving the problem in every genus.
圖書館事業與交流/The Yongle Dadian: The Origin, Destruction, Dispersal and Reclamation of a Chinese Cultural Treasure/Lauren Christos
Lauren Christos Lauren Christos
Journal of Library and Information Science , 2010,
Abstract: The history of the Yongle Dadian’s[1] creation, near total destruction, its wanton dispersal, its promising reprinting and possible digitization, is but one example of a fascinating cultural treasure worth studying. As this paper will show, even the partial recovery of an artifact brings to light the significant contribution of a culture, a time, and a people. The author will trace the course of the Yonele Dadian over 600 years. From the original compilation during the fif-teenth century Ming Dynasty to the burning and looting of the prestigious Hanlin Academy where it was held during the 1900 Siege of Peking. The function and rising importance of the Hanlin Academy as a cultural repository of Chinese scholarship will be discussed. In addition, relying on siege diaries and other primary source materials, the author will present what occurred on that fateful day of June 23, 1900 when the Hanlin Academy was reduced to ashes and its contents looted. Lastly, the author will conclude with the recent reclamation efforts of the Yongle Dadian and touch upon the role of libraries as repositories of intellectual heritage and cultural record. 永樂大典的編作起源幾近毀壞,肆意分散的歷史,以及翻印與數位化的可能性,使它成為值得研究的文化寶藏。誠如本文之呈現,即使是部分古籍的修復,也能對文化、時代以及民族作出重要貢獻。作者將追溯永樂大典六百多年的歷史,從十五世紀明朝時原典的編纂,到西元1900年間,北京被圍攻時,永樂大典的貯藏地「翰林書院」被焚燒以及劫掠。本文也將討論翰林書院作為貯藏中國學術成就的功用和重要性。此外,根據北京圍攻的紀錄和其他文獻,作者也將陳述西元1900年6月23日當天翰林書院被焚燒與劫掠的過程。結論中,將討論近來為收復永樂大典所做的努力,以及探討圖書館在貯藏人文遺產和古蹟的角色。 “It is (as difficult) as sieving the sand for gold, or scouting the sea for dia-monds.” Yongle Emperor Zhu Di (in preface to Yongle Dadian, 1408). 頁次:82-91
Guarding a Koch Fractal Art Gallery  [PDF]
Lauren Cassell, William Roger Fuller
Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics (OJDM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojdm.2012.24026
Abstract: This article presents a generalization of the standard art gallery problem to the case where the sides of the gallery are continuous curves which are limits of polygonal arcs. The allowable limiting processes for such generalized art galleries are defined. We construct an art gallery in which one side is the Koch fractal and the other sides are three sides of a rectangle. The appropriate measure of coverage by guards is not the total number of guards but, rather, the guards-to-side ratio. We compute this ratio for the cases of shallow and deep versions of the Koch fractal art gallery.
Uptake of Cystatin by Melanoma Cells in Culture  [PDF]
Lauren Deady, James L. Cox
CellBio (CellBio) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/cellbio.2013.22008

The cystatins are a super family of cysteine protease inhibitors which are ubiquitous in their biologic occurrence. Cystatin C, a type II cystatin, is primarily a secreted protein found in most biological fluids. Besides acting as inhibitors of cathepsin, the cystatins have been found to have some non-inhibitor related functions and multiple physiological roles. Much interest has been generated for the cystatins as metastasissuppressor-like proteins, as they have been shown to inhibit metastasis for multiple cancer types. The sites and actions of the cystatins related to tumor suppressor actions are still unclear, however. In this work, we have examined the uptake of cystatin by metastatic melanoma cells in culture. Our results indicate cystatin uptake is mediated by a non-canonical endocytotic pathway in B16 murine melanoma cells.

Unable to see the future: refugee youth in Malawi speak out
Lauren Healy
Forced Migration Review , 2012,
Abstract: In a protracted refugee setting like Dzaleka, where multiple generations are born and raised, young refugees are struggling to hold on to hopes and dreams for a future that does not include the label of ‘refugee’.
Mentoring for resettled youth
Lauren Markham
Forced Migration Review , 2012,
Abstract: The resettlement experience often pits high expectations against harsh realities. The greatest pressure to ‘succeed’ in this new world is often shouldered by the younger generation but one-to-one mentoring by community volunteers can support them in a variety of ways.
The mezquita-garaje, mezquita-sótano, and Islam in Spain Since 11-M
Lauren Beck
Historia Actual Online , 2008,
Abstract: Este estudio introductorio pretende situar la representación del Islam y el espacio islámico en la Espa a actual dentro de un contexto histórico que revela la subversión del Islam en Espa a por gobiernos tradicionalmente católicos. A través de análisis comparativos de cómo la información sobre el Islam fue recogida, distribuida y controlada entre el siglo XVI y hoy, una organización sociopolítica emerge entre una autocracia espiritual y una moderna democracia a la luz de prácticas dictatoriales y control cultural.
Halloween: Activating your Memory Through your Senses!
Lauren Damas
Humanising Language Teaching , 2010, DOI: 17559715
Lauren Movius
PLATFORM : Journal of Media and Communication , 2010,
Abstract: This article reviews existing traditional media theories, and analyses the challenges that the current developments of globalisation present to them. The article provides a short history of the concept of globalisation, and reviews the primary theoretical approaches to globalisation that are critical to communication scholars. The article also examines how globalisation challenges the ways in which media and communication have traditionally been theorised. Specifically, the cultural imperialism theory is discussed, as well as the main challenges to the theory. Audience reception studies, which focus on how audiences negotiate meaning differently in specific cultural contexts, are highlighted as the key critique of cultural imperialism
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