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Racismo y medios de comunicación: representaciones del inmigrante magrebí en el cine espa ol
Laura Navarro García
IC : Revista Científica de Información y Comunicación , 2009,
Abstract: Con el fin de comprender mejor los complejos dispositivos mass-mediáticos que en la actualidad hacen posible la reproducción social del Orientalismo, este artículo se adentra en el análisis de las estrategias textuales a través de las cuales el cine espa ol acaba reproduciendo muchos de los estereotipos asociados en el imaginario colectivo espa ol a la figura del moro. In order to better understand complex media devices that make possible social reproduction of Orientalism, this article focuses on the analysis of the textual strategies through which Spanish cinema reproduces many of the stereotypes associated in Spanish social imaginary to the figure of the Moor.
La mediación: Modelo bioético-hermenéutico para la resolución de los conflictos en las organizaciones humanas
de Navarro,Marielis Caridad; García Leal,Laura;
Frónesis , 2007,
Abstract: this research project analyzes the importance of effective conflict management among persons. they become part of an emotional and experiential repertory for the individual and, on occasion, they suppose dysfunction in interpersonal relations, even when they do not always lead to aggression; there will be cases that deal with incompatibility among the parties due to their interests, engendering distancing or violence between them. effective conflict management demands skills for which mediation through implementation of a bioethical-hermeneutic model is offered to achieve both the agreement and recognition of the other party as a legitimate other, reinforcing the quality of peoples? lives. this is a descriptive documentary type of investigation and descriptive observation and content analysis were used to collect data. from the results, it can be concluded that valuation and recognition as such of the people in conflict represents an alternative for guaranteeing a rapid and secure solution with beneficial and lasting agreements.
Contexto alfabetizador familiar: relaciones con la adquisición de habilidades prelectoras y desempe o lector Literacy family context. Relationship between pre-reading skills and successful reading
Ma Laura Andrés,Sebastián Urquijo,José I. Navarro,Manuel García-Sede?o
European Journal of Education and Psychology , 2010,
Abstract: Algunas habilidades prelectoras pueden preparar al ni o para un desempe o lector exitoso. A su vez, la existencia de un contexto alfabetizador familiar favorece la adquisición de estas habilidades prelectoras. El objetivo de este trabajo fue explorar las relaciones entre contexto alfabetizador familiar y adquisición de habilidades prelectoras, así como el estudio de las relaciones entre estas habilidades y el desempe o posterior de la lectura. Para ello se seleccionó una muestra de 52 participantes de 5 a os de edad, de clase social media y a los padres o tutores de los ni os y ni as. Se aplicó un cuestionario para explorar el contexto alfabetizador familiar a los padres o tutores, una evaluación de habilidades prelectoras mediante la prueba “Prepárate a leer” y una evaluación de procesos lectores a los mismos ni os (PROLEC) en el primer curso de educación primaria. Los resultados muestran asociaciones entre el nivel educativo de los padres y la adquisición de habilidades prelectores, así como entre estas y el desempe o lector. La variable con mayor poder explicativo en el desempe o lector fue la conciencia fonológica. There are pre-reading skills that are able to prepare students for successful reading. At the same time a literacy family context would be improve early reading acquisition. The main goal of this study was to explore the relationship between the literacy family context and early pre-reading skills acquisitions. Other target was study the pre-reading skills and reading performance interaction. 52 kindergarten children, 5 years old, and from a middle social class were used in this study. Their parents were interviewed with a specific questionnaire made for this research in order to know the literacy family context. Participants’ pre-reading skills were also assessed by the Spanish version of Get Ready to Read! Screening Tool. And the Spanish version of Reading Processes Assessment Test (PROLEG) was used for reading processes assessment when participants got the first grade. Results show statistically significant relations among parent’s education degree and children’s pre-reading skills. Significant correlations between reading performance and children’s pre-reading skills were also found. The main prediction variable for reading performance was phonological awareness.
Tumores de ovario: patogenia, cuadro clínico, diagnóstico ecográfico e histopatológico Ovarian tumors: pathogenia, clinical pattern, echographic and histopathological diagnosis
Laura María Pons Porrata,Odalis García Gómez,Acelia Salmon Cruzata,Meydis María Macías Navarro
MEDISAN , 2012,
Abstract: La ecografía ha adquirido gran importancia en el diagnóstico de los tumores ováricos, de manera que resulta de gran utilidad en la práctica ginecológica. Se realizó una revisión de la bibliografía biomédica acerca de la patogenia, el cuadro clínico y el diagnóstico ecográfico e histopatológico de dichos tumores, con vistas a crear un importante material de consulta acerca de esta enfermedad, cuyo descubrimiento en etapas tempranas es vital para las pacientes. Echography has acquired great importance in the diagnosis of the ovarian tumors, so that it is of great usefulness in the gynecological practice. A review of the biomedical literature on the pathogenia, the clinical pattern and the echographic and histopathological diagnosis of these tumors was carried out , aimed at creating an important reference tool dealing about this illness, which finding in early stages, is vital for the patients.
Behaviour of Telomere and Telomerase during Aging and Regeneration in Zebrafish
Monique Anchelin,Laura Murcia,Francisca Alcaraz-Pérez,Esther M. García-Navarro,María L. Cayuela
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0016955
Abstract: Telomere length and telomerase activity are important factors in the pathobiology of human diseases. Age-related diseases and premature aging syndromes are characterized by short telomeres, which can compromise cell viability, whereas tumour cells can prevent telomere loss by aberrantly upregulating telomerase. The zebrafish (Danio rerio) offers multiple experimental manipulation advantages over other vertebrate models and, therefore, it has been recently considered as a potential model for aging, cancer, and regeneration studies. However, it has only partially been exploited to shed light on these fundamental biological processes. The aim of this study was, therefore, to investigate telomere length and telomerase expression and activity in different strains of zebrafish obtained from different stock centres to determine whether they undergo any changes during aging and regeneration. We found that although both telomerase expression and telomere length increased from embryo to adulthood stages, they drastically declined in aged fish despite telomerase activity was detected in different tissues of old fish. In addition, we observed a weaker upregulation of telomerase expression in regenerating fins of old fish, which well correlates with their impaired regeneration capacity. Strikingly, telomeres were elongated or maintained during the fin regeneration process at all ages and after repeated amputations, likely to support high cell proliferation rates. We conclude that the expression of telomerase and telomere length are closely related during the entire life cycle of the fish and that these two parameters can be used as biomarkers of aging in zebrafish. Our results also reveal a direct relationship between the expression of telomerase, telomere length and the efficiency of tissue regeneration.
Enzymatic Reduction of 9-Methoxytariacuripyrone by Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Its Antimycobacterial Activity
Patricia Alvarez-Fitz,Laura Alvarez,Silvia Marquina,Julieta Luna-Herrera,Víctor Manuel Navarro-García
Molecules , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/molecules17078464
Abstract: Biotransformation processes have been successfully utilized to obtain products of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and agricultural interest, which are difficult to obtain by classic chemical methods. The compound with antituberculous activity, 9-methoxy-tariacuripyrone (1), isolated from Aristolochia brevipes, was submitted to biotransformation with the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae under culture, yielding 5-amino-9-methoxy-3,4-dihydro-2H-benzo[h]chromen-2-one (2). The structure of 2 was elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic analyses. The results mainly show the reduction of the double bond and the nitro group of compound 1. Metabolite 2 demonstrated an increase in anti-tuberculous activity (MIC = 3.12 μg/mL) against the drug-sensitive Mycobacterium tuberculosis (H37Rv) strain, with respect to that shown by 1.
Effect of deprivation on food intake in female rats
Díaz, Felipe;García, Karen;Navarro, Laura;Franco, Karina;Valdés, Elia;Beltrán-Miranda, Claudia Patricia;
Revista mexicana de análisis de la conducta , 2010,
Abstract: it has been demonstrated that food deprivation and access to food are common variables in studies about experimental analysis of feeding behavior and motivational theory. it is unknown if the order of exposure of these variables can modify intake patterns. the present study explores, the effect between food deprivation and access-duration to food was explored. the aim of this study was to explore the effects of food deprivation and food access-duration on food intake in rats. the experimental design included exposure, in ascending and descending order, to both variables. twelve female rats were assigned to one of each of the four groups: long ascending, long descending, short ascending and short descending. it was found that food intake was greater in short groups, independently of the order of exposure. the corporal weight followed the same tendency as the food intake under all conditions. these results are being discussed in terms of their possible implication for the development of excessive or deficit food-intake patterns. to generalize these results it is necessary to have more studies that take account of different combinations of both variables, as well as male rats as subjects.
Tumores de ovario: patogenia, cuadro clínico, diagnóstico ecográfico e histopatológico
Pons Porrata,Laura María; García Gómez,Odalis; Salmon Cruzata,Acelia; Macías Navarro,Meydis María; Guerrero Fernández,Carlos M;
MEDISAN , 2012,
Abstract: echography has acquired great importance in the diagnosis of the ovarian tumors, so that it is of great usefulness in the gynecological practice. a review of the biomedical literature on the pathogenia, the clinical pattern and the echographic and histopathological diagnosis of these tumors was carried out , aimed at creating an important reference tool dealing about this illness, which finding in early stages, is vital for the patients.
Ecografía bidimensional y Doppler en el diagnóstico y seguimiento de las complicaciones del ri?ón trasplantado
García Gómez,Odalis; Lockhart Rondón,Jorge; Pons Porrata,Laura María; Gavilán Yodú,Ronald; Macías Navarro,Meydis María;
MEDISAN , 2012,
Abstract: doppler scanning and ultrasound b-scan are the first test to perform in patients with impaired renal implant function of unknown cause. it provides rapid information on morphological characteristics related to size, thickness and parenchymal echogenicity, corticomedullary differentiation, urinary outflow obstruction, perirenal collections and blood flow characteristics within the renal arteries and veins that are of particular importance when a disease of vascular cause is suspected. the resistance index has predictive value in long-term renal transplant function and in the diagnosis of the implant chronic kidney disease. ultrasound constitutes the imaging modality of choice for the early diagnosis and monitoring the clinical and surgical complications of the transplanted kidney, which contributes to the early treatment of complications, implant preservation and improvement of the quality of patient's life.
Miocardiopatía dilatada en un feto de 34 semanas
Pons Porrata,Laura María; García Gómez,Odalis; Poulut Durades,Tania Margarita; López Veranes,José ángel; Navarro Tordera,Maricel;
MEDISAN , 2010,
Abstract: the case report of a 24 year-old patient is presented, with 34 weeks of pregnancy that visited "dr. juan bruno zayas alfonso" teaching general hospital in santiago de cuba because she suffered an abdominal trauma. the echography revealed, in the fetus: cardiomegaly, bradycardia, thickening of the mitral and tricuspid valves, as well as valvular asymmetry, which caused the fetal death at 37 weeks, attributable to a dilated cardiomyopathy as a basic cause, directly due to heart failure, according to the findings in necropsy.
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